I am actually in the office today.  I have a few days where I have to leave early and come in late, so I figured I would work a few hours to make up some time.  They really don’t mind if I have to leave early or come in late, but personally for myself, I would rather not take advantage. ALSO, since it’s raining, I figured I wasn’t really wasting a beautiful day.


Workweek’s been busy, but I’ve managed to get a lot of running in (Mon. 3-mi; Tues. 4-mi; Wed. 10 miles, Thurs. Weights and 6 miles today).  I started a new treadmill program (5-weeks) before marathon training starts. It’s pretty good so far.

Workout 1; Day 1 (Wed. 6/1/16)

1-mile Warm-up

Segment #1

30 seconds @ 6.2 + 4% incline (1-min recovery 0% incline)

60 seconds @ 6.2 + 4% incline (1-min recovery 0% incline)

90 seconds @ 6.2 + 4% incline (90-second recovery 0% incline)

30 seconds @ 6.2 + 6% incline (1-min recovery 0% incline)

60 seconds @ 6.2 + 6% incline (1-min recovery 0% incline)

90 seconds @ 6.2 + 6% incline (1-min recovery 0% incline)

Segment #2

30 seconds @ 7.2 + 0% incline (1-min recovery)

60 seconds @ 7.2 + 0% incline (1-min recovery)

90 seconds @ 7.2 + 0% incline (90 second recovery)

30 seconds @ 7.7 + 0% incline (1-min recovery)

60 seconds @ 7.7 + 0% incline (1-min recovery)

90 seconds @ 7.7 + 0% incline (1-min recovery)

Segment #3

30 seconds @ 8.3 + 3% incline (1-min recovery 0% incline)

60 seconds @ 8.3 + 3% incline (1-min recovery 0% incline)

90 seconds @ 8.3 + 3% incline (1-min recovery 0% incline)

1-mile cool down.

I also ran at lunch time this same day.  I figured I had to take advantage since (1) it was nice outside; (2) I didn’t have to pick up Lili; and (3) it was Global Running Day!

Yesterday I did arms and abs.  I was interrupted a few times by my love bug.


workout 2

He was either sitting on my back while I was holding planks or doing push-up, or laying on my belly while I did crunches. You can’t get mad at his cute face though.

Today I ran the second treadmill workout.

Week 1; Day 2 The Pyramid (6/3/16)

Warm-up 1-mile

Segment #1:

90-seconds @ 7.2 + 3% incline (Recovery 1 min)

90-seconds @ 7.4 + 2% incline (Recovery 1 min)

90-seconds @ 7.6 + 1% incline (Recovery 1 min)

90-seconds @ 7.6 + 2% incline (Recovery 1 min)

90-seconds @ 7.6 + 3% incline (Recovery 2 min)

Segment #2

60-seconds @ 7.8 + 4% incline (Recovery 1 min)

60-seconds @ 8.0 + 3% incline (Recovery 1 min)

60-seconds @ 8.2 + 2% incline (Recovery 1 min)

60-seconds @ 8.4 + 1% incline (Recovery 1 min)

60-seconds @ 8.4 + 2% incline (Recovery 1 min)

60-seconds @ 8.4 + 3% incline (Recovery 1 min)

60-seconds @ 8.4 + 4% incline (Recovery 2 min)

Segment #3

30-seconds @ 8.6 + 5% incline (Recovery 1 min)

30-seconds @ 8.8 + 4% incline (Recovery 1 min)

30-seconds @ 9.0 + 3% incline (Recovery 1 min)

30-seconds @ 9.2 + 2% incline (Recovery 1 min)

30-seconds @ 9.2 + 3% incline (Recovery 1 min)

30-seconds @ 9.2 + 4% incline (Recovery 1 min)

30-seconds @ 9.2 + 5% incline

Cool-Down 1-mile

Such a great workout. I have a longish run tomorrow and then my 3rd treadmill workout on Sunday.

On another note, Pedro bought me wireless earbuds and I LOVE THEM.  First of all, I should mention that earbuds don’t work well with me. They constantly fall out and it just becomes such a nuisance.  I need the ones that clip onto your ears.

AMAZING!!!! The features are:

Wireless connection

6-hours rechargeable battery

Built-in Microphone

SWEAT RESISTANT (this is my favorite part because I sweat a lot)

Carrying EVA Case

I usually have the big bulky wireless headphones, but these are so great. Light, easy and they don’t fall out of my ears!!! Now, I don’t normally run with music, but since I’ve been doing a lot of solo runs these days, I’m glad to have the option to run with music.

Do you run with music? Have you tried wireless headphones/earbuds? 

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! I have about an hour left before I scoot out of here. 


Weight Train, Wednesday

6:30 AM: Weights/HIIT – COMPLETED

I was scheduled to do a speed workout this morning but a tiny voice was screaming, “MOMMMMMMMY, MOMMMMMMY” and I somehow was forced back into a snuggling/cuddling position with this dude.

sleeping babe

So yeah, I got up later than I had planned to, but I’ll either  make up for it this evening or tomorrow morning.  I ended up working out With Chalean’s Extreme Intervals and I forgot how amazing this workout is.  On top of that, I was sore from Jillian Michaels’ body shred yesterday morning.  Holy burn (in a good way!).  We’ll see how much motivation this mama has after work to get my speed workout in, otherwise, it’ll have to be postponed to tomorrow.

Last night was great. I had a few minutes to spare before we headed over to gymnastics so I had something to eat at my in-laws.  Then my SIL and nephew and niece tagged along to watch Lili and Sebastian at gymnastics.  They were thrilled to have them there.

gymnastics tues

And now my nephew wants to join. I’m going to call the facility in a bit to see if he could do a free trial next Tuesday before the next session starts.

I’m running over to Trader Joe’s at lunch today to do a quick and light shopping round.  HA, who am I kidding. When is it ever a light shopping round at TJ’s? LOL

The kids are feeling so much better these days.

before school

I, on the other hand, still have this tickle in my throat. It is definitely worse when I am sleeping at night.

Have you tried Jillian Michaels Body Shred (or any of her workouts in general)? She is pretty bada*s!

Hope you all have a great Wednesday.


NYCM Training Has Begun (and Updates)…

So we’re trying this NYC Marathon training one more time. I’m not sure if you all know by now, but I finally got in after signing up in 2009 (that’s 6 years ago). NYC used to do the 3-strikes and you’re in (they rid that option recently). So after three (3) consecutive years of not getting into NYC, I was finally accepted in 2012. Unfortunately, that was the year of Hurricane Sandy and they canceled the marathon. We had options to run in either 2013, 2014 or 2015. I chose 2014 because I knew I wanted to try for baby #2 in 2013. Then, if you remember, I rolled my ankle on an apple during a long run one month before the race, fortunately I was able to DEFER and, well… here we are. Training for NYC. Let’s hope it happens this time.

After tweaking my training plan, I packed clothes for a track workout.



Either I am out of shape or I forgot how brutal summer running could be, but just 4x400s were TOUGH. BUT, I am glad that at least the first track workout of the training season is DONE and DONE.

Quick weekend update (or so I say — but lately it seems that I can only update once a week).

On Friday, my first day off with both kids, I ran some errands. We had a bunch of things to do. It was kind of gloomy out, and all of a sudden chilly. I ended up doing fun activities indoors with the kids.



The “after” drawings came out good but I forgot to take actual pictures. Lili did a fantastic job coloring hers and her brother’s bodies in.

Saturday was P’s birthday! 🙂 We had noon lunch with his parents and then they stopped by for a bit to open more presents. When they left, both kids napped and then we headed over to the mall for Lili’s first movie experience.

06.27.15 Inside Out

06.27.15 Inside Out

I totally cried (then again, I cry over every movie). After the movie, we headed home and just hung around.

Sunday, I woke up feeling feverish. I somehow got up anyway and started to prepare Lili’s summer school work. I know it sounds so silly but she needs to keep up with her writing and reading. Her Pre-K-3 teacher told me to keep on doing whatever we’re doing at home during the summer.

Summer Home School

Summer Home School

She complains at first, “Awwww man…”. But once she gets into it, she’s all into it. I did make sure to have at least one fun arts and crafts after doing some school work.

Painting 101

Painting 101

The rest of the afternoon was pretty much me resting. I did feel out of it and napped with the kids too at one point. Then I made dinner and we called it a night.

Monday morning was quite busy. Lili was having blood drawn. We figured since it would be a good idea — just because she’s been getting sick a lot lately and it’s recommended when they turn 4. I was nervous about it so I had P come with me. The first thing they told me was to collect urine in a cup. Cute conversation between her and I in the bathroom.

Me: Okay, sit on the potty and I’m going to catch your pee in the cup.

Lili: Oh mommy. I can’t. I can’t pee in a cup. I don’t want to drink my pee!

Me: No honey. You don’t have to drink your pee. It’s for them to make sure your pee is okay!

Brave Girl

Brave Girl

When it was time to have blood drawn, she got nervous. P did an awesome job keeping her distracted and we made sure to make sure she didn’t look at the needle or the blood. She whimpered a little but then was completely fine. The med-tech even complimented us by saying how awesome we were on keeping her calm. I can imagine many kids come in there screaming. I was NERVOUS all Sunday evening. After the appointment, she came to work with me. And yes, she did an hour and a half of school work.

Learning Time

Learning Time

After, I had to do some actual work — and then I went into the back to workout. It was a strength training day.

"Let me see your HAPPY face" -Lili

“Let me see your HAPPY face” -Lili

My photographer, Lili, took my pre-workout pic.


She watched Power Rangers while watching me workout.

Then it was time to go. It was a long day but I can't complain. She was PERFECT the entire time. We picked up her brother, who was enjoying the day with their cousin.

Happy Hour

And then I helped my mom move some furniture around. I was home rather late but thank goodness my dad gave me leftovers. I didn’t have to cook for P.

I can’t believe it’s already JULY tomorrow!!!! What’s everyone doing for the weekend? Off on Friday???

Oh The Places You Will Go

It’s #readacrossamerica today as we celebrate the birthday of the great Dr. Seuss.  Lili has a bunch of fun activities scheduled this week to celebrate Dr. Seuss.  

We did some pre-celebration activities this weekend.  First we had to stop at the mall to pick her up a silly hat.  It was “silly hat” day today.

She hand-picked this out herself.  Unicorns are the best.  I also picked out some clothes for B and then we just walked around for a bit.

B was the perfect kid at the mall. Thank goodness.  He has been throwing tantrums here and there.  He almost threw one at one point but quickly refrained.  

We started the process of daylight savings. I am dreading it.  But I had the kids in bed early.  Unfortunately, I went against sleeping early and slept at 3:30AM.  Yeah, that pretty much left me with 3 hours of sleep because kids were up by 6:30. HA.  Oh well. 

I got up and did our routine, except this time, since we were doing pre-celebratons for Dr. Seuss.  We started with baking pancakes.

And we cut them out into Feet and Fish (The Foot Book and One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish).

And then we read our book and did some arts and crafts.

After the kids napped, I had to stop at the gym to activate my groupon.  It was snowing pretty hard out, so I just wanted to activate it since it expired that day.  When I got home, we ate and then I ran on the treadmill .  Well, after these two got off the ‘mill.

Followed by yoga.

Her cat pose.  HA.

Anyway, great weekend.  We got to go out, I was able to run twice and the kids had a blast with their Dr. Seuss crafts.  

What was is/your favorite Dr. Seuss quote or book?

Anybody else counting the days till Spring?

Happy Monday! 

Spring Weekend

3-Mile Run – COMPLETED

I forgot my watch as I was rushing to squeeze in a run (planned then unplanned)… but that’s okay because I enjoyed just running free.



I stopped and saw this car parked. I wonder if he knows he ran over a stop sign.

runover stop

Anyhow, on Thursday, I was able to do both things yesterday: RUN + Stop at Trader Joe’s. I just picked up the basics that I would need for dinner (and of course some fruits).

Run + TJ = Perfect LUNCH

Run + TJ = Perfect LUNCH

It really was the perfect lunch because then I walked back into the office and had my real “eating” lunch waiting for me. On top of that, my boss told me to take home the Greek Salad she ordered. Score, though I think I might give that to my parents. It’s filled with yumminess.

I should probably mention that I picked up a new “insulated” bag too. I can’t help it. I am addicted to Trader Joe’s bags.


My husband will probably kill me. We have so many insulated bags at home. HA. I need to remember to keep them in my trunk. Sure…

The rest of the weekend was a bit of a blur. I decided last minute to have my niece come by. It was going to be a rainy day. My niece was dropped off at 7:30 and I let her climb into bed with Lili. Lili was so thrilled to see her cousin. They snuggled a bit and I got morning breakfast ready, pancakes! I wrote down their itinerary on Lili’s blackboard — yes, I’m weird like that — so we had our set schedule of breakfast at 8, 9-11 school work, 11 – TEA PARTY, 12-2 nap, 2 LUNCH and MOVIES. While they did school work, I baked for the tea party.

p and kids

pork chops

This is borrrrring

This is borrrrring

They were practicing tracing letters and writing their names. At one point, my niece said, “This is really boring!” LOL Well, that’s school for you. I tried to explain to her that it’s not always fun and games. So once in awhile, I let them help me bake.



By 10:30, they were done writing/coloring, so I let them play before we had our tea party. They got all dressed up and put on their pearls. They are the cutest.

Tea for Three

Tea for Three

Sebastian was asleep while we had our banana bread, cupcakes, fruits and tea. It was all delicious. By the time we were done, it was time for a nap. So I put them all down for sleep and then cleaned up. I also started their lunch. When they woke up, they ate and then I made some popcorn so we could watch a movie.



By the time the movie finished up, my sis was there to pick up Scarlett but ended up hanging out until P got home. It worked out perfect because I was able to wash the dishes and fold 6 loads of laundry that I had washed. It was a great day/night.

I woke up Saturday and felt a bit of nagging pain in my right foot. I wasn’t sure what it was so I just iced it. I don’t know if it was from being up on my feet the whole day Friday. But I stretched, massaged and iced. I ended up pulling the treadmill to test try it and the first mile it was a bit rough but then the pain subsided and it felt good the next 8-miles. I wasn’t planning on doing all 9 on the treadmill, but it was real windy out and this happened.

Sleeping Baby

Sleeping Baby

It’s crazy how he’s such a light sleeper, yet the minute he hears the treadmill, he gets so sleepy. Halfway through my run, P did the food shopping. We had plans to take kids out but it was way too windy out. So we just stayed in and did some fun indoor activities.

Indoor Picnic

Indoor Picnic

Spot of Tea

Spot of Tea

P and I always feel bad when we stay in with the kids because I feel like they, or at least Lili, would much rather be outside. It’s okay though, we had a great time. I cooked dinner and we called it a night.

Yesterday, the kids woke up before 7 and we ate breakfast. It was so nice out and finally a great day to go to Sunday mass with both kids. P, was of course, still in bed. So I got the kids ready and we got to Sunday mass right at 9 on the dot. We had no clue what the day was going to hold as we were waiting to hear back from family whether we were having brunch/lunch/dinner, etc.



After church, we came back and Lili demanded a nap. Of course, it took her an hour and a half to finally go down. I put Sebastian down too and I was able to prep food for that night and for most of the week.

Pork Chops w/ OJ and Onions

Pork Chops w/ OJ and Onions

Chicken Parm

Chicken Parm

Chicken Parm

Chicken Parm

I peeled potatoes and washed dishes. Then everyone woke up and we got ready to go to the park. Other fam plans were canceled and so we headed out. We walked 2-miles to the park, then the kids played at the playground. I did a short run around the park and then back to swings.



It was nearly 4 when we decided we better walk back. We stopped for a minute to relax and took some pics.

Fam Jam

Fam Jam

By the time we got home, we were EXHAUSTED. Thank goodness I prepped dinner because all I had to do was turn on the stove to boil potatoes and heat up pork chops. Then I heated the oven for the baked Chicken Parm. An hour later, we chowed down. The kids had a bath and I laid out clothes for the entire week for them. I was tired. P and I watched Anchorman 2 but I fell asleep halfway through.

I had a very OFF morning. It’s a long and boring story. I thought I was going to be an hour late to work but I was my usual 10-15 minutes late. Then I thought I might need to leave early, but everything worked out well so I was able to get my run in and pick up pictures that I developed. I’m addicted to the CVS One-Hour Photos. I know Pedro couldn’t stop looking at the pics I took yesterday so I had some developed and framed for him with a “Just Because” card. He’s a wonderful husband and an AMAZING father. I knew he would be when I first met him — he was ALL over his niece and nephew.

I love getting snail mail, well except bills.

Do you still get snail mail besides bills?

Weirdest thing you’ve seen on a run? That stop sign really had me laughing…

Just an hour and change and Monday is officially over!!!! :-p

Pictures worth a Thousand Words

Chalean Extreme Push Circuit II – COMPLETED


We had a busy four-day weekend. There was a lot of running around to be done and not enough actual “running”. I guess that’s what happens when you leave things last minute. I was so upset I didn’t even get to squeeze in a run yesterday but it wasn’t a priority for me. I’ll have to break it down in days.

We woke up early as we had a scheduled play-date with friends. I had to make Lili breakfast, prepped dinner, made more peanut butter energy bars, put a load of laundry in and get them dressed. We were out of the house by 10:25. On my way to my girlfriend’s house, I get a message from my sister that Snoop, her dog of 14 years, is at the vet and is in critical condition. He has heart failure and there’s too much fluid in his lungs. They did an U/S and couldn’t even see his heart. She would be putting him to sleep. I got to my girlfriend’s house and asked if I could leave Lili there while I ran over to the vet to be with her. I had to take Sebastian with me though because I didn’t pack him any milk. Also, my friend would be with two 2 1/2 year old and a 3-month baby.

I got to the vet within 25 minutes and we sat with Snoop crying. It was the saddest thing ever. I felt so bad for him.



He was such a good dog.

R.I.P. in Doggy Heaven

R.I.P. in Doggy Heaven

Sebastian was half-asleep and I made sure to cover up his car seat. We left shortly after and headed back to our play-date. I made the best of the day. Krista told me that the girls were well-behaved. They were having a ton of fun, painting and coloring, etc.



thurs playdate

Isabelle went down for her nap around 1:30 and we headed out around 2:45. Lili was exhausted. I had to carry Lili inside because she fell asleep and she took a nap until almost 5. I hate when that happens. I started getting dinner together. Pedro got home and we ate and gave the kids a bath.

thurs night

Friday: We woke up early again and made a list of things we needed to get done. So much running around for the Baptism was on the list but first we headed over to Mother Goose story time at the library.

Mother Goose Story Time

Mother Goose Story Time

I have to say, I was very, very impressed with Mother Goose story time. Ms. Debbie did two books and then a lot of songs. The turn out was a huge success. After, we headed over to the youth section where the kids colored, did puppet shows, computers, etc.

library 3


library 4library 2

friday minis

We left there around 12 and did our first errand at Babies ‘R Us. I was hoping to find a Baptismal suit but nothing. I picked up a few things and then we headed over to my mom’s. She arrived back home from the Philippines. I put Lili down for a nap there and hung out for maybe an hour before I left to run a few more errands. I got back around 3:30 and the kids were all up. Unfortunately, I didn’t accomplish much. Disappointing. But I told P that we would have to hustle on Saturday — especially because we ordered items on amazon and one of them being expedited NEVER WAS DELIVERED!!! I was trying not to stress but it was difficult.

Anyhow, I hung out with my family a bit longer then headed home by 6:30. We ate dinner and did the regular evening routine.

Saturday: After waking up, feeding kids, etc., we finally headed over to the mall by 10:30. We had a lot to do. First things first, a Baptismal gown. We found one at the first store. Score!!! Then we had to look for little things. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find a thing. The kids did have fun at least.

sat mall

We ate at the mall and we we were home by 2:15. Lili went down for a nap and I did more laundry. We got party favors in the mail!!! So I was happy about that at least.

Party Favor Before Pic

Party Favor Before Pic

We ended up order pizza for dinner and just hanging out before getting the kids ready for bed. I was contemplating giving them a bath since they would have one in the morning, but they sleep so much better with a bath. So we hung out a bit longer and then called it a night.

Happy Girl

Happy Girl

Happy Boy

Happy Boy

Once they were down, I put another load of laundry in, folded two loads and put them away, steamed P’s clothes for the church, cleaned up the kitchen, wrote a to-do list and then by 11:45, Pedro and I got started on the favors.

favors pic

Party Favors After Pic

Party Favors After Pic

I’m happy with how they turned out. It took us almost an hour and then after that, we cleaned up and didn’t hit the sheets till almost 2. Exhausted. Of course, the baby woke up at some point…

Sebastian’s Big Day. My list was still pretty long and included a run. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. I did get everything else done though. Needless to say, it was a beautiful ceremony and reception. I’ll leave you with less narration and just pics.

Beautiful Lili

Beautiful Lili


Sanchez Fam

Sanchez Fam


sanchez 2



Titi & I

Titi & I

Tamar showed up and I asked her if she would do a reading. Thanks, Tamar. We loved having you there.



fam shot 2

cousins 2



As you can see, it was a great day with the family and our little boy is Baptized. It was a very joyous occasion and we are very blessed to be surrounded by our loving and generous family. ❤

Sorry for the overload on pics. It was a crazy, long and a tad stressful weekend, but everything turned out beautifully.

Anyhow, I woke up this morning and did weights so I was happy about that since I hadn't had a good workout since Wednesday (unless if you could running around like a lunatic).

weights mon

I’m also looking forward to a lunch run. Yessssssss. But where’s my SUN?!?

Do you ever have to skip a run because you’re overwhelmed with your to-do list? I know it happens, but sometimes a run helps me ease up a bit. Okay, it helps a lot.

Sangria? Red or White? or you don’t care? I love red sangria!!!

Did you get your tax refund back yet?
We got one of ours back, though it’s all going in the bank account. 😦

Happy Monday! It looks like we’re finally getting our Spring weather this coming week.

Pump & Burn Room

9:00 AM: Chalean Extreme Burn Circuit – COMPLETED

While I do have some files to work on, I knew everyone’s schedule at work ahead of time and knew that I could do some weights in the backroom (a/k/a my pump room!). It’s the best room in the office these days. I’ve already watched Monster’s University in four pump sessions, did some yoga and now some weights.



I did a 40-minute workout, then made my coffee and ate my banana bread that Lili and I made last night (we also made MORE chocolate chip cookies!). It was DELICIOUS! Now, I’ll have to go back and pump in 15-minutes. I have Despicable Me 2 to watch (P.S. Even if I didn’t have kids, I would totally be watching these movies!!! I’m excited to watch Frozen since everyone’s been raving about how great that movie is!).

The attorney I work for bought some mason jars for us to make oats in. I only had two jars and left them at work — so I doubled up on hers so I didn’t have to bother making them for the next two days.

Peanut Butter Banana Oats

Peanut Butter Banana Oats

They’re so good. They just have oats, almond milk, chia seeds, a bit of honey, a TBSP of PB2 and bananas. I got the recipe here. I’ve also tried the blueberry and pineapple (tastes like pina coladas). They don’t even take that long to make either.

Now I’m thinking about what I will do for lunch. Target or Wholefoods run, Trader Joe’s, or just stay warm.

We had to drop the kids off at separate houses today. P took Lili to his dad’s and I took S to my mom’s. When I got to work, I text P thanks for putting my workouts on my iPad and he text me back that Lili as not happy. She was looking for me and the baby and then did not want him to leave. He left her crying. He won’t admit how sad it made him but I know it did. WELCOME TO MY WORLD OF EVERYDAY DROP OFF!!! I don’t know what we’ll do when she starts school in September.

So after work I will be doing TWO pick-ups. Oh joy! At least we can have leftovers for dinner!!!!

If you’re on the east coast — how are you dealing with the cold weather? What’s your favorite soup?

Do you listen to music at work? The attorneys here need PEACE and QUIET when they work. I used to bring ear buds, but that’s tough to do.

Happy Tuesday. For me, it’s more like a hump day since tomorrow is my Thursday.

So Behind

T25 Cardio – COMPLETED

I can’t believe it’s Friday already. The days just seem to fly. So much to post about but it’s too difficult to post on my iPad so the recipe will have to wait till I can sit at my computer.

We have had a pretty nice week though. On Monday, I did some laundry and prepped dinner with my babywearing outfit.

Babywearing dinner prepping style

Babywearing dinner prepping style

You have to do what you have to do in order to get things done. I had chicken adobo ready for cooking when P was on his way home. When Sebastian finally went down for a nap, Lili and I ate lunch and did some arts and crafts.

Pink Pumpkins

Pink Pumpkins

We decided on “pink” pumpkins for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We went down for a nap and then woke up to play before starting dinner. We ate, cleaned up, gave the kids a bath and read books before turning in.

Tuesday, I got up and was able to do a workout. Thank goodness. I was beginning to feel sluggish and frustrated (I’ll talk more on that in another post). We talked to Lili’s favorite Cioci, Kristina, for over am hour. Oh how we miss her so much. It was great catching up. Gotta love FaceTime

At 1, my good friend Jacquie came over with sweet Mila who is about to the. 6-months. She is so big and adorable.

Mila Jo

Mila Jo

Jacquie and I talked for hours and by 5:15 they headed out as I had to start dinner; yummy Spaghetti and Meatballs. P got home close to 6:30 so I started dinner and we ate on the earlier side. i was exhausted so got the kids and myself ready for bed. P actually washed the dishes.

The next morning we packed up and headed over to my parents. My mom took baby right away and I pumped and hung out a bit before heading out for a run. Lili was dying to come so I got her ready and we headed out.


It was a great run through my childhood neighborhood. We passed by my elementary school and ran into a neighbor.   When I put the jogger back into the trunk, Lili wanted to run on her own. She is too cute and boy is she getting fast.

When we got back in, Lili played with her cousin while I showered.  The baby woke up so I fed him and then we ate lunch. Lili played the piano for Sebastian too.

Lullaby for baby bro

Lullaby for baby bro

Sweet kids. My mom gave the baby a bath and I stayed pretty late. In fact, my wonderful mom was doing her seasonal “clean out the closet” event and it was time for me to pick out clothes. My sis got first dibs but I was able to get some great pieces.

Shopping in mom's closet

Shopping in mom’s closet

My mom has great taste and loves to shop. So glad that we are pretty much the same size and that I lost almost all of the baby weight. I still need to work on my abs.

We got home around 7:15, ate dinner then I gave Lili a bath. I had to go back to my parents the next day since the cleaning lady was coming.  I dropped off a bag of clothes for donation before heading to my dad’s. Then we ate breakfast and hung out and played.  Lili was such a good girl. She ate well and used her pOtto like crazy.

My mom got home from a conference at 12:30 so we ate lunch and then napped.

Nap Time

Nap Time

When we woke up, my mom was already feeding the baby. So I pumped then talked a little bit longer before heading home. My mom gave baby a bath again. Score. I love when she gives him a bath. She’s so awesome with babies, I’m pretty sure it’s because she works as a NICU nurse so she is with babies all the time.

When we got home, P was also getting home. He didn’t hang out too long though because he was going into Brooklyn to hang out with friends. I was solo for the night so spent it with the babies. Good stuff.

My in-laws are swinging by later on today. I’ve already done two loads of laundry, baked a banana bread and worked out. Almost time for both babes to go down for a nap. The rest of the weekend is up in the air. I always want to organize but that never happens. Hopefully running with friends?

Oh, and three years ago today this happened.

Starting our Family

Starting our Family

I remember it like it was yesterday. I didn’t think it would be a positive test but boy was I ecstatic.

How often do you see your parents?  Do you share clothes with your mom or aunt or sibling?

Do you run in the town you grew up in?

Motivation Monday

9:15 AM: 2-Mile Walk on inclines: COMPLETED

10:45 AM: Chalean Extreme Burn Circuit 1: COMPLETED

I took a rest day yesterday and had a list of things I wanted to get done. Unfortunately, I was too tired for that too. Oh well. I had a great time with my babies so that’s the most important thing.

I was in touch with my OB/GYN who messaged me saying, “I have to check your Instagram to make sure you’re behaving and not racing!” Ha. I’ve been good but I won’t lie; I feel more than ready to hit the pavement and run!  But I’ll wait the 8-days till I get cleared. I did ask her that since my B/P went down if I could do weights and she said as long as they’re light weights I can get back into it. Thank goodness.

My diet hasn’t been the greatest so starting today I am behaving myself. Time to stop with the chocolates, sweets, chips, etc.  I need to get back to racing weight. Speaking of racing, here’s my accomplishments when pregnant with Sebastian. (and hopefully my “Monday motivation” to whip me back into shape!).

ImageIt took 7-races and 736-(pregnant) running miles to meet our little Sebastian Daniel.

From L-R: Shamrock Marathon @12-weeks 4:14; Summit Our House 5-miler at 18-weeks; Brooklyn Half Marathon @20-weeks 2:11; Run for Jaycees 5-k with Lili in Jogger @26-weeks 30:15; Amber Pizzo 5k @28-weeks with Lili in jogger 31 min; 4th of July 5k @29-weeks w/ Lili in jogger 31-min.;Crossroads 5k @35-weeks 32-min. My last run was 09/09/13, right before my 37-week visit when my BP was still too high and I was told to stop running till I received my results back from my Urinalysis.  I was induced the next day after.

I was in incredible running shape even at 12-weeks. I was still training for a sub-4 marathon and was ready for it. Unfortunately, anything can happen on race day.  I’m happy that I was able to finish and that I ran almost till the day I delivered. I was blessed to be able to run and workout as much as I wanted for both pregnancies.

And now it’s time to buckle down and get back to racing speed. I don’t have any upcoming races but would like to see a half marathon early 2014. The only marathon lined up is NYC next November. I’m not sure if I’ll try to sneak one in this Spring. I do see a 5k mid October that I’d like to run for fun (and to see where I’m at).

How do you get motivated? How often do you set goals? 

We Workout

7:15 AM: Burn Intervals – COMPLETED

Yup, I woke up at 5:58 AM when I was supposed to be out the door at 6 AM with Tamar. It looks like that didn’t happen. Oh well. I ended up sending her a text and then laying back down, only to wake up an hour later. Oops. I wasn’t expecting that at all. I quickly got up and changed and popped in a workout.

Half and hour into my workout, Lili was awake in bed. So I went over to the bedroom, gave her a good morning kiss and changed her clothes. She asked me what I was doing and I told her I was exercising. She decided she wanted to finish it off with me.

Workout Buddy

Workout Buddy

I wonder if baby #2 will be just as into working out as she is.

Anyway, I got to work and was craving fruits. I ended up stopping at Wholefoods yesterday and picking up a bunch.



What’s your favorite fruits? How often do you do strength?

I could feel like I was losing definition in my arms and legs from the lack of strength I’ve been doing. I need to be more consistent about it. Maybe I will try The Bar Method soon.

Happy Hump Day!