Mid-Week Recap

5:30 AM: Treadmill Workout Week #2; Run #5 – COMPLETED

Strength – COMPLETED

I did another treadmill workout this morning (I ran #4 on Monday, then I did an easy 6-mile run yesterday).  So far, I am enjoying the treadmill workout.  One thing is, you have to constantly be paying attention.  One minute you’re on an 8% incline running at a 8.4 speed, and then you recover and do the next interval at different incline and different speed.  So you really need to be focused.  But other than that, it is pretty fun and a good workout.  I am always drenched after.

Quick weekend recap.  On Friday, I left the office at 2 and scooped up B.  Then headed home.  P picked up Lili from school and then I took her to dance.

dance friday

I need to figure out a way to post her dance recital video on here. They’re so cute.  Lili’s excited for her recital on Sunday.  After dance, we headed home and hung around.

Saturday morning I woke up and hung out with the kids.  We ate breakfast #1 and then when P was waking up, I made a big brunch.

sat breakfast

Pancakes, sausage, turkey bacon and homefries.  We did a few things around the house and then finally headed over to the park where I did a short run and then walked 2-miles with P and the kids.

sat park

I can’t believe they lasted 2 whole miles.  Of course, there’s the playground after the walk.  We make them work for their play-time.

sat park 2

Half an hour after the kids played, P realized he dropped his phone on our walk.  What a fiasco.  He walked back looking for it and I sent the phone a message asking whomever found the phone to please please please return it to the playground. Can you believe half hour later, a kind woman and her friend walking dogs came over to the park and found me!!! THERE ARE STILL GOOD PEOPLE OUT THERE! 

Anyway, we came home and I grilled burgers and dogs.  Then gave the kids a bath and off to bed.  Great day especially since we found the phone.

Sunday morning we woke up and I fed the kids breakfast. Instead of watching TV/ipads, I put on music and declared it no TV day (well, I let them watch ONE movie only at one point).  I had to figure out how to keep them preoccupied while I ran on the treadmill and BINGO… Nothing keeps them busy like PLAYDOH.


Ahhhh, I was able to get a 7-mile run in (with 3-miles of those being the actual workout) and they were so well behaved. We also had a party at 1:30 so I tried to put B down for a nap.  It didn’t work.

bday gift

I forgot to buy a birthday card so we ended up making our own. Anyway, we left for the party at 1.

chuck 2

Can I just say, they had too much fun.

We left close to 3 and I gave the kids a bath earlier than later. I also had to feed Lili because believe it or not, she does NOT like pizza. Since I didn’t wan them watching TV still, I had more activities for them.

First we painted and then they took out the mats to do some gymnastics and build a tent.


THEN, I finally let them watch a movie before getting ready to go to bed.  Our usual night time routine; reading a book.

tues bed

Monday morning I woke up and Lili was so excited to give me my birthday card.

birthday 1

She’s the sweetest.  I had a busy full day.  I did a treadmill workout, cleaned the house a bit, got the kids dressed and did drop off.  I worked until 3:15 and then left the office to scoop up Lili. She had dress rehearsal for her recital on Sunday.


As soon as I got home, I was shocked to see that Pedro had surprised me.


Yup, he decorated the house with balloons.

birthday 2

And flowers.  My in-laws and sister came over. We had pizza and cake. It was very low-key. BUT a great time.

birthday 3

And here we are!! I think I’m pretty much caught up!

I can’t believe it’s JUNE! My favorite month ever (sarcasm in this). It’s actually like December. So busy.  My birthday was just the kick-off, but now, it’ll be Father’s Day, Lili’s Birthday, finishing up Pre-K and Pedro’s 40th Birthday!!! I can’t bEelieve it.

Did you take dance classes when you were a kid? I never did. I wish I did. I think I live vicariously through Lili. HA!

Ever lose your phone? Was it returned to you?  It’s a pain to replace it so thank goodness that nice woman returned it.