School’s Out for the Summer

Well, it’s actually TOMORROW, when school’s officially out.  It also happens to be sweet Lili’s 5th birthday. Holy crap. I can’t believe my daughter is turning 5!!!! How did we get here already?  Anyhow, my quick weekly (more like week and a half) recap.

So, we had a plaly-date with Lili’s best (Fri. 6/10/16)


And they had a blast.  We gave all 4 kids a bath and as soon as we got home, they just needed to be tucked in. Easy Peasy.

The next day, my niece came over bright and early. I made a huge breakfast and then we started some activities. First we took them to the park. And by 1pm, we headed home to put B down for a nap.  I did a paint session with the girls.

It was very fun and we were going by our rule of NO TV for most of the day.  We were holding off on TV until before dinner.

paint 3

Didn’t they do a great job?

Anyway, after we were done painting, I knew B was going to wake up so I took out the playdoh and then I had to run out to drop off tickets for Lili’s dance recital at my in-laws.


I got home and found the three playing nicely.  While they played for almost 2 hours, I made dinner. Then it was eating time, bath and bed. I had to prepare for Lili’s dance recital.

Sunday (06/12/16), I woke up and gave the kids banana bread. I ran on the treadmill and then got all three kids dressed.  I showered and we were out of the house by 9:45.


Lili did a great job on her first recital ever.

miss sarah

Here she is with Miss Sarah.


After, we headed over to a restaurant to eat with family.  It was nice.  Then we went home and relaxed for a bit.

Last week was pretty busy also.  On Thursday (06/16/16), Lili had a little something for her Pre-K class.


They are so cute.  My FIL and I both attended. P was sick earlier that week so couldn’t take more time off.


And she’ll be starting Kindergarten now. My how time flies. The ceremony was pretty short and sweet.  I went to work and picked her up.  Then that night we prepared her goody bags for her classmates.  Her birthday is really tomorrow but we celebrated last Friday in school.


I really like how her goody bags came out.

Friday morning, B and I went food shopping and then stopped at Lili’s school for munckins and juice.


B was so excited to be in school. I can’t believe he’ll be going this September.


He did not want to leave her side. He had so much fun. He was hysterically crying when we had to leave.


And her goody bags were a huge hit.  All the kids were looking at their pictures, laughing, finding one another.


It happened to be her classmate’s birthday also.

Okay, too much picture overload here. I’ll have to do a quick recap of the weekend tomorrow.

As for running, it’s been going well. I have been getting miles in and some strength (not as much as I would like to, but I’m getting some in).  I start MCM training in a few weeks so I’m just enjoying the next few weeks of fun miles.

Who’s going on summer vacation? We’re not really going anywhere. I might do some long weekend to the beach but nothing huge.

Who’s running a lot of races this summer? Summer running/training is tough… I will try to hit the trails more so that I am in the shade.