October Love

October is my favorite month of the year (and none of our birthdays happen to be this particular month — though Sebastian was supposed to be born on 10/02/13).  From fall running/racing to endless hayrides and pumpkin patches, October is by far the best month ever.  And because you all know I’m a big planner,  I made sure to plan for some great fall activities.


Recap of what we’ve done so far:

1. Okay, this doesn’t count for October because it was 9/29, but we attended Lili’s paint monthly paint night with her school.  We love going.

Too much fun with the little folks.

2. B came with  me to the office one day and he was totally good.

3. We had a 4-day weekend for the Jewish holidays and Lili started the day off with yoga at the library. (10/01/16).

While she did yoga, P and Sebastian hung out on the story-time rug.


4. Monday (10/3), I took the kids to a pumpkin patch right down the street.

And when we came home, I made dinner while they painted said pumpkins.

B went down for a nap and then we started baking Halloween cookies.  He woke up in the middle of our bake-off.


And then we went to the library (yes, all the same day).

Lili read a book to Connor and she did fantastic.


and then we came home.

5.The kids had another day off but I didn’t so I needed to take off (10/4).  Of course Lili wanted to know what our plans were for the day. So we went to another pumpkin patch down the street.

And we are trying to practice B’s smile.


After we picked more pumpkins, we stopped at Target to pick up a few things and then we headed home to paint the pumpkins. HA.


Told you, we are trying to get this smile down.

We also finished up our bats and hung them up.


6.  On Friday, I picked up Mimi’s brother and we headed into the city to pick our bibs for Brooklyn Rock N Roll Half Marathon.  We took the train from my office and it went pretty smooth.

After we picked up our bibs, we had time to stop over Time Square. Every single time he visits, he has to take an obligatory Time Square photo.


We had to catch the 12:46 train back in order for me to get the kids from school so we were pretty pressed for time but he was happy to get his pic in.

After I picked the kids up, we dropped off Ralph and came home to eat a quick dinner before heading to Pump it Up with some friends.



Kids had a ton of fun.  After pump it up, we had to run over to the super market and then we were home by 8PM. Ugh. I still had to give a kids a bath, put them down and then lay out race clothes.


I was in bed by 11 PM, later than I like to be before a race.

6. 10/08/16 RACE DAY!  I woke up quarter to 5 and ate breakfast.  My brother scooped me up by 5:50 AM and he drove us into Brooklyn.  Quick sidenote: as we are getting dropped off, Ralph realizes he left his BIB at HOME!!! Oh my GOD. I thought he was going to have a hard time getting in but it all worked out.


I pretty much paced him. He wanted to come in around 2:25-2:20.


It was a good time. I know he was hurting towards the end but we pushed through and came in at 2:22 AND not only was he thrilled but he had a PR.


Our siblings had awesome signs for us.


Then we had to walk 2-miles back to the car. HA! But it wasn’t bad. We were home before noon and I showered and put B down for a nap.  Then I made an early dinner and we carved pumpkins in the evening.


Isn’t it pretty? The kids got a little bored of cleaning out of pumpkins part, so I had them make construction paper pumpkins on the side.


7.  Columbus Day I had to work but kids had off (10/10/16) but I promised them that once I picked up kids I would take them to Kidz Village.

They had a blast and didn’t give me hard time when it was time to leave.  Probably because they were about to close their doors.

8.  I was swamped at the office on Tuesday so my sister in law was able to pick up Lili from school and take her out before dropping her off at my office.


They had fun together.

9.  I was OFF yesterday (10/12/16) for the Jewish holiday and so were the kids so guess what we did??? We met up with my soley, Cici, for a track workout (tomorrow happens to be our 4 year runniversary).  Did I tell you she’s 22-weeks pregnant???


We were dripping post workout.  I didn’t have a sitter, so I made sure to pack their bag and was praying that the field wouldn’t be packed and lucky us… hardly anyone at the track!!! I love when that happens.


They would occasionally join me for half a lap.


I can’t take their cuteness.  And can I tell you how stinkin’ cute Lili would be when I was doing a recovery lap?


She would bring water for me on the side. I swear I felt like I was an elite runner. HA! When we said our goodbyes to Cici, we headed over to look for Halloween costumes for Lili.  We already ordered Sebastian’s.

We were there for awhile trying on costumes and then she finally picked up. I’ll have the winner posted soon.

When we came home I had to cook lunch, prep dinner, put B down for a nap, do laundry and then we did more Halloween arts/crafts.


What a great time we had, especially making these puppets.

10.  Saying goodbye.  While in the midst of cooking lunch, prepping dinner, doing laundry, feeding kids, etc. Mimi and her brother stopped by to say bye to the kids.


Next time we’ll see him is when we head out to San Francisco for my brother and his sister’s wedding.

Do you dress up for Halloween? Do you do Halloween races? I signed up for a 5k and a half marathon this Spring. I am thinking of a Spring marathon but haven’t really been looking around.

Did you ever run a Rock N Roll series? Brooklyn was my first. It was nice.Not too overcrowded.  The medals are actually REALLY nice.

I’m not in tomorrow so hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!



Fam Jam Weekend

5:50 AM: 5-Mi Run

I had an easy run scheduled this morning and got 5 in before the kids woke up.  They didn’t get up until I got into the shower and B busted open the door with “HI MOMMY!” Scared me half to death.  Then they hung around the bathroom for a few minutes chit-chatting and I had time to get ready without feeling rushed.

Weekend was packed with family time. On Friday, after dance class, the kids and I headed over to my sister’s for dinner.


My poor son needs some boy playmates.  The girls had a blast dressing him up.  He had so much fun.  While they played, my sister cooked dinner and then her ex-colleague gave her bags of clothes that I went through.  I scored some pretty cute dresses, blouses, sweaters, and skirts.  Here’s the sweater dress I’m wearing today.

new dress

Banana Republic red and navy sweater dress and Vaneli suede ankle boots.  We left around 9 and home by 9:30.  B was exhausted. Lili fell asleep shortly after.

Saturday morning we woke up and I ran 8-miles on the treadmill.


Then we headed over to gymnastics.


My niece was doing a make-up class also.  So it worked out well.  My sister watched them while I ran an errand at Target.  We were home by 10:15 and I had a doctor’s appointment at 11:30.  I was still coughing pretty bad. So the diagnosis was mild bronchitis.  My sister dropped my niece back off later that afternoon so she could sleep over.  I had plans with my MIL, her sister who is visiting from Ecuador and my SIL.

girls night out

It was beautiful out — around 55.  We were headed over to Morristown at my SIL’s sister’s restaurant, Parm Centro.

parm centro

It was a great time.  I ended up getting home around 10PM.  The girls were still up but B was sleeping.

Sunday was busy also. I spent the morning food prepping. I made Shepard’s Pie, Stuffed Peppers and a ham.

stuffed peppers

It took me about 3 hours with prepping and cleaning up.  Also, halfway through I was making Pedro’s breakfast.  I did some laundry and put B down for a nap. When he woke up, we headed over to my dad’s house for dinner.  Pedro was shaving my dad’s hair.

hair cut

He goes in for harvesting tonight and hopefully it won’t last more than 2-4 days.  Then we’ll celebrate his 60th birthday the following Friday before he goes in for the transplant.

We had a great time at dinner and then played Bingo.

bingo night

I lost but everyone else won and Lili won the BIG BINGO.  It was the first one to get an X.

bingo winner

She was too shy to smile at the camera.

And well, that was our family weekend.

Ever go to Bingo night? I love BINGO.

A Setback Means Run it Out

My dad was scheduled for round 3 of chemo last Thursday. Unfortunately, his blood counts were abnormal (low Hgb, low WBC, high Creatine = platelets low and kidneys failing) so he needed to be readmitted into the hospital.  My parents spent 8 hours in the ER waiting to be transferred over to the oncology unit.  I arrived to the hospital as they were making the transfer.  We got my dad settled in and he was already looking stronger since he had been admitted (it’s crazy how fast antibiotics and lots of IV fluids will get you up again).  We stayed on the later side and then I dropped my mom off at home and then headed home myself.  I had to pick her up really early the next morning.

Friday morning, I woke up early and my brother’s girlfriend babysat Sebastian. My mom and I headed over back to the hospital.   We waited around for his doctor to make her rounds.  She came around at about 9:30 AM and gave us the rundown.  She said that he needed a blood transfusion followed by four doses of steroids.  Unfortunately (a lot of that word being tossed around), because there are so many days in between his chemo, all his treatments need to be started over from scratch.  Bummer.  Just gotta keep the positive vibes going.

We left the hospital at around 1:30 because I still needed to pick Lili up from school.  After, we hung out at my parents house until about 8.  I still needed to make dinner and give the kids a bath.  I was exhausted.

Saturday morning, I woke up and decided to jump into a local 5k down the street.  It really was a 5-minute drive.  I put the jogger into the car, dressed the kids warm, packed snacks, and got dressed. The race didn’t start until 9:30 so we had plenty of time.  I almost backed out but figured I needed to get a run in anyway.  It was COLD but we kept warm.  It was a great vibe — large table full of breakfast, DJ blasting music, face painting, etc.

First 5k Fall Race 2015

First 5k Fall Race 2015

I ended up seeing Amanda (from Team Bacon — Cici introduced us a few years back).  I wish we took a picture together.  It turns out that they happen to be her work’s client.  I should also say, she just had an amazing PR a week ago at the Hartford Marathon.  I think her time was like, a 3:46.  So proud of that girl.  Anyway, race started on time.  At mile 1 I was regretting it.  What was I thinking… running with the kids in the jogger when I’ve been so out of touch.  At mile 2 this couple in front of me kept laughing because Sebastian kept saying, “What is this? What is this? What is this?” over and over.  The girl finally turned around and laughed saying, “Honey, mommy is busy running right now.  She’ll get back to you in a mile”. God bless her…

Done & Done

Done & Done

Honestly, I was HAPPY to be done. I am sure I almost vomited.  HAHA.  I ran into another runner that ran with her kids in the double.  She was the one responsible for getting my butt there that morning.  We talked for a bit and then I took the kids over to the park that was right behind the building the 5k was being held at.



I haven’t seen a sea-saw at playgrounds in a LONG time.  The kids had way too much fun and it took me forever to get them to leave.

The awards ceremony was being held and I’m embarrassed to say that I was leaving.  Turns out we (it’s only right to say we since I ran it with the kids) took 2nd place in my age group.  I have to say that it made my day. 🙂

We headed home shortly after and ran some errands with P as he was walking out of the door.  It was to his parents house, CVS and breakfast.  Then home.  I showered, put the kids down and then as promised, we baked Halloween sugar cookies.

Roll It

Roll It

Pat it...

Pat it…

Sprinkle it.

Sprinkle it.

Eat them.

Eat them.

oh, they came out so soft and delicious.  Good job, Lili and B.  After I cleaned up, I got dinner prepped and then headed over to the hospital.  I knew I might not go the next day so went that evening.  I ended up leaving later than I had planned (8:30) and didn’t get home until after 9.  I had to put the kids down and poor P — I cooked his dinner at 10.  Then I had to lay out clothes for the next morning.

I ran the Halloween Half Marathon yesterday.  Again, I was going back and forth with whether I wanted to run it… My girlfriend (who knows what I’m going through with my family right now) was kind enough to pick up my race bib for me.  I decided I better go since I needed a long run in anyway.  I left the house at 7:30 and arrived at around 8:15.  I found some guys that were driving to the race (start line was about 2 miles away) so they gave me a lift. They were so nice and funny. I love runners. 🙂

I decided to take this nice and easy. No pressure.  I did some rookie mistakes that I will have to do in a more detailed post.  But overall, I finished in 2:08.  I can’t complain. I am not feeling sore at all and I didn’t have to walk either (not that there’s anything wrong with walking some parts).  I just feel a lot better after the last two weeks of runs.

Hallween Half Marathon

Hallween Half Marathon

I had every intention of dressing up in a costume but never had the time to pick one up. Oh well.

Grammar School Friends

Grammar School Friends

This girl had a 6-min PR. 1:50.  She’s my grammar school friend (up until high school). We don’t see each other often but she’s such a sweetheart. She picked up my race bib for me.  Thanks, Megan.

Anyway, I was home by 12:30 and basically spent the rest of the day doing laundry, cooking, cleaning and playing with the kids.

Wow, that was long. Anyway, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Who else loves FALL running? I can’t get enough of it.

Be Kind, Friday

One of P’s colleague’s found out last week that her 7 month old baby needs a liver transplant.  It’s one of the saddest things I’ve heard in awhile and I am feeling for her and her family. All week she has been coming to work and nobody suspected a thing.  She has two older children (4 and 7) and every morning she has been taking them to school, coming to work, bringing them home and going to the hospital to be with her sweet baby for the rest of the evening.  She repeats the cycle every day.  I felt like we needed to do something for her, so me and B went food shopping for us and for them.

Always an adventure going  food shopping with my bubs.  As soon as we got home, unloaded the trunk, put things away,  I started to prepare food.

I made baked ziti (no meat as I’m not sure if they’re vegetarians).  All she needs to do is bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes whenever they decide to eat it.

I also baked them my homemade chocolate chip cookies.

And of course some fruits.  

I hope that this can help them out for a day or two while they’re busy running around.  My heart weighs heavy for them.  Keep them in your prayers. 

After that was all done, I put B down for a nap and then we picked up Lili from school.  We came home to have some snacks and then headed out to Kidz Village.

I didn’t think it was going to be packed but there was a birthday party going on. 

B did not want to leave. He was having too much fun.

He threw a little fit when it was time but we are all safe home.  

Anyway, lots of well wishes to my girl Chelsea who is running 31-milles on 3/1 for her 31st birthday.  You go girl.  We are cheering you over here.  

Who loves food shopping?  

Any tricks to calming toddlers down when they throw a meltdown before leaving kids amusement parks?

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend !

Things They’re Loving: Kids Edition

It’s my FRIDAY!! I’m looking forward to the weekend. I know the week was crazy!!! Anyway, I’ll keep this short since I have a few things to get done. Just wanted to share a few things the kids are loving these days.

1. Cereal Bowls with a Straw

cereal bowl

cereal bowl 2

This is probably the only way my kids will ever drink milk (unless it’s chocolate milk). They had fruit loops for breakfast and the milk tastes like a milkshake. They fight over the last slurp.

2. Playing salon.

hair curling

OUCH! BURN!!! I’m pretty sure she wants to have a baby sister too. Or maybe that’s just me talking. HA! The other day she curled his hair (or ear) and yesterday it was a haircut with her play scissors. Good times…

3. Mommy’s toys.

My Treadmill

My Treadmill

As soon as Papa or I unfold the tread, this stinker gets on it immediately. I thought I trained him but he is obsessed with this machine!!!!

What was your favorite toy to play with as a kid? Mine was probably playdoh. We didn’t have much of it around because my mom was anti-playdoh.

Where are you watching the Superbowl? We are probably staying home with a bucket of KFC. Though I want Popeyes.

Anybody else running this weekend? What’s your mileage looking like? I’m thinking about a Superbowl race? Otherwise, just some fun runs. 🙂

Happy Thursday!

Favorite Meal: Dessert

Yesterday at lunch, I walked over to Trader Joe’s. As soon as I walked in, I was in Pumpkin Heaven.

Oh Sweet Pumpkin

Oh Sweet Pumpkin

Oh yes, I got some Pumpkin Oatmeal and Pumpkin Granola Cereal. The pumpkin granola cereal is so delicious. I also picked up a few other items and then walked back to teh office shortly after. The real food shop will take place tomorrow at some point.

Last night, I came home from picking put up the kids at around 6:15. I had already peeled potatoes for dinner, so I started to boil them. I also decided to make Au Gratin Potatoes. So YUMMMMMMMY. I had everything prepped for the most part. Recipes attached and easy. When the potatoes were nearly done, I started to pan fry the chicken. I use just a little olive oil.

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner.

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner.

And who doesn’t like potatoes (except of course my kids… so weird!).



Au Gratin

Au Gratin

We broke bread at around 7:30. Everybody ate well and had full bellies, so everybody got desert.

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Induced

Chocolate Induced

This kid looked like he was about to pass out. After bath and fresh clothes, he was OUT.

Unfortunately, I had BIG plans to wake up early. Lili is still not eating much in school and it makes me a sad and concerned. Also, the cleaning lady is scheduled to come today, so I had to decide on making banana bread. I hate making a huge mess the next few days after the cleaning lady comes. HA. So I sucked it up and made banana bread, washed the dishes, changed the kids, made her lunch, straightened up before the cleaning lady came and we headed out.

Banana Bread

Banana Bread

I ended up giving my parents a loaf to feed Sebastian. I also took a few to work for breakfast. So good when it’s fresh from the oven.

Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods? Which one do you like best?

Do you bake/cook in the morning?

I don’t mind doing it, BUT I hate that I am so paranoid that I’ll forget to turn off the stove/oven and then wonder all day if the house burned down. I checked 3x today and even took a picture of it on “OFF”. I’m crazy. I know.

What time do you go to bed?

Mine varies. Anywhere between 8:15-midnight. Eek. I know. That is LATE.

I have a long run on schedule tomorrow. Lovely. Wish me luck.

Track Tuesday

3:00 PM: Rolling 800s – PENDING

I’m taking a late lunch today, really, should I even come back to the office? I probably will just to change and freshen up before scooping up the kids. We’re doing Rolling 800s today and it will look like this, thanks to Coach Vinny.

1-mile WU
2-3 Rolling 800s (800m @5k pace, 200m recovery, 400m sprint, 400 recovery)
1-mile CD

Cici and I are running together!!! I’m so excited. Although we talk daily, we’re one of those, “Ahhhh, I MISS YOU!! WHEN ARE WE RUNNING???” friends — even if we did just run a marathon or track workout or tempo, etc. She makes me a better runner. She has one more lesson and then she’s checking out. I should probably pump soon.

Update on Sebastian’s doctor’s appointment. Poor guy has strep throat also. 😦 P took care of him yesterday and he said for most of the day he was out of it and tired.

Monday Night Football

Monday Night Football

I picked Lili up from school and took her back to work with me. She was such a pleasure (as always) and she face-timed her brother to see how he was feeling.



Really, though, she got a lollipop from the bank downstairs from my job and she was showing it off to both her brother and father. After work, Lili and I headed over to pick up Sebastian’s meds at the pharmacy. We came across this…



I’m not crazy about clowns… but I love Halloween.

And two things I am loving: I found a pair of mint pants that I bought back in 2012. I thought I gave it away, but lo and behold, they were in my closet.



I picked up pumpkin coffee this morning at Dunkin Donuts along with these bad boys.

Dunkin Pumpkin K-Cups

Dunkin Pumpkin K-Cups

Oh, I will be excited for the weekend to come!!! 🙂

Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks or Coffee Bean? Which one do you go to? I usually go to DD because it’s on the way to work. And less expensive and still just as good, IMO.

Iced or Latte? ICED!! But if it’s really cold out, definitely latte or just hot.

Tap, Tap, Tap… Does this thing work?

8:15 AM: Track Workout – (1-mile WU + 4×400 @1:44; @1:42; @1:44; @1:44; with 4×400 recover + 1-mile CD) – COMPLETED

I honestly didn’t realize how much I would miss this place. It really only occurred to me when I was recently talking to P about some past event. We couldn’t remember the date so I had to scroll my blog and voila, there it was in front of me. I read through the entry and it made me realize that this is really a huge part of my life. Now, if I wanted to look something up, I really need to dig back there and search pictures to figure out a specific occasion. It’s really like my scrapbook. So I’m back, and hopefully for good.

A lot has been going on in the last four months. It’s crazy how time just zips on by. The last entry here was in April and wow, it’s almost fall. My FAVORITE season of them all. 🙂 I have been enjoying my summer with my family and my friends. We really have had a good weather and I can’t complain. I am still running (well, this week has been terrible but I’ll get to that in a bit) and EATING. I really need a good track workout this morning.

Ahhhh, our temple.

Ahhhh, our temple.

Fun Tip #2: (Fun Tip #1 was that my office is .75-mi away from a trail) My office is 1-mile away from the high school track! You could totally tell that school’s about to start because the lacrosse and soccer teams had practice. We ran to the track, got our workout in, and ran back to the office. It was great. Of course, a little strange since I showered this morning and then did my track workout. HUH?@$#%

Burn & Sweat.

Burn & Sweat.

After track, she came into the office to clean up a bit and I changed and got my oatmeal ready and coffee. Then we parted ways, but of course, I’ll see her for a LR this weekend.

To keep this reunion entry on the (longer) short side, I’ll just update with running today. I have had some good training in the last few months: (14, 16, 18, 16, 20) with a few step-down weeks (and maybe even skipped a 10-12 miler). It’s was a huge accomplishment getting through a 20 after having Sebastian. Both mentally and physically. I have done a few races but nothing serious. So here’s the updates:

1. Miles with Mom 5k (05/03/14): I heard about this 5k from my girlfriend, Lauren, (check out her blog — she’s big on Weight Watchers and has great recipes). She was running it as her first 5k with her beautiful baby boy, Ethan, and her awesome husband, Carlos. So I jumped on the wagon. As I was researching the website the night before, I saw that they had a category for “Stroller Winners”. What? You get a medal for 1st place if you run with a stroller. Well, COUNT ME IN. The competitive vein (that I really don’t have — I am so not competitive) just started to pump. My goal was to try and place 1st with a stroller. I shouldn’t have placed that pressure when it was my first race with a double jogger altogether.



It was really tough. I saw the guy in front of me and he was off. There was a girl with her son in the jogger and we were close, but I couldn’t catch up. Not to mention, it was on a path. I hate when it’s so tight. I stayed close to third the whole time but then out of nowhere, and this was strange, I saw a guy with his single jogger in front of me. How is this possible? No way. I was watching the whole time. I convinced he just jumped in… So I did my best and passed him and tried to keep in front of him the whole time. I came to the finish line and I was done. It was tough but I came in third. A little disappointed but then I found out they gave medals for the first three that came in.

Third Place

Third Place

And of course, my girlfriend, Lauren and her family.

Their First 5k

Their First 5k

Seriously, check out her blog. She has her meatball recipe up.

The next day I ran a 2-hour trail with these peeps.

Hitting the trails!

Hitting the trails!

It was a tad windy!

Post RUN

Post RUN

2. Superhero Half Marathon (05.18.14): This race was kind of symbolic for me. A year before, I hit the halfway mark in my pregnancy and this year I was running post-pregnancy. I ran it with some awesome gals. It was Tamar’s first half marathon!!!



She has an amazing family that came to support her on her big day. It was also Haiti’s Independence Day so that was pretty awesome. I was also happy to be racing with Cici. She’s my soley.

Superwoman _ Super FUIF = We F sh*t Up.

Superwoman _ Super FUIF = We F sh*t Up.

The race was good — not as hilly — and the weather was pretty amazing. I just wish my kids were in a better mood. HAHA. Both cranky.





1-Year Later

1-Year Later

We headed home and celebrated by taking a nap. HA. It was short lived though because I had to attend a bridal shower that afternoon.

3. NJ Half Marathon Trail Series (06/01/14) – My first trail run. It was a HARD but FUN because I ran it with Coach Vinny and Cici. Well, Coach Vinny took off, but Cici and I stuck together. She actually took a hard fall the first mile but recovered quickly.

Running Friends

Running Friends

It was really hard on the arches bc there were tons of rocks. But it felt good. I didn’t really have a chance to rest after as we had a birthday party to attend. At lease we got to relax in the pool.



My ball of sunshine

My ball of sunshine

4. Florham Park Run for Jaycees 5k (06/07/14) – My traditional 5k race — If you recall, I ran this race when I was 38-weeks pregnant with Lili, then the following year when she was in the jogger, then last year when she was almost 2 and I was pregnant with Sebastian and now it would be with the both of them in the double jogger. Don’t worry. I don’t think I will be pregnant with a third, pushing a double next June. HA! It was also Tamar’s 2nd year running this race as it’s her FIRST RACE EVER last year. It’s her raciversary. 🙂

Traditional Race

Traditional Race

Me with the Kiddos

Me with the Kiddos

I was tired since we had a wedding the night before (I’ll post that in another entry) not to mention, this was the point where Sebastian was having his teething/sleeping problems (which we are still dealing with). But overall, it went well and we had a great time.

Post-race we parted ways and later that night, P and I had a babysitter and celebrated my birthday! Good times.

So, I think I covered all my races. Not as many as I thought I would do, but I don’t like racing in the summer in general. I’m not like Chelsea, who is a speedy woman in the heat.

I’m so happy to be back and can’t wait to catch up some more. Looking forward to reading all of your updates!!!

Case Closed

3.15-Mile Run – COMPLETED

I was able to run at 11 this morning since both attorneys are out. Well, mine is in Vegas and the other was in Long Island for court. It was a beautiful Spring day and I’m happy I got out earlier. Sometimes waiting till 12-1, it’s easy to lose motivation.

Lunch Run - Spring/Summer Necessities

Lunch Run – Spring/Summer Necessities

I could already tell that it’s gonna be a hot summer and I don’t mind it, but I sweat. And I don’t have a shower here at work so I have to cool down a bit, body spray it, use deodorant (and YES, I prefer a guy’s deodorant, especially Degree).

Anyhow, yesterday, I went on my run and decided to check out if that car with the Stop sign was still parked there from Monday’s run. And then, it all made sense. The car is parked in front of an elementary school.

Stop Sign - still there..

Stop Sign – still there..

The person in the car is a… CROSSING GUARD! HA! Well, now I feel silly (and probably a little suspicious taking random pics of this car). At least it wasn’t a drunk driver.

And today’s lunch is from Salad House.

Salad & Sweet Potato Fries

Salad & Sweet Potato Fries

I’ve come to the conclusion that I will never have those abs I want but I’m totally OKAY with it. I love food! I love sweets!!! So yeah, that’s the end of that — for now. I’m sure next week I’ll want the abs. HA. On a good note, I didn’t eat that many sweet potato fries. The big wig came back and took one a fry my plate and exclaimed, “WOW, that’s a good sweet potato fry!”, then asked me if I was going to eat the rest of the ones I had in the container. I told him he could eat them. It was probably in my best interest because I am pretty sure I would have devoured them. Pedro would be proud of me. I don’t like sharing my french fries…

What one food do you not like to share (but only share with the ones you really, truly love — I share my fries with Lili all the time!)?

What diets have you tried? Paleo, The Zone, South Beach? The attorney I work for has pretty much tried them all. I try to just eat in moderation. I used to be big on counting calories but for some reason, I can’t log into the account at work.

I hope you’re all getting a taste of Spring!!! It’s gorgeous out. We’re going to the park after work!!!! I know Lili is going to be thrilled.

Happy Face makes a Happy Space


I am loving my new work space. As I mentioned yesterday, I developed pictures from this past weekend. Seeing the people that I love so much makes me a much happier person, and since I spend most of my time at work, it’s only right to have my desk filled with my happy pictures.


I sent this picture to P and he sent him his office space.


<3 Just Because <3

❤ Just Because ❤

I needed to intervene here and buy him some frames with pictures. He loved his little “Just Because” card and all the pics I printed for him. He was very happy and I’m still waiting for his new happy space.

I know he’s very tired though. We had a pipe that was leaking in our basement. Oh, what a night. After I gave Lili a bath and it was Sebastian’s turn, P went downstairs and saw that there was a lot of water gushing through the pipe. I had to hold off on his bath and by 10, my FIL came by to help him out. He didn’t leave till midnight and poor P didn’t come upstairs until 12:30. He showered at that point and could NOT sleep. He finally went to sleep after 4.

I, on the other hand, woke up when Sebastian woke up. We think it was 3. I was exhausted so I climbed into the top bed of Lili’s trundle. She was sleeping on the bottom. At some point, I woke up with baby latched on and Lili all up in my nook. We must have all been tired because we didn’t wake up until 7:30 — crunch time to get two kids ready, shower, get dressed and drop the kiddos off. Oh yeah, and throw in some random running clothes into my bag. I think I might be overdressed today.

What’s your work space looking like? Do you have pictures up? Race Bibs?

How many people work in your office? I think I’ve mentioned that it’s just 5 of us total. And we can’t wait till golf season starts up — that means it’ll be nice and quiet. 🙂

Okay, well it’s the most important time of the day: Figuring out what we’re going to order for lunch and getting ready to RUN!!! Then the next most important thing is getting OUT OF WORK!!!

What’s your favorite time of the work day?