So Long Summer

It’s my FRIDAY and it’s going to be a nice long weekend (right before the chaos starts, A/K/A SCHOOL).  I don’t know if it’s been obvious that I’ve been M.I.A. but things have been a tad crazy.  I’ll sum it up this way:

The kids got sick from camp.  We knew it was going to happen.  They ended up with coxsackie, which left me home with them for a week.  Actually, I came in for a day and a half until one of the attorney’s sent me home because he was afraid I was contagious.


Unfortunately, there is no real treatment for Coxsackie. Just have to monitor the fevers, as they go as high as 104.  Sebastian had it first from a Sunday-Tuesday and Lili got it from Tuesday-Thursday.  What a mess.

We had a serious case of cabin fever after being stuck at home for 9-days.  So by Friday, we headed over to our hairdresser’s house.  She has two kids but first, Lili cut off 10-inches of her hair.

She donated it to CWHL (Children with Hair Loss).  Afterwards, we stayed for a few hours so the kids could play.

We ended up having lunch with my in-laws then headed over to my parents to hang out for a bit.  Since the kids were really contagious, we hadn’t seen them in some time.

The next morning, we received a last minute text to meet up with my girlfriend and her kids at the park.  We hadn’t seen them in some time so we made a point to make it over.

august 20 playdate

FYI, Lili loves her new hairdo.

park life august 20


We caught up for about two hours before we had to head home and over to Julian’s football game. Poor kids were tired but they woke up by the time we got there.

julians game

tia nad lili

On our way back home we picked up pizza and nachos.  It was a LONG and HOT day.

Sunday (08/21/16), my girlfriend Rachel was coming over and I made her favorite, Tortilla Espanola.


august 21 rachel

I was happy to see her.

The rest of the week we were back to normal and back to camp.  Also, we rescheduled a play-date that we canceled because I was afraid kids were still contagious.  (08/26/16)

One of the trails I run by my office has a Fairy Trail.  One of the mothers and her son with autism make random little fairy houses for everyone to come and see. It is SO cute.

Kids did great looking for fairy houses and had a ton of fun.  I can’t believe they walked for over an hour.  After, we went back to my girlfriend’s house and the kids played some more.

aug 31 bouncy house

So, just ONE MORE WEEK until both kiddos are in school. I have more to update on.  Some good, some, unfortunately bad… But I’ll have to get that post together.  I have been running and working out regularly. I leave you with this:

be kind

Hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend. You deserve it!


Non-Stop Weekend

I started off my morning with a run on the ‘mill. NO, P did not get my jogger out yet. It is still dusting away and hopefully he will get it cleaned this weekend. It worked out though because the weekend wasn’t as nice as I hoped it would be. Nonetheless, we had a good time. Quick breakdown (with lots of photos):

Friday: I woke up early and ran on the tread. Lili’s school was having “Muffins for Moms” Mother-Day. I wasn’t going to stay because I had B with me but her teacher told me to stay anyway.

Breakfast with my MUFFIN

Breakfast with my MUFFIN

She gave me her Mother’s Day gift there.

Mother's Day 2015

Mother’s Day 2015

I hung out with some of the other moms and then headed home around 9:15. I fed B, washed the dishes, folded two loads of laundry and then we headed over to my girlfriend’s house for play-date #1.



Down Dog!

Down Dog!

B has this thing with dogs. I think he wants one, but we are not getting one! HA.

The kids had lunch around 1 and then we ended up leaving at 2 to pick up Lili. As soon as we scooped her up, we headed over to play-date #2.



We hadn’t seen Isabelle and Lex in so long so it was a much needed play-date. The kids had SO much fun.

BFFs <3

BFFs ❤


We were home by 8 and I had to give the kids a good scrubbing bath. B was so tired, he couldn’t even open his eyes — BUT they were rolling in the grass, soaking wet from the water-table and I’m sure there was some sand in his diaper. At least they slept pretty well.

SATURDAY: I was disappointed in the weather. I thought it was going to be nice out but it wasn’t. So, we got up early, I made pancakes for the kids and then ran on the tread. I did a load of laundry and we just relaxed most of the day. I also did food shopping with Lili in the evening. P had a doctor’s appointment and we were going to go with him but the weather was really awful out.

SUNDAY (MOTHER’S DAY): As much as I love family, it’s a tough day for me to just relax. We have to see both moms (next year I think I might just see both moms on Saturday so I could just do something with P and the kids). I got up and ran 3-miles and then these two met me at the track!

Lili's 1st track workout

Lili’s 1st track workout

RUN, B, RUN...


After track workout, we headed over to the Dunkin’ Donuts drive-thru and got hot cocoa and coffee. We came home, had a quick bite and I jumped in the shower for Sunday Mass.

Sunday Mass

Sunday Mass

As soon as we came home from Mass, B fell asleep. He had a good amount of time to nap before we headed out to Mother’s Day event #1. Unfortunately, Lili did not nap so she fell asleep in the car and then tried to nap as soon as we got there.

Leave me ALONE!

Leave me ALONE!

15 minutes later, she could hear the fun that was taking place downstairs, so we headed down and hung out.

Mom's Day BBQ

Mom’s Day BBQ

Pit Bull's Best Friend

Pit Bull’s Best Friend



We wrapped it up around 5:30 and headed home. I wanted to be home by 6 so I could give the kids a bath and get them dressed. We were having dinner with my family at 7pm.

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day

Unfortunately, B was so fussy and I believe tired, so I asked P if he minded if he went home with him. (I should probably add that P also forgot to put shoes on him!). So they left right away and I stayed for dinner. It was nice. Lili was pretty much an angel.

Mama & Lili

Mama & Lili

I'm a BABY still...

I’m a BABY still…

Yeah, she still fits in the high chairs… She did get really tired at one point — so I took out some paper and crayons.

lili ipad rest

My brother dropped us off after dinner and since I gave her a bath before dinner, she changed into her jammies and called it a night.

It was a busy Mother’s Day! And a busy Monday morning. Aside from my run this morning, I had to feed kids, prepare Lili’s lunch, prepare P’s lunch, dress both kids, shower and drop off B. Is it Thursday yet?

How was your Mother’s Day? Unless you’re Nat, in her case they celebrate Mum’s Day in March. (see I was paying attention!).

Who else is ready for SUMMER? The weather sure feels like it.

Anybody training for a FALL marathon?
Unless you’re Chels, then you’re probably preparing for a race every weekend. 🙂 Love ya girl.

I’m so not ready to train in the summer. Hopefully I can get out before the heat!

Hope you all have a great start to your Monday. Sorry for the photo-overload.


7:00 AM: 3-Mile Run – COMPLETED

Lili’s had a busy, busy few days. Since it’s my last week until I return to work (insert watery eyes and lump in throat), I’ve been trying to get our house together, run errands as well as spend as much time with my munchkin. If only I could win the lottery and be a stay home mom, life would be perfect. I also needed to make play-dates with friends and their babies. So it started with a visit from Akua and Baby J.

Meet Baby J. I can’t believe she’s 4-months old and I’m just meeting her now. It was so great to finally meet her and I should add, she’s a whopping 20-lbs. Holy crap.

It was definitely a long time coming. I haven’t seen Akua since my baby shower back in early May.

Auntie Akua & baby Lili.

Lili & Jordan.

After catching up and watching our babies bond it was time for both of us to part ways. We had dinner plans with my sister.

Aunt Tin feeding her and burping her.

Of course Scarlett wants some baby action.

Yes, it’s the same day. Lili just likes to pee through her pampers. Fortunately, I pack a ton of onisies just in case of these accidents.

Thursday was just a long day. We came home and Lili passed out. Friday was even busier. Lili and I got up early. I ran 3-miles and then got ready to head out. Lili and I were meeting Courtney & Ava at Drip (a coffee shop). It was my first time meeting Ava since she was born and the first time I was seeing Courtney since our last group run. Oh, no wait.. I lie. I had lunch with her the week her water broke. Whoops.

We decided to go back to Courtney’s house so that we could catch up some more. I’m glad we did because we got to talk and compare notes and spend some good quality time together.

Meet Ava Lynn. Ava and Lili are born two weeks apart and both share the same sign, Cancer.

Our future runners and best friends. How cute.

And yes, her cousin Scarlett got to see her three days in a row. She is really loving her these days.

Lili was all ZzzZz’s after a fun-filled three-days with friends. Seriously, the first night we almost had 5-hours straight of sleep with one wake-up feeding, followed by 3-hours. The next day it was 4-hours straight with a break and 3-hours after. Hopefully this is the start of a good sleep/wake pattern. Or so I hope for my sake at least. It’s time for me to adjust to a full-time working mom schedule (insert sad face). Sigh.