June Festivities: I’m Late…July: Training Has Begun

(Mon): 4-Mile Run (Tues.): 6.2-Mile Hill Run (Wed.): Weight Training 

MCM training has officially started and I am reminded why fall marathons aren’t my fave… running in the heat sucks.

summer running

Which is why some runs are done on the treadmill. (Well really some runs are done on the treadmill because I have two small kids that are very demanding of my time.  I don’t mind though.  I love those babies.


I love my treadmill.  In any event, training is off to a great start.  (Picture with kids above is taken on Father’s Day 06.19.16).

AND… we celebrated Liliana’s 5th Birthday. Can you believe it? Remember when she was just born? And then we celebrated her 1st Birthday.  You can read that here and here.

She woke up on her birthday (06/22/16) with the house decorated and birthday gifts.

lili birthday 3

She had to go to school that day.  In fact, it was her last day.

lili birthday 4

Then we had some family come over to help celebrate FIVE.

She had a blast.  The next day we celebrated with more family at the movies.  We watched Finding Dory.

It was great to spend time with all her cousins.

june 23 movie 2

On Saturday she had birthday party #3 with her friends.

june 25 princess

She had too much fun.

june 25 princess 2

All the kids seemed to have a wonderful time. AND then her birthday was over, mainly because it was time to celebrate Pedro’s 40th Birthday!!!

pedro's 40th birthday

He loved the cake I got him (you have to be a Simpsons fan to understand this inside joke).

pedro's 40th

We were celebrating his big day on Saturday July 1st since his birthday was on a Monday at his favorite restaurant, Casa Vasca.

We had a great time and P was happy with the food. The next day we hung out with my SIL at her house. She just got her pool fixed.


It was nice out and we had a great time.  We headed home by 8 PM.  We were happy we had the day off for Fourth of July. Fourth of July is our holiday together; just P and the kids.

4th of july

Kids played in the yard and we grilled food.

It was a nice short week the following week. The last couple of weeks were a whirlwind of fun events.  The kids actually missed the library so we made a stop to pick up some books and hang out.

library computer


Lili recently learned how to use the mouse and is doing lots of school activities on the computer. Crazy how when I was growing up, we learned to type on typewriters and computers were a luxury.  Anyway, kids picked out some books and then we scheduled Lili to read to the dog this past Tuesday.

Monday night I met up with my best friends at Van Goh’s Ear.  Best coffee spot in my area.

van goh

And yesterday my MIL took Lili to the library to read to the dog.  Unfortunately, the dog called in sick so the cat filled in.

library 2

She read one book, “Sleepy Puppy” (we thought she was reading to the dog, but fortunately, the puppy in this story had a cat as a pet… HA!).


I picked up the kids from my in-laws and headed home to feed them dinner, prep P’s lunch for the next day, give baths and get our picnic bag ready. We were off to watch a movie at the park.

movie in park

We arrived at least 2 hours early but we got great seats.  I picked up sandwiches for the gang at this amazing deli.  My brother and his fiance showed up half hour later.

movie in park 2

It was SO MUCH FUN!!! If you’ve never watched a movie in the park, you should put it on your bucket list.

My brother is into that Pokemon Go app.


Cracks me UP!!!!

Sorry this was all over the place. It’s been a long month.

Have you ever gone to the movies at the park?