The days/weeks just seem to fly by. I can’t believe it’s already mid-September.  It’s also hard to believe that it’s been almost a year since my dad was first diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma.

august 29 pop pop

Poppop with the grandkids

It seems like a bad nightmare we all had to go through. There were a lot of ER visits, hospital visits, etc.  He had his stem cell transplant that March and stayed in the hospital longer than expected because there were complications.  Finally he was home in April and gaining back strength (and his hair was growing back in as seen above).  The last four months he had follow-up visits and blood works.

Unfortunately, things aren’t heading in the direction we had hoped for.  After monitoring his blood works from the last few months, we learned that it looks like he will need yet another transplant.  This transplant will give him a year and half life span; maybe more. So we seem to be back at square one.

Next week, he will have a PICC line placed followed by a strong dose of chemo and then the transplant phase will begin.

We are all keeping positive thoughts.

On another note, the kids have started school.



I can’t believe we have a Kindergarten gal and a Pre-K 3 boy.  Time is zipping on by.

My in-laws (a/k/a the biggest support with the kids these days) left for Spain, so as you can imagine, I have so much on my plate between working F/T, dropping/picking kids up to/from school, getting dinner together, etc.

Unfortunately, with everything going on, I will have defer MCM this November.  My training has been inconsistent (sorry Chelsea… I thought this was the year we’d meet in person). I do have a half marathon next month and even though my training has been sub-par, I intend to run this race.  I would also love to get some shorter races in to get my speed back on the grid. Lots of speed training/tempo runs, etc.  I am getting a lot of strength training in.

So much more to update on (how kids did in school, some DIY projects I completed, etc.) but too much to put into one post. Just one more thing to add onto here.

Last Sunday, 9/11/16, was Sebastian’s 3rd Birthday.  I cherish that day 3 years ago.


Sometimes I wish I could go back to that day.  They’re so precious. And now, they’re so big.


Raise your hand if you’re THREE!

3-years later…

I think this is all I could handle for today.

What do you think I should do for MCM? Defer or just reapply for lottery in 2017?  My issue is I have a good chance of getting into NYCM so do I run back-to-back marathons in 2017? HA.



So Long Summer

It’s my FRIDAY and it’s going to be a nice long weekend (right before the chaos starts, A/K/A SCHOOL).  I don’t know if it’s been obvious that I’ve been M.I.A. but things have been a tad crazy.  I’ll sum it up this way:

The kids got sick from camp.  We knew it was going to happen.  They ended up with coxsackie, which left me home with them for a week.  Actually, I came in for a day and a half until one of the attorney’s sent me home because he was afraid I was contagious.


Unfortunately, there is no real treatment for Coxsackie. Just have to monitor the fevers, as they go as high as 104.  Sebastian had it first from a Sunday-Tuesday and Lili got it from Tuesday-Thursday.  What a mess.

We had a serious case of cabin fever after being stuck at home for 9-days.  So by Friday, we headed over to our hairdresser’s house.  She has two kids but first, Lili cut off 10-inches of her hair.

She donated it to CWHL (Children with Hair Loss).  Afterwards, we stayed for a few hours so the kids could play.

We ended up having lunch with my in-laws then headed over to my parents to hang out for a bit.  Since the kids were really contagious, we hadn’t seen them in some time.

The next morning, we received a last minute text to meet up with my girlfriend and her kids at the park.  We hadn’t seen them in some time so we made a point to make it over.

august 20 playdate

FYI, Lili loves her new hairdo.

park life august 20


We caught up for about two hours before we had to head home and over to Julian’s football game. Poor kids were tired but they woke up by the time we got there.

julians game

tia nad lili

On our way back home we picked up pizza and nachos.  It was a LONG and HOT day.

Sunday (08/21/16), my girlfriend Rachel was coming over and I made her favorite, Tortilla Espanola.


august 21 rachel

I was happy to see her.

The rest of the week we were back to normal and back to camp.  Also, we rescheduled a play-date that we canceled because I was afraid kids were still contagious.  (08/26/16)

One of the trails I run by my office has a Fairy Trail.  One of the mothers and her son with autism make random little fairy houses for everyone to come and see. It is SO cute.

Kids did great looking for fairy houses and had a ton of fun.  I can’t believe they walked for over an hour.  After, we went back to my girlfriend’s house and the kids played some more.

aug 31 bouncy house

So, just ONE MORE WEEK until both kiddos are in school. I have more to update on.  Some good, some, unfortunately bad… But I’ll have to get that post together.  I have been running and working out regularly. I leave you with this:

be kind

Hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend. You deserve it!

Two Week Review

Hill Workout

It’s been a very busy month since I last posted.  Basically, my dad has been in the hospital for over three weeks now.  His stem cell transplant went accordingly and as expected, his numbers all dropped. He got sick, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, weight loss, etc.  And then he started picking up. I visited him a few times.  All visitors must wear a mask at all times.


I kept him company, sometimes forced him to walk, we FaceTimed the kids so he could see them.


He was scheduled to come home on Palm Sunday (the 20th) but he took a turn for the worse and had an infection (c-diff).  He had to be treated and was now in isolation.  Visitors not only had to put a mask on but also had to put a gown and gloves on the entire visit.  After a few days of antibiotics, he tested negative for c-diff but still has some underlying symptoms that he is being tested for today.  Hopefully they’ll figure things out and he can be released as soon as they feel is healthy enough.

In other news, (and in no particular order really) running has been going okay. I am tapering this week.  I did get to run a two-hour trail with my solemate a few weeks ago (03/13/16).


She is the best.  It was a pretty AMAZING run.  And we always have a great time together.


Our niece and nephew spent the weekend at my in-law’s house so we took them out to Dave & Busters (03/12/16).

girls dinner

Sanchez Girls

It was a lot of fun.  We had the kids back home by 9:45 PM.

We celebrated our nephew’s birthday twice (once on his real birthday (03/15/16) and the other with all of the family (3/19/16).

Then with family that Saturday.

jules bday

My non-Irish kids on St. Paddy’s Day.

st. paddy

Happy St. Paddy’s Day

We also spent some time outdoors with the kids when the weather was nice out (03/09-03/10).

Lili’s school hosted another paint night (03/16/16).  This time P was going to take her but there was SO much traffic so I took her there and he met up with us.

paint night

She was so happy to spend time with him.

paint night 2

Paint Night 03/16/16

That week was really rough for me and I couldn’t make running plans with Cici.  So I had to figure out my last long run and met up with some Union County runners that Sunday at 9AM (2/20/16) for 10-miles.  I ran the first 5 miles with this girl, Helen.  The the last 5 miles with this girl, Dina. She just had baby #3 who is just a few weeks old.

Last week, we celebrated my brother’s 27th birthday.

ej birthday

We ended up ordering a bunch of food. It was totally last minute.

Good Friday Pedro was off, so we took the kids to the movies.

zootopia 2

Zootopia 03/25/16

It was B’s first time at the movies and he was pretty well behaved.


I really liked the movie a lot. Can’t wait for it to come out!!!

Saturday (03/26/16) we still didn’t know what was going on with my father and if he would be released. So my brother and I went that morning to visit with him.  It was a good visit.  I ordered his lunch, took him for a walk and then my brother and I left to eat.  I had scheduled plans to go visit for Easter Sunday.

P ended up food shopping for me when I got home from the hospital.  I was so exhausted.  I didn’t pick up a second wind until 9:00PM and had to run out to pick up Easter stuff for the kids.  So last minute this year… I also had to start prepping for Easter dinner.   I prepped the ham, mac and cheese and potatoes before calling it quits at 1:30 AM.  I finally went to bed at 3AM only to wake up at 6AM to run 6-miles.

Kids woke up late but then we had our day planned out. First it was 11:00 AM brunch at my in-laws.

brunch easter

We had to leave at 1pm to head over to the hospital.

easter at hospital

easter at hospital 2

My niece was sick earlier that week and I didn’t think it would be a good idea to come to the hospital.

It was a nice short visit and I am glad that we got to him.

family easter photo

We were home by 4pm and I had a bit of downtime before I had to put dinner into the oven.  My brother and his girlfriend decided to come over for dinner last minute so it worked out great.

easter dinner

So as you can see, it was a crazy two weeks leading up to Easter.I apologize for this very long update!

How was your Easter celebration?