First Week of School & DIY

6-Mile Run

The kids started school a week ago and it went pretty well.  It’s difficult when the kids are in two different schools.  It means having to miss one of their first days but P and I worked it out.  I went with Sebastian and P went with Lili. Unfortunately, Lili was not happy with this arrangement (and she even cried) so I promised her I would go the next day.

I was apprehensive about Sebastian even though we did a few weeks of camp.  He seemed excited but then he would cling onto my leg.  He kept saying that he wanted me.  So I moved around the classroom until I found something to keep him busy.


I left him as happy as could be. And when I picked him up, he was even happier.


It was a successful first day of school. Of course P has to drop off Lili and he doesn’t take pics like I do… She also had a successful first day of Kindergarten, so I took these two the last times I did drop off.

The teacher was fully aware that it was Sebastian’s birthday on Sunday so she told me if I wanted to bring something in for the kids, I could do so that Friday.  Sebastian’s face lit up when he saw me bring him balloons.

I brought some munchkins in for him. He was happy.

Lili has been happy with school too, especially since I walk her some morning.

She happens to be the only girl on our block with four boys her age.  It’s kind of cute.

Since our biggest daycare supports (my in-laws are in Spain and my dad will be hospitalized) aren’t around, P and I are all over the place with drop offs and pick ups.  Our deal right now we alternate drops off in the AM and scramble for pick-ups in the PM.  I ended up making an nifty calendar that I absolutely LOVE.


You could use paint chips from Home Depot or Loews, but if you recall I’m an arts/crafts hoarder. Anyhow, all you need are 2×2 colorful cards, 16×20 frame, double-sided tape, and washable thin expo markers.


Yeah, I go a little crazy.


A LOT OF PLANNING!! And, I absolutely love my new planner.


It’s like a scrapbook/planner.  I purchased this one at Michael’s.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!

Big thing about pick-ups for the next few weeks is I HAVE TO WORKOUT IN THE MORNING!!! I mean, I always do workout in the AM, but sometimes if I miss it, I am able to squeeze something in at lunch.

Do you plan your day out? Week? Month? Do you use a planner or outlook calendar? I am a planner whore, for lack of a better word, HA. I’m always looking for something new, but I think I’ll stick to this one for as long as I can.



The days/weeks just seem to fly by. I can’t believe it’s already mid-September.  It’s also hard to believe that it’s been almost a year since my dad was first diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma.

august 29 pop pop

Poppop with the grandkids

It seems like a bad nightmare we all had to go through. There were a lot of ER visits, hospital visits, etc.  He had his stem cell transplant that March and stayed in the hospital longer than expected because there were complications.  Finally he was home in April and gaining back strength (and his hair was growing back in as seen above).  The last four months he had follow-up visits and blood works.

Unfortunately, things aren’t heading in the direction we had hoped for.  After monitoring his blood works from the last few months, we learned that it looks like he will need yet another transplant.  This transplant will give him a year and half life span; maybe more. So we seem to be back at square one.

Next week, he will have a PICC line placed followed by a strong dose of chemo and then the transplant phase will begin.

We are all keeping positive thoughts.

On another note, the kids have started school.



I can’t believe we have a Kindergarten gal and a Pre-K 3 boy.  Time is zipping on by.

My in-laws (a/k/a the biggest support with the kids these days) left for Spain, so as you can imagine, I have so much on my plate between working F/T, dropping/picking kids up to/from school, getting dinner together, etc.

Unfortunately, with everything going on, I will have defer MCM this November.  My training has been inconsistent (sorry Chelsea… I thought this was the year we’d meet in person). I do have a half marathon next month and even though my training has been sub-par, I intend to run this race.  I would also love to get some shorter races in to get my speed back on the grid. Lots of speed training/tempo runs, etc.  I am getting a lot of strength training in.

So much more to update on (how kids did in school, some DIY projects I completed, etc.) but too much to put into one post. Just one more thing to add onto here.

Last Sunday, 9/11/16, was Sebastian’s 3rd Birthday.  I cherish that day 3 years ago.


Sometimes I wish I could go back to that day.  They’re so precious. And now, they’re so big.


Raise your hand if you’re THREE!

3-years later…

I think this is all I could handle for today.

What do you think I should do for MCM? Defer or just reapply for lottery in 2017?  My issue is I have a good chance of getting into NYCM so do I run back-to-back marathons in 2017? HA.


Weekly Update: IT’S MY FRIDAY

Is it me or did this week drag on or what?  Marathon training’s going and I also managed to get in weights 3x a week.  I know I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again, the humidity kills.

Anyhow, this past weekend (I know, days and days ago) was pretty much laid back.

My brother’s fiance watched the kids on Thursday, which worked out perfect for me.. The kids were thrilled to see her.

lili painting

b painting

On Friday we visited my parents.  I hadn’t seen them in weeks.  My mom and I took a few trips to Costco and then when B took a nap, Lili and I went to the park to hang out.

girls date

We had a mini-picnic, just her and I. While she played on the playground, I caught up on some reading materials.

runners world

By 1:30 PM, I ordered lunch for my parents and I then headed back home.  We stayed for a bit and then headed home.

The weekend we just kinda hung out. The weather was crap so we did a lot of imagination play.

dinner date with b

Lili was the owner of the restaurant.  We ordered food and had a nice meal.

dinner date with b 2

The kids found my running headlamp.

running light

Pedro said they looked like they were digging for gold.

Tuesday night we headed to movies in the park. It’s the last movie for the summer. I can’t believe summer’s coming to an end.

ej and mimi

They were showing Inside, Out. we love that movie.  I caught up on some reading.

national book lovers day

I started a new book.

girl on the train

It’s pretty good so far. I can’t put it down, but unfortunately I have two little ones that are demanding.

movie in the park

Such a good time.

Anyway, this weekend we have no major plans except my long run and back to school shopping. I can’t be school starts in less than a month.

What books are you reading? Book or Kindle?  I bought Me Before You also.  I prefer books rather than the kindle.


Mid-Week Recap

5:30 AM: Treadmill Workout Week #2; Run #5 – COMPLETED

Strength – COMPLETED

I did another treadmill workout this morning (I ran #4 on Monday, then I did an easy 6-mile run yesterday).  So far, I am enjoying the treadmill workout.  One thing is, you have to constantly be paying attention.  One minute you’re on an 8% incline running at a 8.4 speed, and then you recover and do the next interval at different incline and different speed.  So you really need to be focused.  But other than that, it is pretty fun and a good workout.  I am always drenched after.

Quick weekend recap.  On Friday, I left the office at 2 and scooped up B.  Then headed home.  P picked up Lili from school and then I took her to dance.

dance friday

I need to figure out a way to post her dance recital video on here. They’re so cute.  Lili’s excited for her recital on Sunday.  After dance, we headed home and hung around.

Saturday morning I woke up and hung out with the kids.  We ate breakfast #1 and then when P was waking up, I made a big brunch.

sat breakfast

Pancakes, sausage, turkey bacon and homefries.  We did a few things around the house and then finally headed over to the park where I did a short run and then walked 2-miles with P and the kids.

sat park

I can’t believe they lasted 2 whole miles.  Of course, there’s the playground after the walk.  We make them work for their play-time.

sat park 2

Half an hour after the kids played, P realized he dropped his phone on our walk.  What a fiasco.  He walked back looking for it and I sent the phone a message asking whomever found the phone to please please please return it to the playground. Can you believe half hour later, a kind woman and her friend walking dogs came over to the park and found me!!! THERE ARE STILL GOOD PEOPLE OUT THERE! 

Anyway, we came home and I grilled burgers and dogs.  Then gave the kids a bath and off to bed.  Great day especially since we found the phone.

Sunday morning we woke up and I fed the kids breakfast. Instead of watching TV/ipads, I put on music and declared it no TV day (well, I let them watch ONE movie only at one point).  I had to figure out how to keep them preoccupied while I ran on the treadmill and BINGO… Nothing keeps them busy like PLAYDOH.


Ahhhh, I was able to get a 7-mile run in (with 3-miles of those being the actual workout) and they were so well behaved. We also had a party at 1:30 so I tried to put B down for a nap.  It didn’t work.

bday gift

I forgot to buy a birthday card so we ended up making our own. Anyway, we left for the party at 1.

chuck 2

Can I just say, they had too much fun.

We left close to 3 and I gave the kids a bath earlier than later. I also had to feed Lili because believe it or not, she does NOT like pizza. Since I didn’t wan them watching TV still, I had more activities for them.

First we painted and then they took out the mats to do some gymnastics and build a tent.


THEN, I finally let them watch a movie before getting ready to go to bed.  Our usual night time routine; reading a book.

tues bed

Monday morning I woke up and Lili was so excited to give me my birthday card.

birthday 1

She’s the sweetest.  I had a busy full day.  I did a treadmill workout, cleaned the house a bit, got the kids dressed and did drop off.  I worked until 3:15 and then left the office to scoop up Lili. She had dress rehearsal for her recital on Sunday.


As soon as I got home, I was shocked to see that Pedro had surprised me.


Yup, he decorated the house with balloons.

birthday 2

And flowers.  My in-laws and sister came over. We had pizza and cake. It was very low-key. BUT a great time.

birthday 3

And here we are!! I think I’m pretty much caught up!

I can’t believe it’s JUNE! My favorite month ever (sarcasm in this). It’s actually like December. So busy.  My birthday was just the kick-off, but now, it’ll be Father’s Day, Lili’s Birthday, finishing up Pre-K and Pedro’s 40th Birthday!!! I can’t bEelieve it.

Did you take dance classes when you were a kid? I never did. I wish I did. I think I live vicariously through Lili. HA!

Ever lose your phone? Was it returned to you?  It’s a pain to replace it so thank goodness that nice woman returned it.



6:00 AM: Strength Workout; 11:00 AM: Run – Hill Repeats

Happy Tuesday! The long weekend was great and I had too much fun with the kids.  Unfortunately, it’s back to reality for all of us.  I prefer to workout first thing in the morning, but Sebastian has been incredibly needy of me.  Sometimes I’ll be up and it’s like he knows and then wakes up with me.  So, as soon as I unrolled my mat, he did same.

Great workout session for both of us.  I wanted to run but didn’t have time… no really, I finished my workout, prepped Lili’s lunch, got the kids ready to go to school/in-laws, packed running clothes and by the time I knew it, I had zero time to shower. Oops.  So I quickly got myself ready and headed out the front door.

It was already hot when we left so I tried to go run at the earliest time that I could go.  I went at 11:00 AM.

hill run

And I was drenched.   But I am glad it is done.  I did a mile warm-up, then hill repeats on Clinton Ave.  It was so hot I could only stand to 1-minute repeats x 6 before calling it quits and then heading back to the office for a 1-mile cool-down.

Anyway, the weekend was great.  There was lots of running, food and park time.  First, on Friday morning, I dropped Lili off at school and Sebastian and I visited my parents.  After an hour, we met up with my friend, Jacquie, and her two kids for a 2-mile walk and then they played at the park.

We went home close to noon and then I fed him lunch before he passed out.

friday nap

He was knocked! P was home by 1:30 and stayed with him while I picked Lili up.  Then we visited my in-laws for a few hours before heading home.  The kids played with playdoh before we ate dinner.

Saturday morning I got up early and baked.

baking sat

Then the kids and I went food shopping and I made a big brunch.  Pancakes, sausage, bacon, oj. We but Sebastian down for a nap and then headed over to Celeste’s house for Rosa’s Birthday BBQ.  Celeste and John did a great job hosting.

cici 1

Here are a bunch of gifts from the guests.  Everyone brought gifts and Celeste and John will be making baskets and donating them to a hospital for mothers that are going through a pregnancy loss.  They are amazing friends.


And here is a collage of photos that Celeste put together.  I was able to get a good video before the wind took a few down.

The food was good, company was great and the kids had a ton of fun.  It was such a beautiful, HOT … but beautiful day.

What a great time..

cici 5

We left close to 5:30 and I had to make a stop at my sister’s to drop off her planner that she left at my parents house last week.  Since we were there, we hung out a bit, gave the kids bath and then she ordered dinner.

sat night

Lili fell asleep on the way home and was CRANKY!!!

Sunday morning it was HOT again. I made a quick breakfast and then took Sebastian for a haircut.  We actually saw my mom there so that was a nice treat.  After, we headed to Dunkin Donuts for iced coffee and donuts and then to the spray playground.  I got a great parking spot and a bench all to myself.


sun park

It was 90 degrees out at 11:30.

sunday park 3

After two hours it was time to go!!! Sebastian napped like a baby and Lili rested most of the day. P went out to a late lunch with his mom.

Yesterday was pretty low key. We were supposed to get some storms but that didn’t happen. We did check out Sports Authority because they’re going out of business but there weren’t really any great deals.

Lili had a meltdown this morning when I dropped her off.  She was upset because I wasn’t picking her up from school.  MELTDOWNNNNNNN.  Then when I got back from my run, my phone was ringing and it was Sebastian trying to Facetime me.

I guess that happens when you spend too many days with the kids.  They are clinging to you for dear life.

Who ran some Memorial Day races? 

Anyone ever run a race and got to a certain point when they decided to STOP the race (due to weather conditions)? A few  of my friends ran Vermont Marathon on Sunday. That was my first marathon ever.  When they got to mile 21, they were shutting down the race because of the heat.  All of my friends gave them the F-U, I’m FINISHING and crossed that finish line.  Tough as nails.

Hope you enjoy the short week!

Hey Spring

Workout: Strength  + Track Workout

Happy days are here when you open up the weather app and see that the next few days are filled with sunshine!!!


This really is the most perfect weather for running. First, I did a kettlebell workout.


Sebastian placed his Incredible Hulk action figure next to my mat. HA! It was a good workout and I burned 234 calories.

Cici met up at 11AM and we ran to the high school track (1-mile) and did some 400s.  So glad that I got to see her again.


Except my expression is just really weird looking.

Tonight P has a friend coming over so I had to pick up a few things at Trader Joe’s.  We’re watching the last game of the season Nets v. Knicks.

Do you use a heart rate monitor? Which one? Do you love it?

I had one with my first Garmin but you had to strap it onto your chest and I would chafe with that so I stopped wearing it.  Celeste was trying to keep her heart rate low but she doesn’t wear a monitor. She goes by the “talk test”.  If you can carry a conversation while running, then you’re not really pushing it too hard.



Back to Work

Burn Intervals (cardio + weights)

I had a weird work-week last week.  I worked Monday and Tuesday, took off Wednesday and Thursday and last minute I had to switch my Friday to a Monday.  It was so hard working on a Friday, but I was actually pretty busy.

friday work

Working on a Friday = Iced Coffee

I had to drop off the kids at my sister’s on Friday morning. She lives about a half hour away and then is half hour away from my office.  The commute was basically crap but I was grateful to have someone babysit the kiddos while I worked.

needs boy friends

hey Mom… I need some guy friends.

Well, this is what happens when my son is stuck with two girls and a dog.  He ends up wearing a pink tutu with a magic heart wand. Anyhow, I was non-stop busy but we did leave the office at 3:30.  I went straight to my sister’s and we hung out for about and hour and a half before heading home.

The rest of the night, I gave the kids a bath, we ate dinner and then I laid out race clothes.  My alarm was set for 5:00 AM.  Unfortunately, B didn’t have a great night of sleep.  I also woke up from 12-1:30 AM. I couldn’t go back to sleep.  I was exhausted and woke up to a text message from Cici that she had an awful night and took a Tylenol PM at 3:00 AM.  I don’t know how she was functioning.  She was trying to get over a nasty cold that she got earlier that week.  BUT, we sucked it up and I literally was ready by the time she pulled up.


Race Day Selfie.  Yeah, well we were a bit under-dressed but we were smart and packed another shirt on top of our dry clothes.  It was going to be a wet race.  Heavy rain between 9:30-12:30 (pretty much the entire time we would be racing. We were really early and ended up having to wait an hour and a half before the race started. Better early than late.  I had to pee at least 3x before start time.  At 9:09, we decided to do a short jog and then put on our other shirts.


Then went back out for dynamic stretches.


This picture makes me laugh. HA. Anyway, we had plans to drop the hammer on this race but with Cici being sick and my training being a tad off (I literally ran ONCE that week) with my crazy schedule and my dad being sick, we decided to just change the plan a bit.


For most of the, Cici and I stuck together. I love running with her.  She’s an amazing runner and friend.  Around mile 8, we lost each other but she wasn’t too far behind.

second loop

I love that you could see the Verrazano Bridge behind.  It pretty much rained the entire race.  It was hard rain most of the time.  The boardwalk area sucked and did I mention, it’s 3 loops of an out and back.  Just straight up boring, but not awful.

finish line

I finished in 1:55 and was drenched.  Cici came up behind me at 1:59 and poor thing lost her voice.  She has another half in St. Louis this coming weekend. Hopefully she will feel 100% for that race.

cici finish

AMAZING considering she took a Tylenol PM at 3AM.  I would have been dying.


I placed 2nd in my age group.

2nd place

2nd Place

Overall a great race.  The rest of the day I had to clean and pack as we were spending the night at my mom’s.  Well just the kids and I.


I am in love with this aero-bed. It’s from Costco and is amazing.

Sunday, we woke up and I ran over to pick up some bagels and flowers for my in-law’s 44th anniversary.  Then I came back,  ate, got the kids dressed, cleaned up the basement and showered.  We stopped at my in-laws, then I dropped the kids off at my sister’s and then P and I attended my SIL’s grandmother’s wake.  It was a pretty long drive and after, P and I had dinner ALONE.  It was nice. Then it was time to go home and that’s where I relaxed and used the stick and foam rolled out my IT Band.


I caught up on this month’s issue of Runner’s World.

runners world

I’ve actually stopped my subscription because I have too many of them.  So once in awhile, I’ll buy an issue.

Do you subscribe to Runner’s World? What do you do with the old magazines?




Two Week Review

Hill Workout

It’s been a very busy month since I last posted.  Basically, my dad has been in the hospital for over three weeks now.  His stem cell transplant went accordingly and as expected, his numbers all dropped. He got sick, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, weight loss, etc.  And then he started picking up. I visited him a few times.  All visitors must wear a mask at all times.


I kept him company, sometimes forced him to walk, we FaceTimed the kids so he could see them.


He was scheduled to come home on Palm Sunday (the 20th) but he took a turn for the worse and had an infection (c-diff).  He had to be treated and was now in isolation.  Visitors not only had to put a mask on but also had to put a gown and gloves on the entire visit.  After a few days of antibiotics, he tested negative for c-diff but still has some underlying symptoms that he is being tested for today.  Hopefully they’ll figure things out and he can be released as soon as they feel is healthy enough.

In other news, (and in no particular order really) running has been going okay. I am tapering this week.  I did get to run a two-hour trail with my solemate a few weeks ago (03/13/16).


She is the best.  It was a pretty AMAZING run.  And we always have a great time together.


Our niece and nephew spent the weekend at my in-law’s house so we took them out to Dave & Busters (03/12/16).

girls dinner

Sanchez Girls

It was a lot of fun.  We had the kids back home by 9:45 PM.

We celebrated our nephew’s birthday twice (once on his real birthday (03/15/16) and the other with all of the family (3/19/16).

Then with family that Saturday.

jules bday

My non-Irish kids on St. Paddy’s Day.

st. paddy

Happy St. Paddy’s Day

We also spent some time outdoors with the kids when the weather was nice out (03/09-03/10).

Lili’s school hosted another paint night (03/16/16).  This time P was going to take her but there was SO much traffic so I took her there and he met up with us.

paint night

She was so happy to spend time with him.

paint night 2

Paint Night 03/16/16

That week was really rough for me and I couldn’t make running plans with Cici.  So I had to figure out my last long run and met up with some Union County runners that Sunday at 9AM (2/20/16) for 10-miles.  I ran the first 5 miles with this girl, Helen.  The the last 5 miles with this girl, Dina. She just had baby #3 who is just a few weeks old.

Last week, we celebrated my brother’s 27th birthday.

ej birthday

We ended up ordering a bunch of food. It was totally last minute.

Good Friday Pedro was off, so we took the kids to the movies.

zootopia 2

Zootopia 03/25/16

It was B’s first time at the movies and he was pretty well behaved.


I really liked the movie a lot. Can’t wait for it to come out!!!

Saturday (03/26/16) we still didn’t know what was going on with my father and if he would be released. So my brother and I went that morning to visit with him.  It was a good visit.  I ordered his lunch, took him for a walk and then my brother and I left to eat.  I had scheduled plans to go visit for Easter Sunday.

P ended up food shopping for me when I got home from the hospital.  I was so exhausted.  I didn’t pick up a second wind until 9:00PM and had to run out to pick up Easter stuff for the kids.  So last minute this year… I also had to start prepping for Easter dinner.   I prepped the ham, mac and cheese and potatoes before calling it quits at 1:30 AM.  I finally went to bed at 3AM only to wake up at 6AM to run 6-miles.

Kids woke up late but then we had our day planned out. First it was 11:00 AM brunch at my in-laws.

brunch easter

We had to leave at 1pm to head over to the hospital.

easter at hospital

easter at hospital 2

My niece was sick earlier that week and I didn’t think it would be a good idea to come to the hospital.

It was a nice short visit and I am glad that we got to him.

family easter photo

We were home by 4pm and I had a bit of downtime before I had to put dinner into the oven.  My brother and his girlfriend decided to come over for dinner last minute so it worked out great.

easter dinner

So as you can see, it was a crazy two weeks leading up to Easter.I apologize for this very long update!

How was your Easter celebration? 

Celebrations and Mid-Week Recap

6:15 AM: Strength/Core Circuit – COMPLETED

11:00 AM: Hill Repeats – 1-mi WU; 3 x 1:00 min hill; 3 x 1:30 min hill; 1 x 1:00 min hill; 1-mil CD

Every single morning I start writing an entry and then something comes up.  By the time I know it, it’s Wednesday (or even Thursday).  So here’s my regular weekend/mid-week review.

On Friday, I finally got my speed workout in.  1-mile WU; 6x400s @ 6:23 min/mi; 1.5-mile CD.

5mile speed

B was happy that I was done.  I caught up with Grey’s Anatomy and then it was a quick shower and out the door.  B had a dental appointment followed by a haircut.

new cut

I don’t know why I would schedule a dental appointment + a haircut right after each other, BUT we made it work.  Then it was home to eat a quick lunch and pick up Lili from school.  I stopped at my parents’ house to put B down for a nap so I could take Lili to dance alone. It worked out well. After dance we headed back to my mom’s to celebrate my father’s 60th birthday.

happy birthday dad

Dad was tired because he had dialysis earlier that day, but he put on a smile and tried his best to have a good time.There were lots of yummy foods including these empanadas that look like their on steroids.


Of course I couldn’t have with NO meat on Fridays.  I ended up with shrimp and salmon and was completely satisfied.


I helped my mom clean up and then the kids and I headed home by 9:15.  We had a busy morning the next day.

Saturday I got up semi-early and started preparing everything for Sabrina’s confirmation.  I even gave the kids a bath since they didn’t have one the night before.

cousins 2


Congratulations, Sabrina. It was a great time.


We got home after 3 and I actually brought work home.  I worked for at least 4 hours that night and then 5 the next day.  Sunday, we had to help my mom pick up furniture.  Their new couches are looking nice.

Monday was Cici’s birthday!!!!!

cici and me

Love this girl.  We have our long run this weekend and I am so looking forward to seeing her!!!

My dad was admitted on Monday and had dialysis and chemo.  We’re moving onto the final phase.  He started the stem cell transplant at 4pm.

transplant day 1

I just got the update that he’s not feeling too well. I am sure this is all normal and he’s weak.  We expect his WBC to drop. Then we slowly wait for it to rise… More updates soon.

I did my strength workout this morning with B.

workout buddy

And I did a hill workout at 11 AM today.


It’s SPRING!!! 77-degrees today. Sun’s out, dresses on.


OH, and I have a new protein shake recipe.

1 banana

1 scoop vanilla protein powder

1/4 cup of unsweeted almond milk

1/4 cup of non-fat plain Greek yogurt

a dash of ground cinnamon

6 ice cubes

protein shake

So good!!!! and 43g of protein if you’re counting macros.

Happy Wednesday!!!

Recap by Numbers + Celebrating Seuss

Strength/Core – COMPLETED

All week I have been trying to get on here to post something but it’s been pretty crazy at the office.  At least it’s my Friday.  Just a quick recap of the past weekend and early week.

1. Friday (2/26) I registered B for Pre-K and took him out to the diner. I love having dates with him.


We did the food shopping right after. My dad came home from the hospital on Friday so we visited briefly before we headed over to dance.  He’s home the rest of this week and goes back for his transplant on Monday, March 7th.

2.  I got to run 9 miles with my solemate, Cici, this past Saturday (2/27) and we had an amazing RUN.  We did the first 7 miles at a regular pace and the last 2-miles at race pace. NAILED IT.

9 mile run

3.  After my run,  Lili and I met up with my best friend and her daughter for a Frozen Ball.

frozen ball

It was too much fun and so much cuteness involved.


best friends

frozen ball 2

She had so  much fun.  In fact, she kept saying she was going back tomorrow to see Queen Elsa. I had to break the news to her that we weren’t going back.

3.  Sunday (2/28), I woke up and did weights.  Then I had to bake brownies and cookies for our brunch with P’s family.

cookies brownies


We got to his parents’ house at around 11:15.


It was a great spread and everything was delicious.

sanchez boys

It was 60-degrees out so after brunch we took the kids to the park.


park 2

They didn’t want to leave but B needed a nap.  So we got home, put him down and then Lili and I read some books.  Her reading is getting so much better.  Then when B woke up, the kids and I headed over to spend some time with my dad.  I gave them a bath there and as soon as we got home they were in bed.

4.  Monday (2/29) my grandfather turned 20 years old.  He’s a leap baby.  We didn’t get to see him this year.   We’re hoping we’ll see him after my dad’s transplant.  I  woke up and ran 3-miles before the whole morning routine drill.  After work, the kids and I headed over to the library for story/craft.



They read Wiggles and made a little wiggle dog.


We were home by 7:15 and I started dinner.It was a long day.

5. Tuesday (3/1) I did another short run before work.  After work I took the kids to gymnastics.


It’s a new session.  The kids love gymnastics.  Good news is it’s down the street from the house.  I got home and made my dad’s bistek (beef steak and onions).


P must have been craving it because he ate two plates. I put the kids down and they took forever to sleep.  As soon as they did, I cleaned up the kitchen, living room and dining room and then I took out the big old arts/crafts box and prepared activities for the next night. Also, I decorated the room for Dr. Seuss’ birthday.

dr.seuss birthday

I was out by 1 AM only to be up running 4-miles at 6.  The things you do for your kids. They’re worth it.

6.  Celebrating Seuss (3/2). After work yesterday, I place a pizza and chicken wings that I had marinating from that morning into the oven.  We had one hour to do our Seuss activities.


We had a lot of fun.  Dinner was ready close to 8, so after, I put kids down and literally passed out with them. I basically left the kitchen a bit of a mess but good news is, our lovely cleaning lady comes today.

I have another busy weekend coming up including my dad’s big 60th birthday and Sabrina’s confirmation.  Lots to celebrate.  Also, as cold as it is today and the impending snow we are supposed to get tomorrow — we’re supposed to hit temps up to 70s next week.  So excited.

Who else is ready for Spring?