The days/weeks just seem to fly by. I can’t believe it’s already mid-September.  It’s also hard to believe that it’s been almost a year since my dad was first diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma.

august 29 pop pop

Poppop with the grandkids

It seems like a bad nightmare we all had to go through. There were a lot of ER visits, hospital visits, etc.  He had his stem cell transplant that March and stayed in the hospital longer than expected because there were complications.  Finally he was home in April and gaining back strength (and his hair was growing back in as seen above).  The last four months he had follow-up visits and blood works.

Unfortunately, things aren’t heading in the direction we had hoped for.  After monitoring his blood works from the last few months, we learned that it looks like he will need yet another transplant.  This transplant will give him a year and half life span; maybe more. So we seem to be back at square one.

Next week, he will have a PICC line placed followed by a strong dose of chemo and then the transplant phase will begin.

We are all keeping positive thoughts.

On another note, the kids have started school.



I can’t believe we have a Kindergarten gal and a Pre-K 3 boy.  Time is zipping on by.

My in-laws (a/k/a the biggest support with the kids these days) left for Spain, so as you can imagine, I have so much on my plate between working F/T, dropping/picking kids up to/from school, getting dinner together, etc.

Unfortunately, with everything going on, I will have defer MCM this November.  My training has been inconsistent (sorry Chelsea… I thought this was the year we’d meet in person). I do have a half marathon next month and even though my training has been sub-par, I intend to run this race.  I would also love to get some shorter races in to get my speed back on the grid. Lots of speed training/tempo runs, etc.  I am getting a lot of strength training in.

So much more to update on (how kids did in school, some DIY projects I completed, etc.) but too much to put into one post. Just one more thing to add onto here.

Last Sunday, 9/11/16, was Sebastian’s 3rd Birthday.  I cherish that day 3 years ago.


Sometimes I wish I could go back to that day.  They’re so precious. And now, they’re so big.


Raise your hand if you’re THREE!

3-years later…

I think this is all I could handle for today.

What do you think I should do for MCM? Defer or just reapply for lottery in 2017?  My issue is I have a good chance of getting into NYCM so do I run back-to-back marathons in 2017? HA.



Weekly Update: IT’S MY FRIDAY

Is it me or did this week drag on or what?  Marathon training’s going and I also managed to get in weights 3x a week.  I know I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again, the humidity kills.

Anyhow, this past weekend (I know, days and days ago) was pretty much laid back.

My brother’s fiance watched the kids on Thursday, which worked out perfect for me.. The kids were thrilled to see her.

lili painting

b painting

On Friday we visited my parents.  I hadn’t seen them in weeks.  My mom and I took a few trips to Costco and then when B took a nap, Lili and I went to the park to hang out.

girls date

We had a mini-picnic, just her and I. While she played on the playground, I caught up on some reading materials.

runners world

By 1:30 PM, I ordered lunch for my parents and I then headed back home.  We stayed for a bit and then headed home.

The weekend we just kinda hung out. The weather was crap so we did a lot of imagination play.

dinner date with b

Lili was the owner of the restaurant.  We ordered food and had a nice meal.

dinner date with b 2

The kids found my running headlamp.

running light

Pedro said they looked like they were digging for gold.

Tuesday night we headed to movies in the park. It’s the last movie for the summer. I can’t believe summer’s coming to an end.

ej and mimi

They were showing Inside, Out. we love that movie.  I caught up on some reading.

national book lovers day

I started a new book.

girl on the train

It’s pretty good so far. I can’t put it down, but unfortunately I have two little ones that are demanding.

movie in the park

Such a good time.

Anyway, this weekend we have no major plans except my long run and back to school shopping. I can’t be school starts in less than a month.

What books are you reading? Book or Kindle?  I bought Me Before You also.  I prefer books rather than the kindle.


Hey Spring

Workout: Strength  + Track Workout

Happy days are here when you open up the weather app and see that the next few days are filled with sunshine!!!


This really is the most perfect weather for running. First, I did a kettlebell workout.


Sebastian placed his Incredible Hulk action figure next to my mat. HA! It was a good workout and I burned 234 calories.

Cici met up at 11AM and we ran to the high school track (1-mile) and did some 400s.  So glad that I got to see her again.


Except my expression is just really weird looking.

Tonight P has a friend coming over so I had to pick up a few things at Trader Joe’s.  We’re watching the last game of the season Nets v. Knicks.

Do you use a heart rate monitor? Which one? Do you love it?

I had one with my first Garmin but you had to strap it onto your chest and I would chafe with that so I stopped wearing it.  Celeste was trying to keep her heart rate low but she doesn’t wear a monitor. She goes by the “talk test”.  If you can carry a conversation while running, then you’re not really pushing it too hard.



First Trip to the ER + A MARATHON

Speed Work – PENDING

Well, we’ve made it 2 years and 7 months (unless we are including Lili, then it would be 4 years and 10 months) without making a trip to the ER.  They say boys are more rough, and boy oh boy is it true.  I left the office at 5 and got to my in-laws by 5:25.  As soon as I walked in, Sebastian was in good spirits, but he wasn’t using his left arm at all.  He was on the couch trying to grab the iPad on the floor but instead of getting up, he went arms first and I’m not sure if he just didn’t have enough strength or balance in his left hand that he somehow twisted it and fell on it weird?!? Needless to say, he was not using that arm/hand at all and he said it hurt.  He didn’t want anyone touching it and he couldn’t even put his jacket on.  I had to take them to gymnastics but for obvious reasons, I dropped Sebastian off at home.  P and I were texting each other the entire time and he was keeping me posted on his arm.  It didn’t seem right.  He couldn’t even unlock the magic with his oreo cookie.  And that is how we knew it was an EMERGENCY.  (I kid, but really, we knew it was pretty serious).  So, I left Lili at gymnastics and my BIL was going to take him home.  I got home, packed a bag of goodies and the iPad.  I ate a quick dinner and B and I were in the car by 7:15.

It’s a Tuesday night and the ER is packed. An hour later, we are in a room.


04.05.16 ER Visit

The nurses came in to take a look and he would cry when they tried to even move his arm. There was no bruising on the arm and she didn’t feel any swelling. They came back in and gave him some ibuprofen before the doctor came in to take a look.

er 2

And hour later, the doctor came in and examined him.  He was still not moving his arm without crying. He would hold onto his hand delicately if it was being moved.  She didn’t feel any swelling but still ordered films because sometimes there could be a broken bone or fracture. So it was the waiting game some more.  We had to wait for someone from admissions to come and I had to sign consent forms for them to do an x-ray.  Then we had to wait for someone from radiology to come over.  It was about 10PM and B had fallen asleep.

When the radiologist was taking the pics of his arm, he had to manipulate it several ways. Of course this caused him to cry and scream.  But, when we got back to the room, he was using his left arm freely and normal. Of course, we still had to wait for the films to develop and for the doctor….

By 11:40, the doctor came back and she said that the films looked good: no broken bones and no fractures.  However, because he was not able to move his arm they wanted to put him in a splint.  Before she could do that, I told her that after the radiologist manipulated his arm, we got back to room and he has been using the arm just fine. So she tested it and it was pretty much perfect.  She said a ligament was out of its place and he most likely put it back into place when he was taking the films.  So, we were GOOD and just had to wait for discharge papers.  While we waited for discharge papers, B was allowed to draw on their walls.


By the time we were done with signing off on papers and driving home, we were in bed by 1:15 AM. WHAT.A.NIGHT!!!!! But thankfully he is OK and hopefully we won’t need to be in the ER ever again.

Needless to say, I’m working on 4 hours of sleep.  I had to drop off B at my girlfriend’s house as I didn’t have someone to watch him. I’m glad he’s doing okay.


And in other news… I forgot to mention that I got into MCM for this October 30th.  Hooray.  I get to meet Chelsea in person.


Link of image.

I am looking forward to this marathon! Honestly, it was the only one I had on my list for this year.  I’m not quite sure if I’ll run anything else before or after.  I am thinking of more middle distance races in between. We’ll see.

Have you ever been to the ER? Broken bones? 

Rainy Wednesday

5-Mile Run – COMPLETED

It’s pretty rainy on this hump-day Wednesday.

rain date

If she had her rain boots on, she would totally jump in puddles.  She loves puddles.  I mean, what kid doesn’t? Me and puddles don’t go well.  I always get wet-sock.

Quick mid-week recap:

Monday night, after running errands post-work, I had dinner with P’s family.


It was a good time, as usual.  When I got home, I put P’s Shepard’s Pie into the oven.  Then I gave the kids a bath and put them to bed while he ate dinner.  He couldn’t make it out with us since he was stuck at the office.

Tuesday morning, I wore a new sweater and black boots from my sister’s colleague.

day 2 outfit

It’s a cute grey and red sweater from Banana Republic and black leather riding boots.

After work, I scooped up the kids and we headed over to gymnastics.  My BIL was there with my niece.


They love gym-time.  My SIL was running was late but she showed up with my nephew minutes later.

gymastics 2

The kids love their cousins.  Good time as always.  We got home around 7 and I had to put the ham and stuffed peppers into the oven.  I ended up eating the stuffed peppers and P wanted pizza.  So weird, but I ordered him a pie.  I know, I don’t hold back on pizza, but I was craving for the peppers that I made. They were delicious.

My mom called around 8 saying that she forgot my father’s medication at home.  So Pedro offered to drive to their house, pick it up and drive to the hospital.  What an angel.  It took him a total of 1.5 hours. Not as bad as I thought it would take him. Unfortunately, I was passed out when he got home.

Today I’m wearing a blazer and tank from my sister’s colleague (her name is Mary).wed outfit

Mary is the reason why I might make it without spending a dime on clothes/shoes this 2016.

In other news, it’s day #1 of stem cell collection for my dad.

stem cell collection

He has lost a lot of weight but he’s hanging in there.  Hopefully he will only be there for a few more days.  Then he’ll come home for a week before getting readmitted for the actual transplant (14 days).

Well, that’s about all that’s going on.  Running  is going well and eating is also going well.  I do need to get more weights in though.  Just trying to find the right balance.

Do you have a good weight routine at home (not DVD)? I would love to know what you do.




Weight Train, Wednesday

6:30 AM: Weights/HIIT – COMPLETED

I was scheduled to do a speed workout this morning but a tiny voice was screaming, “MOMMMMMMMY, MOMMMMMMY” and I somehow was forced back into a snuggling/cuddling position with this dude.

sleeping babe

So yeah, I got up later than I had planned to, but I’ll either  make up for it this evening or tomorrow morning.  I ended up working out With Chalean’s Extreme Intervals and I forgot how amazing this workout is.  On top of that, I was sore from Jillian Michaels’ body shred yesterday morning.  Holy burn (in a good way!).  We’ll see how much motivation this mama has after work to get my speed workout in, otherwise, it’ll have to be postponed to tomorrow.

Last night was great. I had a few minutes to spare before we headed over to gymnastics so I had something to eat at my in-laws.  Then my SIL and nephew and niece tagged along to watch Lili and Sebastian at gymnastics.  They were thrilled to have them there.

gymnastics tues

And now my nephew wants to join. I’m going to call the facility in a bit to see if he could do a free trial next Tuesday before the next session starts.

I’m running over to Trader Joe’s at lunch today to do a quick and light shopping round.  HA, who am I kidding. When is it ever a light shopping round at TJ’s? LOL

The kids are feeling so much better these days.

before school

I, on the other hand, still have this tickle in my throat. It is definitely worse when I am sleeping at night.

Have you tried Jillian Michaels Body Shred (or any of her workouts in general)? She is pretty bada*s!

Hope you all have a great Wednesday.


A Setback Means Run it Out

My dad was scheduled for round 3 of chemo last Thursday. Unfortunately, his blood counts were abnormal (low Hgb, low WBC, high Creatine = platelets low and kidneys failing) so he needed to be readmitted into the hospital.  My parents spent 8 hours in the ER waiting to be transferred over to the oncology unit.  I arrived to the hospital as they were making the transfer.  We got my dad settled in and he was already looking stronger since he had been admitted (it’s crazy how fast antibiotics and lots of IV fluids will get you up again).  We stayed on the later side and then I dropped my mom off at home and then headed home myself.  I had to pick her up really early the next morning.

Friday morning, I woke up early and my brother’s girlfriend babysat Sebastian. My mom and I headed over back to the hospital.   We waited around for his doctor to make her rounds.  She came around at about 9:30 AM and gave us the rundown.  She said that he needed a blood transfusion followed by four doses of steroids.  Unfortunately (a lot of that word being tossed around), because there are so many days in between his chemo, all his treatments need to be started over from scratch.  Bummer.  Just gotta keep the positive vibes going.

We left the hospital at around 1:30 because I still needed to pick Lili up from school.  After, we hung out at my parents house until about 8.  I still needed to make dinner and give the kids a bath.  I was exhausted.

Saturday morning, I woke up and decided to jump into a local 5k down the street.  It really was a 5-minute drive.  I put the jogger into the car, dressed the kids warm, packed snacks, and got dressed. The race didn’t start until 9:30 so we had plenty of time.  I almost backed out but figured I needed to get a run in anyway.  It was COLD but we kept warm.  It was a great vibe — large table full of breakfast, DJ blasting music, face painting, etc.

First 5k Fall Race 2015

First 5k Fall Race 2015

I ended up seeing Amanda (from Team Bacon — Cici introduced us a few years back).  I wish we took a picture together.  It turns out that they happen to be her work’s client.  I should also say, she just had an amazing PR a week ago at the Hartford Marathon.  I think her time was like, a 3:46.  So proud of that girl.  Anyway, race started on time.  At mile 1 I was regretting it.  What was I thinking… running with the kids in the jogger when I’ve been so out of touch.  At mile 2 this couple in front of me kept laughing because Sebastian kept saying, “What is this? What is this? What is this?” over and over.  The girl finally turned around and laughed saying, “Honey, mommy is busy running right now.  She’ll get back to you in a mile”. God bless her…

Done & Done

Done & Done

Honestly, I was HAPPY to be done. I am sure I almost vomited.  HAHA.  I ran into another runner that ran with her kids in the double.  She was the one responsible for getting my butt there that morning.  We talked for a bit and then I took the kids over to the park that was right behind the building the 5k was being held at.



I haven’t seen a sea-saw at playgrounds in a LONG time.  The kids had way too much fun and it took me forever to get them to leave.

The awards ceremony was being held and I’m embarrassed to say that I was leaving.  Turns out we (it’s only right to say we since I ran it with the kids) took 2nd place in my age group.  I have to say that it made my day. 🙂

We headed home shortly after and ran some errands with P as he was walking out of the door.  It was to his parents house, CVS and breakfast.  Then home.  I showered, put the kids down and then as promised, we baked Halloween sugar cookies.

Roll It

Roll It

Pat it...

Pat it…

Sprinkle it.

Sprinkle it.

Eat them.

Eat them.

oh, they came out so soft and delicious.  Good job, Lili and B.  After I cleaned up, I got dinner prepped and then headed over to the hospital.  I knew I might not go the next day so went that evening.  I ended up leaving later than I had planned (8:30) and didn’t get home until after 9.  I had to put the kids down and poor P — I cooked his dinner at 10.  Then I had to lay out clothes for the next morning.

I ran the Halloween Half Marathon yesterday.  Again, I was going back and forth with whether I wanted to run it… My girlfriend (who knows what I’m going through with my family right now) was kind enough to pick up my race bib for me.  I decided I better go since I needed a long run in anyway.  I left the house at 7:30 and arrived at around 8:15.  I found some guys that were driving to the race (start line was about 2 miles away) so they gave me a lift. They were so nice and funny. I love runners. 🙂

I decided to take this nice and easy. No pressure.  I did some rookie mistakes that I will have to do in a more detailed post.  But overall, I finished in 2:08.  I can’t complain. I am not feeling sore at all and I didn’t have to walk either (not that there’s anything wrong with walking some parts).  I just feel a lot better after the last two weeks of runs.

Hallween Half Marathon

Hallween Half Marathon

I had every intention of dressing up in a costume but never had the time to pick one up. Oh well.

Grammar School Friends

Grammar School Friends

This girl had a 6-min PR. 1:50.  She’s my grammar school friend (up until high school). We don’t see each other often but she’s such a sweetheart. She picked up my race bib for me.  Thanks, Megan.

Anyway, I was home by 12:30 and basically spent the rest of the day doing laundry, cooking, cleaning and playing with the kids.

Wow, that was long. Anyway, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Who else loves FALL running? I can’t get enough of it.

NYCM Training Has Begun (and Updates)…

So we’re trying this NYC Marathon training one more time. I’m not sure if you all know by now, but I finally got in after signing up in 2009 (that’s 6 years ago). NYC used to do the 3-strikes and you’re in (they rid that option recently). So after three (3) consecutive years of not getting into NYC, I was finally accepted in 2012. Unfortunately, that was the year of Hurricane Sandy and they canceled the marathon. We had options to run in either 2013, 2014 or 2015. I chose 2014 because I knew I wanted to try for baby #2 in 2013. Then, if you remember, I rolled my ankle on an apple during a long run one month before the race, fortunately I was able to DEFER and, well… here we are. Training for NYC. Let’s hope it happens this time.

After tweaking my training plan, I packed clothes for a track workout.



Either I am out of shape or I forgot how brutal summer running could be, but just 4x400s were TOUGH. BUT, I am glad that at least the first track workout of the training season is DONE and DONE.

Quick weekend update (or so I say — but lately it seems that I can only update once a week).

On Friday, my first day off with both kids, I ran some errands. We had a bunch of things to do. It was kind of gloomy out, and all of a sudden chilly. I ended up doing fun activities indoors with the kids.



The “after” drawings came out good but I forgot to take actual pictures. Lili did a fantastic job coloring hers and her brother’s bodies in.

Saturday was P’s birthday! 🙂 We had noon lunch with his parents and then they stopped by for a bit to open more presents. When they left, both kids napped and then we headed over to the mall for Lili’s first movie experience.

06.27.15 Inside Out

06.27.15 Inside Out

I totally cried (then again, I cry over every movie). After the movie, we headed home and just hung around.

Sunday, I woke up feeling feverish. I somehow got up anyway and started to prepare Lili’s summer school work. I know it sounds so silly but she needs to keep up with her writing and reading. Her Pre-K-3 teacher told me to keep on doing whatever we’re doing at home during the summer.

Summer Home School

Summer Home School

She complains at first, “Awwww man…”. But once she gets into it, she’s all into it. I did make sure to have at least one fun arts and crafts after doing some school work.

Painting 101

Painting 101

The rest of the afternoon was pretty much me resting. I did feel out of it and napped with the kids too at one point. Then I made dinner and we called it a night.

Monday morning was quite busy. Lili was having blood drawn. We figured since it would be a good idea — just because she’s been getting sick a lot lately and it’s recommended when they turn 4. I was nervous about it so I had P come with me. The first thing they told me was to collect urine in a cup. Cute conversation between her and I in the bathroom.

Me: Okay, sit on the potty and I’m going to catch your pee in the cup.

Lili: Oh mommy. I can’t. I can’t pee in a cup. I don’t want to drink my pee!

Me: No honey. You don’t have to drink your pee. It’s for them to make sure your pee is okay!

Brave Girl

Brave Girl

When it was time to have blood drawn, she got nervous. P did an awesome job keeping her distracted and we made sure to make sure she didn’t look at the needle or the blood. She whimpered a little but then was completely fine. The med-tech even complimented us by saying how awesome we were on keeping her calm. I can imagine many kids come in there screaming. I was NERVOUS all Sunday evening. After the appointment, she came to work with me. And yes, she did an hour and a half of school work.

Learning Time

Learning Time

After, I had to do some actual work — and then I went into the back to workout. It was a strength training day.

"Let me see your HAPPY face" -Lili

“Let me see your HAPPY face” -Lili

My photographer, Lili, took my pre-workout pic.


She watched Power Rangers while watching me workout.

Then it was time to go. It was a long day but I can't complain. She was PERFECT the entire time. We picked up her brother, who was enjoying the day with their cousin.

Happy Hour

And then I helped my mom move some furniture around. I was home rather late but thank goodness my dad gave me leftovers. I didn’t have to cook for P.

I can’t believe it’s already JULY tomorrow!!!! What’s everyone doing for the weekend? Off on Friday???

Gearing Up

I was looking at my calendar and realized that I start training for NYC in two weeks. The next two weeks are base training. I’ve been seriously laxed with my runs. Needless to say, I am pretty terrified of my training plan (especially in the dreadful heat/humidity of the summer). Anyway, just have to think positive thoughts.

The weekend was busy but good. I mean, I’m exhausted from having one event after the other. On Friday, I ran on the mill and then did a load of laundry, showered and S and I headed over to my in-laws to chat for a second. After, S and I went over to Party City to pick up something and then home. I was going to do returns at Target but he was so tired. I couldn’t do that to him. He napped real quick before we had to scoop up Lili and then we headed over to pick up my niece from school. The girls played while S was attached to my hip. He also played with Georgie (my sister’s dog).

Downward Dogs

Downward Dogs

We left later than I expected and then hit so much traffic as they were doing construction on the highway. When we got home, both kids were cranked out and knocked out.



As soon as they slept, I gave myself a mani/pedi. Then I called it a night.

The next morning I had a bunch of things to do. Run, feed kids, laundry, clean, put kids down for a nap, pump, and get ready for the 1990s party. I was only taking Lili with me because it was going to be too late to bring S. I cooked P dinner by 5:30, showered and we headed out by 6:10. I wanted to be there by 6, but it worked out.



The Birthday Gal and I

The Birthday Gal and I

We had planned to leave by 8, but time slipped away and ended up sliding out around 9:15 (and only because Sebastian was giving P a difficult time).

Sunday came and P invited his brother and the kids over last minute. This meant that I needed to run out and get groceries. I ended up picking up some dogs, burgers, snacks, etc. The kids had a great time.

The boys

The boys

The Girls

The Girls

P’s brother grilled and I was so busy running up and down to get a few things. It was nice though. They stayed for a few hours and then S was knocked out by 5:30PM.

Overall a great weekend. And now I’m tweaking my upcoming training plan. I might need to consult with my running coach.

What training plans do you use (or have you used)?

Favorite time to run of the year? Mine will always be fall. Best weather ever. Spring would be too if it weren’t for allergies.

Hello October

Run/Strength – PENDING

I did my track workout with Cici yesterday and all I could say is, THANK GOD for her. I was cramping and not feeling it. She was EXHAUSTED. Together we were just not motivated. In a way, I was hoping she was going to say, “hey, I’m not feeling it; you’re not feeling it… let’s just do an easy run?” I would have chimed in. But she didn’t, so I didn’t and so 1.2 miles and dynamic stretches later, we started our 5k trial.

At each mile, I wanted to give up and say, “Just go… I’m gonna just take it easy!” But I kept by her side — and 12 laps + a tenth later, we were DONE!!!!



Cici brought me her apple dessert dish that she made on Sunday. It looked so good I couldn’t wait for dessert.

Dessert for ME

Dessert for ME

I warmed it up for 30 seconds and added the topping she gave me.



Almost tastes like apple pie without the whole crust. In any event, I finished the entire serving she gave and I don’t regret it! It was SO good.

On a funny matter, Monday I picked up Lili at my FIL’s house and she came running over to me in this ridiculous outfit that he changed her into.

Like my Outfit, mom?

Like my Outfit, mom?

Yes, she’s wearing her brother’s onesie as a shirt backwards as well as her shorts. HYSTERICAL. We were cracking up.

And the serious note, my daughter is beyond picky when it comes to eating. Of course she likes the usual junk that any other kid would love. One positive thing is she loves fruits. BUT, the only other foods that come out of her menu are rice (white and/or yellow), omelettes, soups, noodles. Packing her school lunch box is driving me up the wall. She will eat peanut butter but no nuts in school. Coming home, I get disappointed and worrisome for her because 75% of the time, she hardly eats a bite and comes home famished. I tried explaining to her that she needs to eat for energy to learn and play. I do pack her rice, but she’s also a very slow eater, so I don’t know if she just has the time to feed herself. I asked her what the other kids eat and she says, “sandwiches”. So today, I tried to make her an omelette sandwich.

Lili's Lunch

Lili’s Lunch

I hope today is a better day for her at lunch. It’s coming to the point where I’m concerned for her health. She won’t eat cold cuts. I’m going to try and see if she likes jelly/jam. Maybe that could be an option.

Do you remember what you ate for lunch in elementary school?

My grandmother usually packed me peanut butter sandwiches. This was before the whole, “no nut” allergy. I never ever bought school lunch. I do know that Lili’s school lunch is $1.40. I wouldn’t dare spend it because it would go in the garbage. My kid doesn’t eat PIZZA. Is she really my kid?

Favorite Fall Dessert?
I do like me some warm apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

Share your recipe!!!!