So Long Summer

It’s my FRIDAY and it’s going to be a nice long weekend (right before the chaos starts, A/K/A SCHOOL).  I don’t know if it’s been obvious that I’ve been M.I.A. but things have been a tad crazy.  I’ll sum it up this way:

The kids got sick from camp.  We knew it was going to happen.  They ended up with coxsackie, which left me home with them for a week.  Actually, I came in for a day and a half until one of the attorney’s sent me home because he was afraid I was contagious.


Unfortunately, there is no real treatment for Coxsackie. Just have to monitor the fevers, as they go as high as 104.  Sebastian had it first from a Sunday-Tuesday and Lili got it from Tuesday-Thursday.  What a mess.

We had a serious case of cabin fever after being stuck at home for 9-days.  So by Friday, we headed over to our hairdresser’s house.  She has two kids but first, Lili cut off 10-inches of her hair.

She donated it to CWHL (Children with Hair Loss).  Afterwards, we stayed for a few hours so the kids could play.

We ended up having lunch with my in-laws then headed over to my parents to hang out for a bit.  Since the kids were really contagious, we hadn’t seen them in some time.

The next morning, we received a last minute text to meet up with my girlfriend and her kids at the park.  We hadn’t seen them in some time so we made a point to make it over.

august 20 playdate

FYI, Lili loves her new hairdo.

park life august 20


We caught up for about two hours before we had to head home and over to Julian’s football game. Poor kids were tired but they woke up by the time we got there.

julians game

tia nad lili

On our way back home we picked up pizza and nachos.  It was a LONG and HOT day.

Sunday (08/21/16), my girlfriend Rachel was coming over and I made her favorite, Tortilla Espanola.


august 21 rachel

I was happy to see her.

The rest of the week we were back to normal and back to camp.  Also, we rescheduled a play-date that we canceled because I was afraid kids were still contagious.  (08/26/16)

One of the trails I run by my office has a Fairy Trail.  One of the mothers and her son with autism make random little fairy houses for everyone to come and see. It is SO cute.

Kids did great looking for fairy houses and had a ton of fun.  I can’t believe they walked for over an hour.  After, we went back to my girlfriend’s house and the kids played some more.

aug 31 bouncy house

So, just ONE MORE WEEK until both kiddos are in school. I have more to update on.  Some good, some, unfortunately bad… But I’ll have to get that post together.  I have been running and working out regularly. I leave you with this:

be kind

Hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend. You deserve it!



6:40 AM: 4.25-Speed Workout (1-mile warm-up; 5×400; 1-mile cool-down) – COMPLETED

I’m on a roll here with my morning runs. I knew with the weather (rain) and last minute lunch plans, I would need to get a workout in the morning. Since P rolled out the tread last night (more on that in a bit), I told him to keep it out in hopes that I would be motivated to run. It worked out well.

Speed Workout

Speed Workout

I was dripping of sweat post run. I wanted to do 6-8×400, but Sebastian wasn’t having it this morning. He started getting fussy when I was on #4… so yeah, that’s that… but at least I got in it, right?

Yesterday was pretty busy. I ended up getting a haircut yesterday and didn’t realize how much she took off until she was done.



Yeah, it’s pretty short, but hair is hair and in my case, it grows pretty fast.

new do

new do

And at least I can still put it in a pony tail, even if it’s sooooo short.

 Small Tail

Small Tail

When I got out of work, I scooped up the kids and headed to my in-laws. I new my SIL was going to be there with the kids and I wasn’t sure if the kids were going to stay with my in-laws and wanted them to see each other. Turns out they are staying there, which is great, and we got to hang out for a bit. We left around 7:30. After a glass in a half of wine, I still had to go home, make something for Pedro to eat, prepare a Baked Ziti for dinner at my in-laws tonight, give the kids a bath and put them to sleep. Such is life. Fortunately, Pedro was okay with just grilled cheeses — so I whipped that up quickly, then made the baked ziti and put in the fridge, gave kids a bath and tucked them in. At this time, it was about 9 and P was motivated to get on the treadmill. He asked me if it was too late and I said NOPE! So that’s when he decided to get a workout in. I was so proud of him. At one point, I came out to bring Lili to the potty and he was running on a 7.0 speed!!!! I was a little turned on by this and cheered him on. HA. He was doing intervals, which was awesome.

Pedro's workout

Pedro’s workout

He’s been doing well with his workouts and I really am proud of the guy. I ended up falling right to sleep myself. But then, I woke up to feed the baby at around midnight and came out to hang out with P. Crazy, I know.

Tonight, the kids and I are having dinner at my in-laws. I mentioned that I prepared a Baked Ziti as a side and then the kids and I will be dying Easter Eggs. I brought the eggs and dye. I’m excited. Last Easter we dyed eggs with my niece.

Last year, Kristina and I ran 4.15-Miles for Boston. It’s crazy that a year has gone by.

Are you running Boston this year? I hope one day to run Boston, if I can ever get that fast. No, I WILL get that fast. 🙂

Any cool fun tips on dying Easter Eggs? I’m reading something on foiling…