October Love

October is my favorite month of the year (and none of our birthdays happen to be this particular month — though Sebastian was supposed to be born on 10/02/13).  From fall running/racing to endless hayrides and pumpkin patches, October is by far the best month ever.  And because you all know I’m a big planner,  I made sure to plan for some great fall activities.


Recap of what we’ve done so far:

1. Okay, this doesn’t count for October because it was 9/29, but we attended Lili’s paint monthly paint night with her school.  We love going.

Too much fun with the little folks.

2. B came with  me to the office one day and he was totally good.

3. We had a 4-day weekend for the Jewish holidays and Lili started the day off with yoga at the library. (10/01/16).

While she did yoga, P and Sebastian hung out on the story-time rug.


4. Monday (10/3), I took the kids to a pumpkin patch right down the street.

And when we came home, I made dinner while they painted said pumpkins.

B went down for a nap and then we started baking Halloween cookies.  He woke up in the middle of our bake-off.


And then we went to the library (yes, all the same day).

Lili read a book to Connor and she did fantastic.


and then we came home.

5.The kids had another day off but I didn’t so I needed to take off (10/4).  Of course Lili wanted to know what our plans were for the day. So we went to another pumpkin patch down the street.

And we are trying to practice B’s smile.


After we picked more pumpkins, we stopped at Target to pick up a few things and then we headed home to paint the pumpkins. HA.


Told you, we are trying to get this smile down.

We also finished up our bats and hung them up.


6.  On Friday, I picked up Mimi’s brother and we headed into the city to pick our bibs for Brooklyn Rock N Roll Half Marathon.  We took the train from my office and it went pretty smooth.

After we picked up our bibs, we had time to stop over Time Square. Every single time he visits, he has to take an obligatory Time Square photo.


We had to catch the 12:46 train back in order for me to get the kids from school so we were pretty pressed for time but he was happy to get his pic in.

After I picked the kids up, we dropped off Ralph and came home to eat a quick dinner before heading to Pump it Up with some friends.



Kids had a ton of fun.  After pump it up, we had to run over to the super market and then we were home by 8PM. Ugh. I still had to give a kids a bath, put them down and then lay out race clothes.


I was in bed by 11 PM, later than I like to be before a race.

6. 10/08/16 RACE DAY!  I woke up quarter to 5 and ate breakfast.  My brother scooped me up by 5:50 AM and he drove us into Brooklyn.  Quick sidenote: as we are getting dropped off, Ralph realizes he left his BIB at HOME!!! Oh my GOD. I thought he was going to have a hard time getting in but it all worked out.


I pretty much paced him. He wanted to come in around 2:25-2:20.


It was a good time. I know he was hurting towards the end but we pushed through and came in at 2:22 AND not only was he thrilled but he had a PR.


Our siblings had awesome signs for us.


Then we had to walk 2-miles back to the car. HA! But it wasn’t bad. We were home before noon and I showered and put B down for a nap.  Then I made an early dinner and we carved pumpkins in the evening.


Isn’t it pretty? The kids got a little bored of cleaning out of pumpkins part, so I had them make construction paper pumpkins on the side.


7.  Columbus Day I had to work but kids had off (10/10/16) but I promised them that once I picked up kids I would take them to Kidz Village.

They had a blast and didn’t give me hard time when it was time to leave.  Probably because they were about to close their doors.

8.  I was swamped at the office on Tuesday so my sister in law was able to pick up Lili from school and take her out before dropping her off at my office.


They had fun together.

9.  I was OFF yesterday (10/12/16) for the Jewish holiday and so were the kids so guess what we did??? We met up with my soley, Cici, for a track workout (tomorrow happens to be our 4 year runniversary).  Did I tell you she’s 22-weeks pregnant???


We were dripping post workout.  I didn’t have a sitter, so I made sure to pack their bag and was praying that the field wouldn’t be packed and lucky us… hardly anyone at the track!!! I love when that happens.


They would occasionally join me for half a lap.


I can’t take their cuteness.  And can I tell you how stinkin’ cute Lili would be when I was doing a recovery lap?


She would bring water for me on the side. I swear I felt like I was an elite runner. HA! When we said our goodbyes to Cici, we headed over to look for Halloween costumes for Lili.  We already ordered Sebastian’s.

We were there for awhile trying on costumes and then she finally picked up. I’ll have the winner posted soon.

When we came home I had to cook lunch, prep dinner, put B down for a nap, do laundry and then we did more Halloween arts/crafts.


What a great time we had, especially making these puppets.

10.  Saying goodbye.  While in the midst of cooking lunch, prepping dinner, doing laundry, feeding kids, etc. Mimi and her brother stopped by to say bye to the kids.


Next time we’ll see him is when we head out to San Francisco for my brother and his sister’s wedding.

Do you dress up for Halloween? Do you do Halloween races? I signed up for a 5k and a half marathon this Spring. I am thinking of a Spring marathon but haven’t really been looking around.

Did you ever run a Rock N Roll series? Brooklyn was my first. It was nice.Not too overcrowded.  The medals are actually REALLY nice.

I’m not in tomorrow so hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!



The Weekend Rundown

6:00 AM: Chalean Extreme Lean Circuit 1 – COMPLETED

We had an great amazing weekend. Friday evening, Lili and I attended her cousin, Julian’s, first baseball game of the season. It was so much fun.

Sabrina & Liliana


First Born Girls: Nala, Lili & Sab

Bubbles with Tia

More Bubbles

Saturday: We woke up at around 6am. I did the usual: feed baby, put her down for nap, put a load of laundry in, wash the dishes and workout. When she woke up, I showered, got her dressed and we headed out to her gym/music class.

Having a “ball”…

Post gym/music class, we headed over to my hairdresser for Lili’s first haircut.


Yes, she cried the entire time. It only lasted 10-minutes (thank goodness), so we picked up lunch, headed home and ate. Then I put her down to sleep (which I took a quick 30-minute snooze) and then did the food shopping. When I got home, I put everything away, relaxed for a minute and then Lili woke up. We ate dinner, played, gave her a bath, played some more and then I read to her in Spanish for about half an hour. I finally put her to bed and then did a whole bunch of other things, i.e. folded all the laundry and put them away, did another load, prepped dinner for the next night, etc. I was finally in bed by 12:30. Not good since I had a 20-mile run the next day.

Sunday: Lili woke up around 5:30. I fed her and then laid everything out for Pedro again. I cleaned up and then got dressed. I met up with my sis at 7:45AM. The last 20-miler before the marathon.

20.17-Miles; Done & Done.

Oh, I was so happy to be done with it & HOME. I think we did great and I’m sure I could go a bit faster too.

When I got home, I was excited to see Lili. She had a great morning with her Papa.

Hangin’ with Papa

Mommy: Tell me everything you and Papa did!!!!

I ended up taking a quick shower then making ham & cheese omelettes for Lili and myself. I made ham and grilled cheese sandwiches for P. Then we cleaned up, tried to put Lili down for a nap but she wasn’t having it. So Lili and I headed to the street craft show/fair in the town I work at.

We walked up the strip, listened to great music, walked some more and got some frozen yogurt. We checked out some of the vendors, too. I almost bought a bag but I changed my mind.

Cranky Baby and Mama

We did one loop back and then headed home. It was nearly 5 and I had to get the baked mac & cheese going. We ate dinner by 6:15 PM.


Yes, I wrote down the menu on Lili’s chalkboard. We had a whole chicken with a side of baked mac & cheese and for desserts, brownies. I skipped the brownies and cleaned up the mess.

So that was the weekend in a nutshell. Not only was it filled with chores, but it was filled with lots and lots of family time. I love those kinds of weekend. I also managed to prep dinner for tonight after my morning workout and I put another load of laundry in. OH, yeah, and I baked my mother-in-law’s homemade banana bread.

Banana Bread

Recipe coming to you soon!

Anyone cook/bake anything new this weekend? Any races/training runs?

I am always looking for a good recipe.


12:00 PM: 5.35-Mile Run – COMPLETED

Lili had a rough night of sleep, in fact, she had a terrible day of sleep all day yesterday. She hardly napped and when it was time to go to sleep, she woke up often. Poor girl. Needless to say, when she finally did wake up, I had to feed her breakfast, prep tonight’s dinner and get ready for work. So yeah, it was going to be a runch day, also known as a run at lunch.

Runch: Run at Lunch (then Lunch)

My legs felt fine after Sunday’s 20-mile run so no complaints. Of course, leave it to me to get a little lost. I ended up having to push up a huge hill just to make it back in time – well, I was a minute late. Another thing I love about this weather, I don’t smell as bad as I do if it’s 90+ and/or humid out there. Also, I don’t need to carry water.

Amazing run, not so amazing lunch. I ate only half my lunch and I’ll probably toss the other half. I don’t even think my in-laws would care for it really, but maybe I’ll give them the option.

In other news, Lili gave her Grandparent’s gift to P’s parents today. We didn’t give it to my parents yet because my father isn’t back from the Motherland.

La Familia

She gave them a picture album of pictures of her and her cousins and them. Also, a group one of them in a frame.

I’m sure they love it, especially the card she made for them.

In other news, it’s the 11-year anniversary of 9/11. I’m sure you’ve seen it everywhere; TV, blogs, news, Facebook statues, twitter, etc. All I have to say is God bless America, each and everyday!

If you miss a morning workout, do you try to make it up later that day? Did you ever get lost on a run you didn’t map out?

Summer’s Over; Enter Fall

09.07.11: 4:45 AM: 3-Mile Run – COMPLETED

6:55 AM: 30-Minute Tempo Run – COMPLETED

I actually started this entry yesterday, but turns out I hit so much traffic I felt so behind. What is usually a 15-minute commute took me an hour and 20-minutes. It has been crappy all week, weather-wise. Let me break it down for you.

Lili: Lili is doing great. She’s dying to laugh out loud. I know I’m cracking her up because I am pretty funny. She’s still doing the silent laugh. You know, smiling hard as hell, but nothing comes out. I have a feeling her first laugh will be some time this weekend.

Summer’s over, but I couldn’t resist dressing Lili up in her Hawaiian dress given to her by Pedro’s brother’s family. It’s already Fall and then Winter and I highly doubt Lili will fit into this by next Summer. She is just growing up too fast.

Yesterday, Lili had a doctor’s appointment. It wasn’t for a regular check-up, but it was for… well, let me see if you could tell.

Well, can you see it? Lili got her ears pierced. She was such a good girl. She cried a little and then fell right back to sleep as soon as she got in the car. When we got to my dad’s, she was still asleep. We took her out and pop-pop fed her. Then he placed her in her bouncer and told Scarlett to watch her while he washed dishes. When I peeked in on Scarlett she was looking over the bouncer talking to Lili. It was the cutest thing ever.

She’s been such a good baby and we’re just getting into a routine with her. It’s very hard to just come straight home when picking her up at either one of our parents’ house. You can never just leave. I really like to give her a bath as soon as I get home, but sometimes it doesn’t work out that way.

For the most part, she likes bath time. Thank goodness.

Running: I am off a day on the training, but I’m catching up. Yesterday was a 3-mile run and today was a 30-minute tempo. I know tomorrow is supposed to be a rest day, but since I skipped out on Tuesday, I have to make up that run tomorrow. Basically, I’ll be running every single day until Sunday then rest on Monday. It’s been raining out and I’ve also been trying to get my runs in before the start of my day. I’m just so tired after work. The planned run on Tuesday night didn’t happen because I didn’t leave my in-law’s house until after 7:30. So yeah, I’m behind…

Lili was fussing and fighting it in her swinger this morning. I sat down and had a heart to heart with her. Here’s how the conversation went:

Me: Lili. Please, please, please, let mommy hit the treadmill. It’s only for 30-minutes. I promise.

Lili: Smile on her face but kicking her arms and legs.

Me: I know. I know. I promise, I’ll take you right out after. (I put pacifier in her mouth).

Lili: Spits out pacifier and kicks her legs and arms…

Me: Okay, I’m turning on the treadmill.

Lili: Looking right at me the whole time.

10-minutes later…

Ahhhh… a napping baby makes a happy mama getting her run in.

In other running news, Girls on the Run (GOTR) starts next week. It’ll be my third season and tonight there’s a meeting with all the coaches at our site. I’m hoping to make it out with Lili, but we also have an electrician stopping by to look at the damages from Irene. I’ll save that story for another day.

I love a short work week. I look forward to my weekends with Lili. Anyone have any great plans this weekend? I know Kristy is running a marathon. I have a few tentative plans with friends that I haven’t seen in quite some time and maybe even dim sum with the girls.