First Week of School & DIY

6-Mile Run

The kids started school a week ago and it went pretty well.  It’s difficult when the kids are in two different schools.  It means having to miss one of their first days but P and I worked it out.  I went with Sebastian and P went with Lili. Unfortunately, Lili was not happy with this arrangement (and she even cried) so I promised her I would go the next day.

I was apprehensive about Sebastian even though we did a few weeks of camp.  He seemed excited but then he would cling onto my leg.  He kept saying that he wanted me.  So I moved around the classroom until I found something to keep him busy.


I left him as happy as could be. And when I picked him up, he was even happier.


It was a successful first day of school. Of course P has to drop off Lili and he doesn’t take pics like I do… She also had a successful first day of Kindergarten, so I took these two the last times I did drop off.

The teacher was fully aware that it was Sebastian’s birthday on Sunday so she told me if I wanted to bring something in for the kids, I could do so that Friday.  Sebastian’s face lit up when he saw me bring him balloons.

I brought some munchkins in for him. He was happy.

Lili has been happy with school too, especially since I walk her some morning.

She happens to be the only girl on our block with four boys her age.  It’s kind of cute.

Since our biggest daycare supports (my in-laws are in Spain and my dad will be hospitalized) aren’t around, P and I are all over the place with drop offs and pick ups.  Our deal right now we alternate drops off in the AM and scramble for pick-ups in the PM.  I ended up making an nifty calendar that I absolutely LOVE.


You could use paint chips from Home Depot or Loews, but if you recall I’m an arts/crafts hoarder. Anyhow, all you need are 2×2 colorful cards, 16×20 frame, double-sided tape, and washable thin expo markers.


Yeah, I go a little crazy.


A LOT OF PLANNING!! And, I absolutely love my new planner.


It’s like a scrapbook/planner.  I purchased this one at Michael’s.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!

Big thing about pick-ups for the next few weeks is I HAVE TO WORKOUT IN THE MORNING!!! I mean, I always do workout in the AM, but sometimes if I miss it, I am able to squeeze something in at lunch.

Do you plan your day out? Week? Month? Do you use a planner or outlook calendar? I am a planner whore, for lack of a better word, HA. I’m always looking for something new, but I think I’ll stick to this one for as long as I can.