October Love

October is my favorite month of the year (and none of our birthdays happen to be this particular month — though Sebastian was supposed to be born on 10/02/13).  From fall running/racing to endless hayrides and pumpkin patches, October is by far the best month ever.  And because you all know I’m a big planner,  I made sure to plan for some great fall activities.


Recap of what we’ve done so far:

1. Okay, this doesn’t count for October because it was 9/29, but we attended Lili’s paint monthly paint night with her school.  We love going.

Too much fun with the little folks.

2. B came with  me to the office one day and he was totally good.

3. We had a 4-day weekend for the Jewish holidays and Lili started the day off with yoga at the library. (10/01/16).

While she did yoga, P and Sebastian hung out on the story-time rug.


4. Monday (10/3), I took the kids to a pumpkin patch right down the street.

And when we came home, I made dinner while they painted said pumpkins.

B went down for a nap and then we started baking Halloween cookies.  He woke up in the middle of our bake-off.


And then we went to the library (yes, all the same day).

Lili read a book to Connor and she did fantastic.


and then we came home.

5.The kids had another day off but I didn’t so I needed to take off (10/4).  Of course Lili wanted to know what our plans were for the day. So we went to another pumpkin patch down the street.

And we are trying to practice B’s smile.


After we picked more pumpkins, we stopped at Target to pick up a few things and then we headed home to paint the pumpkins. HA.


Told you, we are trying to get this smile down.

We also finished up our bats and hung them up.


6.  On Friday, I picked up Mimi’s brother and we headed into the city to pick our bibs for Brooklyn Rock N Roll Half Marathon.  We took the train from my office and it went pretty smooth.

After we picked up our bibs, we had time to stop over Time Square. Every single time he visits, he has to take an obligatory Time Square photo.


We had to catch the 12:46 train back in order for me to get the kids from school so we were pretty pressed for time but he was happy to get his pic in.

After I picked the kids up, we dropped off Ralph and came home to eat a quick dinner before heading to Pump it Up with some friends.



Kids had a ton of fun.  After pump it up, we had to run over to the super market and then we were home by 8PM. Ugh. I still had to give a kids a bath, put them down and then lay out race clothes.


I was in bed by 11 PM, later than I like to be before a race.

6. 10/08/16 RACE DAY!  I woke up quarter to 5 and ate breakfast.  My brother scooped me up by 5:50 AM and he drove us into Brooklyn.  Quick sidenote: as we are getting dropped off, Ralph realizes he left his BIB at HOME!!! Oh my GOD. I thought he was going to have a hard time getting in but it all worked out.


I pretty much paced him. He wanted to come in around 2:25-2:20.


It was a good time. I know he was hurting towards the end but we pushed through and came in at 2:22 AND not only was he thrilled but he had a PR.


Our siblings had awesome signs for us.


Then we had to walk 2-miles back to the car. HA! But it wasn’t bad. We were home before noon and I showered and put B down for a nap.  Then I made an early dinner and we carved pumpkins in the evening.


Isn’t it pretty? The kids got a little bored of cleaning out of pumpkins part, so I had them make construction paper pumpkins on the side.


7.  Columbus Day I had to work but kids had off (10/10/16) but I promised them that once I picked up kids I would take them to Kidz Village.

They had a blast and didn’t give me hard time when it was time to leave.  Probably because they were about to close their doors.

8.  I was swamped at the office on Tuesday so my sister in law was able to pick up Lili from school and take her out before dropping her off at my office.


They had fun together.

9.  I was OFF yesterday (10/12/16) for the Jewish holiday and so were the kids so guess what we did??? We met up with my soley, Cici, for a track workout (tomorrow happens to be our 4 year runniversary).  Did I tell you she’s 22-weeks pregnant???


We were dripping post workout.  I didn’t have a sitter, so I made sure to pack their bag and was praying that the field wouldn’t be packed and lucky us… hardly anyone at the track!!! I love when that happens.


They would occasionally join me for half a lap.


I can’t take their cuteness.  And can I tell you how stinkin’ cute Lili would be when I was doing a recovery lap?


She would bring water for me on the side. I swear I felt like I was an elite runner. HA! When we said our goodbyes to Cici, we headed over to look for Halloween costumes for Lili.  We already ordered Sebastian’s.

We were there for awhile trying on costumes and then she finally picked up. I’ll have the winner posted soon.

When we came home I had to cook lunch, prep dinner, put B down for a nap, do laundry and then we did more Halloween arts/crafts.


What a great time we had, especially making these puppets.

10.  Saying goodbye.  While in the midst of cooking lunch, prepping dinner, doing laundry, feeding kids, etc. Mimi and her brother stopped by to say bye to the kids.


Next time we’ll see him is when we head out to San Francisco for my brother and his sister’s wedding.

Do you dress up for Halloween? Do you do Halloween races? I signed up for a 5k and a half marathon this Spring. I am thinking of a Spring marathon but haven’t really been looking around.

Did you ever run a Rock N Roll series? Brooklyn was my first. It was nice.Not too overcrowded.  The medals are actually REALLY nice.

I’m not in tomorrow so hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!



Recap by Numbers + Celebrating Seuss

Strength/Core – COMPLETED

All week I have been trying to get on here to post something but it’s been pretty crazy at the office.  At least it’s my Friday.  Just a quick recap of the past weekend and early week.

1. Friday (2/26) I registered B for Pre-K and took him out to the diner. I love having dates with him.


We did the food shopping right after. My dad came home from the hospital on Friday so we visited briefly before we headed over to dance.  He’s home the rest of this week and goes back for his transplant on Monday, March 7th.

2.  I got to run 9 miles with my solemate, Cici, this past Saturday (2/27) and we had an amazing RUN.  We did the first 7 miles at a regular pace and the last 2-miles at race pace. NAILED IT.

9 mile run

3.  After my run,  Lili and I met up with my best friend and her daughter for a Frozen Ball.

frozen ball

It was too much fun and so much cuteness involved.


best friends

frozen ball 2

She had so  much fun.  In fact, she kept saying she was going back tomorrow to see Queen Elsa. I had to break the news to her that we weren’t going back.

3.  Sunday (2/28), I woke up and did weights.  Then I had to bake brownies and cookies for our brunch with P’s family.

cookies brownies


We got to his parents’ house at around 11:15.


It was a great spread and everything was delicious.

sanchez boys

It was 60-degrees out so after brunch we took the kids to the park.


park 2

They didn’t want to leave but B needed a nap.  So we got home, put him down and then Lili and I read some books.  Her reading is getting so much better.  Then when B woke up, the kids and I headed over to spend some time with my dad.  I gave them a bath there and as soon as we got home they were in bed.

4.  Monday (2/29) my grandfather turned 20 years old.  He’s a leap baby.  We didn’t get to see him this year.   We’re hoping we’ll see him after my dad’s transplant.  I  woke up and ran 3-miles before the whole morning routine drill.  After work, the kids and I headed over to the library for story/craft.



They read Wiggles and made a little wiggle dog.


We were home by 7:15 and I started dinner.It was a long day.

5. Tuesday (3/1) I did another short run before work.  After work I took the kids to gymnastics.


It’s a new session.  The kids love gymnastics.  Good news is it’s down the street from the house.  I got home and made my dad’s bistek (beef steak and onions).


P must have been craving it because he ate two plates. I put the kids down and they took forever to sleep.  As soon as they did, I cleaned up the kitchen, living room and dining room and then I took out the big old arts/crafts box and prepared activities for the next night. Also, I decorated the room for Dr. Seuss’ birthday.

dr.seuss birthday

I was out by 1 AM only to be up running 4-miles at 6.  The things you do for your kids. They’re worth it.

6.  Celebrating Seuss (3/2). After work yesterday, I place a pizza and chicken wings that I had marinating from that morning into the oven.  We had one hour to do our Seuss activities.


We had a lot of fun.  Dinner was ready close to 8, so after, I put kids down and literally passed out with them. I basically left the kitchen a bit of a mess but good news is, our lovely cleaning lady comes today.

I have another busy weekend coming up including my dad’s big 60th birthday and Sabrina’s confirmation.  Lots to celebrate.  Also, as cold as it is today and the impending snow we are supposed to get tomorrow — we’re supposed to hit temps up to 70s next week.  So excited.

Who else is ready for Spring? 


Oh The Places You Will Go

It’s #readacrossamerica today as we celebrate the birthday of the great Dr. Seuss.  Lili has a bunch of fun activities scheduled this week to celebrate Dr. Seuss.  

We did some pre-celebration activities this weekend.  First we had to stop at the mall to pick her up a silly hat.  It was “silly hat” day today.

She hand-picked this out herself.  Unicorns are the best.  I also picked out some clothes for B and then we just walked around for a bit.

B was the perfect kid at the mall. Thank goodness.  He has been throwing tantrums here and there.  He almost threw one at one point but quickly refrained.  

We started the process of daylight savings. I am dreading it.  But I had the kids in bed early.  Unfortunately, I went against sleeping early and slept at 3:30AM.  Yeah, that pretty much left me with 3 hours of sleep because kids were up by 6:30. HA.  Oh well. 

I got up and did our routine, except this time, since we were doing pre-celebratons for Dr. Seuss.  We started with baking pancakes.

And we cut them out into Feet and Fish (The Foot Book and One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish).

And then we read our book and did some arts and crafts.

After the kids napped, I had to stop at the gym to activate my groupon.  It was snowing pretty hard out, so I just wanted to activate it since it expired that day.  When I got home, we ate and then I ran on the treadmill .  Well, after these two got off the ‘mill.

Followed by yoga.

Her cat pose.  HA.

Anyway, great weekend.  We got to go out, I was able to run twice and the kids had a blast with their Dr. Seuss crafts.  

What was is/your favorite Dr. Seuss quote or book?

Anybody else counting the days till Spring?

Happy Monday! 

Delayed Opening

Snow again last night and 2-degrees — basically how the weather was ALL.WEEKEND.LONG! For the most part, we hibernated. We had some snow on Saturday and below 0 weather the entire weekend. I mean, IT WAS COLD! Fortunately, the kids did not mind being indoors — we have a lot to do around the house. Also, it was Valentine’s Day weekend and we bought little gifts for the kids.



Lili was SO EXCITED when she saw gifts. It was like Christmas all over again. We got her a radio flyer scooter and a little car for B. They were happy and played with their new toys the entire weekend.

P lost in “rock, paper, scissors” so he had to do the food shopping. I got to stay inside with the kids so I pretty much prepared mini-lesson plans for the next three months for Lili on the weekends.


I know. I am pretty strict when it comes to her work, but you know, she actually enjoys it. We work on books, letter, numbers, words, etc. for at least two hours on the weekend. Sunday’s book was ‘Goldilocks’. She is getting better with not zoning out and keeping her focus.


I did workout (run and weights) this weekend.


We spent most of the morning teaching her about the presidents. She calls the first president “Georgie” Washington. It’s kind of cute. Since it was Lincoln’s birthday last Thursday, we focused on him. She knows about the Emancipation Proclamation — or that he ended slavery. HA.




A busy morning/afternoon. We ate leftovers, baked cookies, and then gave them their baths. I did a load of laundry pretty late (like 8pm). I didn’t have time to bring it up though (or fold it).

Woke up to SNOW again and got the first message with Lili’s school being delayed by 2 hours. P had his office delayed by 2 hours and I had my office delayed for 2.5 hours. SO, we got out of bed by 7:00, Lili wanted banana bread and so I had to bake a small loaf (I cut the recipe in half).


Kids had an apple while they waited for the banana bread. Then I prepared dinner (meatloaf), washed dishes, made Lili’s lunch, took out banana bread and sliced them a piece for breakfast, ran on the treadmill, got the kids dressed, showered and did drop offs. WHAT A MORNING!

SUCKS because I’ll have to do my speed work on the treadmill tomorrow. All the outdoor tracks are covered with snow. 😦 HURRY UP SPRING!

Do you have an indoor track by you? There’s nothing around my area that allows for public use.

Do you have a favorite President? Who was your President when you were born? Reagan was the President when I was born. Favorite president? Bill Clinton.

Happy Tuesday!


The recipe for an amazing weekend: Sleep in when it rains. Steal extra hugs and kisses when you can. Spend time with your parents and siblings. DIY projects. And more… Unfortunately, it didn’t start out on a great foot. One of P’s good friend’s father passed away so on Thursday night we attended his wake. P was attending the funeral the next morning. Mimi was able to watch the kids when I got out of work while I went to the wake. I fed the kids dinner really quick and gave them a bath so I wouldn’t have to deal with it when I got out of the wake.



Halloween Friday was spent dropping Lili off at school, running errands and then heading over to my office to trick or treat. The small town I work in had a “trick or treat” event (50 stores participating) for preschoolers and kids. It was perfect. We visited with the attorneys and my co-worker then headed over to trick or treat. I wish I took Lili out of school but I knew she was looking forward to going to school and celebrating with her friends.

Visiting the Job

Visiting the Job



with Mila

with Mila

On another note, Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. I mean, who doesn’t LOVE chocolate/candy? It was also one of the first moments that I knew P and I were going to have children. Back in 2007, his niece who was 6 at the time had kidney cancer. We spent many days in and out of the hospital. One of the days she was in the hospital was on Halloween. P showed up at the hospital as Mr. Incredible.

Sab & Tio

Sab & Tio

She was so happy. And he was a huge hit. All the doctors and nurses came by to see him and then asked if he could make rounds to all the children on the floor. He happily took part.

Mr. Incredible

Mr. Incredible

P and the kids

P and the kids

It was only a matter of time that Mr. Incredible and Elastagirl would get married…

<3, <3, <3

Anyway, after all was said and done, it was time to pick up Lili. Sebastian fell asleep on the car ride to her school. We picked her up and then headed over to my in-laws to visit. We ended up staying for an early dinner and trick or treating after. We left there around 6 and back HOME. My brother and his girlfriend stopped by to visit and then when they left it was BATH and BED time. We had a great night. Later that night, my sis dropped off my niece for a sleep over. Unfortunately, she came at 9 so really, they just SLEPT.

We woke up late on Saturday morning because it was RAINING and GLOOMY. Since we woke up late, Lili ended up missing her dance class. She was waking up at 8 and we still had to have breakfast. I made pancakes, fed the kids and then they played. We did some arts and crafts early in the afternoon.


Poor Sebastian. The girls would run away from him and scream and he’d chase them screaming thinking they were “playing” with him when they were actually trying to “get away” from him. Awww, my poor baby. Anyhow, at one point I tried to put Lili down for a nap but she wasn’t having it. So I traced their bodies, showered and then we headed over to my parents house for dinner.

My sister was running the NYC Marathon. Yes, I cried a bit watching the coverage because I wish I was there. It’s unfortunate that I sprained my ankle (it’s 95% better now but I still am not going to run on it yet!) three weeks prior to the race. At least I am in for 2015. So we ate dinner, I set up the kids to decorate their full-sized body tracing.


Scarlett Bella
Always Happy

Always Happy

While they finished up their art work, I helped my sister with her racing gear.

NYC Ready

NYC Ready

The throwaway pants she had did NOT fit over her actual capris so we made a quick stop at my house so she could borrow one of mine. When I got back, my mom had a bath ready for me!!!! Love her.

Oh sweet heavens...

Oh sweet heavens…

When I was done, we bid my brother and his best friend farewell as they left for a Halloween party.



I would have slept over but Lili wanted to go home. So home we went. We spent most of Sunday lounging around watching the NYC Marathon. I tracked a bunch of my friends that did awesome and my sister FINISHED. It wasn’t her first marathon, but her first marathon without much training. Took her awhile but the important thing is she got that medal.

I spent the rest of the evening writing in my journal.


Then we ate dinner, gave baths, put the kids down, folded four loads of laundry and straightened up the bedroom.

What a night!!!

Anyone go to any Halloween parties? Eat too much Halloween candy/chocolate? I ate too much sugar I think I actually need to detox.

Do you still write in a journal? Scrapbook? Or do you do everything online through your blog? I like to do both. I’m old-fashioned sometimes and like to flip through the pages…

I can’t believe it’s November folks. Where did this year go?

On Working & Being Mommy

1:00 PM: 4-Mile Run – COMPLETED

So it’s been three weeks since I’ve been back to work, despite the odd week I had last week. We were dismissed at 1:30 for MLK last Monday. Then dismissed at 1:30 from the snow on Tuesday. I didn’t come in on Wednesday because of the snow and I had half a day on Thursday for personal reasons. Very strange work week but I didn’t complain one bit.

The last few days have been great spending them with my kids. The only reason I look forward to coming to work is (1) I get to workout at lunch,



and (2) I eat better when I’m working (not to mention, it’s free lunch!).



Otherwise, I would eventually learn to adjust to being home full-time and factor in workouts one way or another. However, the last few days I’ve been happy with just being lazy and snuggling and cuddling with both L & S. They’re the reason I wake up every morning. I am also certain that the lack of motivation is due to the frigid temps and snow. I’m just so exhausted to even think about layering up and getting out the front door. I know I shouldn’t be lazy (or making excuses), but I’m sure once the weather turns around I’ll be able to go for my runs with the double jogger and kill two birds with one stone: (1) Get a great run in and (2) still spend time with the babies.

Anyway, I slid out of work at 1 on Thursday and got to my parents’ house to pick up the kids. Unfortunately, Lili had just gone down for her nap, so I ended up hanging out with the family for a bit. It was nice. When Lili woke up at 3:30, I got the kids bundled and we headed over to my FIL’s to visit with him. I figured it would be a nice surprise and I know how much he loves seeing the kids. My MIL is away so I wanted to keep him company. I was going to order us food but he was cooking when we got there.

Fava Bean Tortilla

Fava Bean Tortilla

Lili went straight for her toys and Sebastian was a good baby just hanging out.

Tummy Time

Tummy Time

I told P that we were still going to be hanging out for a bit so he decided to swing by after work. We must have left close to 8 as it was getting cold and the kids needed baths and to hit the hay. I was exhausted.

Friday morning, we woke up and had breakfast and I did a peapod quick shop so our groceries could be delivered. Lili wanted to paint, so I took out all her supplies.



After she was done with her masterpiece, which came out amazing, we cleaned up a bit and waited for my girlfriend Jacquie and her daughter, Mila, to swing by.

Ms. Mila

Ms. Mila

It was so great catching up with Jacquie and seeing Mila. She was all smiles. I can’t believe she’ll be turning 1 in just a few short months. As soon as they left, I put the kids down for a nap and even took a short one with them. P got home close to 6:15 and we ate leftovers. Easy night.

Saturday morning, I had to wake up before 7 as our food was being delivered between 7-9. Annoying because our doorbell doesn’t work right now and I had to keep looking out the window to see if they were there. They ended up showing up 5 minutes to 9. By that time, we had already eaten breakfast and straightened up. I put all the groceries away and then Lili wanted to finish up her Valentine’s Day cards.

Valentine's Day Cards

Valentine’s Day Cards

I thought this one was cute — I didn’t know what words to use with Crayons, but figured this could work.

"Cray-Cray for You!"

“Cray-Cray for You!”

HA! After we were done with that, I had finished up another a load of laundry and then it was NAP time. I put the kids down and just hung around. It started to snow again. Oh, I cannot wait for Spring to get here.

I ended up making two dinners. I honestly wanted to order in, but I didn’t want to be one of those, “Spend all your money on groceries and still order in food!” girls. P suggested meatloaf and potatoes. I don’t really care for meatloaf.

His Dinner

His Dinner

So I made myself Tortilla Espanola.

Her Dinner

Her Dinner

Lili ate some leftover rice and chicken. We were all happy and she had ice-cream for dessert whilst I ate some cookies that I made fresh from the oven. After dinner, I cleaned up and gave the kiddos a bath.

Sunday, I woke up early and made us breakfast. When P woke up, I suggested that we go have dinner with his dad. Nobody’s stopped by since Thursday and I am sure he would love to see the kids. So I called him up and he was ecstatic for us to stop by. I told him not to cook and that we would pick up some food. We had a great time.

Snowball Fight

Snowball Fight


I’m glad we brought a ton of food. My FIL will have leftovers for the next few days. We left around 6 and baked more cookies, played and got ready for bed. I wanted to watch some of the Grammy’s, but didn’t get too far.

A lot of eating and not much working out — which is why I was dying for a run today. Four months post-pregnancy and I’m still not where I was hoping I would be.

4-Months Post-Pregnant

4-Months Post-Pregnant

I know if I ate more clean and did my weights again I’d be closer to my goal. But I love food and sleep these days. I’m sure I’ll get there someday. Still, though, it looks the same from my 2-week post pregnancy and even last months. Nothing really has changed, though I did lose 2-lbs. So I guess that’s good.

I had a hard time dropping off the kids. When I was close to leaving, Lili cried for me. She even ran to the front door and asked to come with me. It was tough leaving her. I was so sad on my way to work. Not to mention, I could hear Sebastian crying away. When will I ever win the lottery?

Anybody else watch the Grammys?

Who else eats up a storm when they’re stuck indoors from the snow? I could NOT stop baking cookies…

Anybody else have a hard time getting motivated when it’s below 0 weather? HELP!%#$@#$ Actually, it’s not that bad really. I do prefer running in the cold than in the humidity. It just takes me about a mile to warm-up.

Happy Monday. I better eat my lunch and do some work before I pump. I’m currently watching Despicable Me 2 while I’m in pump sessions.

Knock, Knock

1:00 PM: 4.25-Mile Run – COMPLETED

What a very long week, with fun-filled visitors. Lots of cooking and less working out though… It left me somewhat miserable at the end of the weekend, I won’t lie. But, here’s a quick recap.

Tuesday:  After a few times rescheduling, once on my part, another on hers, Jacquie and Mila came over to hang out.


She even brought us lunch.


It was great catching up. When they left, I started dinner. A low-key evening.

Wednesday:  I got up and wanted to work out but Sebastian only let me get 2.5-miles in. Then I had to prepare lunch for my friends. On the menu, lentils and arroz con pollo.


Everything was done by the time they arrived.


it was great catching up.  Lili had a blast with both of them. Oh, and I got four loads of laundry done. The lentils were a huge hit, especially from the chef, Eric, who asked for the recipe and made it as soon as he got home.

Thursday:  I had zero plans. I was excited about this, but then Krista text me that her and Belle were going to Kidz Village. I decided to go. We got ready first.


Then we met up with the girls.


Kids had fun. After, we stopped to pick up a few groceries, Pedro’s medicine and then home. What a long day.  I did make dinner… Again.

Friday:  we went to my parents’ house and hung out. It was good. Well, except Lili did not nap. Oh well. I also prepped croquettes earlier that morning. My brother and his girlfriend were coming over for dinner.



We ate at 6 and then hung out till it was bath time. Lili was super cranky since she had no nap. Baths are fun.


Weekend: my running plans were shot this weekend. With Pedro’s car situation and then Sebastian being oh so needy on Sunday, it never happened and it made me frustrated. Don’t get me wrong, I love spending all my time with these kids. They are my life. But I do need get my running back in order to make ME feel good about myself and to give me energy to be with my babies. I love them unconditionally.


We did do arts and crafts, both on Saturday and Sunday.



ImageImageI made it a point to run today. I couldn’t take another day with no run. I’m left the tread out for P but also for me and I’m praying Sebastian naps better tomorrow.

Dinner is cooking right now. I’ve got a soup on the stove, chicken in the crock pot and zucchini French fries. A new recipe I’ll be sure to post.


Any plans for turkey day? What are you cooking or baking?