I am actually in the office today.  I have a few days where I have to leave early and come in late, so I figured I would work a few hours to make up some time.  They really don’t mind if I have to leave early or come in late, but personally for myself, I would rather not take advantage. ALSO, since it’s raining, I figured I wasn’t really wasting a beautiful day.


Workweek’s been busy, but I’ve managed to get a lot of running in (Mon. 3-mi; Tues. 4-mi; Wed. 10 miles, Thurs. Weights and 6 miles today).  I started a new treadmill program (5-weeks) before marathon training starts. It’s pretty good so far.

Workout 1; Day 1 (Wed. 6/1/16)

1-mile Warm-up

Segment #1

30 seconds @ 6.2 + 4% incline (1-min recovery 0% incline)

60 seconds @ 6.2 + 4% incline (1-min recovery 0% incline)

90 seconds @ 6.2 + 4% incline (90-second recovery 0% incline)

30 seconds @ 6.2 + 6% incline (1-min recovery 0% incline)

60 seconds @ 6.2 + 6% incline (1-min recovery 0% incline)

90 seconds @ 6.2 + 6% incline (1-min recovery 0% incline)

Segment #2

30 seconds @ 7.2 + 0% incline (1-min recovery)

60 seconds @ 7.2 + 0% incline (1-min recovery)

90 seconds @ 7.2 + 0% incline (90 second recovery)

30 seconds @ 7.7 + 0% incline (1-min recovery)

60 seconds @ 7.7 + 0% incline (1-min recovery)

90 seconds @ 7.7 + 0% incline (1-min recovery)

Segment #3

30 seconds @ 8.3 + 3% incline (1-min recovery 0% incline)

60 seconds @ 8.3 + 3% incline (1-min recovery 0% incline)

90 seconds @ 8.3 + 3% incline (1-min recovery 0% incline)

1-mile cool down.

I also ran at lunch time this same day.  I figured I had to take advantage since (1) it was nice outside; (2) I didn’t have to pick up Lili; and (3) it was Global Running Day!

Yesterday I did arms and abs.  I was interrupted a few times by my love bug.


workout 2

He was either sitting on my back while I was holding planks or doing push-up, or laying on my belly while I did crunches. You can’t get mad at his cute face though.

Today I ran the second treadmill workout.

Week 1; Day 2 The Pyramid (6/3/16)

Warm-up 1-mile

Segment #1:

90-seconds @ 7.2 + 3% incline (Recovery 1 min)

90-seconds @ 7.4 + 2% incline (Recovery 1 min)

90-seconds @ 7.6 + 1% incline (Recovery 1 min)

90-seconds @ 7.6 + 2% incline (Recovery 1 min)

90-seconds @ 7.6 + 3% incline (Recovery 2 min)

Segment #2

60-seconds @ 7.8 + 4% incline (Recovery 1 min)

60-seconds @ 8.0 + 3% incline (Recovery 1 min)

60-seconds @ 8.2 + 2% incline (Recovery 1 min)

60-seconds @ 8.4 + 1% incline (Recovery 1 min)

60-seconds @ 8.4 + 2% incline (Recovery 1 min)

60-seconds @ 8.4 + 3% incline (Recovery 1 min)

60-seconds @ 8.4 + 4% incline (Recovery 2 min)

Segment #3

30-seconds @ 8.6 + 5% incline (Recovery 1 min)

30-seconds @ 8.8 + 4% incline (Recovery 1 min)

30-seconds @ 9.0 + 3% incline (Recovery 1 min)

30-seconds @ 9.2 + 2% incline (Recovery 1 min)

30-seconds @ 9.2 + 3% incline (Recovery 1 min)

30-seconds @ 9.2 + 4% incline (Recovery 1 min)

30-seconds @ 9.2 + 5% incline

Cool-Down 1-mile

Such a great workout. I have a longish run tomorrow and then my 3rd treadmill workout on Sunday.

On another note, Pedro bought me wireless earbuds and I LOVE THEM.  First of all, I should mention that earbuds don’t work well with me. They constantly fall out and it just becomes such a nuisance.  I need the ones that clip onto your ears.

AMAZING!!!! The features are:

Wireless connection

6-hours rechargeable battery

Built-in Microphone

SWEAT RESISTANT (this is my favorite part because I sweat a lot)

Carrying EVA Case

I usually have the big bulky wireless headphones, but these are so great. Light, easy and they don’t fall out of my ears!!! Now, I don’t normally run with music, but since I’ve been doing a lot of solo runs these days, I’m glad to have the option to run with music.

Do you run with music? Have you tried wireless headphones/earbuds? 

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! I have about an hour left before I scoot out of here. 


Recap by Numbers + Celebrating Seuss

Strength/Core – COMPLETED

All week I have been trying to get on here to post something but it’s been pretty crazy at the office.  At least it’s my Friday.  Just a quick recap of the past weekend and early week.

1. Friday (2/26) I registered B for Pre-K and took him out to the diner. I love having dates with him.


We did the food shopping right after. My dad came home from the hospital on Friday so we visited briefly before we headed over to dance.  He’s home the rest of this week and goes back for his transplant on Monday, March 7th.

2.  I got to run 9 miles with my solemate, Cici, this past Saturday (2/27) and we had an amazing RUN.  We did the first 7 miles at a regular pace and the last 2-miles at race pace. NAILED IT.

9 mile run

3.  After my run,  Lili and I met up with my best friend and her daughter for a Frozen Ball.

frozen ball

It was too much fun and so much cuteness involved.


best friends

frozen ball 2

She had so  much fun.  In fact, she kept saying she was going back tomorrow to see Queen Elsa. I had to break the news to her that we weren’t going back.

3.  Sunday (2/28), I woke up and did weights.  Then I had to bake brownies and cookies for our brunch with P’s family.

cookies brownies


We got to his parents’ house at around 11:15.


It was a great spread and everything was delicious.

sanchez boys

It was 60-degrees out so after brunch we took the kids to the park.


park 2

They didn’t want to leave but B needed a nap.  So we got home, put him down and then Lili and I read some books.  Her reading is getting so much better.  Then when B woke up, the kids and I headed over to spend some time with my dad.  I gave them a bath there and as soon as we got home they were in bed.

4.  Monday (2/29) my grandfather turned 20 years old.  He’s a leap baby.  We didn’t get to see him this year.   We’re hoping we’ll see him after my dad’s transplant.  I  woke up and ran 3-miles before the whole morning routine drill.  After work, the kids and I headed over to the library for story/craft.



They read Wiggles and made a little wiggle dog.


We were home by 7:15 and I started dinner.It was a long day.

5. Tuesday (3/1) I did another short run before work.  After work I took the kids to gymnastics.


It’s a new session.  The kids love gymnastics.  Good news is it’s down the street from the house.  I got home and made my dad’s bistek (beef steak and onions).


P must have been craving it because he ate two plates. I put the kids down and they took forever to sleep.  As soon as they did, I cleaned up the kitchen, living room and dining room and then I took out the big old arts/crafts box and prepared activities for the next night. Also, I decorated the room for Dr. Seuss’ birthday.

dr.seuss birthday

I was out by 1 AM only to be up running 4-miles at 6.  The things you do for your kids. They’re worth it.

6.  Celebrating Seuss (3/2). After work yesterday, I place a pizza and chicken wings that I had marinating from that morning into the oven.  We had one hour to do our Seuss activities.


We had a lot of fun.  Dinner was ready close to 8, so after, I put kids down and literally passed out with them. I basically left the kitchen a bit of a mess but good news is, our lovely cleaning lady comes today.

I have another busy weekend coming up including my dad’s big 60th birthday and Sabrina’s confirmation.  Lots to celebrate.  Also, as cold as it is today and the impending snow we are supposed to get tomorrow — we’re supposed to hit temps up to 70s next week.  So excited.

Who else is ready for Spring? 


What Day Is It?

8:00 AM: Tracy Anderson’s Post Pregnancy Workout – COMPLETED

Being on maternity leave has me absolutely clueless to what the date and/or day it is.  Fun times.  I’m trying not to think of how quickly the months will go (especially once the “BERS” kick in) and enjoy my time home with my babies.  P goes back to work on Wednesday and it’s me with two kiddos.  My in-laws and parents have told me that if I feel overwhelmed ever, I can drop Lili off, and I may take them up on it once in awhile, but for the most part, I love being with both my babies.  I didn’t become a mom to drop my kids off somewhere.  I love spending every single minute with them. They are my life.

Anyhow, good news #1:  I had my follow-up appointment with my regular doctor and my blood pressure has finally gone DOWN.  Thank goodness. I had gone on Monday to see my OB/GYN and it was still at about 150/96.  Yesterday, my regular doctor took it twice and it was 117/76 and 117/72.  Thank the Lord.  Lili ended up coming with me to the doctor’s office. She was so stinkin’ cute.  Even the techs and receptionists were smitten by her.  As soon as they called me in, she followed behind me and all the girls chimed in with, “OH, SHE IS YOUR MINI YOU!!!”


doctor's office

After the appointment, we headed home and I had to put her down for a nap. We ate lunch first, then it took me forever to get Sebastian down, but as soon as he went down, I started baking brownies and cookies.  Then I prepped the lasagna for dinner. My in-laws were coming by and I told them to stay for dinner.

Baked Lasagna

Baked Lasagna

I put the lasagna in the oven at about 4:45 and then woke Lili up. My in-laws got to the house by 5 and we hung out for a bit.  Sebastian was still sleeping.  He was actually good and slept through dinner and desserts — he woke up at about 6:30 when I had to feed him.  I fed him quickly and then we hung out for about an hour more with my in-laws before they headed home.  When they were leaving, I had already cleaned up and then gave Lili a bath.  We then read books in bed.

Bed-Time Selection Stories

Bed-Time Selection Stories

Of course, last night was two hours of Grey’s Anatomy.  YAY!!! I stayed up to watch it all and then I was exhausted. So tired, but baby woke up 30-minutes when I was just getting into my deep sleep. Bummer. Needless to say, I was exhausted today.

Freshly Bathed & Full Bellies

Freshly Bathed & Full Bellies


But yeah, hard to ever be upset or annoyed at these two.  Look at how cute they are?

Oh, and Wednesday was day #1 of ABS. Hooray.  I actually did just the ABS part on Wednesday and then power-walked on inclines for 3.05-miles yesterday.  Today I did the entire video.  It was great.  I remember with Lili, I was more sore, but this time, I’m just a little sore. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow. Here’s the 2-weeks and 2-days post-pregnancy picture.

2-Weeks + 2-Days Post Pregnancy

2-Weeks + 2-Days Post Pregnancy

I have 8-lbs to get to my pre-pregnancy weight.  Diet is still icky.  I need to be more conscious — today, I’ve given up on it.  I was too tired all day so empty calories were consumed.  Not good. I’ll get back on it ASAP.

What fall shows are you looking forward to? Mine are Boardwalk Empire, Grey’s and Revenge.  There’s a new one I saw, I think it’s Betrayal? I can’t even remember.

Does anyone watch Breaking Bad? Newsroom?

Do you DVR or watch night of?

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Racing Season & Losing Weight

5:50 AM: 3-Mile Run – COMPLETED

6:30 AM: Core – COMPLETED

I had a shorter run on tap this morning and thank goodness it was only 3. For the most part, I’ve been following the plan thoroughly. Last week, I slacked with the weight training sessions though. I’m trying to get back on the saddle this week. If you know me by know, I love to eat and for the most part, I eat everything in moderation. Yes, that’s right. I refuse to give up french fries, cookies, pizza, chocolate, etc. It’s strange because pre-pregnancy, I found myself always trying to eat squeaky clean. After reading my running diary from 2010, my weight was ranging between 6-10 lbs. more than I am now. I’m ranging anywhere between 6-8-lbs less than I was when I first got pregnant and I eat less clean than I did back then (and maybe even during my pregnancy. There’s a stipulation in this though; during my pregnancy, anything greasy that I ate or smelled I would vomit and this happened throughout all the trimesters).

I’m not breastfeeding and I still eat whatever I want for the most part. Here’s the thing, I very rarely overeat. Do I still want to lose some weight? Sure, I’d like to lose 5-7 lbs. before the racing season approaches, and uh, well, the racing season is approaching now. I just had to renew my USATF membership and I made sure my dues were up to date with the running group. First race of the season is on March 11th. Too bad we won’t be able to run it though, we’re scheduled for our first 20-mile run that day. We considered running 8-miles beforehand since the race is a 20k. But Courtney thinks she might feel pressured to run it hard and fast and that might hurt a bit after. I am still looking into the other races that the group has up. I really need to check out racing schedule and coordinate it with the training plan.

My goals are to have a stronger core. I know this might sound strange, but a week with not as much weight training that I usually do (I try to do weights 3-4x a week including core), I can feel the jiggle in my mid-section creeping back in. What does this mean? More weights/core and less eating junk. No, I’m not going to cut it out completely. I need my goodies.

While using the restroom this morning (#1), I noticed one of my running magazines in the bin. It was the June issue of Running Times. I don’t remember reading this issue but I remember bringing it to the hospital when I delivered Lili. HA. There was an article on how to be a faster runner; it’s all in the core.

So I read the article and I did the workouts with two slight modifications because, well, I don’t have hurdles in my living room.

1. Donkey Kicks
2. Leg Whips
3. Scissor Kicks
4. Hurdle Walkovers Alternate Lead Leg
5. Over/Under Hurdles (imaginary again)
6. Leg Lift Abs
7. Bicycle Abs
8. Back Hypers

I did 3 rounds of 10-reps and with the abs, I did 20 of those, 4x. All-in-all a good core workout post short run.

How often do you work on your core? What’s your first race for the season Secretly, I’d love to have well-defined abs. It doesn’t have to be a 6-pack nor does it have to be flat, but something with some definition is my goal. It doesn’t have to be by the first race of the season, but it would be nice to have them before the VT marathon.

On another note, we finally had a nice family shot taken at the party on Sunday. It would be perfect if Lili was actually looking, but I’ll take it. Pedro and I rarely have any pictures together with the baby.

My Love Life

They really are truly the best people in my life.

Post-Pregnancy Abs

5:45 AM: Bob Harper’s Pure Burn Super Strength – COMPLETED

I was able to squeeze in a run during lunch yesterday and I overestimated the weather. I was overdressed for this run. First, there was a chance of rain, so I wore a hat. I’m not big on wearing hats during a run, but mainly because I have sensitive skin, so right by my hairline, I start getting all itchy. Then, I wore gloves. It was so not necessary. I also wore long sleeves, which I probably would have been better off wearing a zip-up with a tank underneath. Yes, that’s how warm it felt. I can’t complain though. I had a great run in perfect weather.

I used the same route as last week’s lunch time run. The only change I made was taking a detour through the park. It’s a small park and I’ve never ran through it, so I thought, why the heck not.

As lovely as it was, I probably should have stuck to my route because I came out short at the end of my run. I wanted to do close to 4.5-5 miles and it came out to 4.10. But, a run is a run, so I will not complain.

So, I’m really digging my Bob Harper workouts. Today I tried out the last workout I purchased and I have to say, it’s intense, in a good way. I had to stop a few times during T-planks. I am feeling tight and sore in places I didn’t think I could feel sore. I’m sure I’m feeling a lot of this soreness because it’s my first week trying them out, but seriously, I give his workouts an A+. If you don’t belong to a gym and like working out in the comfort of your own, I highly recommend his workouts! All you need are weights and a mat.

I’m close to entering 6-months post-pregnancy. Can you believe it? Can you believe that Lili is almost 6-months old?!? I mean, really, where does the time go? I feel like the entire pregnancy was a dream. A good dream at that.

I have been terrible at posting my post-pregnancy updates. Well, first of all, Pedro took my stand away. I use to use the stereo speaker to put my camera so I can self-time pictures. He decided his man-cave needed surround sound. Hence, no more easy access to taking self-portraits. I need to invest in a stand.

If you remember, here’s what I looked like 2-weeks post-pregnancy:

Then 1-month post-pregnancy.

Then 10-weeks post-pregnancy (almost 3-months later).

Then I stopped taking updates because I didn’t have my stand. I attempted to take them today with my phone. Not sure how clear they look, but here’s what I got.

After looking at these pictures, the quality is very poor. But it’s all I got. It’s still a work in progress. I mean, I can’t expect miracles here. My body was stretched out with a baby. It takes a lot of hard work, motivation, determination. Fortunately, I’m motivated when it comes to working out. However, when it comes to food, a lot of times I can’t resist my sweets and pizza and french fries. HA! I do try to watch what I eat and limit my sweets and junk intake, but sometimes, it’s hard to resist.

Do you watch what you eat? Do you budget your calories? I am big on watching what I eat. I try to eat more during the day and less at night. I also try to have a good, strong workout before events (i.e holiday parties, Thanksgiving, birthday parties, etc.).

One Year Ago

6:30 AM: 3-Mile Run – COMPLETED

7:00 AM: The Tracey Anderson Post-Pregnancy Method – COMPLETED

I’m feeling pretty sore on the lower part of my body. I’m guessing it’s from the kettlebell workout on Monday. It was a good workout altogether. I had a rough night of sleep though; not because of Lili. In fact, Lili slept 9-hours straight. I gave her last feeding at 8:22 and put her down in her crib at 8:45. Initially I heard her crying at 4. I used the bathroom, went into the nursery and she went back to sleep. So I sat in the rocker and didn’t even realize I fell asleep for 45-minutes. I got up and went back to bed and Lili woke up at 5:45. Wow, 9-hours straight. I really hope this is going to be the new routine.

In other news, today is a very special day. One year ago today, Pedro and I learned that our lives were going to be changed for the better. He gave me the best gift I could ever ask for, ever.

(This is the FIRST pregnancy test. I really thought Aunt Flo was on her way, but decided to just take one at work. I sent this to Pedro via text). We found out WE were having a BABY. It’s unreal that it was a year ago. I remember standing in the bathroom stall saying, “Please be positive. Please be positive.” When I saw the faint line, my heart stopped for a second and I wanted to cry, but I was also not sure if it was positive. I ran back into the office, said to my best friend (who happens to be my co-worker, too), “Okay, I know this might be gross, but look at this… is it positive???” And we screeched and hugged and I called Pedro immediately. He never looked at his phone so he didn’t get the picture message, so I just told him, “I’m pregnant!” He was shocked. Just one try and he knocked me up. Now, that’s some super sperm. HA.

It’s crazy how time flies. A year ago, I was pregnant and now, our little girl is talking up a storm, smiling, cooing, and just so much fun to be around. I can’t wait to have more babies. Okay, just one more. We feel that Lili needs a sibling and two is perfect.

If you want or have babies, how many would you want?
My sister has one and only wants one. I know they can be a handful (and her and her husband would make another gorgeous baby), but sometimes one is just enough.