Races & Places

Since my blog was started mainly because I love to run, I decided to add a section on past & future races.


03.16.08 Millburn Spring Run 10K – 53:19 (Avg. Pace: 8:34 min/mi)
03.30.08 St. Paddy’s 10-Mile Run – 1:29:00 (Avg. Pace: 8:54 min/mi)
07.04.08 Firecraker 4-Miler – 35:25 (Avg. Pace: 8:51 min/mi)
09.28.08 Newport Half Marathon – 1:54:03 (Avg. Pace: 8:50 min/mi)
11:28.09 Westfield Turkey Trot 5-Miler – 43:22 (Avg. Pace: 8:40 min/mi)
03.21.10 St. Paddy’s 10-Miler Run – 1:36:31 (Avg. Pace: 9:39 min/mi)
04.25.10 Women’s More Half Marathon – 2:13:00 (Avg. Pace: 10:00 min/mi)
05.02.10 Long Branch Relay 3rd Leg 9.8-Miles (Avg. Pace: 10:30 min/mi)
05.16.10 Superhero Half Marathon – 2:09:13 (unofficial) (Avg. Pace 9:40)
06.06.10 Montclair YMCA 10k Race – 1:03:04 (unofficial)
09.19.10 Rock & Roll Philly Half Marathon – 2:02 (unofficial)
11.21.10 Girls on the Run 5k (COACHING)
03.20.11 St. Paddy’s 10-Mile Race – 1:51:15 (Avg. 11:15 min/mi) – *26 weeks, 5-days pregnant.
04.03.11 Women’s More Half Marathon – 2:51:15 (Avg. 13:12 min/mi) – *28 weeks, 5-days pregnant.
05.01.2011: Summit’s Open House 5-Miler – 1:01 – *32-weeks, 5-days pregnant.
06.06.11: New Balance GOTR 5k (with Sabrina) – *37-weeks, 6-days pregnant.
06.11.11: 5-k Run for Jaycee GOTR – 36:03 – *38-weeks, 4-days pregnant.
05.29.12 Vermont Burlington Marathon – 4:33:01
06.09.12 Florham Park Run for Jaycees 5k (w/ Lili in jogger) – 32:40 (Avg. Pace 10:31 min/mi)
07.19.12 Verizon Wireless Corporate 5k – 25:01 (Avg. Pace 8:03 min/mi)
07.25.12 Westfield Pizza 5k – 24:51 (Avg. Pace 8:00 min/mi)
09.01.12 Color Run 5k w/ jogger- (not a timed race – run for fun, but we ran it in 31:32).
11.04.12 NYC ING Marathon – CANCELED
11.18.12 Bucks County Series Trail Marathon – 4:09 (Avg. Pace 9:31 min/mi)
11.22.12 Ashenfelter 8k Turkey Trot: 49:02 (Avg. Pace 9:53 min.mi) w/ Lili in jogger

01.01.13: Hangover 5k Race (Westfield): 23:09 (Avg. Pace 7:23 min/mi) 3rd Place Age Group
01.27.13 NYC Half Marathon (NYC): (Unofficial with Celeste 1:45:40) (Official TM: 1:52)
03.17.13 Shamrock Marathon (VA Beach): 4:14 (Pregnant with Baby #2)
05.05.13 Our House 5-mile Race (19-weeks Pregnant): 51:30
05.18.13 Brooklyn Half Marathon (20-weeks Pregnant): 2:11
06.15.13 Run for Jaycees 5k (24-weeks + 5-days Pregnant) w/ Lili in jogger – 30:15
06.29.13 Run For Amber Pizzo 5k – (26-weeks + 5-days Pregnant) w/ Lili in Jogger 31:00
07.04.13 4th of July Firecracker 5k – Milltown, NJ – (27-weeks and 6-days)

Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/profile/rachel521/#ixzz2aeHRGGvM

Upcoming Races:

St. Paddy’s Day 10-Mile Race

Women’s More Half Marathon

Superhero Half Marathon (Last race as a single woman before getting hitched).

YMCA 10-K Race (First race as a married woman).

27-weeks Pregnant: 10-Mile St. Paddy’s Day Race

29-Weeks Pregnant: Women’s Half Marathon

32-Weeks Pregnant: Summit 5-Mile In Our House Race

38-Weeks Pregnant: 5k- Run for Jaycee

39-Weeks Pregnant: New Balance 5k GOTR

Favorite Places to Run:

marathon finish

mile 12

Holding on strong.

Holding on strong.

mile 5

Joker Smile

Joker Smile

Thought Bubble: "Emma, you're stresssssing me out!"

Thought Bubble: “Emma, you’re stresssssing me out!”

Buck's County Marathon 4:09

Buck’s County Marathon 4:09

3rd Place (age group)- Hangover 5k

3rd Place (age group)- Hangover 5k

Shamrock Marathon 4:14 - Pregnant with Baby #2

Shamrock Marathon 4:14 – Pregnant with Baby #2


7 thoughts on “Races & Places

  1. you are amazing – great running record and several while pregnant!! just wanted to ask what type of treadmill do you have? we’ve been contemplating buying a treadmill for a few months but want to balance quality with price. any advice you have is welcome! thanks!

    • Thanks! We invested in our treadmill back in ’09. After research and also a tread in our “affordable” price range, we went with the Sole F80. Honestly, I love it. We needed something very sturdy since it snows out here during the winter. I also knew once I got pregnant, winter runs would be indoors for fear of falling. I’m already clumsy… I think we purchased it for under $1,000 and they installed it too. My girlfriend just got a Nordic Track (Sp?) for $800 and my other girlfriend got a Proform. I’m not sure how Proforms are, but the Nordics have to be pretty good. Let me know if there’s anything else I could help with. I think it’s a great investment though. Especially if you have a little one at home. ;o)

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