Crumby Baby

6:45 AM: Chalene’s Lean Extreme – COMPLETED

Boy, it’s another hot and YUCKY (wow, I haven’t used that word in ages. I feel like a 32-year old stuck in a 4-year old’s mind) day. I heard on the radio that it’ll be 95-degrees but feel like 105. Is that even possible?!? Oh, I cannot wait for Fall to get here. I was scheduled for a 40-minute run yesterday but only got 3.15-miles in. The heat was just unbearable; 90-degrees by the time I hit the pavement. Just the way your bottle of water freezes in the winter, my water (what was left of it) was pipin’ HOT by the end of my run.

Taylor Park

The park that I run through right across my job. It’s very small, but it let’s me squeeze in less than a mile or so. Also, there’s a water fountain!

I sure hope that the weather cools down by Thursday at the very least. I really, really hate racing in the heat. On top of that, my left eye was giving me issues yesterday. I knew it was a bit irritated, but didn’t realize the seriousness of it until I took out my contacts. My entire eyeball was bloodshot red. I used some drops and while it alleviated some of the pain, it didn’t really clear it up until this morning. I’m giving my eyes a rest and wearing glasses for the next two days.

Let’s hope it’s 100% by Thursday night because I don’t run with glasses.

On a random note, I have to say that my MIL gave me the best (aside from my husband’s gift) mother’s day gift this year. If you have a baby/toddler, I highly recommend you own this in your home.

Suck it UP

Oh Dirt Devil, how I love you so. The majority of dirt in this baby happens to be Lili’s crumbs. If we had a dog, he/she would be so happy (and we’d be mad from watery poop from a dog all over the house).

What do you use to clean up baby’s crumbs? Are there any tips you can give a gal?

How do you keep cool when you run in this heat? Do you run in just a sportsbra? (Or if you’re a guy, without a shirt?).


Making Beatz

6:30 AM: 1-Mile Speed Warm-Up – COMPLETED

6:45 AM: Brazil Buttlift High and Tight – COMPLETED

I was planning on running a little bit longer, but honestly, I was not in the mood. I know, I know… I need to get some base training in here before NYC Marathon training starts on the 16th. I’ll start this weekend into next week. Yeah, that will give me a week of runs before we dig deep into the training. (And then I remembered why, Oh, why, I hate training for Fall marathons. Running in the heat!@$@#@). Unfortunately, my running girls are not training for any Fall marathons so I may be training this solo. I’ll need to get some music going for my long runs. Perhaps I’ll ask this DJ what she recommends.

What kind of music do you want to listen to?

Diggin’ …

Lili on the 1s and 2s

Scratch Master Sanchez

She recommended a few beats for me and put them aside. I’m sure her mix will come out perfect.

Of course I forgot the Chicken Paella recipe that I wanted to post for you all. It came out delicious.

Chicken Paella

I promise to post the recipe up as soon as I can. The only problem is it calls for a spice that I’m not even sure you can buy at the supermarkets out here. I just found it on a website where we order most of our Spain products. I need to place an order stat. I was a bit nervous at first making this dish. My first time usually isn’t the best. It takes time to perfect. However, I received some positive reinforcement from Pedro as he ate TWO full plates last night. Looks like it came out close to his mom’s. I love when that happens.

How do you do with new recipes? I like easy ones that require very little ingredients. Then again, doesn’t everybody?

Sleeping without Baby: Take One

6:45 AM: 3-Mile Run – COMPLETED

It took me will and power to get my run in this morning. Lili was not trying to go down at her 5AM feeding and finally fell asleep on me around 6, which got me so comfortable that I fell asleep also. I woke up at 6:30 to transfer her to the swinger and then hopped on the tread. I really couldn’t hold it off to tonight because Pedro and I have to go to church for one of those sessions you attend when you baby is being Baptized. I’m going to have to rush out of here, go pick up Lili, give her a bath, eat dinner and then make our way to church. I should really prepare everything for the next day so that I don’t have to worry much about anything when we get home, or the next morning.

When Lili and I got home from my parents’ house, I hung out for a bit before heading home. Pedro helped me bring some groceries in while I took Lili in. Then I had to hand her over to him while I started the cooking phase. I was making Pedro a Shepard’s Pie and myself some Tortilla. I was done with my food, but Pedro’s took a little longer and by the second phase of his Shepard’s Pie, I was able to take Lili off his hands so that I could finish up putting the ingredients into the pie dish.

Remember the first time I used the Baby Bjorn? She gets fussy when she first gets in, but then she loves it. In fact, she falls asleep in it. HA. After half an hour, I took her out and put her in her playpen. Unfortunately, she lasted 15-minutes while Pedro and I were about to start eating our dinner. I rocked her in her rocker/sleeper and then we fed her.

On Sunday, Pedro and I discussed having Lili sleep in her nursery. We thought it was time for her to get used to sleeping in there because I’m a sucker for always wanting her to sleep in bed with me at some point in the night. I miss her too much, even when she’s next to me. I know, that must sound crazy. Anyway, on Sunday night, when the time came, I quickly took her into bed with me (not even in her bassinet next to the bed, literally in our bed). Pedro rolled his eyes. I just wasn’t ready.

So yesterday night, I started to prepare her nursery. I moved the monitors into her room, made her crib comfy, put a nightlight in, P put the fan in there and then I rocked her in the glider. It took two tries to finally get her down. I almost cried, but she’s right across the hall. Why can’t she sleep with me forever?

Anyway, next on the list is getting her off the binky. I was reading a book and it says by 3-months you should try to get them off the pacifier. I don’t know… she likes it only when she’s tired. So is it necessary for me to take it away from her?

One more day until we get a day off. I’m so looking forward to it. We have fun plans.

A Mini Baby Shower

I am preparing this post from the hospital (It’s Tuesday night, 10:10 PM). I had such a busy, busy day, I cant believe I’m here right now in my bed. Details will be posted in the whole “hospital” post. Pedro and I had a lot to get done before we left for the hospital. I started the day with a run, followed by breakfast with Courtney. I mentioned yesterday that her baby shower is this coming Saturday. I didn’t think that I’d be here in the hospital tonight, but here I am. I was happy that her gifts came in the mail the night before. Now I was able to give it to her in advanced.


Courtney reading the long card I gave her.


Baby blanket (same one I made for Baby Jordan, but still have to give it to her).


Mary-Jane socks/shoes.


And a stool personalized with Ava Lynn’s name. I thought it went with her nursery.

Okay, I am finishing up my ice-chips and then hitting the hay, if I can… (If I need some help, I’ll take the ambien). Baby’s heartbeat is incredibly fast — I need energy for tomorrow’s big marathon…

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep

6:50 AM: Weight Training (Upper & Lower Body) – COMPLETED

When I speak of sleep, I’m talking about the newborn baby that’s about to make a debut. Last night, I realized that this baby is going to have so many places to nap/sleep. I know, I know… newborns do three things: Sleep, Eat, & Poop. Fortunately, we have a year long supply of diapers, thanks to mom. Eating won’t be much of a problem either because we have a ton of formula, but also, I intend to breastfeed.

Sleep, however, well we’ve been given so many wonderful gifts for our precious baby to sleep in. My mom gave us our beautiful crib. However, other places for baby to stay in when s/he’s just a wee bit tiny will be in the following:

1. Bassinet: My sister gave this to us about a year and a half ago. I am pretty sure Pedro and I weren’t even married yet, but we knew eventually we’d have babies. Also, my sister doesn’t intend to have any more babies, so she gave this to beautiful bassinet to us that Scarlett used when she was first born. Of course, since it was in our closet, it was dusted and the cloth needed to be washed. It took my forever last night to put back together — I mean, at least 45-minutes and towards the end, Pedro came over to help me.

I’m glad I didn’t go postal on this because it really is a beautiful bassinet. A pro is that it rolls from room to room. Also, you can take off the Moses basket and put another piece on top to change the baby’s diapers. It also holds blankets on the bottom piece and diapers, powder, baby wipes, etc. We can use this bassinet until the baby gains 25 lbs.

2. Moses Basket: My wonderful boss of 13 years had this Moses basket stored away for two years! She knew eventually I was going to have a baby and had been stocking up on some things. She’s seriously like family.

Isn’t she a beauty? We’re contemplating keeping this one at my mom’s house because it’ll be easier to carry and secondly, I go back to work 6-weeks after I have the baby. The baby can easily sleep in this basket.

Thanks again, Doc.

3. Rocker/Sleeper: With this on my gift registry, it was a gift from one of the girls at my baby shower (but she doesn’t even know it! I used her gift card). I was so happy when it came in the mail yesterday.

It was after 9 when we finished the bassinet but I was determined to get this baby together. It was pretty simple and so convenient because it folds.

Two huge Pros: As I mentioned it folds up and can easily be carried from room to room or even to someone’s house. Also, it rocks back and forth. I gave it a good test try while sleeping in bed. Holds up to 25 lbs.

So how does one put baby down for nap? Some people like to read and we received plenty of reading materials from our baby shower. They have been laying around collecting dust on baby’s dresser until I nagged about getting a shelf already. We didn’t want to get a book shelf because we didn’t want to block any artwork if we didn’t have to, so we decided to get a shelf that we can drill into the wall. Pedro picked out a nice sturdy piece and while I was cursing under my breath while putting the Bassinet back together, he was putting up the shelf.

I have to say, it looks amazing and he did such a great job.

We don’t have bookends… so for now, we’re improvising.

So, what do you think? I think we’re almost done with the baby’s room, but there are still a few things around the house that need to get done. I wanted to do so much more, but didn’t have the time to get to it and I feel awful because the maid comes today. Hopefully it’s not too hard for her to clean around certain areas.

So close to the weekend. I’m looking forward to it. Happy Thursday.

Hustlin’ Sunday

I woke up pretty early this morning with lots of things on my to-do list. Last night, P and I had a great dinner with our friends, Jacquie & Sean. We got home late and I slept in a little later. I know, 7 doesn’t really sound like sleeping in, but for someone that wakes up at 5, well, 7 is considered “sleeping in”.

What did I do? Well, I had two loads of laundry that I really wanted to get done. Then I ate some breakfast. After I put the second load in the wash and the first one in the dryer, I cleaned some things for the baby and organized the baby’s room. I decided to make some lentils for the week. Pedro woke up, showered and then we headed out to lunch at Qdoba before going to his mom’s house for my birthday desserts with the family.

We had my favorite cake, Carvel with crunchies, a homemade sponge cake and fresh fruits with whipped cream. YUM. Then the females chatted while Pedro played with the kids and the other two men took naps in the living room. I got some more gifts.


From my niece, Sabrina.


I love Toy Story.


Before parting, we made sure to make plans with the kids to watch Kung Fu Panda II on Tuesday evening. Have I mentioned how busy my week is going to be? I’ll get to that later. Pedro and I got home by 5:30 and I went back into the kitchen to prepare a Chicken Pot Pie and Six-Cheese Baked Mac & Cheese. Pedro invited his friend, Pete, over to watch the NBA Finals. While in the middle of this, Pedro needed my help to move some things around. I’ll get to that even later.

While dinner was baking (yes, I cooked a lot today, but I’m happy that there will be leftovers), we rearranged the living room for the third time in the last week. It’s not as spacious now, but I like it now. We decided that once the baby starts crawling, walking, moving around, etc. we’ll most likely move the coffee table elsewhere.

Pedro, Pete & I watched the game while eating dinner. After dinner, I cleaned up, they relocated in the bedroom and I took care of some bills.


All due when the baby makes his/her appearance, so I’m glad that’s out of the way. Anyhow, I’m off to bed. It’s a late night because I wanted to watch the finals and I’m glad that Dallas took it all the way. Good game. But yeah, if I want to make it to spin tomorrow, I better hit the sheets.

Why do weekends go by so fast?

Showered with Gifts

6:45 AM: 3-Mile Run – COMPLETED

I had my Breastfeeding Class last night at the hospital. I really don’t understand why they would hold a class from 7-9:30 — don’t they know that pregnant women are tired?!? Perhaps it’s just me?!? I’m usually in bed by between 8-9:30. I mean, it might just be me though. Pre-pregnancy, I was in bed super early. But, to put things into perspective, I wake up really early (anywhere between 4-6 AM) to workout, so I’m in bed early. In general, I am a morning person. The entire day/afternoon yesterday, I kept hemming and hawing over whether I should just stay in the area I work in (since the hospital is down the street) or going home to get dinner and then coming back this way. It just didn’t make sense to me to (1) waste gas; (2) be driving back and forth. Finally, after going back and forth with my husband, he came up with this wonderful idea. He offered to take me to class and pick me up. What a guy. I felt 100x better now that I knew he’d take me and there were no arguments whatsoever. The thought of driving home late at night was not sitting with me well.

Anyway, I am glad that I went to class. The instructor was super nice and it was very informative. She did mention (post pregnancy) that if you had a party to go to and you have one glass of wine, they don’t teach you to “pump & dump” anymore. Instead, pump before you go out. Chances are, after 4 hours, the alcohol is out of your system. However, if you have more than one glass, then you might need to pump extra so you can buy yourself some time. Some interesting stuff here. I highly recommend this class to any new mother. Oh, and the sell their electric pumps for $190.00. I think that’s a great deal especially since (1) it’s from the hospital brand new; (2) in stores, they’re about $300+. So I am thinking of purchasing mine with them after delivery.

On another fun note, I wanted to share some gifts (in random posts) that I received at my baby shower. When I was registering for my baby shower months ago, I thought I had everything I wanted until I received a comment from two good friend, Deedra and Allie, about a food processor for the baby. They both highly recommended it. When I searched for one, I asked Allie where she bought her. She got hers from Williams Sonoma. I tried to see if they had a baby registry there, but no dice. I remember looking at the product while at work and my boss was passing by. She was asking what that was and when I told her, she told me to put it on my registry. After explaining that they don’t have a baby registry, she told me to email it to her and that would be my baby shower gift. How awesome is she?!?

I’ll be honest, I totally forgot about this gift and that she was getting it for me. I was even a little confused when I saw the gift in a huge Williams Sonoma bag. It clicked as I reached into the bag…

Baby’s own little food processor. As I opened the gift, I heard little whispers of “what a great idea that is” and “Oh, Rachel is really into eating healthy. What a great idea!”

I wasn’t expecting her to buy me anything more than just the food processor, so when I saw that she also picked out a storage container, I was happy.

And that’s not it…

The cookbook to go with the food processor. How very, very thoughtful. I’m planning on buying the little lunch box to go with it since my dad will be watching Baby S. I know what’s going to happen though… Baby will be eating Filipino food. You’ll see…

If you happen to have any good baby food recipes, please share.

I got a lot of great gifts. This gift made the top 5. It goes right next to my glider and Sanchez Jets Jersey.


5:45 AM: Spinning – COMPLETED

6:45 AM: 1.5-Mile Run/Walk- COMPLETED

I hope everyone had a fabulous Mother’s Day. Ours was way too busy. As I mentioned yesterday, I had accomplished so much before we had to head out (baking, laundry, running, washing and drying dishes, putting baby gifts away, etc., etc., etc.). I was so tired by the time we headed out to Mother’s Day event #1. We were heading over to Pedro’s brother’s in-laws house for a later lunch. Invitations were for 2-2:30. We got there at exactly 2:30pm. BBQ wasn’t served until 4pm. I had to really eat light because we were having dinner with my mom at 7:30. It’s really hard to have to attend two events, but we do what we can. The food was definitely delicious, but I think I got bit by some mosquitos. Mosquitos just love my blood for some reason.

Anyhow, we headed home around 5:15 but needed to stop by CVS to pick up some cards. Yes, I wanted to start and finish my Thank You cards so I could have that out of the way. If I don’t do them now, I’ll procrastinate and it won’t get done. We got home close to 6pm with an hour to spare. So, I did what any responsible person should do and started my Thank You cards. I ran short by five, but I am pretty sure I have some blank ones at the office. Otherwise, I have 23 cards ready to be sent out first thing tomorrow morning. Am I good or am I good?

We were meeting my family for Mother’s Day dinner at 7:30, so we headed out at 7:20. It’s right down the street, so that worked out perfectly. It turns out, Pedro and I were the first ones there. It never happens that way.


I got to sit next to my sweet goddaughter. Is she not the cutest little thing ever? Oh wait, her eyes are closed. Let’s try this again.


She wasn’t happy that Tio (Pedro) was looking at her. Here’s one of the family.


My dad is missing as he’s in the Motherland. He’ll be home in a month though. He’s missing Mom’s Day, Scarlett’s 2nd Birthday and my 31st Birthday. He should be home in time for baby Sanchez’s birthdate.

As promised, here are a few pictures from my baby shower. I’ll probably post some throughout the week/month. I mentioned that my sister took a lot of pictures.


Mi familia.


Anna & I. Her theme was “duckies”. So cute.


Phuong & I. She got me a Baby Sanchez Jets Jersey, a Nets/Knicks onesie, and burberry shoes for the baby. How stinking cute is that? My baby is going to be sylin’ & profilin’. Oh, and thanks to Phuong, she helped me looked beautiful on this special day. Hair and make-up artist (for fun).


My brother & sister.


Game #1. Who can drink out of the bottle faster.




How convenient. My mom bought us a rabbit. The baby will be the year of the Rabbit.


Pedro’s diaper duty survival kit. Too funny.



I’m not sure what my mom is doing, but this is the picture I have with everyone that helped out with the shower. My sister helped out also, but she was the photographer. I’m sure she’ll have a better shot of this picture.

It was a great turnout. I had 31 friends/family attend, which was a perfect number. It was also an intimate setting. I’m glad it turned out well. Oh, and I got my ice-cream cake. So I was very happy.

It’s going to be yet another busy weekend. Actually the next two weekends are going to be jam-packed. I’ve already begged Pedro if we could just lay low on Memorial Day and he actually wants to do same. Thank goodness. I just want to enjoy the weekend and nest.

Alright, well, time to start the work week. Fun stuff. I’ve already headed over to Target to pick up a few things for Scarlett’s 2nd Birthday party this coming Saturday. I can’t believe my goddaughter is turning TWO! Time flies.

TGIF & Sunny…

7:00 AM: Upper Body Weights – COMPLETED

I’m slowly becoming just a Cardio Queen these days, I need to get my weights back in. Both upper body and lower body really helps out when you’re running long. You really need those arms to do some work the last few miles of a long run. I need to get back on the ball with some weights.

My evening didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to go, but it happens. I did receive a package off of my gift registry. I knew this package was coming in from my girlfriend, Hazel. She’s starting up her business, so if you get a chance, “like” her on Facebook. Sewbie. Anyway, when I got home the other day, I had this package waiting for me.

I love getting packages. I hate having to cut the boxes up though. We have a ton of boxes from the crib, dresser, glider, etc. We need some rope to recycle these boxes.

Love my monkey lamp. Hazel was pretty funny. She asked me if I really liked monkeys. I didn’t realize that a lot of the items on my registry were monkeys. I am the year of the Monkey. So maybe subconsciously I do love them?

I did put a lot of these safety plugs on my registry. Funny story, actually. It was 1985 and my sister was practicing the piano. I found a paperclip and thought to myself, “Hmm, perfect size to fit in the socket. What would happen?” Two things happened. I got electrocuted and left the paperclip in the socket. Then my mom decided to vacuum that day, saw the paperclip and beat me with a wooden spoon. Ouch. As if I didn’t learn my lesson.

Thanks, Hazel, for your thoughtful gifts. I really appreciate it. On another unrelated note, please keep a good friend of hers in your prayers. He is going in for surgery this morning to have a brain tumor (7.5 cm) removed. I have been keeping positive thoughts for her and his family. We can beat this!

Okay, I have a lot of errands this afternoon, so I hope we get an early dismissal. Now that would be a nice way to end the week!

Happy Friday.

Project Nursery: Take Six (Furniture Series)

6:45 AM: Weights- COMPLETED

Back to work Monday. It’s going to be a rough week to get myself back into the groove. I’m not really feeling it. Oh well. Not much I can do. My boss did tell me that she was going to be out of the office the week before I deliver so I more than welcomed not to even come in that week. I think I may take her up on that offer. We’ll see how things go.

I forgot to mention that on Friday, I got a few packages in. First, my dress that I’m going to wear for my baby shower. I love it. I bought one in the petite size and another in the maternity size. The petite works perfectly, so I’m going to return the other. hopefully it’ll still fit just fine in two weeks.

Another package that came in was a gift from my friend Jen. I met her through Livestrong a few years ago. I remember, it was early 2008 and we were both running our first half marathons. Hers was the Eugene Half. She’s running it again this year. Good luck, Jen. She ended up buying Baby Sanchez some gifts.


The monkey bedsheets will go perfect with the whole theme. It’s why I picked it out. I love the whole jungle/farm theme. Thank you, Jen, for your thoughtful gifts. I have such great friends. I just wish they could attend my baby shower.

Anyhow, Pedro did get started on the baby’s dresser. Here’s the first step from Friday night.


It’s not a pretty sight. In fact, Pedro did not look happy when he looked at the instructions. Here’s how far he got on Saturday. I think it was a total of almost 4-hours, but split in half. The first half, he was pissed because the directions were backwards. He figured it out though, but was still mad. I fell asleep on the couch that night super early — but heard P hammering away at 8. I ended up relocating into the bedroom at this point but woke up to his progress yesterday morning.


Unfortunately, all baby projects will be on hold this coming week. He’ll be studying hard for two exams he’s taking on Saturday morning. I have no doubt he’ll pass, but he really needs to get his nose in the books instead of in front of the TV playing Call of Duty and Madden (yes, he played last night for maybe two hours). Then, his parents return from vacation and I’m sure we’ll be visiting them at some point — on top of coaching Saturday and trying to nest. Oh, and Sunday is my 5-mile race. Fun stuff.

Happy Monday. Hope you all don’t have a hard time getting back into the daily grind.