The days/weeks just seem to fly by. I can’t believe it’s already mid-September.  It’s also hard to believe that it’s been almost a year since my dad was first diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma.

august 29 pop pop

Poppop with the grandkids

It seems like a bad nightmare we all had to go through. There were a lot of ER visits, hospital visits, etc.  He had his stem cell transplant that March and stayed in the hospital longer than expected because there were complications.  Finally he was home in April and gaining back strength (and his hair was growing back in as seen above).  The last four months he had follow-up visits and blood works.

Unfortunately, things aren’t heading in the direction we had hoped for.  After monitoring his blood works from the last few months, we learned that it looks like he will need yet another transplant.  This transplant will give him a year and half life span; maybe more. So we seem to be back at square one.

Next week, he will have a PICC line placed followed by a strong dose of chemo and then the transplant phase will begin.

We are all keeping positive thoughts.

On another note, the kids have started school.



I can’t believe we have a Kindergarten gal and a Pre-K 3 boy.  Time is zipping on by.

My in-laws (a/k/a the biggest support with the kids these days) left for Spain, so as you can imagine, I have so much on my plate between working F/T, dropping/picking kids up to/from school, getting dinner together, etc.

Unfortunately, with everything going on, I will have defer MCM this November.  My training has been inconsistent (sorry Chelsea… I thought this was the year we’d meet in person). I do have a half marathon next month and even though my training has been sub-par, I intend to run this race.  I would also love to get some shorter races in to get my speed back on the grid. Lots of speed training/tempo runs, etc.  I am getting a lot of strength training in.

So much more to update on (how kids did in school, some DIY projects I completed, etc.) but too much to put into one post. Just one more thing to add onto here.

Last Sunday, 9/11/16, was Sebastian’s 3rd Birthday.  I cherish that day 3 years ago.


Sometimes I wish I could go back to that day.  They’re so precious. And now, they’re so big.


Raise your hand if you’re THREE!

3-years later…

I think this is all I could handle for today.

What do you think I should do for MCM? Defer or just reapply for lottery in 2017?  My issue is I have a good chance of getting into NYCM so do I run back-to-back marathons in 2017? HA.



Weekly Update: IT’S MY FRIDAY

Is it me or did this week drag on or what?  Marathon training’s going and I also managed to get in weights 3x a week.  I know I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again, the humidity kills.

Anyhow, this past weekend (I know, days and days ago) was pretty much laid back.

My brother’s fiance watched the kids on Thursday, which worked out perfect for me.. The kids were thrilled to see her.

lili painting

b painting

On Friday we visited my parents.  I hadn’t seen them in weeks.  My mom and I took a few trips to Costco and then when B took a nap, Lili and I went to the park to hang out.

girls date

We had a mini-picnic, just her and I. While she played on the playground, I caught up on some reading materials.

runners world

By 1:30 PM, I ordered lunch for my parents and I then headed back home.  We stayed for a bit and then headed home.

The weekend we just kinda hung out. The weather was crap so we did a lot of imagination play.

dinner date with b

Lili was the owner of the restaurant.  We ordered food and had a nice meal.

dinner date with b 2

The kids found my running headlamp.

running light

Pedro said they looked like they were digging for gold.

Tuesday night we headed to movies in the park. It’s the last movie for the summer. I can’t believe summer’s coming to an end.

ej and mimi

They were showing Inside, Out. we love that movie.  I caught up on some reading.

national book lovers day

I started a new book.

girl on the train

It’s pretty good so far. I can’t put it down, but unfortunately I have two little ones that are demanding.

movie in the park

Such a good time.

Anyway, this weekend we have no major plans except my long run and back to school shopping. I can’t be school starts in less than a month.

What books are you reading? Book or Kindle?  I bought Me Before You also.  I prefer books rather than the kindle.


Summer Fun (and Hot Runs)…

I feel like I’m in my senior year of high school and have been absent for 3-weeks because I had the chicken pox (yes, it’s true, I was 17 years old when I got the chicken pox!).  I haven’t posted in a few weeks. Juggling the kids, work, marathon training and life has been quite the struggle, but I am getting through it.

Quick update (is it ever really quick?).  Kids started summer camp 3-weeks ago.  The first few days were okay, and then there were tears others, but now, they’re pros.

One of the days I picked the kids up, the teacher told me Sebastian had a (girl)friend that follows him and sits next to him at lunch. They supposedly feed each other lunch.

girlfriend at camp

Favorite part of the day is when I pick them up. But overall, they’re having a blast.

Their last week is next week but I am thinking of doing one more week after and then they’ll have two weeks before school starts (and for me to get Sebastian fully potty trained. We’re working on it!).

scientist day

We have spent some time with family when we can.  P’s nephew came to my office two Fridays ago and then he slept over.


We had dinner with my in-laws and then Jules, Lili and I hit up our favorite cafe, Van Goh’s Ear.

van goh

Then Sundays we go to mass.


We made it to the movies in the park again.  This time we watched Hotel Transylvania 2. Next week is the last movie in the park, Inside Out. I’m looking forward to that one.


And last Friday after work, I picked up my niece from her summer camp so that the kids had some time to play.

scarlett friday 7-30

When I’m not able to make it outdoors for a run, I turn to my trusty tread.

tread pll

And I just started binge watching Pretty Little Liars (and I’m obsessed.  Almost on season 4 so still so much to catch up on!).

We tried out a new hole in the wall Mexican place, Freppe’s.


And we loved it!!!!!!

Last weekend it RAINED and RAINED… so we made sure to do some indoors arts/crafts projects.

We read for the millionth time, Where the Wild Things Are and then made monsters and boats.  Then we did a paint night.

It was fun.

We try to get to the pool when we can.


And on Tuesday we went to National Night Out in town.

national night out

Sebastian was STAR-STRUCK when he saw Spiderman.

spiderman 2

And when Spiderman gave him a high-5, well, that just made his day.


AND Pedro’s birthday gift to me…

bday gifts

New shoes, fuel, compression socks, etc…. I’m in heaven. (and yes, my birthday was nearly two months ago… I just used his certificate yesterday!).

Do you watch PLL? What’s your favorite TV show(s)? I have a few. Breaking Bad, Grey’s Anatomy, Pretty Little Liars, Empire (which I still need to catch up on).

Plans for the weekend? I have a long run and nothing else on schedule really. I like those kinds of weekends…



June Festivities: I’m Late…July: Training Has Begun

(Mon): 4-Mile Run (Tues.): 6.2-Mile Hill Run (Wed.): Weight Training 

MCM training has officially started and I am reminded why fall marathons aren’t my fave… running in the heat sucks.

summer running

Which is why some runs are done on the treadmill. (Well really some runs are done on the treadmill because I have two small kids that are very demanding of my time.  I don’t mind though.  I love those babies.


I love my treadmill.  In any event, training is off to a great start.  (Picture with kids above is taken on Father’s Day 06.19.16).

AND… we celebrated Liliana’s 5th Birthday. Can you believe it? Remember when she was just born? And then we celebrated her 1st Birthday.  You can read that here and here.

She woke up on her birthday (06/22/16) with the house decorated and birthday gifts.

lili birthday 3

She had to go to school that day.  In fact, it was her last day.

lili birthday 4

Then we had some family come over to help celebrate FIVE.

She had a blast.  The next day we celebrated with more family at the movies.  We watched Finding Dory.

It was great to spend time with all her cousins.

june 23 movie 2

On Saturday she had birthday party #3 with her friends.

june 25 princess

She had too much fun.

june 25 princess 2

All the kids seemed to have a wonderful time. AND then her birthday was over, mainly because it was time to celebrate Pedro’s 40th Birthday!!!

pedro's 40th birthday

He loved the cake I got him (you have to be a Simpsons fan to understand this inside joke).

pedro's 40th

We were celebrating his big day on Saturday July 1st since his birthday was on a Monday at his favorite restaurant, Casa Vasca.

We had a great time and P was happy with the food. The next day we hung out with my SIL at her house. She just got her pool fixed.


It was nice out and we had a great time.  We headed home by 8 PM.  We were happy we had the day off for Fourth of July. Fourth of July is our holiday together; just P and the kids.

4th of july

Kids played in the yard and we grilled food.

It was a nice short week the following week. The last couple of weeks were a whirlwind of fun events.  The kids actually missed the library so we made a stop to pick up some books and hang out.

library computer


Lili recently learned how to use the mouse and is doing lots of school activities on the computer. Crazy how when I was growing up, we learned to type on typewriters and computers were a luxury.  Anyway, kids picked out some books and then we scheduled Lili to read to the dog this past Tuesday.

Monday night I met up with my best friends at Van Goh’s Ear.  Best coffee spot in my area.

van goh

And yesterday my MIL took Lili to the library to read to the dog.  Unfortunately, the dog called in sick so the cat filled in.

library 2

She read one book, “Sleepy Puppy” (we thought she was reading to the dog, but fortunately, the puppy in this story had a cat as a pet… HA!).


I picked up the kids from my in-laws and headed home to feed them dinner, prep P’s lunch for the next day, give baths and get our picnic bag ready. We were off to watch a movie at the park.

movie in park

We arrived at least 2 hours early but we got great seats.  I picked up sandwiches for the gang at this amazing deli.  My brother and his fiance showed up half hour later.

movie in park 2

It was SO MUCH FUN!!! If you’ve never watched a movie in the park, you should put it on your bucket list.

My brother is into that Pokemon Go app.


Cracks me UP!!!!

Sorry this was all over the place. It’s been a long month.

Have you ever gone to the movies at the park? 



School’s Out for the Summer

Well, it’s actually TOMORROW, when school’s officially out.  It also happens to be sweet Lili’s 5th birthday. Holy crap. I can’t believe my daughter is turning 5!!!! How did we get here already?  Anyhow, my quick weekly (more like week and a half) recap.

So, we had a plaly-date with Lili’s best (Fri. 6/10/16)


And they had a blast.  We gave all 4 kids a bath and as soon as we got home, they just needed to be tucked in. Easy Peasy.

The next day, my niece came over bright and early. I made a huge breakfast and then we started some activities. First we took them to the park. And by 1pm, we headed home to put B down for a nap.  I did a paint session with the girls.

It was very fun and we were going by our rule of NO TV for most of the day.  We were holding off on TV until before dinner.

paint 3

Didn’t they do a great job?

Anyway, after we were done painting, I knew B was going to wake up so I took out the playdoh and then I had to run out to drop off tickets for Lili’s dance recital at my in-laws.


I got home and found the three playing nicely.  While they played for almost 2 hours, I made dinner. Then it was eating time, bath and bed. I had to prepare for Lili’s dance recital.

Sunday (06/12/16), I woke up and gave the kids banana bread. I ran on the treadmill and then got all three kids dressed.  I showered and we were out of the house by 9:45.


Lili did a great job on her first recital ever.

miss sarah

Here she is with Miss Sarah.


After, we headed over to a restaurant to eat with family.  It was nice.  Then we went home and relaxed for a bit.

Last week was pretty busy also.  On Thursday (06/16/16), Lili had a little something for her Pre-K class.


They are so cute.  My FIL and I both attended. P was sick earlier that week so couldn’t take more time off.


And she’ll be starting Kindergarten now. My how time flies. The ceremony was pretty short and sweet.  I went to work and picked her up.  Then that night we prepared her goody bags for her classmates.  Her birthday is really tomorrow but we celebrated last Friday in school.


I really like how her goody bags came out.

Friday morning, B and I went food shopping and then stopped at Lili’s school for munckins and juice.


B was so excited to be in school. I can’t believe he’ll be going this September.


He did not want to leave her side. He had so much fun. He was hysterically crying when we had to leave.


And her goody bags were a huge hit.  All the kids were looking at their pictures, laughing, finding one another.


It happened to be her classmate’s birthday also.

Okay, too much picture overload here. I’ll have to do a quick recap of the weekend tomorrow.

As for running, it’s been going well. I have been getting miles in and some strength (not as much as I would like to, but I’m getting some in).  I start MCM training in a few weeks so I’m just enjoying the next few weeks of fun miles.

Who’s going on summer vacation? We’re not really going anywhere. I might do some long weekend to the beach but nothing huge.

Who’s running a lot of races this summer? Summer running/training is tough… I will try to hit the trails more so that I am in the shade.

First Trip to the ER + A MARATHON

Speed Work – PENDING

Well, we’ve made it 2 years and 7 months (unless we are including Lili, then it would be 4 years and 10 months) without making a trip to the ER.  They say boys are more rough, and boy oh boy is it true.  I left the office at 5 and got to my in-laws by 5:25.  As soon as I walked in, Sebastian was in good spirits, but he wasn’t using his left arm at all.  He was on the couch trying to grab the iPad on the floor but instead of getting up, he went arms first and I’m not sure if he just didn’t have enough strength or balance in his left hand that he somehow twisted it and fell on it weird?!? Needless to say, he was not using that arm/hand at all and he said it hurt.  He didn’t want anyone touching it and he couldn’t even put his jacket on.  I had to take them to gymnastics but for obvious reasons, I dropped Sebastian off at home.  P and I were texting each other the entire time and he was keeping me posted on his arm.  It didn’t seem right.  He couldn’t even unlock the magic with his oreo cookie.  And that is how we knew it was an EMERGENCY.  (I kid, but really, we knew it was pretty serious).  So, I left Lili at gymnastics and my BIL was going to take him home.  I got home, packed a bag of goodies and the iPad.  I ate a quick dinner and B and I were in the car by 7:15.

It’s a Tuesday night and the ER is packed. An hour later, we are in a room.


04.05.16 ER Visit

The nurses came in to take a look and he would cry when they tried to even move his arm. There was no bruising on the arm and she didn’t feel any swelling. They came back in and gave him some ibuprofen before the doctor came in to take a look.

er 2

And hour later, the doctor came in and examined him.  He was still not moving his arm without crying. He would hold onto his hand delicately if it was being moved.  She didn’t feel any swelling but still ordered films because sometimes there could be a broken bone or fracture. So it was the waiting game some more.  We had to wait for someone from admissions to come and I had to sign consent forms for them to do an x-ray.  Then we had to wait for someone from radiology to come over.  It was about 10PM and B had fallen asleep.

When the radiologist was taking the pics of his arm, he had to manipulate it several ways. Of course this caused him to cry and scream.  But, when we got back to the room, he was using his left arm freely and normal. Of course, we still had to wait for the films to develop and for the doctor….

By 11:40, the doctor came back and she said that the films looked good: no broken bones and no fractures.  However, because he was not able to move his arm they wanted to put him in a splint.  Before she could do that, I told her that after the radiologist manipulated his arm, we got back to room and he has been using the arm just fine. So she tested it and it was pretty much perfect.  She said a ligament was out of its place and he most likely put it back into place when he was taking the films.  So, we were GOOD and just had to wait for discharge papers.  While we waited for discharge papers, B was allowed to draw on their walls.


By the time we were done with signing off on papers and driving home, we were in bed by 1:15 AM. WHAT.A.NIGHT!!!!! But thankfully he is OK and hopefully we won’t need to be in the ER ever again.

Needless to say, I’m working on 4 hours of sleep.  I had to drop off B at my girlfriend’s house as I didn’t have someone to watch him. I’m glad he’s doing okay.


And in other news… I forgot to mention that I got into MCM for this October 30th.  Hooray.  I get to meet Chelsea in person.


Link of image.

I am looking forward to this marathon! Honestly, it was the only one I had on my list for this year.  I’m not quite sure if I’ll run anything else before or after.  I am thinking of more middle distance races in between. We’ll see.

Have you ever been to the ER? Broken bones? 

Back to Work

Burn Intervals (cardio + weights)

I had a weird work-week last week.  I worked Monday and Tuesday, took off Wednesday and Thursday and last minute I had to switch my Friday to a Monday.  It was so hard working on a Friday, but I was actually pretty busy.

friday work

Working on a Friday = Iced Coffee

I had to drop off the kids at my sister’s on Friday morning. She lives about a half hour away and then is half hour away from my office.  The commute was basically crap but I was grateful to have someone babysit the kiddos while I worked.

needs boy friends

hey Mom… I need some guy friends.

Well, this is what happens when my son is stuck with two girls and a dog.  He ends up wearing a pink tutu with a magic heart wand. Anyhow, I was non-stop busy but we did leave the office at 3:30.  I went straight to my sister’s and we hung out for about and hour and a half before heading home.

The rest of the night, I gave the kids a bath, we ate dinner and then I laid out race clothes.  My alarm was set for 5:00 AM.  Unfortunately, B didn’t have a great night of sleep.  I also woke up from 12-1:30 AM. I couldn’t go back to sleep.  I was exhausted and woke up to a text message from Cici that she had an awful night and took a Tylenol PM at 3:00 AM.  I don’t know how she was functioning.  She was trying to get over a nasty cold that she got earlier that week.  BUT, we sucked it up and I literally was ready by the time she pulled up.


Race Day Selfie.  Yeah, well we were a bit under-dressed but we were smart and packed another shirt on top of our dry clothes.  It was going to be a wet race.  Heavy rain between 9:30-12:30 (pretty much the entire time we would be racing. We were really early and ended up having to wait an hour and a half before the race started. Better early than late.  I had to pee at least 3x before start time.  At 9:09, we decided to do a short jog and then put on our other shirts.


Then went back out for dynamic stretches.


This picture makes me laugh. HA. Anyway, we had plans to drop the hammer on this race but with Cici being sick and my training being a tad off (I literally ran ONCE that week) with my crazy schedule and my dad being sick, we decided to just change the plan a bit.


For most of the, Cici and I stuck together. I love running with her.  She’s an amazing runner and friend.  Around mile 8, we lost each other but she wasn’t too far behind.

second loop

I love that you could see the Verrazano Bridge behind.  It pretty much rained the entire race.  It was hard rain most of the time.  The boardwalk area sucked and did I mention, it’s 3 loops of an out and back.  Just straight up boring, but not awful.

finish line

I finished in 1:55 and was drenched.  Cici came up behind me at 1:59 and poor thing lost her voice.  She has another half in St. Louis this coming weekend. Hopefully she will feel 100% for that race.

cici finish

AMAZING considering she took a Tylenol PM at 3AM.  I would have been dying.


I placed 2nd in my age group.

2nd place

2nd Place

Overall a great race.  The rest of the day I had to clean and pack as we were spending the night at my mom’s.  Well just the kids and I.


I am in love with this aero-bed. It’s from Costco and is amazing.

Sunday, we woke up and I ran over to pick up some bagels and flowers for my in-law’s 44th anniversary.  Then I came back,  ate, got the kids dressed, cleaned up the basement and showered.  We stopped at my in-laws, then I dropped the kids off at my sister’s and then P and I attended my SIL’s grandmother’s wake.  It was a pretty long drive and after, P and I had dinner ALONE.  It was nice. Then it was time to go home and that’s where I relaxed and used the stick and foam rolled out my IT Band.


I caught up on this month’s issue of Runner’s World.

runners world

I’ve actually stopped my subscription because I have too many of them.  So once in awhile, I’ll buy an issue.

Do you subscribe to Runner’s World? What do you do with the old magazines?




21-Days (and Counting) and Update on Dad

5:30 AM: 5.5-Mi Run + Day 1 Squat Challenge – COMPLETED

They say it takes 21-days to make or break a habit.  For the last 9-years, I’ve been the type of person that worked out in the morning but the last few months have been so difficult.  And most of the time, if I miss a morning workout (or a lunch workout), chances are, it’s not happening.  I had also been eating way too much crap.  Basically, my entire nutrition was failing.  I was constantly feeling tired.  I was feeling unmotivated and almost reaching my “uh-oh” weight.  It was the start of the New Year and I felt like I was going in the wrong direction so I knew I had to take action. I felt like I was just making excuses: the baby still wakes up. I am still nursing Sebastian through the night (please don’t judge. I know he’s nearly 2.5 years old and I never thought I would be breastfeeding him this long, but he isn’t showing any signs of weaning).  One day, my brother just said, “STOP MAKING EXCUSES!” and it clicked.

I’m on my 22nd day now and have been waking up anywhere between 5-6:15 AM to get my morning workout in.  Also, for 21-days I eliminated sugar (including fruits).  I dropped 5 lbs. and my energy level is at a 9-10 these days.  I recently just started to eat fruits.  It’s going pretty well and the great thing is, I haven’t really craved sugar.  The perfect example, I went food shopping on Friday and had to buy the new Cinnamon Bun Cake oreos and Red Velvet oreos.  I still haven’t even opened them up.  I haven’t had that sugar rush…yet. HA!

Some things that have helped me:

Meal Planning (prepping foods for the week)

Laying out everyone’s clothes — the kids, mine.

Setting an alarm and NOT snoozing.

WRITING MY GOALS DAILY!!!! Making crazy lists and crossing things out!

I finally am feeling like my old self again. I tallied up 40-miles last week and definitely did a lot of stretching, foam rolling and getting all kinks out. This dude helped me.


And a quick update on my father, he’s finally in remission and had clearance to start the next phase: STEM CELL TRANSPLANT.  It’s going to be a grueling 6 weeks ahead.  He will need a stronger dose of chemo (the last one was mild) which will cause vomiting and possibly hair loss.  He will have to be admitted into the hospital twice (once for the stem cell collection and in 4-weeks he will be admitted for 12-days long for the actual transplant). It’s going to be a really rough month and a half ahead of us but we’re keeping positive vibes all around.

I’ve taken my father to the doctor a few times and picked them on Thursday.  The kids and I visited with him on Friday.


Lili was putting on blankets for him and Sebastian was giving him a foot massage.  For the most part, my father has been better the last few days.  There are lots of times when he becomes very depressed but we continue to tell him to always think good thoughts and that if he wants to live, he can’t be stressed or down.

That’s a quick update on what’s going on with my father.

P and I have been through a lot with our families.  Between his niece, Sabrina, having kidney cancer when she was 6 (almost 10-years ago), and my mother-in-law surviving cancer (lymphoma stage 4) almost 5-years ago, we’re ready to kick cancer in the butt again!!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday. I have to scoot out to pick up Lili from school.

P.S. I just have to share this picture of her.  We had paint night at her school a few weeks ago and I was so proud of her work.

lili paint

She is the best!!!!



Server’s Down + Slow Internet

3-Mile Run – COMPLETED

We can’t do any work because our servers are down (and our Internet is SLOWER than dial-up connection). I am leaving work a bit early today (about 30-40 minutes) so I didn’t take a lunch on purpose. I’m sure I could have still taken one, but I opted to just stay in. It all worked out. Since I knew last night that I would have to leave early and not take a lunch, I did a run in the morning. I had to stop at 3-miles because I heard Lili’s teeny-tiny voice, “iccccccck, mommmmmmy, BAS is stinky. He pooped!!!!” So I hopped off and cleaned him up.

I don’t know if I mentioned here, but a few weeks ago, this happened to my iPhone.

iPhone on Crack

iPhone on Crack

My girlfriend was getting it fixed but now there’s something more serious wrong with it. I don’t even know what I will do now. I might have to resort to connecting my iPhone4 until we’re eligible for new phones in November. For now, I’ve been surviving with my mini iPad (just as long as I have wiFi I’m all good. No really… last week I tried to find a payphone. I couldn’t find ONE!).

We had a light evening. I scooped up the kids and hung out with my parents for a bit before we headed over to story/craft time. Lili was excited. we returned her books and then waited patiently for Ms. Barbara to start her story. I was so proud of Lili too. She’s usually very shy and when we did the Hokey Pokey, she participated. Also when we did Old MacDonald and his farm — she raised her hand to give an animal. 🙂 Glad she’s getting out of her shell. While Ms. Barbara started her book, “Demetrius and the Astronaut”, B and I wandered the library (otherwise, he would have been totally disruptive). After story time, Lili got settled at the table to start her craft.



I took out the blocks and let B play with them on the reading carpet. I had to keep an eye on the both of them but then something caught my eye. I couldn’t believe how Sebastian was just building blocks higher and higher.

Keeping Quiet

Keeping Quiet

a little higher...

a little higher…



I was amazed and proud of him. And of course Lili too. Her work came out fabulous.

Demetrius and the Astronaut

Demetrius and the Astronaut

I let the kids play for a little while longer before we headed home. As soon as we got home, P was getting on the treadmill to workout. He did good for the first time in awhile. We didn’t eat dinner until close to 8:15 and the kids didn’t go to bed till almost 9:30. WAYYYYY past their bedtime. Apparently I was exhausted too. I fell right to sleep with them.

Weekly family dinners… How often do you get together with family during the week? Since both our parents watch our kids, we see family twice a week. We don’t always have dinner with them but we do get chat for quite some time.

I’m going to pump a little early and then head out. I can’t do much work here anyway without our G-Drive.

Week #1 + Fun Weekend

1HR Strength + Core: COMPLETED

3-Mile Easy Run: COMPLETED

I had a training plan before I found out Cici would be training with me and then she drafted her, so mine goes in the trash. HA! We have our running coach and then she’s my other running coach. Plus, her plans always so fun. Anyway, I got to run with Cici 3x last week and all runs were amazing. 🙂 So glad to be running with my solemate again.

I did Coach Skinny Vinny’s core/strength workout this morning.



And a HOT, sweaty, easy 3-mile run at lunch. Oh summer weather… you KILL ME.

But let’s back-track a bit. On Friday, my wonderful day off, our morning got all out of wack. P parked behind me and then decided to take my car to the doctor’s office. He didn’t end up getting back home for another hour and so my run was delayed. We finally did go for a run but then the the air in the tire of my jogger was flat and the cover was missing. UGH@#$# BUT the kids still wanted to come out so we went for a run/walk.

Me & My Crew

Me & My Crew

Lenape Park

Lenape Park

But then S fell and it was not pretty. We headed home and I took care of his bump before we headed out again.



We packed our bags and headed over to the spray playground.

Having FUN

Having FUN



I brought snacks and drinks. The kids were going in and out of the water.



We stayed for about two hours before calling it quits. We headed home for lunch. 🙂 I did some laundry and we waited for P to get home. It was a nice Friday after/evening.

Saturday morning we woke up and Lili requested pancakes. While they ate breakfast, I ran a quick 3-miles on the tread.

Fearless Kid

Fearless Kid

This kid gives me mini-heart attacks. I swear. He thinks he’s immortal. Anyway, after my run, I quickly showered and Lili and I got dressed. We were heading over to the matinee to watch Minions. We invited my MIL but she asked if I would mind if she gave her ticket to Julian (Lili’s cousin). Of course I didn’t mind. He would enjoy and appreciate it more than her. So P’s parents dropped him off.

Happy Cousins

Happy Cousins

Silly Face

Silly Face

The movie was wonderful. Then we met up with the family for lunch and martinis.

Watermelon Tini

Watermelon Tini

So delicious. We found out that Tuesdays are $5.00/martinis. So we’re going to meet up for dranks.

After lunch, Lili and I finally headed home. I didn’t do the food shopping but I did do more laundry. I had plans to meet Cici for our long run the next day.

Sunday, woke up, fed kids and got them dressed. I had my coffee and breakfast and then headed over to the reservation to meet Cici. I always have a difficult time parting with the kids when I go for a long run.

Bye Mommmmy. I'll miss you!

Bye Mommmmy. I’ll miss you!

We decided on Wed that we should just run 70-75 minutes on the trail. It worked out perfect. I was so excited to put my trail shoes on.



So much fun. Afterwards, we hung out and refueled while chatting. Then I headed home. P had spent the entire morning/early afternoon in the yard with the kids. They had so much fun.

Sprinkle Fun

Sprinkle Fun

P said that he went inside real quick and Lili screamed through the window, “PAPAAAA, I LOVE MOMMMMMMY!” Too cute. Anyhow, as soon as I got home I took both kids inside, gave them a bath, changed them, showered, put S down to nap and ate something. Then I tried to lay down with Lili so she could nap but she wasn’t having it. By 4:45PM, I finally went food shopping with Lili. We were home by 5:30. I peeled potatoes and made fries, grilled burgers and dogs. Lili wanted to bake a cake so we baked a cake right before dinner finished cooking. It was in the oven baking while we ate.

Black & White Cake

Black & White Cake

Cake was good. 🙂

I also did 4 loads of laundry, washed/dried/folded and put away. I think I was in bed by midnight. And back to the grind.

How many times a week do you do core workouts?

What was the last movie you watched? I’m on a movie roll here. Inside Out and Minions. And I actually LOVE Disney movies.