This Too Shall Pass

I’ve been working on 3-hour sleep nights for the past two nights. I have been so congested so I can’t get comfortable. Main thing is getting better and NOT infecting anyone else in the house.

I have some FANTASTIC NEWS though. I got an email about the YMCA I was thinking of joining and they had some special going on. So I went onto Groupon yesterday morning to check out some Cyber deals and they had one for that particular YMCA. It’s four branches and I can go to any one of them for $41 (individual) for THREE MONTHS!!! I looked at the plan for the “family” and it was $55. SO, I took the family plan one so that P and the kids could come!!! I’m so excited!!!!!


Hopefully P will go too for the next 3 months. We need to figure out a schedule though. I’m going to the pool tonight! 🙂

Yesterday, I picked up Lili from school and she was so tired that she fell asleep on the ride back to the office. Poor girl. I did give her some chocolate milk and banana bread with peanut butter when we go to the office. Then she wanted to write P a letter.


She enclosed some snacks for him.


And her picture to hang in his office. She’s the best.

So there’s a Jingle Bell 5k Run this weekend. I’m thinking of running it with the kids in the jogger. Let’s see who I can recruit.

Have you ever ran a Jingle Bell 5k? This would be my first.

What about those Hot Chocolate races??? I was gonna sign up for one of these early this year. It never happened though.


Almost There…

5:30 AM: 10-Mile Run – COMPLETED

The last two weeks have been crazy here since my girlfriend/co-worker was in Portugal and now in Venice.  She returns tomorrow and boy, am I ever so looking forward to seeing her beautiful face.  Both because it’s been chaotic here at the office + in general I love this girl.  I’m pretty sure she knows me more than my own husband does.  I mean, she should see I do see her 40-hours a week and we hang out when we’re not working.  What am I going to do without her when one of us, “ahem”, leaves?

Anyhow, being busy at work means (1), sometimes not having enough time to finish or even eat lunch; (2) not being able to run errands or go running during my lunch break; (3) surf the net and blog; (4) do personal things (pay bills, write emails, etc.).  I’m actually sneaking on now because the big boss is in a closed conference.   I’m sure it’ll be over soon, so let’s get this rollin’.

Lili decided to wake up at 5 instead of 6 and this actually worked in my favor.  I fed her and then she went back down for the entire time it took me to run 10-miles.  I also caught up on the last two episodes of Revenge. It’s getting so good. The run was pretty good and not so boring since I had something to watch. I’m “short” 3-miles this week and I’m not going to make it up tomorrow. I need a day off before the 20-mile run Saturday. I’m just happy that I got a longer run in today.

Yesterday Lili had swim again.

The picture above was actually taken before last week’s swim. She wore a different bathing suit this time. Actually she wore this bathing suit.

And guess what else she got? Her very own gym membership swipe in card. Shoooo, I don’t even have one.

It kind of made me want to join a gym again. HA. I doubt I will though. I have everything I need to work out at home. If you go to the gym, how much do you pay monthly? I once paid $95.00/month. I quit that gym before I hit a year. I have to say my favorite gym days was when I was part of the YMCA near my job. It was a ride to get to in the morning, but I met some amazing friends that I’m still friends with now.

Back to the Daily Grind

7:00 AM: 3-Mile Run – COMPLETED

Has it been a week and a day since I’ve posted something on here?!? I wonder if it would really take me long to get a post up if I were a stay-home-mommy. The other day, I was getting ready to post something, but then I ran into some minor problems; (1) I couldn’t upload my pictures from my camera onto the Mac, and (2) Lili started crying. I also had plenty of plans and projects to do at the house. I wish I had finished everything, but it’s a work in progress.

There are a lot of events that took place while I was off. Last Wednesday night, we celebrated my brother-in-law’s birthday at Tiffany’s.

The gals.

The boys.

The birthday boy with his family.

Sis & Scarlett Bella (I haven’t used her full name in so long).

Mommy & Lili. Not her best picture, but she was already so sleepy.

On Thursday morning, my BIL took my car to get a new headlight bulb followed by inspection. Then I picked up some lunch for my parents to take on the plane to Vegas. When my sis got home from work, we headed over to the mall for a few. I didn’t pick up anything really, but was mainly window shopping. We did stop at the new running store they opened up.

A bit on the pricey side. I’d rather go to the running store I always go to. Anyway, we did pick up my favorite Bubble Tea and then Lili and took a pose next to the Rain Forest Cafe. It’s where Pedro proposed to me. No, we did not eat there, but he proposed to me right in front of the restaurant.

Friday was another busy day full of errands. First my sis made us breakfast while the kids watched some TV.

We hit the thrift store so I could find a Halloween costume for myself, Walmart for some bins, and then came home to break for lunch. Kris made lunch while I watched the kids watch TV.

After lunch, we did round 2 of errands and finally, Lili and I were home just in time to make dinner for Pedro and my sister. We put Lili down for bed by 8:30 and then the three of us hung out till 10-11. It was a LONG day.

I’ll post Part II of my days off tomorrow. I’m sure it’s a lot to take in. I should really get to my emails before starting the work day. Yeah, it’s already 11. I’m behind.

A Happy Papa’s Day

7:30 AM: Spinning – COMPLETED

It’s almost 6 and we managed to spend time with Pedro’s family and mine in just four hours total. Pedro’s family had plans at 2:30 and mine at 3. My mom has to work tonight, so we decided that to work this out, we would go to his mom’s house by 1pm to have appetizers. We knew the rest of the family wouldn’t be there until after 2-2:30, but this is life after marriage, right? We just have to try and make the best of things and that is exactly what we did.

So, we had some apps with his family, then left quarter to 3 (this is perfect because we live close by to his family), put gas in my mom’s truck that she loaned us for the entire weekend, dropped off the Moses basket at my parents and then headed over to the restaurant. My sister and her family were there already.

And now, I’m home just relaxing. I had such a busy morning. I made it to spin, showered at the gym, returned some curtains at Target and picked up a few things. Then I came home, ate, put some laundry in the washer, did a second load and then Pedro got ready. Busy, busy morning as usual. I gave Pedro his first, Father’s Day card — even though it’s not really official. I didn’t give him a gift, but he’s got his mini man-cave going on, and boy does it look good.

Here is the “Before” picture. Remember it used to be my workout room?



It has now transformed to his room.







Just so you know, he won’t leave the room… ever. Unless he’s having a late night snack. I’ve lost my husband. He is looking on Ebay for a sign that reads, “No Wives, No Babies”. I’m going to have to pull a Peg Bundy and make him destroy his castle. But for now, I’ll have to “plot” things out. Wish me luck.

Here We Go…

5:45 AM: One-Hour Spinning (Intervals/Hills) – COMPLETED

6:50 AM: 3-Miles Elliptical – COMPLETED

First things first, update on the doctor’s appt. Stats updates: I’m 39-weeks and 1-day pregnant, B/P 118/80 (it was high the first time that the doctor made her do it again), baby’s HR strong and fast (probably b/c I came from the gym), Weight is 1.5 lbs. up (a total of 21 lbs.) and I am about 1 cm. dilated. I’m happy I’m dilated, but really it means absolutely nothing to me. I could be 1 cm. dilated for days/a week and nothing… It’s really when baby’s ready to come out. So, we’ll just wait and see. She says I look great and added to have sex. I asked her if that was really true, and she said yes… It is a hump day… TMI.

I asked her if I could come to group run on Saturday if I haven’t delivered and she said yes and that she would be there — she’s on call this weekend. She thinks I’ll go this weekend, but I don’t know. Like I said, it’s when the baby’s well and ready. She did add that I was super active so she wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up with a longer labor. For my sake, I hope if that happens, it’ll be a shorter recovery. She also said that there’s a group run every Thursday in Millburn (where I work) that she holds, at 6AM. She said post-pregnancy I should come. I got excited, but also forgot that I’ll have a major responsibility… A baby. HA!

So after discussing running shoes, running groups, and upcoming races – we parted ways and said we’d see each other at group run on Saturday. I still have to call the office back to set up my appointment on Monday. Their computers were down.

Anyway, last night we watched Kung Fu Panda 2 with Sabrina and Julian.

We wanted to take the kids out to eat beforehand, but after researching all the movie times, there was NO way we’d be able to pick them up, eat dinner and get to a movie. The times were all bad! In fact, the traffic was crazy that we ended up being 15-minutes late to the movie. I don’t think we missed much as there were previews. While we waited on a long line for tickets (I guess because there weren’t many people working considering it is a Tuesday evening) and popcorn and candy, Julian asked if I had my camera as he wanted to take a few pictures.

He was disappointed that I cut off the head of the Tranformers, and he gave me a bit of advice. He told me I should have moved back some more. My response, “If I moved back, I wouldn’t have been able to see YOU in the picture!” Apparently, he did not care if you couldn’t see him.

I used the bathroom while we waited for the drinks and popcorn (which took forever) and then some girl online fainted. Pedro suspects pregnancy. Anyhow, we didn’t really want the kids to see that so we hurried them along to the side to get our napkins, straws, and raced to the theater.

The movie was good. We laughed and I think some may have cried… It was about 8:35 when it ended and it was about their bedtime. It also started raining, so Pedro pulled the car up to us. While we waited, I took some snapshots of the kids.

On our drive home, Julian discussed having a sleepover at our house. We told him that next sleepover may include their new cousin. How exciting!

Okay, debating on what to do for lunch. Bosses will be out… Trader Joe’s, a mani/pedi?!? So many options. I’ll probably end up doing nothing. HA.

Happy Hump Day!

On the Move

5:45 AM: One-Hour Spinning – COMPLETED

6:45 AM: Elliptical 4-Miles – COMPLETED

I gave my brother from another mother a scare this morning. I mean, he wasn’t freaking out, but he was wondering where I went. I got to the gym at 5:40 and walked out the front door at 8:20. He said he thought something happened, i.e. maybe was going into labor. I did feel some soft/mild cramps at one point during spin, but nothing major. The pelvic pain is definitely still there. I have an OB/GYN appointment on Wednesday so I am hoping that we’re moving along. Of course, if bun is ready to come out of the oven, that is. I’ll be 39-weeks tomorrow so I’m hoping all this moving around and working out will help.

It’s going to be a busy week, and even busier if Baby S decides to pop-out of my belly. Tonight I have our GOTR celebration, tomorrow night we’re taking the kids to dinner and a movie, Wednesday night, my girlfriends are taking me to dinner, Thursday we have some furniture that is coming in for P’s “chill” room and then we’re back to the weekend. We’ll see if this baby wants to come in time for Father’s Day. It would be pretty neat for P to be a papa on Father’s Day… don’t you think?

Anyhow, last week was a pretty good workout week for this 9-month preggo. I ran two 5k races in less than a week, spinning 2x, and weight trained 2x.


Excuse me while I pop my collar. (I can brag a little, right?). I know they weren’t great times, but hey, running for two is not easy. (I also know I owe you a race recap and it’s coming).

On some more running news, my wonderful and patient husband did something that made me happy yesterday. He was able to M-O-V-E my treadmill from the ex-workout room to the living room, which now means Rachel can run at 4:30-5 AM once baby is born. HOLLA!!!! I’m so happy. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’ll be doing lots of outdoor runs with Courtney and Emma once we get to training, but I know in the beginning, post-pregnancy, I will need to use my tread.


I have the exersaucer right next to the tread so Baby S can watch mama run.


The living room is back to how it looked when Pedro’s computer was in the room. We were hoping we could make it spacious, and we could… if we didn’t have the treadmill there. I know, I’m a little selfish, but I need my treadmill.

Just a few more things to do before Baby S gets here and a few more things to get off my desk before I leave for maternity leave. I’m not leaving early, but I’ll be gone for 6-8 weeks post-pregnancy. Also, my boss is out of the office starting Wednesday for 10-days, so I need to get some work done.

Monday, Monday… let this week go by fast… (It still hasn’t hit me fully that I can possibly go at any day… Holy crap!).

Double Vision

5:45 AM: Spinning – COMPLETED

6:45 AM: Elliptical 4-Miles – COMPLETED

Funny story. Yesterday, my boss gave me my birthday gift. She was out of the office on Monday and kind of forgot (no big deal) and felt bad. Again, I don’t need gifts. I get to open the greatest gift of them all in a few weeks (if not days…). After work, I stopped by part-time job to drop off some food for my boss and to pick up the Moses basket she reordered for the baby as the first one was too big. She was just about to check out a patient when she saw me wandering the office and came out to give me hugs and kisses. She also went into her office to give me my birthday gift. She never forgets a birthday.

Now, for the funny part. As soon as my part-time boss (of 13-years) pulled out my birthday gift, I couldn’t believe that she picked out the same gift bag as my full-time job boss. So no, you’re not seeing doubles, there are two bags with two separate gifts for me.


Gift #1, from Pam, the attorney I work for full-time, bought me two pairs of workout clothes. Obviously, she knows that I love to work out. In fact, our office is very healthy and into working out. We all watch what we eat and exercise daily.


Gift #2, from Doc, well, she gave me a very good gift also. I believe two birthdays ago (or last, I can’t remember) she gave me a really nice lunch bag. I loved it. Unfortunately, I threw it out late last fall. During my first trimester, I was extremely nauseous and had a tendency to get sick in the car. Every morning on my way to work, I puked. Well, in the beginning, I didn’t think to carry brown paper bags. I learned my lesson when I puked in that really nice lunch bag that Doc gave me. I asked her if I told her that story because she just so happened to get me a new lunch bag with a fit & fresh lunch set.


So, I’m pretty much set post-pregnancy, right? I’ve got my workout DVD, workout clothes and lunch set to put healthy fruits and salads in. The only thing I need is my treadmill in our living room that I am determined to have my husband do this weekend.

Oh, I did get to have lunch with one of the loves of my life yesterday.


Happy Friday! I’ve got a 5k tomorrow morning, dinner with friends and more birthday celebrations. I’ll let you know if I go into labor.

Pregnancy Updates & Special Deliveries

5:45 AM: Spinning – COMPLETED

6:45 AM: 2-Miles Elliptical – COMPLETED

Update #1: I had my U/S appointment yesterday. If you know me, you know I was nervous as hell. Mainly because my last visit five weeks ago, Baby S was 3 lbs. 15 oz. So tiny. I was worried that I was doing something wrong. My mom (a NICU Nurse) said that it’s okay and just a small baby. So that was very reassuring. Anyway, Pedro pulled into the garage of the hospital at the same time as me. We walked in and of course, we had to wait half an hour to be seen.

The tech did the U/S for us but then the doctor came in after to just follow-up. Baby S’s heartbeat was at 128, which is just fine. We were sad we didn’t really get to see the baby’s face, but at least the good news is, head is down and his/her feet is up w/c is why I feel the constant knee jabs and kicks. I think we might have a runner. Pedro said his/her femur was huge, then added, “S/he’s got your thunder thighs!” Which in turn, he got the “evil eye”. After getting measurements and calculating everything, it appears Baby S is estimated to be at 6 lbs. 4 oz. So I am happy with that weight. I know it doesn’t necessarily mean s/he’s 6 lbs. 4 oz, but hey, I am happy that the baby has been growing in the right direction!

Update #2: I had my regular weekly OB/GYN appointment this morning. Last night, Pedro told me I had to ask my doctor some questions this time. HA. So after the gym this morning, I got to the office 5-minutes early and jotted down some things.

Question #1: If my water breaks, do I go directly to the hospital or call her first?

Answer: I call her office first. Go through answering service if she’s not there. I call her if either (a) My water breaks; (b) I have contractions for 5-minutes, 1-minute apart for 1-hour (5-1-1 rule). If (a) happens, she will ask me if I’m having contractions. If I’m not having contractions and don’t have contractions, then head over to the hospital by 7 AM. I don’t have to rush and can take a shower and take my time. She will meet me at the hospital. DO NOT CALL IF IT’S BLOOD. (Weird, right?)

Question #2: Courtney mentioned to me that if I go to the hospital after midnight-6AM I have to enter through the ER. But after 6AM, I go to L&D. Is this what I follow?

Answer: Go directly to L&D, the 6th floor.

Question #3: Shortly after my 5k race on Monday night, when I got out of the car, I was seriously sore in the pelvic region. I read up on it, and I’m not sure if it’s weakening of my pelvic floor muscle plus the soreness of running?!? Is it a problem?

Answer: The pain in pelvic region, it’s both from the run and my body getting ready for the baby to come out. She said it’s a GOOD sign that I’m feeling that pain and that it’s completely normal. I will start to feel pain down there.

Question #4: I know I’m going to have frequent urination, but is it possible that it’s a UTI? I feel this sharp pain from time to time down there, is it normal?

Answer: Baby’s head is hitting the bladder so that’s why I have to pee. It’s not a UTI. Sharp pains are normal.

Question #5: I have a 5k race this Saturday. Is it okay to race?

Answer: Yes. I can run the 5k this weekend. She will be running with our running group, so if my water happens to break, she’ll meet me at the hospital. YES, SHE REALLY DID SAY THIS TO ME.

As for the regular updates: B/P 106/70; 0-lbs. gained; Baby’s heartbeat strong. She advised me not to run outdoors today, tomorrow and Friday as it will be too hot out. All workouts indoor. She read the report from U/S yesterday and said everything looks great. She mentioned that baby is on the small side, but I am small and it’s normal. Like I said, her first baby was 5 lbs. 13 oz. and she went three weeks early. She also said that I was look great and doing everything right. She examined me and said baby’s head is down and that I’m softening up. She added that I am right where I need to be at 38-weeks!!!!

She had reminded me before getting dressed of what to do if my water breaks and/or contractions. I asked her, “So, you think I can go this weekend?” She said, “Well, you can go at any day now, so yeah.” Holy crap. I can’t believe it’s almost here. I’m so excited.

Okay, enough pregnancy/doctor updates. I’m sure it can be quite a bore. By the way, I did not forget to post about the 5k this past Monday night. I am still waiting for pictures from my sister and don’t want to post w/out them. Also, my maternity photo shoot pictures are going to be up soon. I’m so excited to see them and share them with you.

Onto some other exciting news, a few special deliveries that came in on Monday night. It was the main reason why Pedro never made it out to the race. He was patiently waiting for UPS to get there. We both missed it on Friday afternoon and they left a note saying that they would be there after 5 on Monday. So, what came in???

The first gift is my gift to Pedro for our 1-year anniversary.

We agreed that I would give up my workout room and he could use it as his hangout room. Am I nice wife or what? So the cable guy came by last week to hook up the cable and Internet. He was so happy with the TV. I am pretty sure he won’t ever come out of that room. I’m still waiting for him to take apart my treadmill so we can move it into the living room. Baby S can watch his mama run off the baby weight.

Also, he got me my birthday gift. Oh what, oh what did he get me???

Did I really need this since I have the Garmin Forerunner 305? Not really, but it’s so BIG.

I was surprised that he bought it for me. I was talking about how much I wanted it. I need to set it up if I’m going to race on Saturday morning. When he gave it to me, I was in so much pelvic pain I didn’t think I’d be using it until post pregnancy, but I am feeling so much today.

I have more gifts to post and the 5k race. I know, I’m so behind. I’m trying to catch up…

Happy Hump Day. Sorry if this entry was so boring.

A Busy Picture Perfect Saturday

7:30 AM: Spinning – COMPLETED

9:30 AM: Coaching GOTR – COMPLETED

First things first, we didn’t get out too early yesterday from work, so both Pedro and myself missed UPS and our new TV getting delivered. Not too thrilled about it since it’s supposed to be delivered this Monday after 5pm. I’m running a 5k with P’s niece and my sister, so that might be difficult to get to. We’ll need to figure it out. Also, Pedro said there was another UPS package that he missed — my birthday gift. Hmm… oh what, oh what could it be?!? It’s coming on Monday, my actual birthday, so he really isn’t late.

Anyhow, when I got home from work yesterday, I was exhausted. Pedro was hungry, so I took out my friend, George Foreman, and grilled some burgers for us. After, I was too tired to do anything, even though there was so much to do. I think I finally caught my second wind around 8:30 and starting to CLEAN. I straightened out clothes, the baby’s room is now pretty much cleaned out (we just need shelves really), I separated the laundry and got ready for my busy Saturday. It took me about two hours and I let Pedro play his xbox games. Around 11, we decided to hang out together and started watching King Pin. I fell asleep shortly after.

Today, I felt NINE months pregnant. I’m definitely getting BIGGER and feeling that lower pelvic pain, especially when I’m laying down too long and then need to go to the bathroom. I’m afraid to admit, I feel like I’m doing the pregnant waddle. Around 5:30 this morning, I felt a cramp coming up. Pedro helped alleviate it before it turned out bad and is not even sore. Thank goodness. I finally peeled out of bed at 6:45, used the bathroom, changed and then headed over to the gym to meet Courtney for spin. We decided to leave 5-10 minutes early so we could eat breakfast and head over to the park for GOTR. Today was our practice 5k and next Saturday, Courtney and I are running with Faith since her both her parents don’t run.

The 5k Practice was a great turnout. Our coaches are definitely awesome at this site. Here are a few pictures from today.





At one point, one of the girls, Havi, needed to use the bathroom, so I told her I’d take her, but we’d have to run to the bathroom. She was on her sixth lap and she needed to run 10. I figured she may run out of time. So if we ran to the bathroom, then back to the course, then finished the loop, we could give her two laps for that round. After, I helped Coach Jen with the ribbon at the finish line. We gave the job to two other girls that finished their 10 laps.





Coach Courtney was giving the girls their Certificate and Ribbons for finishing the Practice 5k. How exciting!!! We usually give out our certificates at our end of the season party, however, our site has 60, that’s right, “60” girls!!!! Oy. It would probably take over to hand those out. Last year, we had about 50 or so, and that was pretty rough.


We finished at our usual time, 10:45, but the coaches hung around for a little while longer. I, on the other hand, had so many errands to do. I needed to stop at Comcast to pick up our HD box, go pick up my dad’s SUV since my niece, Scarlett, is sleeping over, wait for our groceries to get delivered (between 12-2) and pick up Pedro’s glasses.

My niece is sleeping now, but I’ll post pictures of our fun afternoon/evening. I hope she sleeps through the night now. She was Ms. Busy Pants and loving every single second of it. I’m running on “E” myself and we have a busy day tomorrow. We’re having brunch with my grandfather who lives in Manhattan. Oy… time to catch some zZZzzzzz’s.

Post-Pregnancy Motivation

6:45 AM: 3-Mile Run – COMPLETED

I know I’ve said this numerous times throughout my blog how I absolutely love being pregnant, but I can’t stress it enough. I love(d) every single minute of it. Even if it means vomiting, morning sickness, the headaches, the abdominal gas pains, not being able to see your feet, the feeling tired at random times, and especially getting up to pee 5-6x a night. I can’t complain about this pregnancy at all. When my OB/GYN told me that pregnancy is not a disease and that I can continue everything as normal, I really took that statement as it is. It has been a pleasant pregnancy thus far, and I can only hope and pray that the next 3-weeks (give or take a week or two) go by as smooth as possible. I will miss the constant bonding that I have had the pleasure of sharing with my bun, but I can’t wait to meet this life that my husband and I created together.

Do I have fears? Sure, the whole birthing process gives me chills, but this is what our bodies are made to do. We’re supposed to make babies. It’s unreal how it happens, but it’s life’s little miracles. The pain will all be worth it.

Post pregnancy what do I fear? I know this might seem selfish or vain, but will I get my pre-pregnancy body back? I’m friends with a lot of women that just had babies, and they have made me feel better about getting my pre-pregnant body back (and maybe even look better than my pre-pregnant days…). Allie, who had adorable, baby Cayden back in October, has gotten even below her pre-pregnant weight and she’s toning up areas that she didn’t think could get toned. For the most part, we’re both pretty much the same built, so that’ made me feel better.

Also, I don’t know if you remember my girlfriend Akua. She had her gorgeous baby girl, Jordan, in early April. I think it was April 5th or 6th. Here she is towards the very, very end of her pregnancy, when she was just about to hit 39-weeks.

She worked out about 4-5x during pregnancy (I think). She really was all belly. I was surprised when she said yes to attending my baby shower because it was a month after she gave birth… But check out she just bounced back to herself in just a month…

Wow!!! That’s really all I can say. One month later and she’s pretty much back to her pre-pregnancy weight/body. These two girls are my motivation.

Aside from that minor fear, I do fear how I will handle things post-pregnancy. I did get a lot of advice cards at my baby shower and many of them told me that if people offer to help me, take it!!! I will need all the help I can get. Fortunately, I have amazing family that love babies, so I know I will be get the help that I need. I do plan to make some foods and freeze it before I go into the hospital, but not that much…

Other “minor” fears: peeing, passing my first bowel movement (TMI), going back to work, breastfeeding, adjusting to the new schedule, getting my running speed back (yes, I fear this too), and just being a good mom. Like I said, these are all minor fears. For the most part, I know I’m ready. I’ve always had a knack for babies and caring for them. It just seemed to come naturally. If anything, I am more excited than fearful, so that’s a positive outlook.

Now, if I can just get motivated to, uh, pack my hospital bag, finish the nursery, get our bassinet together and our list of things that we need to have ready just in case I go early… then I’ll be 100% ready… Time to get the pen and paper out so that we can slowly cross off one thing after the other. Hopefully the last thing to cross off is “HAVE BABY!!!!” I’ll let you know how that goes.

Happy Friday!