So Long Summer

It’s my FRIDAY and it’s going to be a nice long weekend (right before the chaos starts, A/K/A SCHOOL).  I don’t know if it’s been obvious that I’ve been M.I.A. but things have been a tad crazy.  I’ll sum it up this way:

The kids got sick from camp.  We knew it was going to happen.  They ended up with coxsackie, which left me home with them for a week.  Actually, I came in for a day and a half until one of the attorney’s sent me home because he was afraid I was contagious.


Unfortunately, there is no real treatment for Coxsackie. Just have to monitor the fevers, as they go as high as 104.  Sebastian had it first from a Sunday-Tuesday and Lili got it from Tuesday-Thursday.  What a mess.

We had a serious case of cabin fever after being stuck at home for 9-days.  So by Friday, we headed over to our hairdresser’s house.  She has two kids but first, Lili cut off 10-inches of her hair.

She donated it to CWHL (Children with Hair Loss).  Afterwards, we stayed for a few hours so the kids could play.

We ended up having lunch with my in-laws then headed over to my parents to hang out for a bit.  Since the kids were really contagious, we hadn’t seen them in some time.

The next morning, we received a last minute text to meet up with my girlfriend and her kids at the park.  We hadn’t seen them in some time so we made a point to make it over.

august 20 playdate

FYI, Lili loves her new hairdo.

park life august 20


We caught up for about two hours before we had to head home and over to Julian’s football game. Poor kids were tired but they woke up by the time we got there.

julians game

tia nad lili

On our way back home we picked up pizza and nachos.  It was a LONG and HOT day.

Sunday (08/21/16), my girlfriend Rachel was coming over and I made her favorite, Tortilla Espanola.


august 21 rachel

I was happy to see her.

The rest of the week we were back to normal and back to camp.  Also, we rescheduled a play-date that we canceled because I was afraid kids were still contagious.  (08/26/16)

One of the trails I run by my office has a Fairy Trail.  One of the mothers and her son with autism make random little fairy houses for everyone to come and see. It is SO cute.

Kids did great looking for fairy houses and had a ton of fun.  I can’t believe they walked for over an hour.  After, we went back to my girlfriend’s house and the kids played some more.

aug 31 bouncy house

So, just ONE MORE WEEK until both kiddos are in school. I have more to update on.  Some good, some, unfortunately bad… But I’ll have to get that post together.  I have been running and working out regularly. I leave you with this:

be kind

Hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend. You deserve it!


Celebrations and Mid-Week Recap

6:15 AM: Strength/Core Circuit – COMPLETED

11:00 AM: Hill Repeats – 1-mi WU; 3 x 1:00 min hill; 3 x 1:30 min hill; 1 x 1:00 min hill; 1-mil CD

Every single morning I start writing an entry and then something comes up.  By the time I know it, it’s Wednesday (or even Thursday).  So here’s my regular weekend/mid-week review.

On Friday, I finally got my speed workout in.  1-mile WU; 6x400s @ 6:23 min/mi; 1.5-mile CD.

5mile speed

B was happy that I was done.  I caught up with Grey’s Anatomy and then it was a quick shower and out the door.  B had a dental appointment followed by a haircut.

new cut

I don’t know why I would schedule a dental appointment + a haircut right after each other, BUT we made it work.  Then it was home to eat a quick lunch and pick up Lili from school.  I stopped at my parents’ house to put B down for a nap so I could take Lili to dance alone. It worked out well. After dance we headed back to my mom’s to celebrate my father’s 60th birthday.

happy birthday dad

Dad was tired because he had dialysis earlier that day, but he put on a smile and tried his best to have a good time.There were lots of yummy foods including these empanadas that look like their on steroids.


Of course I couldn’t have with NO meat on Fridays.  I ended up with shrimp and salmon and was completely satisfied.


I helped my mom clean up and then the kids and I headed home by 9:15.  We had a busy morning the next day.

Saturday I got up semi-early and started preparing everything for Sabrina’s confirmation.  I even gave the kids a bath since they didn’t have one the night before.

cousins 2


Congratulations, Sabrina. It was a great time.


We got home after 3 and I actually brought work home.  I worked for at least 4 hours that night and then 5 the next day.  Sunday, we had to help my mom pick up furniture.  Their new couches are looking nice.

Monday was Cici’s birthday!!!!!

cici and me

Love this girl.  We have our long run this weekend and I am so looking forward to seeing her!!!

My dad was admitted on Monday and had dialysis and chemo.  We’re moving onto the final phase.  He started the stem cell transplant at 4pm.

transplant day 1

I just got the update that he’s not feeling too well. I am sure this is all normal and he’s weak.  We expect his WBC to drop. Then we slowly wait for it to rise… More updates soon.

I did my strength workout this morning with B.

workout buddy

And I did a hill workout at 11 AM today.


It’s SPRING!!! 77-degrees today. Sun’s out, dresses on.


OH, and I have a new protein shake recipe.

1 banana

1 scoop vanilla protein powder

1/4 cup of unsweeted almond milk

1/4 cup of non-fat plain Greek yogurt

a dash of ground cinnamon

6 ice cubes

protein shake

So good!!!! and 43g of protein if you’re counting macros.

Happy Wednesday!!!

Fam Jam Weekend

5:50 AM: 5-Mi Run

I had an easy run scheduled this morning and got 5 in before the kids woke up.  They didn’t get up until I got into the shower and B busted open the door with “HI MOMMY!” Scared me half to death.  Then they hung around the bathroom for a few minutes chit-chatting and I had time to get ready without feeling rushed.

Weekend was packed with family time. On Friday, after dance class, the kids and I headed over to my sister’s for dinner.


My poor son needs some boy playmates.  The girls had a blast dressing him up.  He had so much fun.  While they played, my sister cooked dinner and then her ex-colleague gave her bags of clothes that I went through.  I scored some pretty cute dresses, blouses, sweaters, and skirts.  Here’s the sweater dress I’m wearing today.

new dress

Banana Republic red and navy sweater dress and Vaneli suede ankle boots.  We left around 9 and home by 9:30.  B was exhausted. Lili fell asleep shortly after.

Saturday morning we woke up and I ran 8-miles on the treadmill.


Then we headed over to gymnastics.


My niece was doing a make-up class also.  So it worked out well.  My sister watched them while I ran an errand at Target.  We were home by 10:15 and I had a doctor’s appointment at 11:30.  I was still coughing pretty bad. So the diagnosis was mild bronchitis.  My sister dropped my niece back off later that afternoon so she could sleep over.  I had plans with my MIL, her sister who is visiting from Ecuador and my SIL.

girls night out

It was beautiful out — around 55.  We were headed over to Morristown at my SIL’s sister’s restaurant, Parm Centro.

parm centro

It was a great time.  I ended up getting home around 10PM.  The girls were still up but B was sleeping.

Sunday was busy also. I spent the morning food prepping. I made Shepard’s Pie, Stuffed Peppers and a ham.

stuffed peppers

It took me about 3 hours with prepping and cleaning up.  Also, halfway through I was making Pedro’s breakfast.  I did some laundry and put B down for a nap. When he woke up, we headed over to my dad’s house for dinner.  Pedro was shaving my dad’s hair.

hair cut

He goes in for harvesting tonight and hopefully it won’t last more than 2-4 days.  Then we’ll celebrate his 60th birthday the following Friday before he goes in for the transplant.

We had a great time at dinner and then played Bingo.

bingo night

I lost but everyone else won and Lili won the BIG BINGO.  It was the first one to get an X.

bingo winner

She was too shy to smile at the camera.

And well, that was our family weekend.

Ever go to Bingo night? I love BINGO.

Running Date

I had a running date today with my SOLEMATE that I love, love, love! It wasn’t planned but I actually matched.

Lunch Run

Lunch Run

It turned out that my Solemate and I were wearing the same color tank (in fact, the tank I wore was actually HER tank which she gave to my sister — then my sister gave it to me. Circle of workout clothes!).



And yes, I got my Solemate roses.

Roses for Soley & Rosa

Roses for Soley & Rosa

My dear solemate is going through the hardest time in her life. Cici was scheduled to have her baby on June 24th but a few weeks before her sweet baby girl was born sleeping. She was a precious angel that is now in heaven. Rosa Kimberly, we love you and miss you everyday.

Beautiful Solemate

Beautiful Solemate

It was great sharing some miles with Cici. I missed her so much. We will be doing lots of running together since we will be training for NYC marathon together. We will be RUNNING NYC for ROSA.

Please keep my soley in your thoughts. I’ve been dedicating a mile for Rosa in each run that I do just for her.

Happy Friday for some of you folks. I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July weekend.

NYCM Training Has Begun (and Updates)…

So we’re trying this NYC Marathon training one more time. I’m not sure if you all know by now, but I finally got in after signing up in 2009 (that’s 6 years ago). NYC used to do the 3-strikes and you’re in (they rid that option recently). So after three (3) consecutive years of not getting into NYC, I was finally accepted in 2012. Unfortunately, that was the year of Hurricane Sandy and they canceled the marathon. We had options to run in either 2013, 2014 or 2015. I chose 2014 because I knew I wanted to try for baby #2 in 2013. Then, if you remember, I rolled my ankle on an apple during a long run one month before the race, fortunately I was able to DEFER and, well… here we are. Training for NYC. Let’s hope it happens this time.

After tweaking my training plan, I packed clothes for a track workout.



Either I am out of shape or I forgot how brutal summer running could be, but just 4x400s were TOUGH. BUT, I am glad that at least the first track workout of the training season is DONE and DONE.

Quick weekend update (or so I say — but lately it seems that I can only update once a week).

On Friday, my first day off with both kids, I ran some errands. We had a bunch of things to do. It was kind of gloomy out, and all of a sudden chilly. I ended up doing fun activities indoors with the kids.



The “after” drawings came out good but I forgot to take actual pictures. Lili did a fantastic job coloring hers and her brother’s bodies in.

Saturday was P’s birthday! 🙂 We had noon lunch with his parents and then they stopped by for a bit to open more presents. When they left, both kids napped and then we headed over to the mall for Lili’s first movie experience.

06.27.15 Inside Out

06.27.15 Inside Out

I totally cried (then again, I cry over every movie). After the movie, we headed home and just hung around.

Sunday, I woke up feeling feverish. I somehow got up anyway and started to prepare Lili’s summer school work. I know it sounds so silly but she needs to keep up with her writing and reading. Her Pre-K-3 teacher told me to keep on doing whatever we’re doing at home during the summer.

Summer Home School

Summer Home School

She complains at first, “Awwww man…”. But once she gets into it, she’s all into it. I did make sure to have at least one fun arts and crafts after doing some school work.

Painting 101

Painting 101

The rest of the afternoon was pretty much me resting. I did feel out of it and napped with the kids too at one point. Then I made dinner and we called it a night.

Monday morning was quite busy. Lili was having blood drawn. We figured since it would be a good idea — just because she’s been getting sick a lot lately and it’s recommended when they turn 4. I was nervous about it so I had P come with me. The first thing they told me was to collect urine in a cup. Cute conversation between her and I in the bathroom.

Me: Okay, sit on the potty and I’m going to catch your pee in the cup.

Lili: Oh mommy. I can’t. I can’t pee in a cup. I don’t want to drink my pee!

Me: No honey. You don’t have to drink your pee. It’s for them to make sure your pee is okay!

Brave Girl

Brave Girl

When it was time to have blood drawn, she got nervous. P did an awesome job keeping her distracted and we made sure to make sure she didn’t look at the needle or the blood. She whimpered a little but then was completely fine. The med-tech even complimented us by saying how awesome we were on keeping her calm. I can imagine many kids come in there screaming. I was NERVOUS all Sunday evening. After the appointment, she came to work with me. And yes, she did an hour and a half of school work.

Learning Time

Learning Time

After, I had to do some actual work — and then I went into the back to workout. It was a strength training day.

"Let me see your HAPPY face" -Lili

“Let me see your HAPPY face” -Lili

My photographer, Lili, took my pre-workout pic.


She watched Power Rangers while watching me workout.

Then it was time to go. It was a long day but I can't complain. She was PERFECT the entire time. We picked up her brother, who was enjoying the day with their cousin.

Happy Hour

And then I helped my mom move some furniture around. I was home rather late but thank goodness my dad gave me leftovers. I didn’t have to cook for P.

I can’t believe it’s already JULY tomorrow!!!! What’s everyone doing for the weekend? Off on Friday???


I’ve been M.I.A.A. (Last A for Again!). Busy at work + Stomach Virus + Busy at Work = No Time to Update… I turned 35 last Saturday (no midlife crisis…yet) so here are 35 little updates just for you from the last two weeks. Brace yourselves…. It might be a bit of picture overload over here.

1. Thursdays are my favorite days. Mainly because it’s my FRIDAY! My routine includes picking up Lili from school, finishing up my work and then scooping up the little guy. Sometimes if my brother and his girlfriend don’t go to the gym, we get to hang out with them for a bit — and the kids love it.

<3 Uncle EJ <3

❤ Uncle EJ ❤

2. Fridays are for errands. I schedule doctors appointments, go food shopping, etc. I had an eye exam. After my exam, the little guy and I took a stroll in town.


I stopped at my mom and dad’s to go with my mom to Costco. I was going to stay for dinner but then my head was pounding (probably from contacts) and then my stomach was off. So I headed home.

3. And Saturday mornings are for the kids doctor’s appointment. Lili had her first dentist appointment.

No Cavities

No Cavities

4. Did you know they have TVs on ceilings for the kids and they get to wear cool sunglasses.

Disney? Nick, Jr.?

Disney? Nick, Jr.?

5. The dentist for kiddos are so much fun. Lili left there with more toys than if she stopped at Toys ‘R Us.

Princess Clean Teeth

Princess Clean Teeth

6. Sunny Weekends are the BEST. It was a beautiful Saturday (05/29/15) so we ended up hanging in the yard.

Sandbox Fun

Sandbox Fun

7. Summertime = Sprinkle Fun.



8. And the sprinklers don’t end…



9. Sunday (5/31/15) was National Stroller Day. I made sure the night before that our Bob Jogger was ready to go. But first, we went to the track. I was pretty excited because woke up early and wanted to come with us.



10. They are seriously the best… Two loops around before starting my run with the kids.

Sanchez Relay Team

Sanchez Relay Team

11. National Stroller Day. I did a run with the kids while Pedro finished his walk around the park also.

National Stroller Day

National Stroller Day

Two Sundays ago was my first run with the jogger since last summer. It was HARD! But so worth it.

12. We ended our run at the park and the kids were thrilled. Mainly because the spray playground was ON.



13. When P was done with his walk, he met us at the park and hung out before doing another walk.

The Fam Jam

The Fam Jam

14. And then it happened. I got so sick at 2pm. I was vomiting like crazy. And then it hit the kids… Needless to say, we caught the stomach bug and it was not pretty.

Stomach Bug 2015

Stomach Bug 2015

15. I had to call out of work the next day. I must have done about 10 loads of laundry. It was awful. The next morning, we made some vegetable soup.

Veggie Soup

Veggie Soup

16. The kids acted pretty normal, for the most part.

Sick but Happy

Sick but Happy

But unfortunately a wave hit and S vomited three times. I made an appointment and then when we get to the parking lot, Lili vomits all over the parking lot. WHAT.A.DISASTER!!!!

17. Dr. can’t give anything but says it will pass and to keep giving fluids. Fun fact, S won’t drink pedialyte unless it’s in a syringe. So we’ll take that…

Pedialyte Syringe

Pedialyte Syringe

18. We all took another day off because everyone was still pretty sick. And yeah, just because we’re off doesn’t mean we don’t read books and do school work. Lili continued practicing her letters, read a book together and drew her picture of what the book was about.

Green Eggs and Ham

Green Eggs and Ham

19. Everything that big sis does, lil bro must do…


20. National Running Day arrived…I hadn't run since Sunday (right before I got ill) and hadn't had a real meal in the last 5 days, but I didn't miss out on running. I felt okay and took it nice and slow.

Happy National Running Day 2015

21. Lili was scheduled to go back to school the next day, and S had another appointment. So after he was cleared, I headed back to work and yes… I was slammed.

At the Office

At the Office

22. Thursday came (my favorite day) and I took some work home (but didn’t actually work on it till late Sunday evening). I was still exhausted and the office didn’t really expect me the rest of the week but I felt okay. I was starting my birthday weekend with a date.

Still 34....

Still 34….

23. Liliana’s teacher gave her a great report. She said that she was more advanced than some of the Pre-K kids going into Kindergarten and to continue doing what we’re doing at home. That made me happy! 🙂 So we went out for ice-cream.



I regretted it after. CHOCOLATE ICECREAM EVERYWHERE! Eh, we only live one.

24. P and I went to dinner while Mimi and my brother babysat. I gave them a bath before we left.



Kids waited for me to come home and sleep. Supposedly, Lili cried the minute I left.

25. My husband NEVER disappoints. He had a birthday letter and gift waiting for me early in the AM. He even wrapped it in the Outback bag that we had our leftovers in.

Bday Gift

Bday Gift

26. Lili helped me open it and immediately thought it was HER present. iPad Mini 3.

"Mommy, I love my new iPad"

“Mommy, I love my new iPad”

27. I was disappointed to learn that the kids infected my in-laws. 😦 I didn’t want to do anything on my actual birthday because I was so upset about it, but then I got another birthday surprise!!!!



My best friends SURPRISED me!!! I was so excited to see them. I ended up making breakfast for everyone and we chatted for at least two hours!!!

28. My favorite birthday cake — CARVEL with EXTRA CRUNCHIES.



29. After they left, kids napped and then we headed out to have a picnic at the park. There was a special event going on, and I got another SURPRISE. My SIL and the kids came.



30. The kids had a blast.

Sab + Bas

Sab + Bas

Jules + Lili

Jules + Lili

31. We got home and ate dinner. Then we celebrated my birthday one last time as the attorney I worked for bought me a cake!



Perfect way to end the evening.

31. My second run with the jogger. We did a 5 mile run and it was tough.



32. And of course, after every run there’s a park.

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

Lili has become a PRO at climbing! So proud of that kid.

33. Monday night came and the Lili asked to go the park… AGAIN. Yeah, we’re kind of playground junkies over here. I was thrilled that P met us after work. He’s been so busy it was nice to have him on work night.

Papa Rocks

Papa Rocks

34. New favorite shirts in the house.



Lili may wear that for the 90s party we have to attend on Saturday.

35. Yes, we have a themed party to go to on Saturday. 1990s is the year for a 30th Birthday. I looked up some 90s look. I am deciding on this… Found a pair of palazzo pants ($10.00) and cropped top ($6.00).

90s Party

90s Party

Not sure if I’m going with it though. I may go with the overalls look.

Phew, and there you have it. 35 updates for the 35 year old birthday gal.

Birthday wishes? To get my running speed back — maybe faster. More races.

Themed parties? Do you like them?

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day.

Just Taking My Co-Pays…

Co-Pays are a pain, but at least we have health insurance. April has brought us to the doctor’s office three times ($25/visit) thus far. Hopefully we won’t need to go back tomorrow.

Waiting Room Selfie

Waiting Room Selfie

No shots, right?

No shots, right?

Unfortunately, they couldn’t find anything wrong with her. It wasn’t an ear infection; it wasn’t strep. I requested the flu test because she’s been so tired. She doesn’t have any mucous build-up but she’s got a cough and slight runny nose. Nonetheless, they said if her fever continues, to bring her back on Thursday. So far, she hasn’t had a fever since yesterday morning. Fever broke and just a cough and a tad runny nose.

Ready for the Doc

Ready for the Doc

We got to my in-laws at around 4 and B was sleeping, so I pumped and then hung out until he woke up around 5. We ended up staying until 6:15 and heading home since I had still had to cook dinner. I had no idea what to cook for dinner and used my play-doh inspiration from last Sunday as the menu.

Burger & Fries

Burger & Fries

Spaghetti & Marinara Sauce

Spaghetti & Marinara Sauce

YES, we take our playdoh play-time SERIOUS in this house. On a sidenote, I’m not sure when I started washing the kids’ kitchen toys. The dishes are always in my sink.

I ended up peeling potatoes and slicing them up for fries and made some burgers on the grill pan. Voila. Dinner by 7:30, kids bathed by 8:15 and in bed by 8:30. I won’t lie, I was in bed by 9. OUT!

I can’t believe it’s almost MAY! Holy crap. I’m looking up some races that I might want to do for the spring. Just haven’t figured out. I hate racing in the summer and I’m already training for a fall half and full marathon this summer. I really do perform poorly in the summer. BUT it will have to get done.

Anyone training for any marathons, half, ultras, etc., this fall? I have a Halloween Half and NYC Marathon. I’m sure I’ll have some other races in between and then some (or so I hope). The only marathon I’m training for these days is sleep. Right now I’m at a sub 4-hour sleep marathon. Why can’t my running marathons be that fast?

Up Late and Back to the Doc

So yeah, it was back to the doctor for the hundredth time. I am not kidding when I say we’ve been to the doctor at least 10x since September. It has been a continuous cycle. First, Lili had strep (antibiotics) then Sebastian followed a week later with strep (antibiotics). October rolls in and then Lili got sick again, this time with the flu (tamiful meds) followed by Sebastian with a cold (just let it ride out). I brought Sebastian back again and he was given medicine + nebulizer treatments. We were told Lili should have some nebulizer treatments as well.

November creeps in and Lili has a cold still so we make an appointment with her allergist and she has a sinus infection with nasal allergies so she was prescribed with antibiotics (AGAIN!). As she’s finishing up her antibiotics she develops yet another cough/runny nose and quickly passes it to her brother. So yeah, that leads us to this morning’s appointment.

Last night, Sebastian woke up at 1:30 AM and was burning up. We took his temp and sure enough it was 102.

Another Night, Another Treatment

Another Night, Another Treatment

We gave him some medicine to bring down the fever but he didn’t break the fever till two hours after or so. The good news is Lili wasn’t coughing as much. Thank goodness. We woke up later than I wanted to — so P had to get the kids ready while I got in the shower. We were in the car by 7:40 and heading over to their appointment.

The good news is, Lili is getting better and we’re doing everything right with giving her treatments, etc. So we will continue on with nebulizer treatments and she will be good to go back to school this Friday. 🙂 (So far, all her absences have been excused absences!). Lili was also able to get her flu shot (FINALLLLLLY!!!!!!). Just a little scream and then it was over and she got her lollipop. Sebastian, however, looked worse than Lili. Mayhaps it’s because she had been on antibiotics and he hasn’t? He tested negative for the flu and RSV. He’s back on antibiotics and more nebulizer treatments. Lovely.

When will this vicious cycle end? Who knows. But at night, this waits for me.

Yes Please!

Yes Please!

Unfortunately, I’m a sad, sad woman. I drank maybe half of that and was done. Cheap date/mom…

I hope that I get some sleep tonight. I have been too tired to take care of myself. P said he would do laundry tonight. So at least that’s done. I’m so looking forward to tomorrow after work. Hopefully we can get back to some type of normalcy.

I’m drinking lots of liquids right now and hoping to fight off any infections.

Do you take anything when you feel like you might be getting sick? Tea, OJ, water, Airborne?

Tis the season…

Weekend’s Over (and a Long Week Ahead)

6:45 AM: PiYo Buns – COMPLETED

My girlfriend, Keyri, asked me if I had tried the PiYo Buns workout yet and I did the first one (I don’t know how many there are) and she was right on the money. Holy BURNING Buns… I love it (I’m saying that phrase the way Chalene says it). Thanks for the hot tip, K.

It’s going to be one of those crazy weeks since my colleague is on vacation. So I’ll be working for the big-wig and my attorney. Busy, busy… I don’t mind it, but I sure will miss my Lili and picking her up from school. We are kind of sappy when I pick her up. There are LOTS of hugs and kisses involved. She told me this morning, “Mommy, I want you to pick me up from school today!” Poor girl. P told me this morning when he dropped her off, she asked again for me to pick her up. At least her grandfather will be there. Let’s hope this week zips on by (and I mean it because I have to work on FRIDAY!).

Okay, so the weekend was okay, for the most part. On Thursday, I left work a tad early to bring Lili to her allergist/immunologist. I go to a doctor that my mom’s works with at her hospital. She’s awesome. After she saw us, she told her receptionist that there was NO co-pay, so the woman returned my $40 check. Sweet. Well, it turns out Lili has a sinus infection and so she prescribed antibiotics for 10-days and we will have to see her again in December. She also thinks that she has nasal allergies. We’ll schedule a skin allergy test in the Spring.


We sat in almost an hour traffic heading back to my parents to scoop Sebastian up. When we got there, we regrouped and then headed home. P was picking up her meds. We got home, ate dinner and then got the kids ready for bed. We did another treatment for LIli and called it a night.

Friday morning, we woke up super early and headed over to the grocery store. I just wanted to get it out of the way.


I did the food shopping for two weeks (well, excluding little things we will need again next week, i.e. eggs and milk — we always need more of those on a weekly schedule). After we shopped, we came back home, put groceries away, made breakfast, ate and got ready to head out to the doctor’s office. Lili needed to get her flu shot but her doctor’s office ran out of the vaccine. I still needed to get her immunization records so we had to drop off those papers. It was quick and then we headed over to the library for “Angelina Ballerina” story time.


It was okay. After, we went into the children section so the kids could color.



We headed out around 12:30 and off to the craft store to pick up a few things and Toys ‘R Us to get more playdoh for Lili.


And finally, HOME, where we opened Lilil’s playdoh and she went to town with it.


I made us lunch and we all ate and Sebastian went down for a two hour nap. When P got home, he decided to cut Sebastian’s hair and I wasn’t too happy with it.


I almost cried and I went to bed with the kids after… LOL

Saturday, I woke up early and made kids breakfast. I also got Lili ready and we headed out to dance.


Yeah, she always has a little bit of a sourpuss face during dance. Post-dance, I headed over to the bagel spot with one of the other moms, Christina, and her daughter Ava. Sweet gals. We order every week together and then part ways. I had to stop at Lili’s doctor’s office to pick up her immunization records and then HOME. P had to run out but we ate beforehand. Then I played with the kids… We didn’t do much of anything else. In fact, even though I food shopped, we ordered in because I was THAT tired… We did, at the very least, have the kids make a birthday gift for my mom’s birthday (this Wednesday).



And then I made her do some school work — practice writing her name.


Sunday, woke up early (when do I ever NOT wake up early?) — Sebastian woke up at 5AM and did not go back to sleep. AWFUL. Anyway, once we got up, I made a cup of coffee and fed the kids. Then I baked banana bread and prepared dinner because we had a 1st birthday party to attend it was an HOUR away. I knew when we got home I’d be too tired to do anything.


By the time everything was prepped and the kitchen was cleaned, the baby went down for a quick nap. I showered and got ready and then I got the kids ready. We were out the door by 11:15 and we got to the hall by 12:15. So long. BUT, I’m so glad I went. I hadn’t seen my girlfriend since June 7, 2007. Yes, that’s right. It’s been 7 whole years. I was excited to see her and WOW, what an amazing job she pulled off for her son’s 1st birthday. Here are just a few of the pictures.












The theme was just ON POINT! I mean, they did an AMAZING job. There was even a band that came in at one point. Too cute. The kids had so much fun. The party ended at 3 but we ended up leaving around 2:30 since it was going to take almost an hour to get back home.

And yes, when we got home, Lili wanted to play with her play doh again. I joined in this time and made some “play” food.


I love play doh. I think I let Lili play with it a lot (even though it’s annoying to clean up) because my mom never let us play with it. She didn’t want to deal with the mess. HA. Pedro finally asked when I was going to make some “real” food — and that was my cue to stop playing and put the real food in the oven.

A successful weekend (dinner is prepped for tonight and there are leftovers for Tuesday and Thursday since Wednesday we’ll most likely have dinner for my mom’s birthday) and we’re caught up with laundry. That almost never happens but I’ve been keeping up with it. We’ll see how long that streak lasts.

Who’s off for Veterans Day? I wish I were…

Are you excited about the upcoming holidays? And I’m talking about Thanksgiving. Poor Thanksgiving. Always gets dissed over Christmas. I won’t lie.. I love hearing Christmas music on commercials — but I will try not to put it on until after Thanksgiving. 🙂

Thankful Thursday

Tracy Anderson’s Post-Pregnancy Workout – COMPLETED

I’m going to make this one a quick one because I’m running out of here in less than 20 minutes. Lili has an appointment with her Allergist/Immunologist (and tomorrow she actually has an appointment with her regular pediatrician for her flu shot — that should be fun!).

So, it’s THURSDAY and I’m THANKFUL that it’s my FRIDAY! 🙂 BUT of course, there’s so much more to be THANKFUL for and just to name a few:

1. CICI. My running buddy, my solemate, my awesome friend, the girl I can vent to about anythang and everythang… she just GETS me. On my way to work, I told her I was so mad because I forgot my wallet and couldn’t get my iced Pumpkin Coffee. UGH. At noon, I text her how tired I was and might have to make a second cup of coffee. Donna was about to go out to lunch when we heard the bell ring and guess who it was?

My Genie in a Bottle

My Genie in a Bottle

Is that love or what? The best service ever. I didn’t know Dunkin delivered. Since nobody was in the office, we hung out in the library/conference room and then my sushi arrived so she stuck around and ate lunch with me. She left around an hour or so. It was great to have her at the office.

2. I’m THANKFUL for my HEALTHY and HAPPY kids. As soon we got home and I started dinner, I found Lili practicing her yoga and Sebastian watching her.



They really are amazing. I love them.

lili and me


Our favorite part of the night is reading books. And of course extra hugs and kisses.

3. I’m THANKFUL for my colleagues. They are pretty awesome to work with. I’m also THANKFUL for my job. The fact that they are so understanding and are flexible with my hours. It’s so important when you have kids. But going back to my colleagues — they’re awesome because the hardest part of our day is deciding what we’re eating for lunch. SERIOUSLY? We planned since Monday that we were going to order PIZZA on Thursday.


Perfect way to end my Thursday workday.

Okay, I am outta here. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

What are your weekend plans?
Lili has dance class and then we have a 1st birthday party to attend. Maybe lunch with my SIL and the kids tomorrow.