Oh The Places You Will Go

It’s #readacrossamerica today as we celebrate the birthday of the great Dr. Seuss.  Lili has a bunch of fun activities scheduled this week to celebrate Dr. Seuss.  

We did some pre-celebration activities this weekend.  First we had to stop at the mall to pick her up a silly hat.  It was “silly hat” day today.

She hand-picked this out herself.  Unicorns are the best.  I also picked out some clothes for B and then we just walked around for a bit.

B was the perfect kid at the mall. Thank goodness.  He has been throwing tantrums here and there.  He almost threw one at one point but quickly refrained.  

We started the process of daylight savings. I am dreading it.  But I had the kids in bed early.  Unfortunately, I went against sleeping early and slept at 3:30AM.  Yeah, that pretty much left me with 3 hours of sleep because kids were up by 6:30. HA.  Oh well. 

I got up and did our routine, except this time, since we were doing pre-celebratons for Dr. Seuss.  We started with baking pancakes.

And we cut them out into Feet and Fish (The Foot Book and One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish).

And then we read our book and did some arts and crafts.

After the kids napped, I had to stop at the gym to activate my groupon.  It was snowing pretty hard out, so I just wanted to activate it since it expired that day.  When I got home, we ate and then I ran on the treadmill .  Well, after these two got off the ‘mill.

Followed by yoga.

Her cat pose.  HA.

Anyway, great weekend.  We got to go out, I was able to run twice and the kids had a blast with their Dr. Seuss crafts.  

What was is/your favorite Dr. Seuss quote or book?

Anybody else counting the days till Spring?

Happy Monday! 



The recipe for an amazing weekend: Sleep in when it rains. Steal extra hugs and kisses when you can. Spend time with your parents and siblings. DIY projects. And more… Unfortunately, it didn’t start out on a great foot. One of P’s good friend’s father passed away so on Thursday night we attended his wake. P was attending the funeral the next morning. Mimi was able to watch the kids when I got out of work while I went to the wake. I fed the kids dinner really quick and gave them a bath so I wouldn’t have to deal with it when I got out of the wake.



Halloween Friday was spent dropping Lili off at school, running errands and then heading over to my office to trick or treat. The small town I work in had a “trick or treat” event (50 stores participating) for preschoolers and kids. It was perfect. We visited with the attorneys and my co-worker then headed over to trick or treat. I wish I took Lili out of school but I knew she was looking forward to going to school and celebrating with her friends.

Visiting the Job

Visiting the Job



with Mila

with Mila

On another note, Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. I mean, who doesn’t LOVE chocolate/candy? It was also one of the first moments that I knew P and I were going to have children. Back in 2007, his niece who was 6 at the time had kidney cancer. We spent many days in and out of the hospital. One of the days she was in the hospital was on Halloween. P showed up at the hospital as Mr. Incredible.

Sab & Tio

Sab & Tio

She was so happy. And he was a huge hit. All the doctors and nurses came by to see him and then asked if he could make rounds to all the children on the floor. He happily took part.

Mr. Incredible

Mr. Incredible

P and the kids

P and the kids

It was only a matter of time that Mr. Incredible and Elastagirl would get married…

<3, <3, <3

Anyway, after all was said and done, it was time to pick up Lili. Sebastian fell asleep on the car ride to her school. We picked her up and then headed over to my in-laws to visit. We ended up staying for an early dinner and trick or treating after. We left there around 6 and back HOME. My brother and his girlfriend stopped by to visit and then when they left it was BATH and BED time. We had a great night. Later that night, my sis dropped off my niece for a sleep over. Unfortunately, she came at 9 so really, they just SLEPT.

We woke up late on Saturday morning because it was RAINING and GLOOMY. Since we woke up late, Lili ended up missing her dance class. She was waking up at 8 and we still had to have breakfast. I made pancakes, fed the kids and then they played. We did some arts and crafts early in the afternoon.


Poor Sebastian. The girls would run away from him and scream and he’d chase them screaming thinking they were “playing” with him when they were actually trying to “get away” from him. Awww, my poor baby. Anyhow, at one point I tried to put Lili down for a nap but she wasn’t having it. So I traced their bodies, showered and then we headed over to my parents house for dinner.

My sister was running the NYC Marathon. Yes, I cried a bit watching the coverage because I wish I was there. It’s unfortunate that I sprained my ankle (it’s 95% better now but I still am not going to run on it yet!) three weeks prior to the race. At least I am in for 2015. So we ate dinner, I set up the kids to decorate their full-sized body tracing.


Scarlett Bella
Always Happy

Always Happy

While they finished up their art work, I helped my sister with her racing gear.

NYC Ready

NYC Ready

The throwaway pants she had did NOT fit over her actual capris so we made a quick stop at my house so she could borrow one of mine. When I got back, my mom had a bath ready for me!!!! Love her.

Oh sweet heavens...

Oh sweet heavens…

When I was done, we bid my brother and his best friend farewell as they left for a Halloween party.



I would have slept over but Lili wanted to go home. So home we went. We spent most of Sunday lounging around watching the NYC Marathon. I tracked a bunch of my friends that did awesome and my sister FINISHED. It wasn’t her first marathon, but her first marathon without much training. Took her awhile but the important thing is she got that medal.

I spent the rest of the evening writing in my journal.


Then we ate dinner, gave baths, put the kids down, folded four loads of laundry and straightened up the bedroom.

What a night!!!

Anyone go to any Halloween parties? Eat too much Halloween candy/chocolate? I ate too much sugar I think I actually need to detox.

Do you still write in a journal? Scrapbook? Or do you do everything online through your blog? I like to do both. I’m old-fashioned sometimes and like to flip through the pages…

I can’t believe it’s November folks. Where did this year go?

“C” is for…

I thought this title was fitting since Lili is in the process of learning how to read. She’s recognizing sounds of letters and spelling them, so let’s start with “C” for today.

1. “C” is for the never-ending “COLDS” that my children have been fighting. No joke, they have been sick since September 9th. First with strep, then the flu, then the nagging cough and runny nose that just won’t seem to go AWAY! Numerous doctor’s appointments with “Co-Pays” out the wazoo. I am not kidding. We’ve spent about $1,000 on doctors visits + medications in a month. I won’t complain though because at least it’s something that can be taken care of with rest and medicine.

Sick Baba

Sick Baba

Another visit to the doctor for Sebastian and this time we did not leave without medicine. Their doctor also said that we could give Lili nebulizer treatments as well.

Nebulizer Treatments

Nebulizer Treatments

Trying to get Well

Trying to get Well

Still both kids are not 100% but they’re getting there.

2. “C” is for “Crafts”. Since Lili was sick, we took her off from school for a week (including yesterday as well). She went to school all last week, but since yesterday was a half-day and she still has a nagging cough, we figured it was best to keep her home. We did a lot of school work, spelling, writing, etc. But also, CRAFTS!

Box of Crafts

Box of Crafts

The kids, well more Lili, loves when I pull out the pink bin. It means something fun is going to take place. (On a sidenote, Lili calls it arts and craps!).

We had a ton of tissue boxes from both of them having runny noses. So we did something Halloween themed.




Lili did an excellent job. She glued all the construction paper on while I was putting the baby down for a nap. When I came out, I was impressed.

3. "C" is for "Clumsy” — if you follow me on IG or are FB friends with me, then you’ll know where I am going with this next one. On October 12th, I was supposed to be running the Staten Island Half, but because I had a sick baby still and another one of his appointments, I had to step down from that race. When I got back from the appointment, I went out for my long run (taper). I was scheduled for 13 and was going to run it at my half marathon pace. It was going well.

Mile 1: I was to do a 9:00 and finished in 8:55.
Mile 2: Still feeling good and the weather was perfect. I finish with a 8:40 min/mi.
Mile 3: Okay, — I’m doing great, 8:44 min/mi. I turn the corner and don’t cross the street yet because I don’t want to mess with the momentum. I stick to the sidewalk, which I hate doing, and I’m waving to other runners feeling great when BOOM, I slip and fall on an apple. OUCH!!@$@$@#@# I could NOT believe it.

Sprained Ankle

Sprained Ankle

I saw the swelling immediately. It’s like watching bread rise. I was 3.5 miles away from home and knew I could NOT walk back. I tried and it was fine, but I knew there was no way. So I called P and he had to bundle up two sick kiddos to pick me up. At this point, I was feeling it. He had to carry me inside. It was the first time I was feeling helpless. It was next to impossible trying to take care of two sick kids and get myself anywhere with one foot. “Celeste” was SO sweet and stopped by the house to leave food at our front stoop. Who does that??? Only your best friends. I took a nap with the kids after a shower and then woke up to eat. I knew it was going to be a tough night. My girlfriend’s brother is a foot and ankle doctor so she hooked me up with an appointment the next day. Best thing is it’s right across the street from my job. P dropped me and the kids off.

Icing at Work

Icing at Work

My doctor took a look at it and an xray. Good news: It’s a grade 1 sprain and no fractures!!! Small bruise on a bone. Other than that, looks good. He put a soft cast on and told me that he has hopes for me to run NYC in 3 weeks.

Cast & Boot

Cast & Boot

Don’t get me wrong, it hurt, but I was doing the best I could do. Laying off the foot and elevating. I had my follow-up visit yesterday and it’s healing well. Soft cast came off and now just a bandage. It’s still in the recovering phase and soon I can start back up. Of course, NYC is in 12 days, so where does that leave me? While he still thinks I am capable of running it, I’m not sure I want to make it worse.

4. C is for “Choices” I want to be able to run for the rest of my life. I’m not the type of person that has that goal to run x amount of marathon by the time I’m x-years old. My main goal in life is to run pain free forever, if possible. The problem is, it’s NYC and who doesn’t want to run NYC at least once?!? So here I was, thinking, “I can’t cancel because I canceled back in 2012. After talking to NYRR, 2012 NYC Marathon is not counted against me because they were the ones that canceled the marathon (from Hurricane Sandy). So, YES, I can cancel this year and RUN NYC in 2015.

I have until October 30th to decide what I will do. While I know I am prepared (I’ve had three 20-milers + one full marathon since training started in July), I’m just not sure if it’s wise to run 26.2 miles post injury. I think I would be foolish. And I love winter running…

Have you ever had to make a similar decision? What did you choose?

Ever have a sprained ankle? How long did it take for you to recover?

Thank you to all my friends and family wishing me well wishes. I’m feeling so much better. It feels good to walk like a normal person. 🙂

Indian Summer: Part I


I got to run at lunch on a nice day since my in-laws will be picking up Lili from school. I’ll miss seeing her face for sure but I’ll take advantage by getting my run on. It’s one of my favorite ways to start the week off. I was also able to prep tonight’s dinner this morning! I’m on a roll so far.

The weekend was long and fun. I figured I should break it down in two parts because even for myself it’s too much to write. My weekend started right at 2:00PM Wednesday afternoon. I scooped Lili up from school and headed over to pick up the munch-man. We hung out for there for about a half hour before heading home. I prepared dinner on the earlier side because I wanted to get the kids in the bath and in bed as I had plans with the girls. It worked out to perfection. They ate, had their bath and were both tucked in and snoozing by 7:50PM. I couldn’t have timed in more perfect. I got ready and headed out to my girlfriend’s house by 8:45 (first got gas) and Cici was already there.

It was a great night. We even had a nice spread.

Dip, Veggies, Crackers

Dip, Veggies, Crackers

We chatted and painted and chatted and painted… It was so much fun.

Danielle's new work.

Danielle’s new work.

Cici's Butterfly

Cici’s Butterfly

1st paint night

1st paint night

Cici acting cray-cray

Cici acting cray-cray

We finished up around 11:30 and then just chatted while cleaning up before parting ways.

The Finished Products

The Finished Products

We already set up next month’s paint night. I’m so looking forward to it.

Thursday morning, we woke up to a very dark and gloomy day. It was 100% rain all day. Boo.

Rainy Look

Rainy Look

I did see that there was a story/craft at the library, but not till 1:30. I knew my niece was also at my parents house, so we headed over to their house after breakfast. It was drizzling a bit so while the kids played with each other, I went for a wet run.

Rainnnnnny Runnnnn

Rainnnnnny Runnnnn

It was supposed to be a tempo run, but I just couldn’t get it together. But I’ll take the 7.5-miles and call it a day. I got back to my parents house at around 1:10, took a quick shower, changed and headed down the street to the library with all three kiddos.

Story Time

Story Time

The book that Ms. Barbara read was about a kid who got his first library card. So after story time, the kids made their own library card holder.

thurs craft

Scarlett working hard

Scarlett working hard

thurs craft 5

Library Card Holder

Library Card Holder


Sebastian was getting fussy so after they were done, I let them play for a few more minutes and then we headed home. I took a nap with the kids and then we stopped at my in-laws for a farewell dinner for her sister and brother-in-law. My mother-in-law really made a wonderful dinner: Turkey, Green Beans, Mashed and Sweet Potatoes, Corn, Cranberries, homemade Sangria. It was a preview of Thanksgiving Dinner.

thurs dinner 5thurs dinner 4thurs dinner 1thurs dinner 2

After dinner, we headed home, gave the kids a bath and put them down to sleep. I fell asleep with them as well.

Friday morning, we woke up, ate breakfast, I did two loads of laundry, showered and then we headed over to my girlfriend’s house for a play-date. It was long overdue. The kids were so excited to see each other.



Pumpkin Painting Fun

Pumpkin Painting Fun

fri playdate 3

fri playdate 4

Of course, Sebastian took forever to nap and right before we were planning to leave, he passes out. I didn’t want to move him, so we let the girls play once more and let him sleep till he woke up (which was an hour later). We were finally heading out by 3pm and then we went food shopping. I had originally planned to go before heading home then changed my mind because I thought it would be too much on Lili since she hadn’t napped, but when we got into the car, she suggested it. So we got it out of the way.



Lili had a blast shopping. I cannot say the same for Sebastian. We were home by 4 and EXHAUSTED!!!! I knew Lili would be tired as well, so I made our dinner, we ate, bathed and out by 7:30… again. HA! After they slept, I prepared all the major necessities for my 20-mile run with Cici the next day. But that post will come tomorrow. The “real” weekend was jam-packed with a long run, picnic, festival, hayrides, more pumpkin painting, etc.

Anybody else go pumpkin picking yet? How about apple picking? Or is that too early still? Pumpkin/Apple Pie Recipes to share???

Have you ever been to one of those paint/wine places? They are so popular around here — I’ve never actually been to one but I like the set up we have now. Our friend D is awesome (and her husband is actually an awesome running coach).

Late Night Post

I’m writing an entry pretty late because I’m not sure if I’ll even be on tomorrow. I’m off from work (as I was on Friday) and, well I have quite a busy day tomorrow. Quick weekend recap even tough it’s not quite over. I apologize in advance for any typos as I’ve prepared this on my iPad.

Thursday night: well, at lunch I had to pick up the mugs that Sabrina and Lili made at Color Me Mine the Thursday before.


Isn’t Sabrina’s mug the cutest?!? Lili’s was also cute, but not exactly Cookie Monster looking.


Looks more like robot meets Frankenstein. Ha. Anyway, since I was in town I stopped at Tito Burritos to get P a burrito for dinner and then made my way to the record store to dig around.


P would love this place. I ended up picking out two albums for him and we listened to them that night.


A Tribe Called Quest and Nirvana. Classic. I ended up staying up too late and missed my run. In fact, I was sore from the day before. So I decided to just do a workout at home. Some weights, HIIT and yoga. Good workout followed by a shower.

I didn’t have much plans because we had a repair guy coming between 11-2. At 10, I get a call from my girlfriend who wanted to swing by. I hadn’t seen her in awhile so I told her to swing by as I had to wait for this guy.


It was Lili’s first time meeting sweet Mila and she was absolutely great with her. Good sign, I hope.

They left around 1:30 (Lili was down for a nap) and shortly after she woke up. I was annoyed because the repair guy NEVER showed. Never reliable. P got home around 4 and took care of it (though we still need someone to come by). Anyway, we ate dinner, laid out running clothes, the usual night routine. Oh, and the night before we noticed that Lili had something bit her on her hands and she’s got these weird bumps that started blistering up. At first I wasn’t that concerned. She had no fever, was acting normal aside from them being itchy so we said we would monitor and continued using neosporin.

The next morning we woke up around 7 and got ready. Titi was meeting around 7:40. So we were ready for her. We were doing a longer run. I was feeling ehhhhhh but felt okay midpoint. I’m the end we did 10-miles. Titi’s longest run yet and my longest since the Brooklyn Half. I can’t complain at 32.5-weeks.


I have to tell you about the mission towel I used in my next post. Overall a good run. As soon as walked in, I showered then made pancakes. P was just about up.


We ate then I put Lili down to nap. She was tired. I wasn’t planning to sleep with her but actually ended up falling asleep for about 30-min. When Lili woke up, P got in the shower and we headed out to a good friend of P’s BBQ.


It was great. I met a lot of Pedro’s friends from college. He actually hadn’t seen most of them in over 15 years. Crazy. But yeah, it was fun. I had a great time. My SIL was there so we hung out with her.

Lili had front row seats to beer pong. Hahah. We ended up leaving after the second game. Home by 9 and I had to give Lili a bath because her bites looked worse. Ugh. She went to bed late and I went to bed even later. Unfortunately I woke up at 5:55 am and was supposed to be at the park to run with the girls by 6. Well, that wasn’t happening. I went back to sleep after getting in touch with Tamar and woke up after 8 when Lili woke up. P got up with her but then I took over. Exhausted. We ate breakfast and then headed out around 9:45 for a run.



We did 4-miles. Hard miles at that. I was so used to friends pushing Lili. Lol. First time in a long time pushing her the entire ride. Eek. But it went well and we had fun. Especially after… I promised her park time.



We spent an hour at the playground and the headed home. I knew she was tired. She went down to nap, I showered and then P and I ate lunch. When Lili woke up, her bites looked more like blisters and I was freaking out. We are going to call the doctor for an appointment tomorrow. I have my biweekly appointment with my OB and I have errands to run including food shopping and post office. It’s gonna be a crazy day off — oh and laundry.

Anyhow, Lili and I spent 3-hours doing crafts. We made a welcome home card for the baby from Lili. We had fun and listened to music the entire time.


I fed her dinner, we monitored her bites, we cleaned up, gave her a bath and put her to bed. It was a great evening. Hopefully those bites are nothing serious.

We are starting the crazy, hectic day with a morning run with Tamar. I’m sure I will need it considering the schedule I have.

Have you ever got bitten bad from a mosquito, spider, insect, etc. that turned into a blister? . Seriously my dad had be going crazy thinking it was chicken pox but I know it isn’t. I’m just a worrier and try not to be. I was giving her a bazillion kisses — though that’s far for, unusual in this house. Ha.

Since most of you will be reading this tomorrow, Happy Monday!

Project Nursery: Take Five (The Light at the End of the Tunnel)

5:45 AM: Spin – COMPLETED

6:45 AM: 2-Mile Run + 1-Mile Walk – COMPLETED

Second time this week that the instructor was a no show. I was not happy, but there were three people in the spin room with some music, so I joined them for a good 45-minutes. After, I hopped on the tread for a very weak 2-mile run followed by a 1-mile walk whilst watching Married with Children & Saved By the Bell. After, I showered and had my first encounter with a lady in the locker room. For some reason, nobody at this gym really likes to talk, which is fine by me — This gym is real upscale. I feel bad not having a Chanel gym bag. Anyhow, she was really nice girl. I even think she may sign up her daughter for GOTR.

I was out the doors by 8 and made it to work really early — which is probably a bad move since I’ll be here till after hours. We have clients coming in and I was asked to stay a bit after. Eh, I can’t complain, we are off tomorrow for Good Friday. I had a few things to get off my desk this morning so I wanted to get a head start.

On some baby news, our nursery is almost done. The first part is pretty much done – Jen’s artwork is complete and I can’t stress how amazing and beautiful it looks. For a minute, I really want to cry. Pedro and I just stood in the room admiring the mural. Brace yourself for the many pics that I’m about to post.

But first, when we got home, this was on our coffee table.

Jen is so thoughtful. She bought us a gift. Really, WE should be buying YOU a gift for all the work you’ve done.

Baby Sanchez is going to have a collection of books. She went with all animal books to go with the theme of the nursery.

I love my beehive. I couldn’t wait to see it. Notice how the beeline is in the letter “S” for Sanchez. Jen’s brilliant idea.

Our clouds that area all over the room.

Follow the Bee.


Do you recall yesterday’s post about how Pedro wanted more animals? Well, he got his wish.

His hippo taking a swim. He said it was the perfect hippo.

Transitioning from Jungle to Farm.

Look at the one ducky whose head is the water and toosh is sticking up. Too cute.

The meadow.

We needed a rabbit in this scene — After all, Baby Sanchez is the year of the Rabbit.

It’s just all so perfect and what we wanted, maybe even more than what we wanted.

We are more than satisfied with the nursery and we can’t wait to start the next project — building the furniture and putting it in the room. But more importantly, having the new addition to the family in the room. It’s so exciting.

Thank you so much Jen for your hard work. You are so talented and your artwork is beautiful. I wanted to sleep in the room last night! We’ve been telling her that she must start her business. So, if anyone has any names to suggest to her, please, help a girl out. Also, if you’re in the New Jersey area and want a room done, shoot me an email at runaroundtheblog@gmail.com. I can certainly get in touch with Jen for you.

Wish her luck on her half marathon, May 1st.

Now, the weekend will be dedicated to nesting.

Magic Number

5:45 AM: Spin – COMPLETED

Today is 4/20. Was it strange that I woke up instantly at 4:20 AM? Or that the first locker I saw in the Women’s locker room was 420? Spooky. I have no idea why I got up that early. I had my alarm set for 4:45, but decided to just get up instead of taking the extra 25-minute nap. I was too lazy to pack last night for the gym, so I had to do it this morning. Then I had to wash the dishes, pack our lunches and clean up a bit.

Spin was actually great. First time I had this instructor and she is really into hills. No, I mean, she’s really into hills. My glutes & quads were screaming. I literally chugged 48 oz of water in less than an hour. Oh, and of course, the class is only supposed to be 45-minutes… well, she went for the full hour. Hey, I’m not complaining. I like the extra burn. After class, I decided that I was going to stop at my mom and dad’s house to see the baby and order the baby’s crib. As I was walking to the locker room, one of the trainers who was training some chick caught a glance at me and asked me when I was due. I told her 9-weeks and she said I looked beautiful. Thanks for making my day, girl trainer that I’ve never seen before.

I took a really quick shower and headed over to my mom’s. Unfortunately, she was out on transport picking up a premature baby, so I knew I wouldn’t see her. But, I ordered our crib!!!! And, I got to see this little stinker.

She loves the camera and taking pictures — oh, and posing.

She’s such a cutie.

Anyhow, Jen got a good bulk done yesterday and will be back today to do the finishing touches. I’ll be posting Part II of her beautiful artwork this afternoon. While she was finishing up, I was prepping a lasagna for Pedro’s dinner. I ended up just having mac & cheese and crackers. I wasn’t that hungry. Pedro had also been asking me to make his favorite chocolate chip cookies — he promises to not eat them all at once.

I made sure to only make 12. I’m sure they’ll last a week. I make them pretty heavy; one is really enough.

I left the recipe at home, but it’s really easy. I think I have it memorized.

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Preheat Oven to 375


1 1/2 cup flour
1 cup brown sugar
1 tsp of salt
1 TBSP of Baking Soda
3/4 tsp of vanilla extract
1 egg
1/2 cup of butter
1 bag of chocolate chips (I use only the best; Ghiradelli Chocolate Chips)

Mix well and bake for 12-minutes.

After that baked and was done, I put the lasagna in. Dinner for him was served at about 8:30.

After he ate, we went out to look at the nursery again. It really does look great. I can’t wait till it’s really done and the furniture is all in. What I can’t wait for the most is Baby Sanchez to be in the nursery. For now, I will be patient and enjoy my baby’s kicks and jabs.

Stay tuned for the afternoon post with some of Jen’s amazing artwork.

Project Nursery: Take 3 (Work in Progress)

If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll know by now that P and I are having a baby in 9-weeks. These next few weeks are just going to fly right on by. A few months back, my friend, Jen that I met on GOTR sent me an email about how she’s starting up a business with painting babies nurseries and kids rooms. She sent me some pictures of her art and I really liked them a lot. At first, I wasn’t sure how P would respond to her work, but as soon as I sent him the pictures, he loved them. So we set up some dates for her to come check out the room and it all worked out since Jen is off from work this week for Spring break.

In case you missed any of the past posts on Project Nursery, you can catch up by clicking down below:

Project Nursery: Take One
Project Nursery: Take Two (Weekend Edition)

Yesterday was Jen’s first day working her magic on the nursery. So exciting. She was there from 9-5:45, but had to run out and get some more paint during lunch. I think she got a lot accomplished thus far. I was so excited to see her progress. Here’s what we have so far.

The little spaces you see is where she’s inserting some special things. I don’t want to give it away because you’ll see the update tomorrow as she continues on her artwork.

I love this tree. We were discussing how the tress looks like it’ll be giving some shade to the baby. The crib will be right below this tree.

So that’s what we’ve got right now and I can’t wait to get home and see what else is on the walls. She had outlines with chalk of what’s going up, but I did not want to see it just yet. I am glad that Jen emailed me when she did. Otherwise, we would have just painted the room a solid color. I like this idea – I know it’s not for everyone, but I think it’ll be great for the baby to see so many fun and exciting things in his/her room.

I can’t wait to see the finished project. For now, I’ll just have to be patient & eat my leftover Turkey Taco Salad that I made for dinner yesterday.