I’m a wife and mom to two babies.   I love to eat, sleep, drink & run.    I can’t live without my family.  I love to cook and bake — a wannabe chef.    I have a tendency to be indecisive and am notorious for starting projects without finishing them.  I’m a sucker for gossip magazines.

I’m I was a Coach for GOTR for three seasons & recently joined a running group that my OB/GYN recommended. I’m always looking for a good race to train for; whether in town or a different state (and if my pockets allow).

Within the last six seven eight years, I met the love of my life, moved into our first apartment together, watched his niece kick cancer’s butt, moved into our first house together, got engaged, got married, watched his mom kick cancer’s butt, got pregnant & had the most incredible gift from God; a beautiful baby girl, Liliana Raquel born on June 22, 2011. And now I’m pregnant with baby #2 due in September.  We both decided to have a second baby when Lili was about 18 months.  I had a beautiful healthy baby boy, Sebastian Daniel on September 11, 2013.  There’s nothing I would change about my life.

Fun trail walk at Rutgers Garden back in 2007.

A year after P & I first started dating. May 2007.

Our Honeymoon, May 2010.

P and Me on Thanksgiving Day, 2010 (and secretly a bun in the oven).

5-weeks Pregnant v. 40-weeks Pregnant

Group Run Pictures

4-day before I delivered.

7-weeks after I delivered.

40-weeks Pregnant & still running. I ran up until the day I delivered.

Our bundle of joy. You can read my delivery story here.

Mommy & Lili.

Papa & Lili.

My Maternity Photo Shoot @ 35-weeks Pregnant.

My new workout buddy.

Mi Familia

Mi Familia

merry christmas eve20130918-003548.jpgFamily of FOUR.





Sebastian Daniel

Sebastian Daniel

Hope you enjoy reading about my daily ramblings. I’ll try to keep you entertained.


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    • Thank you! And I am sure when you finally decide to have a baby, you will be just as energized (and I bet you’ll eat so great being that you’re an RD — I could certainly eat healthier!).

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