Celebrations and Mid-Week Recap

6:15 AM: Strength/Core Circuit – COMPLETED

11:00 AM: Hill Repeats – 1-mi WU; 3 x 1:00 min hill; 3 x 1:30 min hill; 1 x 1:00 min hill; 1-mil CD

Every single morning I start writing an entry and then something comes up.  By the time I know it, it’s Wednesday (or even Thursday).  So here’s my regular weekend/mid-week review.

On Friday, I finally got my speed workout in.  1-mile WU; 6x400s @ 6:23 min/mi; 1.5-mile CD.

5mile speed

B was happy that I was done.  I caught up with Grey’s Anatomy and then it was a quick shower and out the door.  B had a dental appointment followed by a haircut.

new cut

I don’t know why I would schedule a dental appointment + a haircut right after each other, BUT we made it work.  Then it was home to eat a quick lunch and pick up Lili from school.  I stopped at my parents’ house to put B down for a nap so I could take Lili to dance alone. It worked out well. After dance we headed back to my mom’s to celebrate my father’s 60th birthday.

happy birthday dad

Dad was tired because he had dialysis earlier that day, but he put on a smile and tried his best to have a good time.There were lots of yummy foods including these empanadas that look like their on steroids.


Of course I couldn’t have with NO meat on Fridays.  I ended up with shrimp and salmon and was completely satisfied.


I helped my mom clean up and then the kids and I headed home by 9:15.  We had a busy morning the next day.

Saturday I got up semi-early and started preparing everything for Sabrina’s confirmation.  I even gave the kids a bath since they didn’t have one the night before.

cousins 2


Congratulations, Sabrina. It was a great time.


We got home after 3 and I actually brought work home.  I worked for at least 4 hours that night and then 5 the next day.  Sunday, we had to help my mom pick up furniture.  Their new couches are looking nice.

Monday was Cici’s birthday!!!!!

cici and me

Love this girl.  We have our long run this weekend and I am so looking forward to seeing her!!!

My dad was admitted on Monday and had dialysis and chemo.  We’re moving onto the final phase.  He started the stem cell transplant at 4pm.

transplant day 1

I just got the update that he’s not feeling too well. I am sure this is all normal and he’s weak.  We expect his WBC to drop. Then we slowly wait for it to rise… More updates soon.

I did my strength workout this morning with B.

workout buddy

And I did a hill workout at 11 AM today.


It’s SPRING!!! 77-degrees today. Sun’s out, dresses on.


OH, and I have a new protein shake recipe.

1 banana

1 scoop vanilla protein powder

1/4 cup of unsweeted almond milk

1/4 cup of non-fat plain Greek yogurt

a dash of ground cinnamon

6 ice cubes

protein shake

So good!!!! and 43g of protein if you’re counting macros.

Happy Wednesday!!!


4 thoughts on “Celebrations and Mid-Week Recap

      • I was about to send you a message bc someone told me it was closed already (this was last weekend). Anyway I go on to sign up for the lottery and it says it is closed… Then i realized it doesn’t start until 11 AM today. HAH THANKS and I hope I get in. (and you but i think you’re already in??).

      • No I think I still have to register for the lotto…once I’ve done it 5 times I think I’m already in. This will make it number 4 though so getting close! Fingers crossed for us both!!!

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