Fam Jam Weekend

5:50 AM: 5-Mi Run

I had an easy run scheduled this morning and got 5 in before the kids woke up.  They didn’t get up until I got into the shower and B busted open the door with “HI MOMMY!” Scared me half to death.  Then they hung around the bathroom for a few minutes chit-chatting and I had time to get ready without feeling rushed.

Weekend was packed with family time. On Friday, after dance class, the kids and I headed over to my sister’s for dinner.


My poor son needs some boy playmates.  The girls had a blast dressing him up.  He had so much fun.  While they played, my sister cooked dinner and then her ex-colleague gave her bags of clothes that I went through.  I scored some pretty cute dresses, blouses, sweaters, and skirts.  Here’s the sweater dress I’m wearing today.

new dress

Banana Republic red and navy sweater dress and Vaneli suede ankle boots.  We left around 9 and home by 9:30.  B was exhausted. Lili fell asleep shortly after.

Saturday morning we woke up and I ran 8-miles on the treadmill.


Then we headed over to gymnastics.


My niece was doing a make-up class also.  So it worked out well.  My sister watched them while I ran an errand at Target.  We were home by 10:15 and I had a doctor’s appointment at 11:30.  I was still coughing pretty bad. So the diagnosis was mild bronchitis.  My sister dropped my niece back off later that afternoon so she could sleep over.  I had plans with my MIL, her sister who is visiting from Ecuador and my SIL.

girls night out

It was beautiful out — around 55.  We were headed over to Morristown at my SIL’s sister’s restaurant, Parm Centro.

parm centro

It was a great time.  I ended up getting home around 10PM.  The girls were still up but B was sleeping.

Sunday was busy also. I spent the morning food prepping. I made Shepard’s Pie, Stuffed Peppers and a ham.

stuffed peppers

It took me about 3 hours with prepping and cleaning up.  Also, halfway through I was making Pedro’s breakfast.  I did some laundry and put B down for a nap. When he woke up, we headed over to my dad’s house for dinner.  Pedro was shaving my dad’s hair.

hair cut

He goes in for harvesting tonight and hopefully it won’t last more than 2-4 days.  Then we’ll celebrate his 60th birthday the following Friday before he goes in for the transplant.

We had a great time at dinner and then played Bingo.

bingo night

I lost but everyone else won and Lili won the BIG BINGO.  It was the first one to get an X.

bingo winner

She was too shy to smile at the camera.

And well, that was our family weekend.

Ever go to Bingo night? I love BINGO.

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