Weight Train, Wednesday

6:30 AM: Weights/HIIT – COMPLETED

I was scheduled to do a speed workout this morning but a tiny voice was screaming, “MOMMMMMMMY, MOMMMMMMY” and I somehow was forced back into a snuggling/cuddling position with this dude.

sleeping babe

So yeah, I got up later than I had planned to, but I’ll either  make up for it this evening or tomorrow morning.  I ended up working out With Chalean’s Extreme Intervals and I forgot how amazing this workout is.  On top of that, I was sore from Jillian Michaels’ body shred yesterday morning.  Holy burn (in a good way!).  We’ll see how much motivation this mama has after work to get my speed workout in, otherwise, it’ll have to be postponed to tomorrow.

Last night was great. I had a few minutes to spare before we headed over to gymnastics so I had something to eat at my in-laws.  Then my SIL and nephew and niece tagged along to watch Lili and Sebastian at gymnastics.  They were thrilled to have them there.

gymnastics tues

And now my nephew wants to join. I’m going to call the facility in a bit to see if he could do a free trial next Tuesday before the next session starts.

I’m running over to Trader Joe’s at lunch today to do a quick and light shopping round.  HA, who am I kidding. When is it ever a light shopping round at TJ’s? LOL

The kids are feeling so much better these days.

before school

I, on the other hand, still have this tickle in my throat. It is definitely worse when I am sleeping at night.

Have you tried Jillian Michaels Body Shred (or any of her workouts in general)? She is pretty bada*s!

Hope you all have a great Wednesday.



8 thoughts on “Weight Train, Wednesday

    • I was doing a squat challenge, but after day 6 I stopped. LOL Awful.

      My girlfriend just started running and is loving it — and she’s a natural too. She’s from TX but about 6-7 hours from Houston. I was looking through your races and CowTown Half or Full — that’s in Fort Worth TX. What other half/full marathons would you recommend out in TX? I’m sure you’ve run a number. 🙂 TIA.

      • I don’t do the challenges honestly I just think incorporating small changes into your lifestyle will make you more consistent. Maybe that’s just me though. It works for me.

        What part of TX exactly is your friend in? TX is pretty big, you know. 3 hours to leave where you are, down here you’re just in another small town. LOL.

      • Girl, try 15 minutes and I’m in a different state like New York and 45 minutes I’m in Pennsylvania. Three hours will get me to Maryland, MA. LOL

      • Oh…Amarillo is a good 5+ hours away from Dallas so if she wants to travel I recommend Rock n Roll Dallas in March or the Metro PCS Dallas Half or Full Marathon in December. Houston’s Marathon is in Jan & it’s a good one also. I have never run near where she lives because frankly…it’s pretty boring/dull in that area. But I’m sure she could find some small local races in her area too. She’s a tad closer to Oklahoma. I hear the OK City Memorial Marathon is a good one too. Hope that helps.

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