Cabin Fever

1-Mi WU + Jillian Michaels Body Shred

Between all of us being sick in our house and below freezing weather, we were wise enough to just stay at home all weekend long.  The only time I left the house (and I even contemplated keeping Lili at home from school, however, she was so excited for her Valentine’s Day party at school) was to pick up Lili from school on Friday. It was just me and B for most of the morning/afternoon.  I ran 4.5-miles on the treadmill while catching up on Grey’s Anatomy season opener.We had to drop P’s car off at the mechanic so he came home for lunch and we dropped his car off, hopped into mine and picked up Lili.


She came home with Valentine’s Day cards from her classmates.

friday 2

Obviously, we had no car, so no dance class… AGAIN. Since it was way too cold out (and we can make it up anytime from now up until her recital in June).  Since I was feeling under the weather too, we had our groceries delivered for Saturday morning. Seriously, it was COLD all weekend long.


The kids hate putting on their winter gear except when they’re indoors. LOL

Saturday, we woke up, I made breakfast for the kids and then just relaxed a bit before getting a short run in.  Groceries were being delivered between 7-9 and we got lucky with a 7:45 delivery.  Kids pretty much  hung out at home playing and after B took a nap, we baked cookies.

saturday 2

They are really into baking.

saturday 3


The kids were sneaking cookies behind my back and ended up on a huge sugar rush.

On Valentine’s Day, we woke up early and the kids ate breakfast #1.  I gave treatments, antibiotics and when P woke up, I made Valentine’s brunch for us.

sunday 1

Pedro popped open a bottle of champagne and I made myself a mimosa.  An hour after, I had a POUNDING headache. Awful.  I ended up going in and out of sleep for most of the late morning/early afternoon.  Migraines.

Before I put down B for a nap, we let the kids open up their Valentine’s Day gifts.


Nothing big. Just umbrellas, BINGO, puzzles and Lili really wanted a Princess Anna costume.  Since we’re going to a Frozen Ball at the end of this month, she said she would rather wear that outfit over Queen Elsa.

Despite feeling like crap, I got on the treadmill that evening for a short easy 3-mile run.  Then we gave baths, watched movies and went to bed.

Yesterday, I was still feeling like crap.  I did do a short run at some point and it snowed most of the day.  We did more puzzles and played Bingo.

sunday 3

sunday 2

I am so looking forward to running outdoors with Cici soon.  Today was supposed to be our day but it was down pouring out.  I still have this lingering cough that just won’t go away.  Hoping it goes away soon, otherwise, I’ll be making an appointment with my doctor on Friday.

Since we’ve all been sick at home, we haven’t had a chance to visit with my dad.  He  had chemo last Thursday and has been sick over it (vomiting, tired, depression, etc.).  Pedro is going to shave off this week and hopefully if we’re all 100% we can have dinner before he gets admitted for his stem cell collection next week. Hoping it goes smoothly.

Also, Pedro’s aunt and uncle is visiting from Ecuador. So we will be having some dinners with his family a few times in the next two weeks.  She is the sweetest woman. Love her.

Anybody still watch Grey’s Anatomy? How did you like the season opener?

Anybody run a Valentine Run? 


4 thoughts on “Cabin Fever

    • I really do!!! Perhaps tomorrow since it’ll be nice and somewhat warm. I’m so excited that most of the snow has melted. Of course it looks like snow next week (Wed.-Thurs.) but hopefully that will change. One day at a time. XO

  1. I can’t believe how big Lili is getting, she’s so beautiful and Bas so handsome!!! I hope you all feel better! OH and cold is an understatement! It was just brutal this weekend! I am now part of some project they’re calling “neighborhood task force” which just means I’m on foot patrol :-(. I was so layered I was like Randy from a Christmas Story movie, LOL. Anyway, feel better and your dad is always in my prayers! LOVE YOU!!!

    • Keyri, remember when she was just 1 at your bridal shower? I can’t believe she’ll be turning 5!!! Thank you so much for your kind comments. They really grow up too fast.

      OMG I can’t believe you were out on foot this weekend!! Holy cow. IT WAS FREEZING!! You poor thing. I hoped you warmed up with some hot cocoa when you got home. Was Ed working too? I miss you guys. Hope to see you both very soon. It’s been too long.

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