Two Month Hiatus: The Holiday Edition


Hey friends (that actually read this little, tiny blog of mine)!  I am finally back to the AM workouts.  I was starting the year off pretty lazy, but it’s been 18 days still I’ve been waking up first thing to run or do weights.  The routine is going pretty well thus far and I can’t complain. I’m able to run/workout, get the kids ready, shower and drop them off where they need to be for the day.  The key is laying everything out the night before and prepping foods for the week.  Hopefully I can keep it up.

The last two months have been busy/good.  The holidays were nice and pretty much spent with the family.

My SIL hosted her pre-Thanksgiving feast, which was lovely and filled with lots of yumminess.

pre thanks

And for Thanksgiving, we spent the earlier half with the San-Fam, and then with my family.


Christmas was the same.  We spent it first with P’s family then my family.  Funny that we took Thanksgiving photos with his family and more Christmas ones with mine.  It was just the way it worked out.

christmas photo

christmas kids

We spent them with both families and it was lovely.


christmas breakfast

Cici and I did do a small running retreat reunion.


Trail run with my solemate and we didn’t even plan to wear the same race shirts.  We really are solemates. HA!

We also celebrated our niece’s 15th birthday on 12/27.


I meant this beauty almost 10-years ago.  She is such an AMAZING young lady. At the age of 6 she was diagnosed with a rare kidney cancer.  She fought her life and is strong as ever!!! Love her.

After Sabrina’s birthday party, we got into a little accident. We are all okay though. 🙂

New Year’s was low-key.

new year

It was just the four of us. I did visit P’s parents and my family before we headed home.

November and December were over in a blink of an eye.  And January is almost over too.  I haven’t really done much but Cici and I did do a trail race on 01/09/16.

trail race

We did the 10k race.  It was pretty cold that morning but nothing compared to past January mornings.  I love my Cici.  Unfortunately, we had a big snow storm recently so we haven’t been able to run together — and I had a bit of car trouble last week.


We got 27.5-in of snow this past weekend. TOO.MUCH.SNOW! It was the first snowfall and hopefully the last.  It’s just too much snow to have this itty bitty state of ours. LOL

So yes, that’s my little holiday recap.  My next post will have updates on how my dad has been dealing with cancer and how things are going.  Also, what races I’m training for this year!

I’m so behind. What are you all training for?





3 thoughts on “Two Month Hiatus: The Holiday Edition

  1. Aw love the solemate time and nice work on the trail race! I really would like to get a trail race on the calendar this year…or maybe just squeeze a short one in!! Love getting off the beaten path. Good to have you back girl!!!

  2. Girlfriend, I miss you like crazy!!! But I see that you’re doing really well. Super busy!! But you’re rockin’ it!! Keep up the awesome work and I hope we can get a few runs in this month. Xoxo

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