Tough Times

When I tell you that this is the first time my training cycle has been inconsistent, it really has been my worst.  I am relying on past training and marathons to get me to the START and FINISH line for the NYCM.  Most of my IRL friends and family don’t read my blog and the ones that do, I keep in touch with on a daily basis.  The last few weeks have been physically, mentally and emotionally difficult for me.  We learned that my father was sick and didn’t know what exactly was wrong.  We knew it was cancer, but not where the source was coming from. [If we do happen to be FB friends, I would prefer not to mention it on there, please.  Many friends on FB don’t read my blog.].

It has been hard balancing my family/work/hospital life the last few weeks.  I literally was in the hospital every single day except one day.

As soon as I would get home, I gave kids a bath or put them down to sleep.  They had a hard time most nights going down without me.  Mimi said to me on the first night, “Your kids love you so much.  They cried and cried and cried…and finally fell asleep at 10:15PM.

Most nights I was exhausted.  The laundry was piling up and the house was pretty much in crisis mode.  After a bone marrow biopsy and surgery, we finally had answers.  He has Multiple Myeloma (or Bone Marrow Cancer Stage 3).  He started a steroid and chemotherapy. He’s on round 2 of chemo and will have another dose this Thursday.  He needs another dose proceeding the one on Thursday and then we wait for him to go into remission (2-3 months).  At this time, he will have to be qualified as a candidate for stem cell transplant. The oncologist seems confident as he’s still young (59 years old).  So we’re saying daily prayers and keeping positive thoughts.

On Friday/Saturday I was able to catch up on cleaning the house, food shopping and laundry before visiting my dad again. I had been going back and forth on whether to just not run this marathon, but at this point it’s all about getting it done even if it means having to walk some or most of it. I doubt that will be the case (or I hope it won’t be the case).  Cici talks some sense into me though and we planned a very last minute long run on Saturday.  No pressure — just run.  My SIL helped me out and watched the kids.

Cici and I ran 19.3 miles.  It was nice and it felt good.  Boosted up my confidence for the marathon too. I just needed a long run in being that my runs have been next to non-existent.  We planned to run to Rosa’s cemetary.  I was so happy to be there. It really is beautiful.
After the run, we headed home, put B down for a nap, showered, ate and then finished up cleaning/laundry.

My dad was finally released on Sunday and I slept over to take care of him while my mom headed into work that evening.  P dropped off the kids as I drove  my dad home from teh hospital.  We kept busy for awhile.

Floor puzzle fun.

My brother brought home gifts from NYCC (Comic Con.

I slept, maybe two hours total.  I had to get up a few times to help him to the bathroom, clean his urinal, get some ice water, bring extra blankets, give pain meds, etc.  The next morning my mom came home from work and already had been up for nearly 26 hours straight.  She said the night before she would take care of Sebastian but I just couldn’t do it to her, so I took both kids to work.

Only worked till 12:30 pm and then I took the kids out.  I made up some time with the kids because I felt like I hadn’t had time to do fun things with them.

First stop was the park.

Then we picked up some pumpkins.

I promised them ice-cream too.

Finally, we painted the pumpkins after I started dinner.

As tired as I am, I was able to catch up on Grey’s Anatomy and I have one more episode of Empire.

What fall shows are you watchig? 

Do you carve pumpkins for Halloween?  P has to come with us and pick out a pumpkin to carve out. 

Who is into Comic Con? My brother sat in the panel for Pretty Little Liars and he and his girlfriend were stoked.  

Hope everyone is doing well. I’ll try to keep up more.


6 thoughts on “Tough Times

  1. Oh, honey, I was behind on your blog and I’m so sorry to hear that things have been so tough lately. I’m catching up right now (lunch time!). Sending you love. xoxo

    • I am just seeing this comment now. Thanks, Kari. I’m glad that my dad is finally home after an entire month and change in the hospital. He’s slowly recovering and hopefully will go into remission soon so that he could get a stem cell transplant. I’ll keep you posted. Hope you’re doing well. XO

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