Thundershowers Tuesday

3-mile Run 

You’ll have to pardon any grammatical errors on today’s post.  I am working on less than 3-hours of sleep here. Quick weekend recap here on this thunderstorming Tuesday.

Our Friday plans got canceled last minute because my girlfriend realized that she had more packing than she thought she had.  No biggie.  Since I did all the food shopping on Thursday night, we made a quick stop at my in-laws to water plants and check their mail.  

After, we went home and put B down for a nap.  I did some laundry and then we headed over to the park. 

It was hot out so we stayed only an hour and then back home for ice-cream.  I know Lili wanted to play so we I pretended I worked at a boutique and dressed her up, did her make-up and nails.

P came home while we were winding play-time down and I had to cook dinner.  Lili ended up falling asleep on the couch.  She woke up around 9:30 with a fever… Poor girl.

Woke up a little bit later and Lili still had a fever. 101.6 which meant I had to give her medicine.  I made my morning coffee.

And pancakes for kids.  We had plans to go for a picnic but had to stay in now because Lili was not well.  I set up the living room for her as a camp/picnic area.

We didn’t do much of anything except hang out.  Oh, we did bake a cake.

By night, I told the kids to pick out two bookes each for bedtime.

Total fail.  I am a sucker and read them at least 10 books if not more. Can’t comoplain though, at least they are book lovers.

I had plans on Sunday morning to run with Cici.  At 5:50 AM I heard a transformer blow and the power went out.  Ugh. At 6:45 AM I saw the PSE&G utility truck pass our block.  I knew they were working on it.  I texted Cici to see if we could push our run to a little later and she said it was fine.  Our hill run would be a trail run bc the sun would be real hot by noon.   In order to not get myself unmotivated and lazy, I decided to organize all of Lili’s toys.  Then I cooked Tortilla Espanola.  Then tried putting B down to sleep.

I met up with Cici at 11:45 and we decided to do the trail we did for our half marathon last June 2014.  Of course, I took a big fall 1.5 miles in.  What a wreck.  At least it didn’t hurt.  It looks worse than it feels.

We ran 7 miles.  I love my soley.  She gave Lili a gift. 

I love how she always decorates her own bags. She is amazing.

Lili wore it today. She loved it.

Anyhow, we skipped out on story time last night bc Lili was exhausted. She took a later nap.  I also stopped at my in-laws to check in on their house. Everything looked in order.  I started dinner as soon as we walked in and p was working late so I was holding off on the chicken.  As I started to cook the chicken, I looked into the living room and B was totally dozing off.

He was out.  Turns out he was getting warmer and it a fever was brewing.  Poor guy.  He ended up going down before P got home at 8:30.  P and i ate dinner late and then Lili and I laid in bed together reading books.  B woke up around 10:30 and he had a fever.  He seemed okay though, just fussy. It wasn’t until 1am that he vomited all over himself, me and the bed.  Had to give him a bath, then myself. P took off the bedsheets, etc.  When we were all settled, I gave him some water a little bit after (he wanted me to nurse but I didn’t wnat him to vomit again) and he ended up vomiting the water.  Thankfully I took him off the bed on time. 

Hoping he will be better asap as we have plans for the weekend. Poor guy. Hopefully this is the last cycle of sickness…until school starts up again.

Who is ready for pumpkin everything?  I am just trying to enjoy some summertime weather… like the pool and the beach. 


4 thoughts on “Thundershowers Tuesday

  1. Sooo I was talking about you today 😊. The officer I was working with also runs marathons, his next one is Chicago. I told him you got into the NYC & the story that goes with it lol. He’s been trying to get in too but so far no luck. Also, 🙌🙌🙌🙌 for your coffee choice! That’s what I drink too, you make me so proud. Sorry to hear about the kids. I hope they feel better soon. You know I’m pumpkin obsessed but I’m not ready!!!!! I normally don’t mind the change in seasons but last winter was traumatizing & fall means winter is close 😏

    • Sorry for the delayed response love. I know you’re in Mehhh-heee-koooo. I am jealous. Ohhh maybe your partner wants to do a few long runs with me??? I need some company. LOL Are you still running on the side? I miss you.

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