Three Digit Heat

Hello Monday.  You are such an overachiever today reaching not just 100-degree weather but 102.  I am melting away over here.  Anyway, this is the weather we’ve been dealing with all weekend long (or most of the weekend). I didn’t even leave for lunch becasue I can’t bear to break a sweat. HA!  My problem is once I start sweating itjust doesn’t stop.  

We had a great weekend. On Friday, my niece came over and I had three kids to take care.  Fun stuff.  The first thing I made were pancakes with fruits. 

After breakfast we went food shopping. Yes… I like spending my morning with three kids under 6 in a supermarket.  It’s so much fun!!!! As soon as we got home, I got them some snacks and we did some school work for an hour.

And as soon as they were done with their school work, we cleaned up and headed over to the spray playground for two hours. 


 S took a nap on me for a good hour.  Kids played and had snacks before we headed home.  It was lunch time at this point.  So the kids ate lunch and then it was time to go outside to play.





 We ended up grilling some burgers and dogs and my BIL picked up my niece around 6.  H stayed for a burger before heading home.  I cleaned up and then gave the kids a bath.  They were tired. 

Saturday we woke up and had breakfast. It was pretty rainy in the morning so we just hung around indoors. Lili did some school work and we played before they went down for a nap.  P wanted to go to the mall so as soon as they woke up we headed out.  Last time we go to that particular mall on a weekend. I did pick up Lili’s uniforms. As soon as we got home, we ate dinner and hung around.  

Sunday, I woke up around 6:30 and geared up. I was meeting Cici for our long run. I missed that girl. I arrived at the starting point at 7:30.

It was SO incredibly HOT and the first 3 miles were rough when there was NO type of shade.  But we made it. 

Love running with her.  We hung around for a bit after and then parted ways. I had to grab breakfast for the fam. We decided we would got the outlets after nap time. We are crazy. It was so hot our car said 113-degrees. 

The entire trip took us longer than to shop. We headed home by 3 and picked up steaks to grill. 
It was so delicious!!! The kids played for a bit.

And then it was laundry and clean up time.  Oh, to start the week all over, with 100+ degree weather. 

P is going to a WuTang concert in Manhattan tonight so I will be with the kids alone. 😦 We are going to the library and then going home.  Just a quiet Monday evening. 

How do you deal with the heat? Pool? Spray playgrounds?


6 thoughts on “Three Digit Heat

  1. So funny…I think I am so in sync with your blog post times that in my head just before your post popped up I was thinking…doesn’t Rachel post around this time?? haha yeah it’s kind of slow over here today…lol anyway sounds like you’re dealing with major heat as well! I have kind of been enjoying these hot long humid runs, at least it feels so good when it’s done! Nice job!

  2. How am I dealing with this heat? Sweating like an animal & drinking water like a maniac! LOL…I went back to work yesterday (Sunday) and today there was a power outage so I had to direct traffic for hours! Then they have us on walking posts so I’m not in a car with AC, most of the cars’ ACs don’t work anyway! LOL ohh the joy, plus side I’m eating yummy fatty foods at lunch & loosing weight cuz I’m sweating with all this equipment on & walking like 10-15 miles by the end of my tour! LOL! Love you! xoxoxo

    • You are amazing. Do you have a FitBit? You really should. You’d probably have like 20,000+ steps on a daily (or at least when you’re at work, HAHAHA). I miss you. And you definitely look fantastic, amiga. I saw your recent pics and was thinking, “dammmmmm, that is a fine piece of… ” you know what I’m getting at over here. I hope you’re enjoying your new job. How is Ed doing? We need to catch up. OH, BTW, I am sure you’ve seen my past post, but if you’ve been trying to text me, I don’t have a phone. LOL Email is best. or FB messenger. I’ll text you as soon as I get my phone bak. Love you lots.

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