Busy Wednesday

I was scheduled for 5-miles this morning but something came up. I am almost 100% sure that I scheduled Lili’s annual 4-year appointment on Friday but when the office called after my track run yesterday, they were confirming the appointment for today. Uh, okay… I didn’t want to push it back anymore days so I kept the appointment. Unfortunately, this meant that I had to run pretty early and all I had time for was 4-miles. Oh well. You win some, you lose some.

After my run, I took a quick shower, changed both kids and we were out of the house by 7:30 dropping off Sebastian. Lili and I headed over to her appointment.

The Doctor AGAIN?@$#

The Doctor AGAIN?@$#

Unfortunately, she failed her vision test so we have to make an appointment with the pediatric eye doctor. 😦 Other than that, her blood work came back good and as the doctor said, “SHE’S OFFICIALLY A 4-YEAR OLD!!!” (well after all her vaccines, OUCH!).

I gave her the option to come to work and I would drop her off at lunch or I could drop her off now to my parents. She wanted to come to work again. So we picked up breakfast and came to the office. After she ate, she knew the drill. Time for school work.



Today she was happy to do some work. We did a lot.

Summer Lesson Plans

Summer Lesson Plans

I know, I go a little crazy but she needs to be on top of her work.

After we both did some work (yes, I had to take care of some work myself), we ate lunch and then I told her I would drop her off at my parents. She did NOT want to go. She started to cry so I said okay we could go for a walk.

Walk into Town

Walk into Town

We walked into town and then to the post office.

Wait, there's actual MAIL other than E-MAILS?!

Wait, there’s actual MAIL other than E-MAILS?!

Then we walked to the park down the street.



and more running…



I can’t complain. It was a great hour lunch. When we headed back, I had some work to do and she relaxed a bit with a snack. When it was time for me to pump, she laid down and then this happened…




I think we should all get to nap at work. It would make me a happier employee. 🙂

Do you wear glasses? Contacts? Do you run with glasses? I wear both — and so does P. My entire family does and P’s parents do too. We knew Lili might have an issue, but not this early. I’m hoping it was just a fluke.

Anybody running a Firecraker 4th Race?


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