NYCM Training Has Begun (and Updates)…

So we’re trying this NYC Marathon training one more time. I’m not sure if you all know by now, but I finally got in after signing up in 2009 (that’s 6 years ago). NYC used to do the 3-strikes and you’re in (they rid that option recently). So after three (3) consecutive years of not getting into NYC, I was finally accepted in 2012. Unfortunately, that was the year of Hurricane Sandy and they canceled the marathon. We had options to run in either 2013, 2014 or 2015. I chose 2014 because I knew I wanted to try for baby #2 in 2013. Then, if you remember, I rolled my ankle on an apple during a long run one month before the race, fortunately I was able to DEFER and, well… here we are. Training for NYC. Let’s hope it happens this time.

After tweaking my training plan, I packed clothes for a track workout.



Either I am out of shape or I forgot how brutal summer running could be, but just 4x400s were TOUGH. BUT, I am glad that at least the first track workout of the training season is DONE and DONE.

Quick weekend update (or so I say — but lately it seems that I can only update once a week).

On Friday, my first day off with both kids, I ran some errands. We had a bunch of things to do. It was kind of gloomy out, and all of a sudden chilly. I ended up doing fun activities indoors with the kids.



The “after” drawings came out good but I forgot to take actual pictures. Lili did a fantastic job coloring hers and her brother’s bodies in.

Saturday was P’s birthday! 🙂 We had noon lunch with his parents and then they stopped by for a bit to open more presents. When they left, both kids napped and then we headed over to the mall for Lili’s first movie experience.

06.27.15 Inside Out

06.27.15 Inside Out

I totally cried (then again, I cry over every movie). After the movie, we headed home and just hung around.

Sunday, I woke up feeling feverish. I somehow got up anyway and started to prepare Lili’s summer school work. I know it sounds so silly but she needs to keep up with her writing and reading. Her Pre-K-3 teacher told me to keep on doing whatever we’re doing at home during the summer.

Summer Home School

Summer Home School

She complains at first, “Awwww man…”. But once she gets into it, she’s all into it. I did make sure to have at least one fun arts and crafts after doing some school work.

Painting 101

Painting 101

The rest of the afternoon was pretty much me resting. I did feel out of it and napped with the kids too at one point. Then I made dinner and we called it a night.

Monday morning was quite busy. Lili was having blood drawn. We figured since it would be a good idea — just because she’s been getting sick a lot lately and it’s recommended when they turn 4. I was nervous about it so I had P come with me. The first thing they told me was to collect urine in a cup. Cute conversation between her and I in the bathroom.

Me: Okay, sit on the potty and I’m going to catch your pee in the cup.

Lili: Oh mommy. I can’t. I can’t pee in a cup. I don’t want to drink my pee!

Me: No honey. You don’t have to drink your pee. It’s for them to make sure your pee is okay!

Brave Girl

Brave Girl

When it was time to have blood drawn, she got nervous. P did an awesome job keeping her distracted and we made sure to make sure she didn’t look at the needle or the blood. She whimpered a little but then was completely fine. The med-tech even complimented us by saying how awesome we were on keeping her calm. I can imagine many kids come in there screaming. I was NERVOUS all Sunday evening. After the appointment, she came to work with me. And yes, she did an hour and a half of school work.

Learning Time

Learning Time

After, I had to do some actual work — and then I went into the back to workout. It was a strength training day.

"Let me see your HAPPY face" -Lili

“Let me see your HAPPY face” -Lili

My photographer, Lili, took my pre-workout pic.



She watched Power Rangers while watching me workout.

Then it was time to go. It was a long day but I can't complain. She was PERFECT the entire time. We picked up her brother, who was enjoying the day with their cousin.

Happy Hour

And then I helped my mom move some furniture around. I was home rather late but thank goodness my dad gave me leftovers. I didn’t have to cook for P.

I can’t believe it’s already JULY tomorrow!!!! What’s everyone doing for the weekend? Off on Friday???


4 thoughts on “NYCM Training Has Begun (and Updates)…

  1. Either Lilis is super stylish or her Mama has the best eye! Love her outfits! Happy you get to run NYC Marathon! Good luck with the training!

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