Lucky Six

I should have ran 6-miles this morning, but all I had time for was 5. Today is my niece’s 6th Birthday.

Scarlett Bella & Me

Scarlett Bella & Me

I’ll have more recent pics of her up tomorrow as we’re stopping by for dinner and cake.



The above picture is actually a month and a half before P and I got married. We were in Atlantic City for my brother’s 21st birthday and I ended up buying a dress for my “engagement” party. It really wasn’t an engagement party but just a small intimate pre-celebration before we got married since we were getting married in City Hall. πŸ™‚

I’m running out to this toy store in town. My sister said NO TOYS on her invitation for my niece’s birthday party, but she’s 6!!! What 6 year old just wants clothes? Hopefully I can find something both fun and educational. I mean, it’s a pretty cool store and I might need to refrain myself from buying too many things.

What was your favorite toy growing up? We used to get a bunch of used toys but LOVED it. My Little Pony, Barbies, Transformers.

Who grew up watching JEM and the Holograms? I can’t believe the movie they’re making and I saw the trailer. Not too happy about it.

Happy Wednesday. Halfway through the week, friends.


9 thoughts on “Lucky Six

  1. I had Cindy’s, Barbies, Sylvanian Families, My Little Pony (1 the real deal, others I drew on their rumps!), some were new, Cindy’s caravan wasn’t. Oh Flower fairies, Lady Lovelylocks dolls and Care Bears, I had one or two or them. I remember a pink troll when they were the rage. And then there were mud pies, endless mud pies and dens in the garden!

    • What is Cindy’s??? Oh to be a kid again in the 80s. I still have my Garbage Pail Kids. HAHA. One thing my mom didn’t throw out. πŸ™‚

      • I’m getting old. Sindy with an S. She was as I’ve just found out with a google check, Britain’s rival to Barbie. I thought she was universal like Barbie. Obviously not!

      • Ohhh, okay. I never heard of Sindy! That’s pretty cool. I remember having a Lil’ Miss Make-Up doll. My mom let me open it after piano lessons and I was so excited to play with her. I put her make-up on and then took it right off. Unfortunately, I thought that applied to cutting her hair — that it would grow back. Oops.

      • I always wanted one of them, but were too expensive. I had a polystyrene mannequin head like for displaying wigs instead. It was made up of squashed bean bag fillers (bean bags! Remember them?!) and put make up on that. That was fine until I used nail polish remover! I can still smell the make up now! Oh and playing dress up then going and climbing trees! Did you have a Skip It? I used to skip for hours reaching 999 skips!

      • NOOOOO. I wanted a skip it but yeah, never got one. 😦 They looked so cool too. Lili loves dress-up. I just got her a bunch of fake nails too. She loves that stuff. Oh to be a kid again.

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