Freezing Friday Faves

It was 0-degrees this morning with a windchill of -11 this morning. It’s about 16. 40-degrees these days is shorts weather.

A few of my Friday Faves.

1. When I work out, someone steals my mat. Normally I go crazy because I just want to work OUT, but it’s okay when it’s this stinker.


2. Ash Wednesday. 40-days to reflect on being extra kind and helpful. I have been doing pretty good with this the last few days. It also means lots of fish and no meat Friday. (Though tonight I think we’ll be having pizza).


3. Having Lili home because she has a little cough and it’s too cold to send her to school.


PS She celebrated her 100th day of school this week. Wow, how the days just pass on by.


4. Sometimes if we’re trying to get through a deadline, I bring work home on a Friday (even if it’s my day off). Being able to work in my nook while the kids play in the next room is my kind of office.


5. Budgeting. I lowered our comcast bill by $70. That’s $840 a year. I’m excited for this and figuring out other ways to SAVE money.

The cleaning lady came yesterday and the house is still pretty neat and in order. We’ll be baking cookies and then my brother and Mimi are coming over game night!!!

Other plans this weekend? RUNNING and COOKING! Planning for the week.

What’s on your agenda this weekend?

What tips do you have on saving/budgeting money?

Happy Friday!!!! Keep warm my east coast friends.


6 thoughts on “Freezing Friday Faves

  1. My budgeting tips, err, shop around, do your homework, expensive doesn’t always mean it better, reuse and recycle as much as possible, switch of lights when not in use!

    Hope Lili gets better soon and I’ve just realised why you call Sebastian a little Stinker!

    Have a great weekend!

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