Delayed Opening

Snow again last night and 2-degrees — basically how the weather was ALL.WEEKEND.LONG! For the most part, we hibernated. We had some snow on Saturday and below 0 weather the entire weekend. I mean, IT WAS COLD! Fortunately, the kids did not mind being indoors — we have a lot to do around the house. Also, it was Valentine’s Day weekend and we bought little gifts for the kids.



Lili was SO EXCITED when she saw gifts. It was like Christmas all over again. We got her a radio flyer scooter and a little car for B. They were happy and played with their new toys the entire weekend.

P lost in “rock, paper, scissors” so he had to do the food shopping. I got to stay inside with the kids so I pretty much prepared mini-lesson plans for the next three months for Lili on the weekends.


I know. I am pretty strict when it comes to her work, but you know, she actually enjoys it. We work on books, letter, numbers, words, etc. for at least two hours on the weekend. Sunday’s book was ‘Goldilocks’. She is getting better with not zoning out and keeping her focus.


I did workout (run and weights) this weekend.


We spent most of the morning teaching her about the presidents. She calls the first president “Georgie” Washington. It’s kind of cute. Since it was Lincoln’s birthday last Thursday, we focused on him. She knows about the Emancipation Proclamation — or that he ended slavery. HA.




A busy morning/afternoon. We ate leftovers, baked cookies, and then gave them their baths. I did a load of laundry pretty late (like 8pm). I didn’t have time to bring it up though (or fold it).

Woke up to SNOW again and got the first message with Lili’s school being delayed by 2 hours. P had his office delayed by 2 hours and I had my office delayed for 2.5 hours. SO, we got out of bed by 7:00, Lili wanted banana bread and so I had to bake a small loaf (I cut the recipe in half).


Kids had an apple while they waited for the banana bread. Then I prepared dinner (meatloaf), washed dishes, made Lili’s lunch, took out banana bread and sliced them a piece for breakfast, ran on the treadmill, got the kids dressed, showered and did drop offs. WHAT A MORNING!

SUCKS because I’ll have to do my speed work on the treadmill tomorrow. All the outdoor tracks are covered with snow. 😦 HURRY UP SPRING!

Do you have an indoor track by you? There’s nothing around my area that allows for public use.

Do you have a favorite President? Who was your President when you were born? Reagan was the President when I was born. Favorite president? Bill Clinton.

Happy Tuesday!


2 thoughts on “Delayed Opening

  1. Love speed work on the treadmill!! I actually prefer to do it that way…I do like track work just with friends. The 5K was a nice little speedy tune up for me too. In the spring I usually just do a bunch of shorter races as they are a TON of them around here!! It was nice to see I still had some speed on my legs after running so many miles lately!!

  2. I like the rock, paper, scissors idea for pick chores! I used to use it when it was playtime in my English classes for who went first. I always get a bit muddle by the rules, but I’ve learnt that kids, French or Spanish know them regardless and happily accept it’s a fair way of solving arguments etc! I hope the tracks clear soon!

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