Ten Years Ago

Ten years ago today, I met my husband. I didn’t see him for over a year after that first meeting, but it was the first time we were introduced. Who would have thought that a year and half after we’d end up together. During our “decluttering” project, I found a cigar box hidden all the way on the back top of the bookshelf. I had no idea what was in it but when I blew the dust off and opened it, I found this inside.



P had saved almost all of my notes I used to write to him every single morning before I left for work. I would find a piece of scrap paper just to say “good morning” and “i love you”. I was thrilled to find these letters. I’m not sure which one of us was the sweet one; myself for writing him a love note every morning or he for saving them!

I probably stopped writing him notes by the time we were married or had Lili. But I still send him letters from work every now and then. This time our letters are from Lili and myself and/or just pictures with post-it notes of how I think he’s doing a wonderful job as a papa.

lovenotes 2015

Anyway, enough sappiness for the day. Rough morning today. I woke up at 5:45 but again, B was up nursing. When I finally did get him down, I had to unfold the tread, prepare dinner for the evening (a new crock pot recipe — Beef Stew,

crock pot

get the kids breakfast ready — then Lili woke up, so she ate, I changed into running gear, then B woke up so I had to give him some breakfast, washed the dishes, make Lili’s lunch and then hopped on the tread for 3. I have to finish my run this evening. I just did not have time for 6. I had to get Lili ready for school, B dressed and myself showered and dressed.

How did you meet your significant other? So yeah, we met 10 years ago at my sister’s apt. warming party, Napoleon Dynamite was on and I was doing some Dance, Dance Revolution with friends. We didn’t say anything else to each other except, “hi, nice to meet you” and that was that… until January 19, 2006 when we officially became “friends”.

What’s your favorite crock pot recipe? I was so mad I ran out of liners for my crockpot. ARGH@#$#%#$ It’s a pain in the ass to clean. Oh well… I like some sausage and peppers in the crock pot. Always a favorite of mine. I hope this beef stew comes out delicious. I’ll let you know tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Ten Years Ago

  1. HA! Thanks lady. I hope that beef stew came out good. I’ve been looking for a good beef stew to throw in the crock pot!! Let’s hope it’s a WINNER.

  2. What a lovely idea. I need to make sure to do sweet things like this – it makes all the difference in the world.

    I met Tyler online! But our first date was taking the dogs to a dog park in Evergreen. And this “dog park” is really a short hike through the mountains. After I left the first date, I texted my friend and said “Best First Date Ever.” Apparently Tyler went home and told his roommate “she’s perfect for me.” Two years later, we’re planning a wedding

    My favorite Crock Pot Recipe… I think is one for shredded beef for burrittos. SO GOOD! I’ll have to send it to you. 🙂

    Miss you.

    • Kari: I am so excited for your wedding! I love the way that you met Tyler. So perfect!!! You are going to look absolutely beautiful. And I want to see pics of the new house!!! Congratulations! So many great things happening for you and you deserve it all! MISS YOU and can’t wait to get that recipe.

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