Back To Work

I have 6-miles on tap tonight (God help me!). While I was up and ready to run at 5AM, Sebastian was not having it this morning. He wanted to nurse and nurse and nurse and nurse. He is not the greatest sleeper, but I am not going to complain. They’re not babies forever (sigh!) and there will come a time when he won’t need mommy (insert crying face), so I will embrace the time we have together. It took Lili till the age of two and change to finally sleep well. So yeah, it will be awhile. HA! The last few days I’ve had incredible runs so I’m not losing all hope here. 🙂

The roads were icy this morning but nothing like yesterday. Lili’s school did not have a delayed opening and we were a little annoyed that her school gave her a “late slip” for 15 minutes. Seriously people?!? Shouldn’t safety be FIRST in this weather? I know people think, “big deal. she’s in pre-K anyway!” but it’s about principle. IMO. Her teacher was even shocked that she was given a late slip. The kids that were being bussed hadn’t even arrived.

I was secretly hoping we’d have a delayed opening this morning and almost took it upon myself to just go in late so I could run before work, but that didn’t seem right. So I did the normal morning routine: wake kiddos up, get them breakfast

Banana Bread and PB

Banana Bread and PB

I made Lili’s lunch, brushed their teeth, got them dressed, showered and dropped the little guy off. I didn’t stay long because my parking job was awful (snow on a one-way street is not fun) and I wanted to get Dunkin’ coffee.

I need to stop at Trader Joe’s and CVS at lunch. Picking up some chicken for tonight. I made rice with hard boiled eggs and mozzerella cheese last night.

Rice & Eggs

Rice & Eggs

P has leftover rice so he could eat the chicken with this, though I have a feeling he will want me to make potatoes!

AND EXCITING NEWS!!! There’s a Purebarre studio opening BELOW my office!!! I’m so excited because they have a special for new guests. It’s $100 for the first week free and 5 weeks UNLIMITED!!! Oh, I’m so snatching that deal! 🙂

Have you tried Purebarre? Do you love it?

What are you making for dinner tonight?

5 thoughts on “Back To Work

    • Okay, we’ve got Les MIlls here but what in the world is it all about? The gyms that I have looked into don’t offer that class but I think there’s one a little bit farther away — are they like “pump it up classes” or pilates with machines? Enlighten me.

      • I have no idea either! From what I can workout is monthly routines to music. Each month the instructor has to learn new routines to teach, such as legs, bums, tums, pump it, cardio kick boxing etc. The instructor that way doesn’t have to come up with new routines themselves and works as a franchises. I think!

    • Good idea. I’m glad that it’s a good deal and I can see whether or not I will like it!!! I do love YOGA a lot. I wish it were a yoga studio opening. Now, that would have been AMAZING!!!

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