The Post that Almost Didn’t Happen

I actually started this post two days ago, but right before I could even finish it up, the big wig told me to go home since the snow was starting up again. We were expected to get this blizzard, but meterologists predicted incorrectly. It’s not the first time. They have a tough job. So here’s the post I started… (it will be all over the place, so bare with me).

There’s a blizzard coming to town and we’re scheduled to get 2-3ft of snow by Wednesday morning. I’m finishing up last minute things in the office and sending myself some documents in the event that I’ll have to work from home the next few days. I’m pretty sure we’ll be closed tomorrow. Wednesday will either be regular or delayed opening. I’m playing that by ear as I am sure it will be difficult to get out of the house with two little ones.

Blizzard 2015

Blizzard 2015

While they’re saying this is EPIC and a historical storm, I’ll wait to see what it really brings. The kids snow suits are ready though and P bought extra shovels and lots of salt. I didn’t go crazy at the supermarket — In fact, I pretty much stayed away from the supermarket. I didn’t want to get caught up in the craziness.

Weekend was good. Basically the usual: run errands; run/workout; time with the kids; cooking and laundry. Friday night we celebrated my sister’s 37th Birthday. It was two weeks ago but we all had busy schedules. After drop off, I stopped at Target to pick up a few things and then we came home and I baked my girlfriend’s Nana’s homemade chocolate cake. Best cake ever!!!

4-Layered Cake

4-Layered Cake

cake 2

I picked up Lili, cleaned up and we waited for everyone to come over. I started cooking around 5:30. She requested Mexican food. So I had a nacho platter, chicken queadillas and beef and bean burritos.

Happy 37th Birthday

Happy 37th Birthday


We had some snow on late Friday night into Saturday. So we stayed in.

Breakfast at the Bar

Breakfast at the Bar

Working Out

Working Out

Those two are so ready for their own yoga tot studio. Love them.

Anyway, the next day we had breakfast and then Lili and I read a book together. ‘Farmer Dale’s Red Pick-up Truck’.

After we read books, we have started a whole “to-do” after we read. We ask her questions about the book and then we ask her to draw a picture of what the book is about. This book was good because it was animated and colorful. with lots of animals. It’s such a great way to help your child with reading comprehension skills as well as fine motor skills. At her age, they need to be learning to use crayons/pencils far more often so it’s a good way to get her to practice using her tiny little hands.

P woke up shortly after we finished so she explained to him what the book was about and then he had a late breakfast with S.


The rest of the day I was pretty lazy. I did get workouts in but sad to say, no laundry. We followed the weather throughout the day and knew we’d be getting off at some point. So we prepared a bit. P did run out to get more salt. I knew we had enough food for the week.

So, Monday came. I spent some time at my dad’s house and then we headed home as the snow started to come in. I cooked dinner and then we called it a night.

Yesterday, we woke up to snow, but not a “blizzard”. We got the call that we would not be in (snow was still coming down). We probably could have had a delayed opening but really, nobody was going to be in. Lili’s school had canceled for Tuesday and Wednesday — we got the call later that night that school was back on. Sucks for teachers, but I was kind of happy because she had missed Monday and yesterday. I hate for her to be out of school for too long.

We played in the snow.


I cleaned and did four loads of laundry. P had to work from home so he really did not spend the day with us. It was just crazy busy with the kids and I. We did work on Lili’s valentine’s day cards and when I started dinner, P watched the lentils for me while I ran on the treadmill. As soon as I got off, lentils were ready.



In running news, I’m still running — working out. My sister signed me up for a 10k and I’m looking for a good half to PR in. I need to get more races on the board to get motivated.

How’s your winter training going?

What do you do with posts that are unfinished? Do you ever finish them or toss them?


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