Family is All

I had one heck of a crazy day yesterday. First of all, on Monday, I was mid-pumping when my shield decided to break on me. Womp-Womp. A good friend of mine came to the rescue and dropped a manual hand-pump in my mailbox. Seriously, I have amazing friends.



hand pump

I was an idiot and purchased a piece so I could replace it with my electric pump when I didn’t even need to do that at all. The piece that my girlfriend gave me fits perfectly into my electric pump. THANK GOD! I can’t imagine pumping manually for long periods.

Lili was well-behaved as per the usual. She even did her homework. They’re learning the letter “U” and she’s still perfecting her name.

homework at work

Maybe we should call this “work-work” since she’s doing it at work and not at home? She actually has an assignment tonight. She needs to read a book and draw a picture of what the book is about. We need to do this tonight because we have an allergist appointment tomorrow evening and won’t be home till late. 😦

So on Monday morning (when we had the winter weather advisory), my MIL looked out the window and saw that it was calm. Unfortunately, she misjudged it entirely and took a bad fall on the front steps. Her right foot is in so much pain and her lower back. She can’t walk. Poor thing. She ended up going to rehab yesterday but not the ER. So yesterday, I went to Trader Joe’s and picked her up her favorite hummus, two bags of pita chips and three different boxes of her favorite crackers. Then I went home and prepared her lunch/dinner for the next few nights.


pasta salad

They should be good for the next few nights. I remember spraining my ankle and being in so much pain. We had to order take out most of that week. I know my in-laws don’t like take-out, so I thought preparing meals ahead would be helpful.

bags of goodies

I also baked my brownies that my MIL absolutely loves. We need treats too. While the brownies were baking, I gave the kids a bath and put them to bed.

sleeping babes

When they finally went down I realized I didn’t even dinner!!! So I grabbed something quick and like clockwork baby woke up — and then we went to bed together.

Morning routine threw a curve ball at me. Baby was a tad cranky and clingy. Lili was up late. It was crazy but we got it together and out the door. Unfortunately, when I did drop off I got news that my nephew was in the hospital. He had a 103 fever and was feeling delirious.

sick nephew

I set plans to go bring them lunch on my lunch break, but received news that it’s the flu and they gave him tamiflu and released him. Phew. Hopefully he gets better soon.

Did you get your flu shot? Both kids got theirs even though one recently had the flu. I can’t even remember which one. I’ll have to look back.

Have you ever had the flu? I’ve heard about people having the flu and not being able to get out of bed, etc. I’ve had terrible colds and fevers.

Have you ever had anyone prep meals for you?
It’s pretty cool. You don’t have to worry about cooking!!!!

Happy Hump Day!


3 thoughts on “Family is All

  1. I’m dizzy from reading this! I hope everyone gets better soon! Just so you can breath, run and dance!

    If Paul’s around, he cooks and washes up. It’s like it magically appears in front of me. When it’s just me, I eat late, way too late as I usually forget the time and then I’m praying the neighbours don’t hear me. Not that they can, but still! xo

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