Blue Monday

6:50 AM: PiYo Buns – COMPLETED

I started to hit a bit of depression towards the end of the week since I knew that my vacation would be coming to an end. I cherish my time off with the kiddos. I was so sad to see them leave, but it’s back to the daily grind. At least I love the people I work with because then it would be really hard.

Anyway, quick updates. With almost two weeks of vacation, we were busy with family the first week. We saw family at least 5-6 days in a row. By Sunday, I was ready to just be with P and the kids. Don’t get me wrong, we enjoyed every single minute with family, but I was ready to just be home, unwind and relax. New Year’s Eve was well spent with just the four of us. I still gave the kids a bath and got them dressed up. I think that’s only fair. I spent most of the morning trying to organize and prep dinner. I had lasagna (though we decided to put that into the oven the next day), chicken and potatoes. Lili helped me bake the desserts. My apple pie came out not too pretty, but it tasted divine.


Lili helped baked cookies. We had chocolate-chocolate and chocolate chips. Lili finished all the chocolate-chocolate cookies by the end of the week. She would have 1-2 a day.


By 6pm, I bathed both kids and got them dressed. We hung out for a bit before eating dinner.


Polka dots for good luck. And of course, don’t forget 12-grapes.

After dinner, we had champagne (Lili had ice-tea but we put it in a flute for her) and played a few games of Go Fish. She’s so good at it and loves playing.


We told Lili she could try to stay up and she was excited, but she was done by 10PM. I did the countdown with P and then right on cue, Sebastian woke up. HA. Overall a great NYE.

Anyway, I did run a few times after, P did the food shopping and we started our project of organizing. First was my desk area.


My board has a few lists of what I want to accomplish for the month, our menu for the week, the big to-do list for the week and monthly events. We have been crossing off things on the list. I’m pretty happy about it. I’m almost done with my closet (two big bags of donations), the kids closets are done, the top of the bookshelf (had so many things on top and is not empty) and the main closet is completely empty now and ready for our bins to go in there (mainly the kids toys, seasonal items, etc.). The kids were well behaved the entire time because I put them in a box full of balls.



I finished three loads of laundry last night (three loads the night before). There’s still a few more things we need to move before bulk day on Wednesday. I’m so happy we’re getting ORGANIZED. Hopefully all this decluttering will give me peace of mind.

Next project for us is to organize the storage area in the basement and in the attic. Hopefully we don’t accumulate more junk.

What organizing tips do you have? Did you ever watch that TV show “Hoarding: Buried Alive”?

Do you set daily, weekly or monthly goals? How do you keep track?

BTW, yesterday I walked 22,754 steps, 10.24 miles (6-miles I ran), and went up/down 16 floors. I didn’t even leave the house. That was all from cleaning/organizing.

Happy New Year!


6 thoughts on “Blue Monday

    • Thanks girl. I am TRYING!!!! I hope to get fully organized before Spring. I need to figure out this marathon in 2 1/2 months though. I haven’t had much training… Lagging. EEK.

  1. I would love to watch Hoarding, Buried Alive. I think I have and it’s affect was significant. I try to keep things to a minimum and when it’s too much sort it!

    Lili looks such a happy little Lady with her cards and iced tea! We saw the New Year in with 12 grapes too. When in Rome!

    • I honestly don’t know how I accumulate so much stuff. I think the main problem is learning to say “no”. It’s on my list of resolutions this year. P sent me a message yesterday that his co-worker was giving away Disney stuffed dolls. I immediately said NO. But in a nice way of course. I told her to say, “thank you so much for the offer but we just donated a bunch of her stuffed dolls/animals and we have a ton of unopened Christmas gifts that we are putting away in storage.” — both are TRUE. It’s very nice that she wants to give them a new home but we are just OUT OF ROOM!!

      We have officially named Friday, GAME NIGHT at our house. I’m excited. I’m not sure which board game we will play but I hope it’s something FUN.

  2. I’m such an easy person to please in the food dept, I love regular comfort foods nothing fancy, fancy turns me off really & it doesn’t have to be pretty just delicious! And that pie my oh my looks delish to me! Your kiddies are too cute & omg Bas’ little face awwww, we’ve already been over this, I love all kids, get along with them, they love me, but boys are my bigger weakness LOL bc I am weak with kids, they can manipulate me even if I know they’re doing it LOL, I’m that kind of Tia; with the exception of not listening to me or being disrespectful (which my niece & nephews aren’t really) it’s more like at the toddler stage when they try hitting you back or are asserting their independence, I lay down the law! LOL or when Luis & Makayli were younger, they wouldn’t listen to my mom & as soon as I told them something, they listened immediately, they knew not to mess with me! ha! I had a very low key NYE too! I was so tired bcuz I worked that day so I had to nap when I got home, but I was still so sleepy when I woke up that I had no energy to get dressed, do my hair & makeup so I threw on sweats, left my hair a crazy mess & went to my parents to eat dinner, my dad fell asleep early & my mom was dozing off at 11pm so I headed to my aunt’s house where my grandparents were & waited for midnight there. Some ppl were like omg why didn’t you celebrate what if you won’t be able to celebrate for a few yrs (you know why I’m saying this) & I’m like honestly IDC, NYE isn’t that imp to me, it’s going to be harder for Thanksgiving & Christmas but Ed got lucky, he got out at 7pm on thanksgiving & coincidentally his days off were on christmas eve, christmas day, nye & new year’s day this year so who knows, I could get lucky too! LOL if not, no big deal, I’m sure I’ll get used to it & since I have no babies yet, it won’t be as hard. I am constantly purging closets & drawers because I am a neat freak & have OCD lol & it’s so surprising how much stuff you get rid of each time which makes me realize how blessed we truly are!

    • I’ve seen pictures of your home and you really should be an interior designer/decorator when you retire. 🙂 I know, that’s a long way. But it’s something for fun and I could tell you absolutely LOVE IT!!! I always said that when I had kids I would try not to have a messy home. FAIL!!! Seriously, the house will be cleaned for 2 full minutes (if I’m lucky) and after that, a total disaster. A war zone. When we move into a bigger space, I will designate ONE room as their play area and no toys allowed in the other rooms. Well, maybe ONE toy only. I can’t be that mean. HAHA.

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