Multitasking Tuesday

9:30 AM: 4-Mile Run – COMPLETED

Since we’re on vacation (excluding poor P), we’ve been sleeping a little bit later than usual and getting up later. We’ll get back to our normal schedule next week. I’m currently trying to organize our house before the new year — lots of throwing out of old things (clothes, toys, junk, etc.) and putting away new things in a neater way.


I’m trying to breakdown toys: playdoh, kitchen, arts/crafts, educational, legos, little peoples, etc. So far it is working. I did put some of Lili’s clothes away but still have so much more to do. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to do much more this morning/afternoon as we are going to Trader Joe’s and then stopping over to my office to have lunch with colleagues. We miss them.


Above was taken on our last day at work last Monday. Donna bought Lili some fantastic gifts. We left them at the office for the days that she’s at work with me after school.

Anyway, I wanted to get a run in before heading out in a few. I ended up pulling out the treadmill. One of my new running toys from my husband:


The Fitbit Charge. I absolutely LOVE it. It vibrates when I get text/phone calls, tells me my sleep cycle, how many steps/miles. Though I do think the miles is pretty off, by maybe a mile. Other than that I love it!!!!

After, I took out the foam roller to roll the kinks out. The kids went crazy with it and Lili loves it…



So, hopefully I get most of the house organized and my list of resolutions.

What are your new year’s resolutions?

Do you have a Fitbit, Nike Fuelband, etc.?

AHHHHH, I cannot believe it’s almost 2015!!!!!


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