Almost Vacation

I had a crazy day yesterday. First of all, on Tuesday night, I did not make it to yoga and the load of laundry did not get done. I know, I know… slacker. I ended up getting to my in-laws and spending two hours there. My MIL (even SICK and not well) made her homemade torta and I just had to have a piece.


It was served with a glass of wine and then her favorite Sherry (Pedro Ximenez).


The kids were happy and even posed by their Christmas tree.


We rolled through the front door at about 7:30 and we ate a quick dinner, gave baths and into bed. EXHAUSTED. I really needed to sleep early bc Sebastian had his 15 month visit at 8AM. This means I have to get up a little earlier to get the kids ready and out the door.


This poor dude was NOT happy. He had to get his 15-month vaccines. He cried the moment we walked in. He’s on the healthy charts — growing both in height and weight at the 50th percentile chart. I knew he was teething, but BOY I did not know that he was FULL BLOWN TEETHING. He opened his mouth for the doctor and BOOM, SWOLLEN. Three of his molars are trying to cut through and one cut the surface. I guess this explains why he’s been nursing ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!! I swear, last night we were up from midnight until 2AM because he would not unlatch and when he did he was MAD. He had a fever at midnight so we tried to give some medicine and he spit most of it out. Oh well…

The last two days I did more Christmas shopping.


It’s my FRIDAY! And then I have work on Monday and I’m free till after the new year!!! I’m thrilled.

What are you doing this last weekend before the holidays?

I have a few errands to run tomorrow. A few more gifts to pick up. Presents need to be wrapped. Tomorrow P has his holiday party for the office (I’m not going) and Saturday I have my holiday party at my part-time office (which I have not worked in for over a year but they still invite me out). In the evening we’re having dinner with friends. Sunday, we may go visit my grandfather in Long Island and then celebrate Mimi on graduating Nursing school. YAY!!!!

Wow, that’s a lot, huh? Okay, I better get some work done. I’m exhausted.


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