Flow On & Christmas Traditions

PiYo Lower Body – COMPLETED

Did I mention that Sebastian is teething like crazy? What does this mean? It means that this mama is UP a lot. I finally got up and out of bed early enough to just get our day started. The routine: Make a quick breakfast, prepare Lili’s lunch, workout (depending on what time I wake up), get kids dressed, shower, get ready for work, drop-off time. I think it’s funny how as soon as I take my yoga mat out both kids immediately pull their yoga mats out.


Yes, I am fully aware that he’s got a pink yoga mat. It was Lili’s yoga mat from back in the day. She’s retired it and moved up.


These kids don’t miss a beat. Lili was on point throughout her workout. Sebastian, well, he got up and would eat some cantaloupes. He’d even feed Lili while she was in a warrior pose. It was cute. At one point, he wanted her to play with him but she kept saying, “BAS, I’m exercising right now!” He got mad and pulled her hair. I broke up the fight quickly.

Great workout, nonetheless. Hoping to get some awesome ones in this week. Maybe at the gym. I haven’t activated my groupon yet. Just waiting for the right time.

The weekend was good. Well, except later that day, I was concerned because my 5-year old niece has mono and the baby was there with her the entire day. She had been sick for over a week and it was really all unexplained until they did a blood work. The next morning, Sebastian felt very warm — but I think it was from teething. I saw a tooth cutting in. I dropped Lili off at school and then came home to do a few things in the house. I had a few last minute things to pick up at the mall so we left around 11:30. We did some shopping.


Ann Taylor had some amazing deals. All sweaters were 50% off and some other items were 40%. I also picked up a 1st Birthday gift for my girlfriend’s daughter at Tiffany’s an another Christmas gift there. Then we ran into my SIL’s sister (I call her my SIL also).


I had some coffee and a pound cake (or a small piece) with Sebastian before we headed home. Of course, poor kid was so tired. I put him down for a short nap because then we had to go pick up big sis. She was thrilled to see us and we were excited to see some of her art work.



Of course, Sebastian was thrilled to see big sis. He absolutely ADORES her.


We stopped at Target and Marshalls. We were able to pick up a few more Christmas gifts. And no, we’re still not done with our shopping. I probably won’t be done until this coming weekend. We headed home at around 4:30 and just hung out the rest of the night.

Saturday morning, I woke up and made pancakes and bacon. When I gave Lili her plate she says, “Mommy, why aren’t these gingerbread and Christmas tree pancakes?” Oh, I hope she knows that once Christmas is over, we’re back to old school round pancakes.


After breakfast, the kids just played and tried to take a nap. We had a first birthday party at noon.


There was a magic show starting and we just made it on time. Lili was shy at first but then she really got into it. She was laughing and even got up to volunteer at one point.


We all had so much fun.




The food was great.


I had a beer…


And we were home by 3:30. Sebastian went down for a late nap and Lili refused hers. The rest of the evening was very laid back.

We had our SunDIY since Saturday we were busy. I also started LAUNDRY. We were so backed up. Oh, and Pedro did more Christmas decorating. Lili wrote out her Christmas card to Santa also. We need to drop it off at the mailbox this week.



We cut out pictures of what she wants this Christmas. Here’s what her letter says:

“Dear Santa: This year I’ve been good; so if you think you could; please bring something nice this year. I promise to share and always be fair; be nice to my brother even if he pulls my hair. Here are some things I would like if you need help; even a couple of new books to put in my shelf! Thanks Santa! Love, Liliana”

After her letter, we did our Gingerbread House. Sebastian was wrecking it but we tried our best to keep it together. ๐Ÿ™‚




I finished four loads of laundry, well, one is in the dryer, but all is folded and put away. I also got rid of some of the kids clothes that don’t fit. I also made dinner.


Lili said she was tired (because she refused another nap), so after dinner and desserts, it was bath time and we watched Tangled. She passed out right after.

It was a great weekend and now I’m back to marathon training this week!!! I’ve got a tentative schedule — and no pressure on this one. I’m also looking forward to my upcoming days off. I’ll be off starting Tuesday (the 23rd). So I only have FOUR more working days left of the year!!! I’m looking to do lots of running, yoga, running in the pool, activities with the kids, cleaning, etc. I love Staycations!!!!

What Christmas crafts do you do? Bake cookies? Gingerbread House? Last year I made Christmas cards. I know, I had so much time on my hands since I was home with the kids. This year, ain’t nobody got time for that!

Anybody else not so busy at work this week? Or just slacking because the holidays are coming up???

I’m so ready for the this week to be OVER!!!!

Have a great Monday.


2 thoughts on “Flow On & Christmas Traditions

    • I know! I’m so excited!!!!! I’m looking forward to time off. Especially since Lili is off that week. It will be nice to have the same time off as her. ๐Ÿ™‚

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