Last Minute Plans


Yesterday when I picked Lili up at my in-laws, I looked in her folder and her school had a “Family Reading Event” — Parents and/or Family members can join their child from 8:30-9:30 to read. The only problem is, they were sending this letter the day before the event.

Good news is, my colleagues are amazing and with one text message out, they all said, “No Problem!” I am very lucky to have this position almost 10-years ago (it will be 10 years on the 27th this month!).


Lili was thrilled that I was taking her to school. She wanted to sit next to me while she ate her cereal.


Then we sat in the circle with her classmates and teacher while she read a few books.


Unfortunately, another mom and myself read the letter wrong. We were under the impression that we’d be reading a book to the class and we brought a book in. In fact, Lili chose a book and practiced reading it last night.


Oops. Oh well. at 9:15, her teacher was getting ready to start lessons, so she walked me out and hugged me and cried a little. But she quickly got over it when I told her I was picking her up. šŸ™‚ I had time to stop at Dunkin but what a huge disappointment. The coffee was not good and the food, I threw out. I hate when that happens. I’m happy that I at least was able to spend some extra time in Lili’s classroom.

And so, there are only 13-more shopping days left till Christmas. I’m feeling the pressure. P and I are ordering most gifts, but we haven’t even given ourselves enough time with delivery. Oops. We are trying to avoid malls, even though I will be stopping at the mall tomorrow…

At least our Christmas cards were sent out!!!


I was very happy with how the pictures turned out. The kids were smiling in every single picture!


Order gifts or Shop for gifts? Do you avoid the malls?

What’s on your Christmas list?


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