And the Cycle Continues

I wish this were a post about cycling/spinning, but it’s actually about how this mama caught the bug.


I am at work today and had to walk over to CVS to pick up some medicine. I was hoping I wouldn’t get sick the last three months but it was inevitable. It absolutely blows when I do get sick because I’m limited to take any strong medications. I’m still nursing Sebastian. So yeah, I have to stick to a list. Here’s a list for anyone that breast feeds and is with a cold.

Going back to breastfeeding… Well, two weeks ago I finally stopped pumping at work. I figured, he’s 14.5 months (15 months next week) and can now have whole milk. Both my mom and in-laws had some milk stored and started mixing breast milk with whole and then slowly just whole milk. Well, recently, Sebastian decided he didn’t want anymore whole milk. He was refusing the milk altogether and that lead to dry diapers. I freaked out yesterday morning when I changed him (I nursed him most through the night) and after 12 hours his diaper was DRY. When I checked in with my in-laws at 3:30 they said his diaper wasn’t that wet all day and he did not want milk. So, I made the decision to pump.


Just when I was about to go Office Space on my pump, I had to break it out and pump more milk for him. I hope it works/helps. More importantly, I hope to God that nobody else catches what I have because I can’t take the kids being sick. Those poor kids.

And even though I’m sick, I still had to come home and make dinner for the family. I tried to keep it simple. Veggies with beans.


And Lili decided she wants to take up photography. She took my pic while I was doing yoga.


She’s not bad. She also is very encouraging, “Mommy, you’re doing a great job! Keep going!!!” LOL

My favorite app on my phone is probably CVS One Hour Photo. You can order pics right on your camera phone, Facebook, Instagram…


I just ordered a few pics and will walk over and pick them up when I get the email.

What’s your favorite APP on your phone?

What’s your favorite non-medicinal remedy for when you’re sick? A TBSP of honey and lemon… Mmmmm

What’s your go-to medicine when you’re sick?

Happy Wednesday!!!


6 thoughts on “And the Cycle Continues

  1. Feel better chick! Seriously you make others look bad (myself included) lol…you work, workout, cook almost everyday, always do activities with the kiddies, always spend time with family and breastfeed until 15 months! Super woman is an understatement! But my go to medicine is def alka seltzer plus & extra vitamin C, works so well on me, but I haven’t been fully sick in years, just symptoms & feeling crappy. Home remedies, if it’s my throat then I gargle salt water & peroxide, I alternate then make sure to gargle the Listerine when I brush my teeth not just swoosh it around & also tea with lemon & honey. My mom is the tea master lol she knows different teas for different ailments so I drink whatever she makes me. Wow! I’m impressed with Lili’s photography skills, if you didn’t mention that it was her, I automatically thought P. Oh, my dentist told me that her pediatrician told her it’s not necessary to give your children whole milk so she didn’t give any of her children whole milk, she automatically started them on 2% milk. Don’t know the reasons why her pediatrician told her this or if it’s good or not, but if the baby isn’t fond of whole milk, maybe you can ask your pediatrician his or her thoughts on this? I don’t know just decided to throw that out there. Anyway, I’ll be praying for a speedy recovery, super woman can’t be sick for too long 😉 love you! Xoxo

    • Keyri: I was thinking of you yesterday (to be exact). I was running extra super early and thought to myself, “Hmmm… mayhaps I can run over to Starbucks to try the Gingerbread Latte!” I received your text and meant to text you back on it. I ended up passing the Dunkin and was like, “OHHHHH, it’s EMPTY!” The problem with the Starbucks is you either park in a lot that you have to put coins in and um, parallel park (my fave). So yeah, I decided to just go to DD. Maybe on my little winter break I will go to Starbucks!!!! Love that place.

      And thank you for your kind comments. It’s definitely tough (and I do have loads of laundry to catch up). Yesterday I was not feeling like cooking but I knew I had to, so I cooked and then prepped dinner for the next night (tonight). I am planning to take the kids to the library for story time this evening so when we get home at around 7:15 I can just put some burgers on the grill. Let’s see how that goes.

      I miss you and hope we can get together soon? Please? Love ya.

  2. Hope you feel better soon! I’m just finally shaking a nasty cold/blocked nose/cough I picked up 2 weeks ago. At it’s worse I took some paracetamol and hot lemon and ginger tea. Just lemons slices and peeled chopped ginger, hot water and nice hot bath! And lots and lots of fruit and raw veggies, the last thing you want to eat when you feel flu-y but they help a great deal!

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