Family is Everything

PiYo Lower Body – COMPLETED

Happy December, Friends. I can’t believe a year ago, I was still on maternity leave and I remember starting to feel sad about the thought of returning to work. It will be a year since I’ve been back. Time just flies.

Moving along, I started off this December 1st with a workout. I put on a PiYo workout and guess who decided to join me?


She really stuck with me the entire workout. I was pretty amazed. She seemed excited to go back to school this morning, but as we were leaving I could hear her telling P that she wanted mommy. P told me that it was a rough drop off (he’s never had a rough drop off). She kept saying she wanted to go home and was crying. She calmed down a bit when they got to the school. Perhaps it was so many days being off? In the end, she was fine. I guess we just had a fun filled family weekend.

On Wednesday, I got out of work around 12:15 and had lunch with my in-laws.


We left close to 2:15 because I wanted to start prepping the mac and cheese for Thanksgiving. I did just that as soon as I got home and laid out everyone’s clothes for the next morning. P wasn’t feeling well, so I ended up not making it to the Turkey Trot and running 5-miles at home. After, I put the kids down for a nap, showered and then got ready to head over to family #1 for dinner. Here are a few pics:








After desserts and mingling, we packed up and headed over to my family’s house. Dinner #2 (and yes, I ate again!).





The kids were EXHAUSTED by 8pm, so we wrapped it up and headed home. They were knocked out…. and of course up by 6AM. So we got up Friday morning and declared it a semi-lazy day — well, except that they requested banana bread.




Later that evening, we moved things around so we could put up the Christmas Tree.



By the time it was up, it was time to get ready for bed. There are still a few more things we need to decorate.

The next morning we woke up and had a bunch of things to do. I made breakfast (and so did the kids…).


Then Lili tried to take a nap before we went out. I ran on the treadmill and showered. We got tickets to Disney’s Frozen on Ice. She was EXCITED!!!!!


My BIL and niece picked us up at around 1:20 and we got to the arena an hour early which was perfect. We got a great parking spot plus we were able to walk around for a bit.






She has watched this movie over and over and let me tell you, when it was coming to an end, she turned to me and in a sad voice she says, “Mommy, is this almost over? I don’t want it to be over!” She practically cried. 😦 I’m glad she got to have this experience. Perfect age for it.

The next morning, I woke up feeling sick. My nose was running and I had a sore throat, but I peeled myself out of bed. I had scheduled for the kids to have their pictures taken for Christmas cards. I wasn’t sure how this would turn out. I took a few pics before we headed out.


It was a success at home, but would it be a success with the photographers?


I was thrilled that they SMILED for every single picture!!! I got lucky. I can’t wait to see how the rest turned out.

When we got home, I was feeling a little worse. Of course, just when the kids are 100% better. UGH. I was so paranoid I kept a mask on the entire time.


Hopefully NOBODY gets sick!!!! And hopefully I am better. I took a short nap with the kids and when I woke up, I started dinner (early). I had a few staples in the house, so I made some of my homemade mac & cheese, potatoes au gratin and chicken.




Lili helped me make brownies and then I played with the kids.


Kids had their bath and into bed. I had a hard time sleeping. I could NOT breathe so I’m working on 3-hours of sleep. Fortunately the attorney I work for is still in FL and on her way back. I can just sit back and relax…

Who is stuffed from this weekend? Anybody having leftover turkey sandwiches, turkey stews, etc.? We didn’t get any leftover turkey.


2 thoughts on “Family is Everything

    • Girl, I was jealous of your 16-miler. Today I am debating — JOIN a GYM? or NOT? Ugh. It’s cyber Monday and it’s NO MEMBERSHIP FEE if I join. What to do? What to do? Somebody give me a sign!

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