Four Things Tuesday that I am Loving (and that has no money value)…

3.1-Mile Run – COMPLETED

Here’s a short list of things I am loving on this Tuesday that you can’t put a price on…

1. Running without PAIN!!!!


Today I did my first “outdoor” run since my little running injury. It’s hard to believe that it was over 6-weeks ago. How painful it was to even walk. While I still have a little nagging twitch here and there, overall it does not hurt to run but I was nervous about running on actual pavement. I was going to take it to the track but I didn’t want to run 1-mile to the track or drive. So I just picked out my usual, short “cul-de-sac route”. I forgot how much I loved running in this weather. I packed shorts because I haven’t ran outdoors since October and I was still wearing shorts.

2. Lunch Time Runs in Fall/Winter temps:


3. Christmas Music: I say every year that I’ll wait till after Thanksgiving to play some Christmas music but I could NOT help myself.


I have been listening to Christmas music since yesterday — and I even played it on my lunch run, thanks to Pandora.

4. Picking up Lili from school. I pick up Lili on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. On Tuesdays/Wednesdays my in-laws are able to pick her up and they have offered other days as well, BUT I’m selfish with my time with her and absolutely LOVE seeing her face when I pick her up. She has this HUGE grin on her face, she gets up and runs to me with opened arms. You just MELT from it the moment you see her face.


And my job rocks for letting me bring her back to work the last two hours of the workday. I am truly blessed. And she’s honestly a very good kid. Yesterday she must have been so excited because not only was she so sweet but she interacted with anybody that spoke directly to her (which she usually is timid and shy). She was working on some school work when the big boss came up to her.


He asked her what she learned in school and she said, “The letter C”. So he asked her, “what word starts with the letter C?” And she answered, “Computer and Cat!” Then he gave her a high-five and left for the day.

It looks like we’re supposed to have some snow headed our way tomorrow afternoon into the evening. I’m supposed to pick up my race packet for the race on Thursday morning but I’m wondering if I’ll just skip the race pick-up and grab it before the race. I prefer to have it ready just in case I run late in the AM. You never know how it’s going to be with the kids… I should see if there’s a race pick-up this evening…

What’s your favorite thing with no money value right now?

Do you prefer to run in the HUMIDITY or FRIGID COLD temps??

Happy Tuesday, friends.


8 thoughts on “Four Things Tuesday that I am Loving (and that has no money value)…

  1. Yay! So happy you are back to running!! Running after not being able to for a long time is the most amazing feeling in the world.

    It has not been very humid here thankfully. I guess I’m probably used to it Texas temps though. I can’t imagine living near an actual body of water (in Dallas there are NONE) and it being humid all the time esp in summer. Like down in Houston or Austin.

    Of course I prefer COLD temps over hot (although again I have no idea what real winter is like, it’s 60 degrees here right now LOL) because I like to run fast to warm up! Woohooo!!! And all of the fun holiday races coming up of course.

    Good luck on your Turkey Trot races! How many are you doing?

    • You run amazing times in the humidity/heat. I mean, I could never run fast in the heat -Maybe I just need to get acclimated to it but I always use it as an excuse. Perhaps I’m not pushing myself as hard as I should be. Oh, I love, love, love running in COLD weather especially when it starts to snow. (Did you ever see that YouTube video of the girl that was interviewed while running in the snow? She was talking about how it’s perfect running in the snow and the way it feels, etc. Then she took off and BOOOM she fell. HAHAHAHAH oh so embarrassing!!!!).

      Are you still planning on a long run Thursday? I plan to run a turkey trot on Thursday AM and then Saturday there’s a local 5-mile race. OHH, and I signed up for a marathon in March. EEEK. So training will start soon again. I just need to find someone that will run long with me. 😦

      • Yay! Which marathon!? I was thinking that Shamrock one would be fun to do one year. I LOVE Va Beach! Next year I’m doing MCM again in the fall just because I always will have a place to stay and it gives me an excuse to see my best friend there.

        Yes I have seen that interview, I saw it on Vine actually…hilarious!! Are you on twitter? Random question lol.

        Thanksgiving yes, I’ll probably do about 15 miles. We shall see. It’s going to be a very laid back holiday but my mom wants me there around noon so I’m going to try and squeeze in as much as I can before that time!

        Have a great race!! I am itching to get back to racing and it has only been one month. LOL I am ready to do some shorter faster races for sure.

      • Girl, I wish I could “race” hard, but this will be a fun run all the way. I can’t imagine racing being out so many weeks. I mean, I know to non-runners 6-weeks doesn’t seem like a lot, but I know you get it. HA!

        Yes, I will totally run Shamrock again. I think you’d love it. Weather’s a bit unpredictable. Let’s try to do this one together?!? how about it 2016? I’ll do that one and MCM? I would do it next year but I am running NYCM (well, hopefully it doesn’t get canceled again and/or I don’t do something stupid). For now, I signed up for the Ocean Drive Marathon, which is about 2 hours and 15 min. way from me. I heard it’s pancake flat, BUT it’s right by the ocean (duh, Ocean Drive Marathon) so it can be VERY COLD. I’m still trying to dig up some training plans — it’s crazy it starts in less than two weeks. Wait, i think it’s the same day as your 50k. When is your race? 3/29?

      • The Cowtown Ultra is March 1st. I’ve been looking up 50K training plans and I think I found one, starts in December. I really don’t think I’ll need to make too many changes from the way I already run. Lots of back to back long runs though which I love. I’m not concerned with finishing it fast, just completing the race! Honestly I’d like to eventually do 50 or 100 milers but I’m a ways off from that. One day.

  2. I hate cold weather. Yet I love to run in colder weather. I have no idea why that is…I think despite what people believe about the cold weather and their lungs/throats, I believe it is easier to breathe.

    • I 100% agree. I just feel like you could layer up and then take off layers so very easily… but running in the heat… OYYY. It is hard… You can hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, but then you gotta pee, pee, pee….

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