Let’s EAT…

I am still stuffed thinking about all the yumminess that happened this weekend. And really, two-day weekends are tough. I really forgot what it was all about. Too spoiled, I know.

Anyway, on Friday, I scooped up Lili after school. Unfortunately, I was a tad late because I got caught up doing some last minute work. I flew out the door and was 10-minutes late. I was bummed because I was so excited to see her and ended up showing up too late. Ugh. Oh well. We headed over to my in-laws to pick up Sebastian but then stayed longer than I intended to. No, really, we were there till 5:30 and home by 6. I didn’t know what we had planned for dinner and then last minute, decided on TACOS. (I should probably add that after school, Lili’s nose could not stop running. It was a leaky faucet. Maybe the start of something… UGH!). We were all happy with tacos and I was excited to use my tortilla pan to make a tortilla bowl.


It was a success. Post-dinner, I cleaned up and gave the kids a bath. Then we went to bed. I am pretty sure I fell asleep with them. Saturday morning, Lili sounded worse. Guess that meant no dance again. I made pancakes for breakfast and tried to put her down for a nap. We decided that it would be in her best interest if she stayed home while I visited my godmother and went to my sister’s for her Lia Sophia party.

As soon as I got to my aunt’s house, she was heading out to the store really quick, so I drove her. I was really pressed for time, but you know, I hadn’t spent any time with my godmother in 22 years or more… Crazy, right? She’s so great. Anyway, we got back to the house and we picked out a wine.


After wine, she started frying up some shanghai (they’re known as egg rolls).



Guess who loves it?


Those were just the apps. She started the real cooking shortly. And can I say, I LOVE HER KITCHEN? And the rest of her house is getting renovated right now. I can’t wait to show you what it will look like.


She already had the ribs done and were they marinated in some deliciousness or what?


Some carne asada that is too darn good.


And regular steak…


Did I mention that it was just her and I for lunch? My uncle was getting his hair cut. We had such a fantastic spread.





She even had some dessert.


So yeah, I was supposed to be at my sister’s by 2 and didn’t get there till 5:45. Oops. It was okay though. I ordered a few things from Lia Sophia and then I was to drop off my niece at my parents house but decided she would just sleep over. We got home after 7 and I fed everyone dinner and then gave baths.

Sunday morning, we woke up early and I was exhausted. I made breakfast for the kiddies.


Then the kids played.


At one point, Lili just sounded awful, I gave her another treatment.


My sis picked up Scarlett around 1 and then I took a nap with the kids. We were so tired. When we woke up, we hung out and played and then I started dinner. My godmother sent me home with some marinated steaks — unfortunately, my kitchen is nothing compared to hers, but I had a grill pan. LOL


And as a side, potatoes au gratin.


We woke up this morning and already knew she couldn’t go to school. And now Sebastian sounds sick as well. I don’t know if I will even send Lili to school tomorrow. We’ll see. I did send her to my in-laws with two books to read and draw pictures of what she read about and to practice writing her name. Hopefully that will keep her busy and up to speed with what she’s learning in school.

So yeah, that’s about it in a nutshell. I am hoping I can go pool running this evening but I will just have to wait and see how it goes with both kids. I didn’t even figure out what’s for dinner tonight. I better figure something out soon. HA.

Did you learn to cook on your own or did someone show you? I learned from my dad, mother-in-law, Internet and soon from my godmother.

Bake or cook? Which one do you like better? I like both!


9 thoughts on “Let’s EAT…

    • Girl, I did not want to leave that kitchen and that is only half of the kitchen. It’s crazy bc she’s not a chef/cook. She’s a retired nurse, but she has always had a knack of cooking. My uncle is Colombian so she knows South American dishes as well. I’m excited to be getting some cooking lessons from her. 🙂

  1. whhaaaatt, how about next time it’ll be your godmother, you & I for lunch umm that’s too much food for 2 ppl & I can help with that problem! LOL..omg I almost died with that kitchen! LOOOVEEE! I like to cook & bake too just hate the effin dishes & I have no dishwasher! New house no dishwasher go figure & since I don’t plan to stay long term I didnt want to install one, I’ve never had one so it isn’t something new to do dishes to me but I hate them! I learned from my mom, she’s had me seasoning meats & cooking since grammar school LOL. I hope Lili feels better! Poor doll, I feel like she’s been getting sickies a lot….keep us posted! XOXOXOXOX. Oh I have to send you a private email, my process is moving along, I think it’s really going to happen! EEEEEeeeeeeeeek!

    • I KNOW! I kept sending P pics of what we were cooking/eating and he was like, “I NEED TO BE THE ONE THERE RIGHT NOW!” The ribs still tasted good that night and the next night. She really knows how to marinate her meats and cook. And yes, she would not mind having any of my friends over. I think she enjoys it bc now that she’s retired, she doesn’t do much but shop and cook and hang out. She travels with my uncle a lot too.

      Our dishwasher doesn’t work also. Never did when we moved in and we never did get it fixed. I am always house-hunting but I haven’t found anything just yet. Hopefully something will happen soon.

      And yes, I hope these kiddos get better soon. It has been one thing after the other. I am trying my best to stay healthy.

  2. I learnt to cook the basics from my Mum and picked up all the chef ways from Paul. Now I just cook off green veg, bake cookies and the odd cake. That’s as far as my cooking skills go!

    Hope both Lili and Sebastian feel better soon. I love how you send Lili off with homework!

    • my mom does not cook often. She knows a few recipes — but does not make them often. Usually just special occasions. That’s right, Paul is a chef. My friend went to a French culinary school — He absolutely hates his hours and basically does not get to see his family or friends often — working weekends and week nights — long hours. How are Paul’s hours?

      Thanks. I certainly hope that Lili is doing better. I emailed her teacher and they’re currently working on the letter “O”. Hopefully she won’t be too behind.

      • He’s a yacht chef and his hours are just as crazy, working 16 hour days for weeks at a time. For now he’s here taking a break after working on them for about 10 years. Though he’s getting itchy feet to go back!

        Hope Lili’s feeling better!

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