Wow, I haven’t worked a Friday since August and before then, it was August 2013, right before Sebastian was born. I am spoiled but I love my Fridays off because I get to spend time with the kids and get some housework done. I mean, if I could, I would love to stay at home… but that’s not gonna happen.

Anyway, yesterday while at work, Mimi FaceTimed me since she was watching Sebastian for the last hour.


He was going nuts — running around, talking, laughing, smiling. Love him.

This morning, Lili took over my camera phone and documented 10-minutes of life while I was in the shower.


She’s too funny. A lot of selfies and random pics of her brother and the house.

I’m so excited to pick her up from school today!!!! No huge plans this weekend. Just the usual, dance class, check out the gym, library story time, Lia Sophia party, food shop and prep for the week…

What are your plans this weekend?

Anybody get snow last night? Some areas in Jersey got snow, but not where we are — thank goodness.

I tried the Peppermint Mocha coffee today at Dunkin’. It’s pretty good. I was hoping for a Gingerbread flavor though.

Happy Friday.



  1. Hii! I’ve been meaning to comment for days!anyway, I’m glad you liked the buns video! Yes, there’s only one, that I know of anyway. I love little boys with haircuts but I could see why you were a little upset about Bas, P did cut it super duper low, but he’s still sooo handsome! Little stud muffin for sure! I love all kids, but I don’t know I melt more for boys! I hope I get a boy! Bas looks like he’s about to enter the military or police academy lol, soooo adorable! What else? Oh Starbucks has a gingerbread latte, never had it tho because caramel brulee latte is my fave! I saw DD has a sugar cookie latte, I’m curious about that one, let me know if you try it!

    • Keyri: I did NOT like the sugar cookie latte (well just the hot coffee one — I did not try the latte). I do like the peppermint mocha. I had that this morning. I do want to get the gingerbread latte. The Starbucks in town isn’t really convenient. Mainly street parking but there’s a lot — just annoying at times. I will usually only go if I have a gift card. doesn’t happen too often. LOL so DD is always on the way to work. I’m spoiling myself by going too much. I need to only go once in awhile. It really adds up.

      Thanks, I am getting used to Bas’ haircut. I just did NOT want to hear it from either of our parents. I get the, “How could you do that to him? This is child abuse. I should call social services on you!” I told P he better handle that sh*t because I will go postal. LOL

      • Omg I tried the sugar cookie coffee too (not latte) & didn’t like it either! It tastes too chemically or just off, def not like sugar cookies! Girl, who are you telling about adding up? I used to go to Starbucks daily til I started tallying the costs! Lol & LMFAO about the comments & going postal!

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