Not My Friday

6:30 AM: PiYo Strength – COMPLETED

I cannot wait to get back to my regular schedule next week. I can’t complain because it hasn’t been a crazy week, but I do miss picking up Lili from school and she has missed me picking her up. P just text messaged me that she asked who was picking her up from school today and that she wanted mommy to pick her up. This week she has cried when waking up from her nap in school and at my MIL’s house, also when she woke up from her nap. I do enjoy picking her up so I’m glad that next week I will be able to do so.

Moving along, while I have a chance to get this out — one attorney is in a meeting and the other not in yet — last night was nice. We met up with my family at Applebee’s. We’re pretty simple when it comes to dining. My mom was happy we were all there.


Of course my kids were tired when we first got there and did NOT want to smile. But after a bit, Lili got into a better mood.


It was a good time but by 7:30, the kids were CRANKY. So it was time to pack them up and head home. Lili still needed to take her antibiotics and they both needed a bath.

I am looking forward to 2pm tomorrow. It’s when my workweek will end.

I am hoping that I will come up with a plan on joining a gym and a yoga studio. 🙂

Anybody start their Christmas shopping? I know one person that’s done with their list. Seriously???

What’s on your Christmas list?


4 thoughts on “Not My Friday

    • I just wrote a list of names that I have to purchase Christmas gifts for — as well as paydays so I know when I can go shopping. LOL Hopefully we will get nice bonuses. HAHA. Someone on my block has their Christmas tree and lights up on their house. I mean, it is just 6 weeks away or so. Wow.

  1. Christmas I haven’t even thought of yet! I was looking into joining a yoga studio, but as I’ve just joined a gym, I can’t have both! I’m going to sign up for Gaiam TV/My yoga and Yogaglo free 10 day/ 2 weeks respectively free online yoga trails. They work out $10/$18 a month respectively. It’s not the same as a studio, but it might help out with the plan!

    • I am in the same predicament, Nat. I want to join this one gym (if they will waive the joining fee) but also, there’s a studio down the street from my home that is $15/class (or they have packages). They have a $30 for 3 classes for new members, so maybe I will jump on that immediately. It’s just the “timing” that I need to figure out — when will P watch the kiddies while I go?

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