Age Like a Fine Wine

6:50 AM: PiYo Buns – COMPLETED

I’m loving this burn on my bum-bum. We call it bumpies. Lili is so cute. She shakes her little bumpies and P always says, “get your bumpies in the bathtub.” Anyway, I have to thank Keyri on that tip. 🙂 I better have my booty in shape so I could take a Kimmy K pic. HAHA

Anyway, today is my mama’s birthday. She’s 64 today and honestly, she looks better each year that passes.


We are having dinner at 6pm with the family. I’m already looking at the menu. When am I not thinking of food?!?

Anyway, last night was busy. I got home, cooked some black beans and rice for dinner (it was delicious) and then we had some apple pie for dessert. I hung out for a bit instead of wash the dishes. When it was time for bath, I felt sick and gave P the baby and vomited. I don’t know why it was but my stomach just felt uneasy. After, I cleaned up and then gave baths.

Kids hopped into bed and Bas was about to fall asleep when P’s best friend, Marian, pulled in. We let the kids see her for about 40 minutes. They had so much fun with her. She recently moved to San Francisco (well a year and a half ago now) so every chance she comes to town, we get to see her. YAY!



I ended up falling asleep with the kids so I didn’t get to hang out with Marian too long but I know she’ll be back at the end of the year.

How often do you look at menus to restaurants before getting there?

Should I try something new or get the usual? I always say I’ll try something new and then I end up getting the same dish. HAHA

Happy Hump Day!!!! The weekend is almost upon us!!!


5 thoughts on “Age Like a Fine Wine

  1. Happy Birthday to your Mama! She definitely doesn’t look her age. Is it me or does Lili have her eyes?

    Love the name bumpies! I think we were only allowed to call it bottom, though my mother also used to say back side and derriere. Bum wasn’t allowed. The rebel in me now says bum!

    Hope you feel better soon!

    • Thank you, Nat. I think she does has her eyes. And unfortunately, Lili will have our height (well hopefully mine. My mom is like 4’9 or something like that). Hopefully Sebastian gets his papa’s height. 🙂 I like using the word “derriere” — But yeah, we just say bumpies in the house. It’s definitely cuter (though I think Lili saying “derriere” might sound too cute…).

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